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QE Home Review

Finding the right linens for your home can be a trying experience because we look for three things that don’t often come in the same package: quality, design, and affordability. 

By being a fashion-forward, high-quality, eco-friendly, wallet-friendly linen company, QE Home checks all the boxes. As a modest family business, this company is very low-key in terms of media and social media. 

Their preference is for the personal touch and so they retail just about exclusively through their in-person and online stores. Their superior customer service means that they are happy to help to design your space.

In this QE Home review, I will go in-depth into this brand so that you can make an informed decision before you buy. I’ll do this by checking out their products, promotions, customer reviews, and all those burning FAQs.

Overview Of QE Home

QE Home Review

In 1989, two economics professors from the Canadian province of British Columbia found what they considered to be the perfect duvet, well-priced and well-made. 

A few years later, in 1992, Howard Haugom and Jixin Xu upgraded their life partnership to include a business relationship based on their shared passion for this great bedding.

They opened Quilts Etc with two stores in BC. Over the years they started offering more than just bedding, so they renamed it QE Home but still keep a strong focus on their bedding collections. 

Fast forwarding a bit to the 21st century, the founders decided that if they wanted to continue to be relevant they needed to update to sustainable fabrics and be fashion-forward, a new idea in bedding.

They brought their designing process in-house and continued to connect directly with their manufacturers, cutting out any middlemen to continue to bring quality products at an affordable price. 

By taking elements from fashion trends of the moment, they keep fresh and popular. With designs ranging from florals to skulls, they now have more than 70 stores across Canada.

Before I move this QE Home review along to take a look at some products from this household name for our Northern neighbors, let’s take a peek at what makes them so special: 


  • Offers a variety of sheets, linens, and all the bedding basics you could want
  • Sustainable and affordable
  • Fashion-forward
  • Innovative fabrics
  • Lots of promotional options to help save money 
  • Financing options available with Afterpay

QE Home Review

QE Home offers a range of linens for your home including your bedroom, bathroom, and living room. All the fabrics that they use are sustainable, from their synthetics like polyester, which is made from recycled plastic to their bamboo fabrics. 

With all of that in mind, this section of my QE Home review will check out a few of these best-selling products.

QE Home Carlingdale Alder Duvet Cover Review

You can sleep surrounded by peaceful images of nature in the Carlingdale Alder Duvet Cover. With the base color of off-white, the images of various types of alder tree leaves are hand-painted in shades like taupe, tan, and pale gray. 

For highlighting, there are fronds in shades of blue from medium to almost black. This cover boldly states peace and restfulness like the kind you’d get from an exotic vacation.

The Carlingdale Alder Duvet Cover is made from TENCEL Lyocell and cotton so it is silky soft, durable, and temperature regulating. Both materials are good for sensitive skin. 

TENCEL is a fabric made from eucalyptus and other wood pulps so it is sustainable, as is cotton. This 300-thread count product comes in the following sizes and prices:

  1. Twin – regular price $200, on sale for $140
  2. Double – regular price $220, on sale for $154
  3. Queen – regular price $250, on sale for $175
  4. King – regular price $280, on sale for $196
  5. Super King – regular price $310, on sale for $217  

QE Home Living Quarters Cashmere Touch Fleece Blanket Rainforest Review

Whether you are looking for a blanket for your bed or a throw for your couch, the Living Quarters Cashmere Touch Fleece Blanket in rainforest green is a great choice for adding color and warmth. 

Fluffy, fleecy, and soft, this blanket is comfortable and eco-friendly, which is really all we can ask from a good blanket. 

Cozy and durable, it is available in three sizes – twin, queen, or king – for $50, $60, and $70, respectively.

QE Home Aruba Bamboo Cotton Sheet Set with Activated Charcoal Review 

For those with sensitive skin, night sweats, acne issues, and/or overnight overheating, the Aruba Bamboo Cotton Sheet Set with Activated Charcoal is a fantastic product worth considering. 

Bamboo charcoal is created by burning bamboo and then making the charcoal into a fabric. Bamboo is a completely sustainable fabric, which is a big plus in my books.

Bamboo also has the amazing property of being antibacterial. This means that you won’t get odors or fungus all up in your sleeping business. Plus, these sheets are temperature regulating.

Available in heather gray, they should go well with just about any bedroom decor. They come in the usual four sizes as well as twin XL, split king, and California king with a 310 thread count. The price ranges from $130 to $210.

QE Home Carlingdale Charisma Pillow Sham Sold Individually Review

Can’t decide between blue or gold? You don’t have to with the Carlingdale Charisma Pillow Sham because – get this –  it’s reversible. 

You can choose the blue side, which has a blue background and subtle boughs with gold stems and white leaves, or the paisley side which is mainly gold with spots of blue peeking out. Both sides include lovely gold piping.

This sham has a zipper to keep your pillow inside and comes in queen (30” x 20”) and king (36” x 20”). This versatile pillowcase is now on sale for half off at $25 and $30, respectively.

Who Is QE Home For? 

QE Home is for anyone looking for affordable, good quality, and stylish linens for anywhere in their home. They are also great for anyone with sensitive skin and for those who care about sustainability. 

All their fabrics are eco-friendly and some are even carbon neutral, so they don’t add to the world’s carbon footprint.

By bringing trendy styles for all different tastes, these linens can appeal to any age and taste.

QE Home Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Now it’s time for me in this QE Home review to hand the mic over to the brand’s customers and see what they’re saying about their products. 

The first thing that I saw was that once customers tried these linens, they weren’t likely to go back to regular bedding. Starting off on Google, my featured company is treated to warm reviews to the tune of 4.7/5 stars from 21 ratings. 

One QE Home review summed it up best by saying “My favorite linen store. I replaced all my bed linens with QE and got rid of the old.”

Out with the old, in with the new and improved. The following QE Home review (from a pool with an average score of 4.7/5 stars) further explains why people love this brand. On Chick Advisor, they say:

“Elegant designs. I love the quilts and coverlets and the spreads. QE home store is my favourite store for various quilts and coverlets. Whenever i see on sale i get the chance to buy couple of them. Very elegant and very cute designs, lots to chose from. Both sides are usable. Useful as quilt and as spreads for cold weather as well.”

While they had an affinity for quilts, this next QE Home reviewer is a fan of the bedsheets. They enjoy the amazing properties of the bamboo linens:

“This is my second sheet set, I must say when I opened the packaging I thought I got the wrong set, the elastic on the fitted sheet has changed, for the better… I love these sheets, they are soft, cool for the nights that I run hot and helps with my mask acne. Will definitely purchase another set when this one wears out!”

Fortunately for them, QE Home constantly updates their styles and upgrades the details and fabrics. What I most love about this set is the inclusion of a fitted sheet, as many sets don’t come with them anymore. 

On to the blanket. It may not have as innovative properties as bamboo but it is a quality, warm, beautiful, and cozy cover that’s worth raving about, as shown by this customer testimonial:

“Beautiful Blanket I purchased this blanket as our quilt alone wasn’t quite warm enough for the winter months. It… is the softest blanket I’ve ever purchased and very luxurious and excellent quality. The rain forest colour is very rich-looking and is perfect for our bedroom decor”

As we see, customers are really happy with the products that QE Home offer. The next QE Home review taken from Facebook with 3 reviews and a 5/5 stars rating shows that this brand is happy to help out with suggestions that can work for your home:

“I had the greatest experience today dressing my master bedroom… These ladies know what to do, so you don’t have to!  I have a… queen bed, luxurious sheets, and dressed up with pillows. And one thing I learned, use oversized pillows for the accent pillow covers, it works and looks fantastic! I am a happy lady, can’t wait to go to bed!”

So, no matter the product, it seems that QE Home does not disappoint. Their high-quality and eco-friendly products are affordable and come with great and helpful customer service. There were no red flags in their customer reviews. 

Before I wrap up this part of the article, let’s take a look at some of their product ratings on the brand’s website:

  • Carlingdale Alder Duvet Cover – 12 reviews – 5/5 stars
  • Living Quarters Cashmere Touch Fleece Blanket Rainforest – 3 reviews – 5/5 stars
  • Aruba Bamboo Cotton Sheet Set w/ Activated Charcoal  – 23 reviews – 4.9/5 stars

Is QE Home Worth It?

Without any help from celebrity endorsements, QE Home stands on its own merit. They offer eco-friendly, high-quality linens at affordable prices

On top of that, with a fashion-forward mentality, they have designs that appeal to any age, any decor, and any style. Not into hand-painted nature images? Then maybe the artistic skull design is more up your alley.

Many of their fabrics have innovative properties like moisture-wicking TENCEL and acne-preventing bamboo. So to answer the question of whether this brand is worth your money, yes they most certainly are worth it. They are a quality brand at an affordable price.

QE Home Promotions & Discounts 

While researching for this QE Home review, I found several ways to save you money on your order:

  • $10 off your first order of over $200 when you sign up for their newsletter
  • Spend More Save More program
  • Specific product promos like BLANKET20 for 20% off a blanket
  • Give $10 Get $10 friend referral
  • Last chance deals
  • Financing available with Afterpay

Where To Buy QE Home

The best place to buy QE Home, especially in the US, is on their website at They have a few items on Amazon but for the most part, these products are only available through their website and their 70 plus brick-and-mortar stores throughout Canada.


Who owns QE Home?

Founders Howard Haugom and Jixin Xu still own QE Home as a family business.

Does QE Home ship internationally?

Yes, QE Home ships internationally from Canada to many countries, including of course the US.

What is QE Home’s Shipping Policy?

QE Home offers free shipping to the US for orders over $169. If it doesn’t qualify, there is a standard $27 for shipping to the contiguous states. 

It can take anywhere from 3 to 21 days for your package to reach you. You are sent a confirmation email with your tracking number when your order ships.

What is QE Home’s Return Policy?

QE Home’s return policy is 30 days from the date of delivery. Any damage during shipping must be reported within 24 hours of the time of delivery. All items must be unwashed, unused, and in their original packaging. 

Refunds don’t include the costs for shipping and are returned to the original method of payment.

For instructions on returning items contact customer service at (866) 421-5520, through online chat, or by their email form on the brand’s Contact Us page. The process can take up to four weeks:

  1. Transit time for them receiving return – 5-10 business days
  2. Processing time for the return – 3-5 business days
  3. Bank processing time for refund – 5-10 business days

How To Contact QE Home

If you have any questions that I did not answer in this QE Home review, you can reach out to their sleep stylists through the following methods of contact:

  • Toll-free Phone: (866) 421-5520 
  • Online Chat 
  • Fill out the Online Contact Form 

Customer service hours are Mon – Fri 6 am – 7 pm & Sat – Sun 9 am – 5 pm PST.

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