Legacy Sperm Test Kit Review

About Legacy

Legacy Sperm Test Kit Review

Legacy helps men protect and preserve what’s theirs. This sperm analysis and cryogenic freezing service promises a speedy turn-around, thorough results, and secure storage options. 

As awareness grows around how fertility health plays a role in creating a family, businesses such as this have become more prevalent. 

Legacy has been featured in The New Yorker, Healthline, TechCrunch, The New York Times, Fatherly, The Washington Post, Observer, and many other notable news sources. They’ve also fostered a community of 10K followers on Facebook and Instagram combined. 

This Legacy sperm test kit review will closely examine the company, provide customer feedback, pricing, information on discounts, and more, to help you decide whether their services are worth looking into. 

Overview of Legacy

Legacy Sperm Test Kit Review

Legacy was founded by former healthcare consultant, Khaled Kteily in 2019 after he realized how the whole process of fertility testing is flawed. Going into a clinic and handing off the cup is awkward and uncomfortable for many. 

Kteily figured there must be a better way to do it. And so, the company was born with the intent to make things more straightforward and enjoyable—the way it should be. The service of fertility testing and cryogenic storage also offers a means to keep your “legacy” alive.

Making sperm collection and analysis less shameful, though noble, is just a short-term goal for the service. In the long run, Legacy is projected to run as a research center for male fertility. This is why they are based out of the Harvard Innovation Labs in Boston. 

Before jumping right into how the Legacy at home sperm test kit works, we’ll go over some pros and cons. 


  • Legacy offers a way to protect and evaluate your sperm 
  • The brand provides in-depth analysis of genetic damages, volume, motility, and overall health of semen samples 
  • Tests conducted in FDA registered + CLIA certified labs 
  • Backed by Harvard researchers 
  • Compares results against WHO lab findings
  • Offers recommendations based on your results
  • One-on-one chats with a fertility specialist 
  • Multi-site storage to negate risks (if one vial is destroyed, you still have another elsewhere)
  • Fast turnaround time (3-4 business days)
  • Same day, complimentary pickup
  • Client Service Advisor offers ongoing guidance 
  • 3 flexible plans with options for lifetime storage
  • Military discount


  • Paying in installments is only offered on 5-year storage/ lifetime plans 
  • No returns of unused kits

How Does Legacy Work?

Legacy Sperm Test Kit Review

It all starts with you. Once it’s decided that the Legacy home sperm test is the right choice for your future, a Client Service Advisor will offer guidance throughout the process—and this includes organizing delivery of the kit and a ClientID

Before the sperm sample is collected, it’s important to abstain for 2-5 days (Legacy recommends 3-4 days for strong results). Order your kit before 2 PM for next-day shipping, or else it will be delivered in 2 business days. 

Keep in mind that you do not need to be home in order to receive the kit. Legacy’s delivery partner will leave the package in a specified place, whether that’s in your mailbox or on the porch. 

Your Legacy at home male fertility test will be good to use as long as it hasn’t been exposed to extreme temperatures for more than 24 hours. Until you’re ready to use it, simply store it at room temperature for 7 days, or up to a month in the fridge

This Legacy sperm test kit review will give you a quick rundown of the instructions:

  1. Gather your sperm in the sample cup
  2. Ensure that the lid is securely shut 
  3. Place the container inside the provided biohazard sac
  4. Drop it into the Legacy bag 

After the deed is done, let Legacy know and they’ll collect it that same day. Alternatively, you can drop it off at a FedEx location with the return shipping label attached. 

Do not use the Legacy test between Friday to Sunday, as your sample needs to be tested or stored properly within 24 hours. The company suggests using the kit anywhere from Monday to Thursday for best results. 

Once Legacy has received your sample, they will send results from the fertility test in 1–2 business days. Users will have the option to chat with a fertility specialist about what their results mean, as well as what the options are going forward. 

The specialist will give you tailored recommendations, including any Legacy male fertility supplements they believe would help increase sperm health and count. From there, the sample will be put in a freezer for up to 7 days—enough time to decide whether or not you’d like to participate in cryogenic freezing

If continuing your Legacy is something you’re interested in, and if your sperm passes the service’s “post-thaw analysis” (meaning it survived and is in good shape), they will move it to a top-notch cryostorage facility.

In the next section of this Legacy sperm test kit review, we’ll walk you through the brand’s plans for testing and cryogenic storage. The three options are named For Today, For Tomorrow, and Forever

Legacy For Today Kit Review 

For those who are mainly concerned with fertility, the For Today Kit is a good choice. As the brand’s most basic plan, this kit provides a full analysis from one deposit of your sperm. You can submit up to 4 vials for testing. 

Once the results are back from the lab, you will receive personalized recommendations from a fertility specialist. At this stage, you can discuss the next steps and possible outcomes. 

Features of this plan include:

  • A Client Service Advisor
  • ClientID
  • Priority Overnight Shipping
  • Short-term storage (free)
  • Long-term storage ($120/year)

Legacy For Tomorrow Review

With a few more bells and whistles, the For Tomorrow plan provides a more detailed assessment of your sperm and fertility health. It offers not only a comprehensive report, but a DNA fragmentation analysis as well, uncovering any genetic damage your swimmers may have. 

The For Tomorrow plan lets users send up to 8 vials of sperm (2 separate deposits). When the report is in, the brand will match you with an expert to discuss options. They will also illuminate aspects such as the shape, volume, motility, and pH of your semen. 

The For Tomorrow plan is the only home test which offers DNA fragmentation analysis. Other that that, it comes with perks such as:

  • Priority Overnight Shipping 
  • ClientID
  • Client Service Advisor
  • Financing (split into two payments with 0% APR)
  • 5 Years Multi-Geography Cryogenic Storage (renewable for $100/year

Legacy Forever Review

The Forever plan keeps sperm securely stored in a cryogenic nuclear bunker storage facility in Switzerland for up to 50 years. If your heart is set on starting a family but you’re just not quite ready yet, this option is worth looking into. 

Users will be able to test and give up to 12 vials for storage. In turn, they will receive a full sperm analysis, unlimited calls with a fertility specialist, DNA fragmentation analysis, and insight on genetic sequencing

It’s best to know sooner rather than later if babies are in the future. Or, if it’s time to seek other alternatives when trying to conceive with your partner. Legacy’s Forever plan includes features such as:

  • 50 years of storage
  • VIP Client Service Advisor 
  • ClientID
  • Worldwide transfer (send your sample anywhere in the world)
  • Priority Overnight Shipping
  • Financing

Legacy For Today and Sperm DNA Fragmentation Analysis Review

This bundle will help determine the health of your swimmers, volume, and the percentage of those that are genetically stunted. For Today and Sperm DNA Fragmentation Analysis is simply the For Today kit, supported by a DNA fragmentation analysis. 

Within For Today and Sperm DNA Fragmentation Analysis, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Priority Overnight Shipping
  • A Client Service Advisor & ClientID
  • Short-term storage (free)
  • Long-term storage ($120/year)

Legacy Cryogenic Storage Review

Buyers can supplement For Today and For Tomorrow with Legacy’s options for cryogenic storage at any time. If you don’t want all of the extras that come with these two plans, opt to simply add on longer storage. 

All analysis is completed in CLIA approved laboratories. Legacy offers three ways to securely save your semen: 

  • Monthly Storage
  • Yearly Storage
  • 5-Year Storage 

How Much is Legacy?

Legacy Sperm Test Kit Review

There are many paths to take when it comes to exploring your healthcare options, in terms of fertility concerns. You’ve read about what makes the brand’s plans differ in the previous section of this Legacy sperm test kit review. Below, we’ll break down the pricing details. 

  • For Today: $195
  • For Tomorrow: $995
  • Forever: $3,995
  • For Today and Sperm DNA Fragmentation: $390
  • Cryogenic Storage:
    • Monthly $15
    • Yearly $145
    • 5-Year $595 

Legacy Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Legacy Sperm Test Kit Review

No Legacy sperm test kit review would be complete without hearing from customers—to give you a better understanding of how the service works, we combed the web to find out more. Ahead, we’ve compiled feedback sourced from FinvsFin, Sperm Freezing, and Muscle and Brawn. 

An article on Sperm Freezing compared the brand with a competitor, Dadi, and scored the two services out of 20. Legacy’s overall score was 18/20, while Dadi received 14.5/20. The review further broke down the ratings into categories:

  • Third-Party Credibility & Trust: Legacy 5/5—Dadi 3/5
  • Analysis Quality: Legacy 4.5/5—Dadi 3.5/5
  • Freezing Quality: Legacy 5/5—Dadi 3.5/5
  • Price: Legacy 3.5/5—Dadi 4.5/5

Before Sperm Freezing dove into the details, it claimed that “Legacy is a better choice than Dadi for most people.” It bases that statement off of the findings that Legacy has “a very strong team and very credible advisors,” that “they gave an explanation of everything and I had someone to talk to throughout the whole process,” and that their advisor explained the entire process very clearly. 

What is seemingly a simple process can actually get incredibly scientific quickly, so it’s good to have someone who knows what they’re talking about to break it down for users. The area that fell short for Legacy during the review on Sperm Freezing was its price

It was noted that there is “no monthly option to pay installments” with Legacy in its most basic plan. Installments are a perk that is only offered when you commit to 5 years of storage. For some, this might be entirely unfeasible, especially if they’re looking to conceive right away. 

A Legacy sperm test kit review on FinvsFin compared the service to three others: Dadi, YO Sperm, and Fellow. 

The article noted some good points about Legacy, writing that the main thing that sets this company apart is its exceptional “Client Service Advisor who can help answer questions, support you in what could be an emotional process, and provide personalized recommendations for specialists, and even for your lifestyle.” 

A detail such as this can certainly mean a lot to men who feel lost in the process. But while this is one stand-out feature of Legacy, FinvsFin didn’t point out many other ways that the brand outshined its competitors. 

Instead, the three other at-home sperm testing services beat out Legacy in terms of its packaging, convenience, and price. Dadi’s wrapping is more secure, YO Sperm’s test can be done via your smartphone, and all of the other options are less expensive than Legacy. 

A Legacy sperm test kit review on Muscle and Brawn summarized the service and debated its pros and cons. The blog noted that one of the best things about Legacy is its “2-day shipping and 1-3 day turnaround”. This is impressive as the service will come and pick up your sample the same day you deposit it—for free.

Though this is convenient, Muscle and Brawn also pointed out that the options for sperm analysis and storage can be quite expensive. Buyers are offered “only 1 week of free storage” in the service’s first option. But, we will mention here that Legacy has a monthly storage plan available for anyone who needs a little more time to think about storing their sample long-term. 

Is Legacy legit? In comparison to others, Legacy definitely has advantages. We found that the brand is incredibly thorough, employs a friendly and informed staff, and provides a top-notch service. The only downfall is the price point. 

Is Legacy Worth It?

Legacy Sperm Test Kit Review

Family planning is an important milestone in a person’s life. We want to know that the chosen sperm testing facility is trustworthy and has our best interests in mind. Legacy’s services are pricier than others, but from what we’ve read, they’re also slightly more advanced.

The little extra you’re paying ($20 at most) than competing brands comes with benefits. Their storage and freezing options are flexible, and they promise state-of-the-art technology to keep your swimmers safe for upto five decades! 

Additionally, this Legacy sperm test kit review has uncovered a key detail. They’re the only company in the industry who own and operate the laboratories where sperm samples are tested—and the ones to offer DNA fragmentation analysis.  

You’ll get a Client Service Advisor to walk you through the process and help you in any way possible, an extremely credible testing service, and reliable freezing storage. Plus, it comes with little bonuses such as an additional sperm analysis when your sample is taken out of the freezer after 7 days. 

Details like this give Legacy a leg up in the competition, and the reasons we believe its sperm testing and cryogenic freezing is worth the investment

Legacy Promotions & Discounts 

Legacy Sperm Test Kit Review

After scoping out the brand’s website, this Legacy sperm test kit review discovered the following discounts:

  • 25% off Legacy coupon code for military members 
  • Free Priority Shipping always (no Legacy promo code required)

Sign Up For Legacy

Legacy Sperm Test Kit Review

Follow these 6 easy steps to sign up for Legacy:

  1. Head to givelegacy.com
  2. Click on ‘Order’ in the top right-hand corner 
  3. Choose your kit and ‘Buy Now’
  4. Click ‘Checkout’
  5. Enter your email, delivery, and payment information
  6. Review and confirm


Legacy Sperm Test Kit Review

How do I cancel my Legacy subscription?

Legacy is not a subscription. The brand offers monthly and yearly cryogenic storage, but the service does not auto-renew. 

After receiving your sperm, Legacy will give a week to decide whether or not you want to opt for their freezing services. Beyond this time-frame, they will destroy the sample.  

This same principle applies to samples that are stored monthly or yearly. After your specified time with Legacy is up, and you do not choose to renew, the sperm will be disposed of. 

To continue your monthly storage plan, head over to your Legacy login and add the service or give them a call.

What is Legacy’s Shipping Policy?

Legacy ships their test kits out within 24 hours from the time an order has been placed online. If you send in your request after 2 PM though, your package will arrive in 2 business days. 

This Legacy sperm test kit review notes that pickup is not offered on Fridays or weekends. Be sure to only collect your sample between Monday to Thursday. Once you have followed Legacy instructions and have the cup ready, simply give the brand a call to arrange same day pickup

What is Legacy’s Return Policy?

Due to the nature of the service, Legacy does not have a return policy. The kit cannot be refunded once an order has been placed. For more information on this, we recommend getting in touch with their customer service team. 

How to Contact Legacy

We hope that you found this Legacy sperm test kit review informative. For unrelated inquiries, contact the brand directly by calling 1 (617) 514-0901.

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