14 Top QVC Footwear Brands

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Shopping For The Top QVC Shoe Brands

Top Footwear Brands

On the prowl for the latest in trendy, comfortable, and forward-thinking footwear? Look no further than the top footwear brands. We’ve whittled down the seemingly endless options out there and selected 14 of our faves to help you find the perfect fit.

Top Footwear Brands

If you’re interested in the top footwear brands, then you already know there are tons of shoe companies to choose from. But you don’t want just any shoes, right? You want a pair that aligns with who you are and what you do. Love a side of ethics with your shoes? Never find a moment that doesn’t call for runway-ready looks? 

No matter what it is you’re looking for, not everyone has the time (or desire) to go digging through racks of footwear and buzzing from store to store. That’s why we love online shopping. And here’s the best news: all of the top footwear brands are accessible with just a few clicks. 

So whether you’re searching for colorful slingbacks for this summer’s can’t-miss-it event, craving support and cushion for your tired toesies, or simply just want a pair to kick around in on the weekend, you’ll find it all here. 

The 14 Top QVC Footwear Brands

1. Skechers


Unless you live under a rock (and if you do, no judgment), you’ve heard about Skechers. You’ve probably owned a pair or two at some time in your life, if not as an adult, then certainly as a kid. Since they’re chosen for their comfort, affordable price, and versatile style, they’re an easy shoo-in for moms shopping for their kids. 

But Skechers has come a long way since it launched in the 90s. The brand has always been on top of what’s trending, and that’s why it’s one of the most popular shoe brands today. That, and its shoes make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. 

Skechers’ collection includes styles for kids, men, and women, with on-trend colors and life-friendly details like washable sandals and sneaks, stretch-knit slip-ons, and clogs you can actually walk in. Prices start at $50 and go up to $95.


  • Affordable
  • Styles for the whole family
  • Wide range of sizes
  • On-trend styles
  • Work, casual & athletic shoes

2. Vionic


Vionic’s shoes are so attractive that you may totally overlook the fact that they’re made for comfort and support. Some of them even have orthotics. Created by a podiatrist, the brand prioritizes breathable fabrics and easy-to-wear styles that blend seamlessly with your favorite outfits. 

Vionic’s collection is great for everyday wear, packed with on-trend shoes like low-top leather sneakers, chunky sandals, and effortless slip-ons. Made to help with common foot issues, expect a mix of neutrals and wild colors within the line — as well as designs made with recycled and eco-friendly materials. 

Shoes range from $70 for adorably fluffy sandals to $199 for heeled boots with arch support.


  • Fashionable styles
  • Orthotic options
  • Comfortable & supportive
  • Trendy colors & patterns
  • Wide range of men’s & women’s shoes
  • Wide widths available
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Free shipping

3. Vince Camuto

Vince Camuto

Never underdressed? You may want to check out Vince Camuto’s shoe collection. It’s a little smaller than others on this list of top footwear brands but has a ton of variety between its styles. 

You’ll find both casual cerulean jelly slides and leather suede wedges in the selection, with no shortage of luxury materials. Expect tons of textural details throughout Vince Camuto shoes, like leather chain-like, weaving, and quilting. 

With a primarily soft color palette for spring, you’ll discover tons of soft blues and chic neutrals, along with a few attention-grabbers like animal prints and sparkly hues. Sizes range from 6-12 with some wide options. Grab a pair of slide-on sandals for $39 or start thinking of fall with the suede lace-up boots for $159.


  • Women’s only
  • Sizes 6-12
  • Wide options available
  • Affordable designer style
  • On-trend colors & prints

4. Marc Fisher

Marc Fisher

Marc Fisher shoes are at the forefront of trending style. With an eye for details, the runway designer is known for his pinpoint heels, strappy sandals, and rich color tones. His current collection is quite varied, mixing in sensible, workday-friendly styles with elegant night-out stunners. 

You’ll find a range of neutral hues throughout the line, but tons of vibrant pops of color as you scroll down the page. Magenta, neon yellow, and creamsicle orange are a must for summer 2022. With a wide range of sandals in the line, you’ll also find a handful of pumps, clogs, and boots there too. 

Sandals start at $69 while knee-high calf leather boots head up to $199.


  • Designer style for less
  • Tons of color
  • Strappy designs
  • Women’s only
  • Sizes 6-11
  • Wide options available

5. Bernardo


Founded in 1956 by architect Bernard Rudofsky, Bernardo footwear takes inspiration from ancient architecture. The brand pioneered modern women’s sandals, and though its shapes have wandered into the more adventurous and bold in the past, today, you’ll find approachable, everyday designs in the collection. 

Don’t get us wrong, there’s still tons of creativity within Bernardo’s line, so if you’re looking for shoes with a unique edge, this brand comes highly recommended. You’ll discover a range of modern, fashionable styles throughout its collection of clogs, sandals, and boots.

Look out for woven textures, beaded accents, and the rich, supple leather the brand is known for. Pool slides start at $98, woven lug mules go up to $298.


  • Conscious production
  • Handcrafted in Brazil
  • High-quality & eco-friendly materials
  • Mostly neutral colors
  • Women’s styles
  • Sizes 6-11

6. Dansko


The search for the perfect barn shoe left Dansko founders to launch a collection full of comfort-forward clogs. Today, you’ll find more than clogs within the line, though comfort is a priority with each and every shoe the brand creates.

With sports-friendly sandals, walking sneakers, and date night-worthy wedges, Dansko (which translates to Danish shoes) uses premium materials and a neutral color palette to design for everyday life. Sizes range from 5 ½ – 11 ½, and its shoes cost between $80-200.


  • Women’s collection
  • Clogs, sandals, sneakers
  • 5 ½ – 11 ½ sizes
  • Premium materials
  • Comfort-focused

7. Spring Step

Spring Step

With a name like Spring Step, you probably can already tell this brand puts comfort first. Once you look at its collection though, you’ll know that fashionable style is just as important. Expect a mix of soft colors and rich neutrals throughout the line, along with pops of turquoise and floral cut-out shapes.

A selection that’s detail-focused, Spring Step offers 7 different collections within its line, including ones for professionals, men, and those who love creative styles. Bridging European comfort and style, the brand offers shoes for all occasions. Cozy slippers start at $30. Premium zip-up leather boots go up to $200.


  • 7 different collections
  • Men’s & women’s styles
  • High-quality materials
  • Comfort-first
  • Women’s sizes 6-12 ½ 
  • Men’s sizes 6-12
  • Wide styles available

8. Sperry


Inspired by his cocker spaniel’s footpads, after sailor Paul Sperry fell overboard on a sailing trip, he set out to create a non-slip shoe to put an end to unwanted deck sliding. Popularized by J.F.K and Paul Newman, Sperry Top Siders haven’t changed much over time in terms of design but the brand has taken strides to become more sustainable. 

Sperry’s collection for men and women is totally classic. Whether it’s boat-friendly sandals or iconic Top Sider style you’re after, this brand is a shoo-in for summer. Even though its most popular styles have remained similar over time, the brand keeps up with current trends like platform sneakers, animal print, and has even ventured into leather styles.

Prices start at $30 and mostly stay under $100, but you will find styles like waterproof boots that go up to $160.


  • Great quality
  • Neutral tones & soft colors
  • Men’s & women’s shoes
  • Classic & trendy styles
  • Women’s sizes 6-12
  • Men’s sizes 7-12
  • Wide & narrow options

9. Charles David

Charles David

With European influence, Charles David footwear designs for the sophisticated woman. Its collection includes 99.99% heels, with one or two flats and boots kicking around. If you’re dreaming of sassy, sweet styles, soft colors, and attention-grabbing details, don’t miss out on this line. 

It’s a little more expensive than the other names on this list of top footwear brands, but it sure doesn’t skimp on A-list style. Made with premium leather with splashes of feathers, wood, and crystals mixed in, Charles David shoes are ideal for adding sexy flair to date night looks. Styles start at $159 and range up to $449.


  • Heels, sandals & boots
  • Women’s collection
  • Sizes 6-10
  • Premium & fun materials 
  • Mostly neutral colors

10. Earth Brands Footwear

Earth Brands Footwear

Shoes that are good for your feet and the planet? Where do we sign up? If it’s a comfortable, everyday style you’ve been searching for, Earth Brands Footwear delivers with its collection of shoes designed to fit and support your feet. 

Made with recycled, earth-friendly materials, the brand uses water-based adhesives and leather from Gold Rated Tanneries. With 3 different brands within the company, you’ll browse through Earth Origins, Kalso, and Earth Elements lines to find your perfect pick.

Earth Brands Footwear is inspired by the earth, so you’ll find mostly muted, earthy colors across its collections, though a few naturally-dyed options may pop up. Prices range from $41-$225.


  • Men’s & women’s styles
  • Range of prices
  • Earth-friendly materials
  • Comfort-forward designs
  • Natural colorways
  • Women’s sizes 6-12
  • Men’s sizes 8-12
  • Wide options

11. Dr. Scholl’s

Dr. Scholl's

Would this really be a list of top footwear brands without Dr. Scholl’s? No matter who you are, you can’t deny the comfort that comes when slipping on a pair of its supportive, cushioned shoes.

Dr. Scholl’s may design for common foot conditions like plantar’s fasciitis and high arches, but its styles are surprisingly modern. With a look of quality, the collection uses premium materials and includes trendy styles like knit slip-ons, studded clogs, and platform sneakers — the kind of styles you wouldn’t expect support from.

That’s the cool thing about Dr. Scholl’s though, and no matter if it’s shoes for work, play, or sport, you’ll find an awesome selection here. Kids’ and women’s sneakers start at $35. Classically stylish leather Chelsea boots go up to $160.


  • Orthotic comfort
  • Cushioned & supportive
  • Stylish
  • Styles for men, women & kids
  • Affordable

12. Kelsi Dagger

Kelsi Dagger

Supple leather, wood, and woven textures are big within Kelsi Dagger’s spring/summer collection. Featuring a line obsessed with platform slides, fashionistas need not look further. 

The perfect pick for airy bohemian style, even though they maintain a neutral palette, Kelsi Dagger shoes demand attention through rich color and luxury leather designs. Indulge your feet in celeb-worthy sandals, boots, and clogs for $125-$195.


  • Women’s collection
  • Clogs, sandals & boots
  • Neutral tones
  • Sizes 6-12
  • Wide options

13. Aerosoles


Your favorite on-trend styles — but make them comfortable. That’s been Aerosoles’ mission since its start in 1987. Based in NYC, the brand takes inspiration from city-chic style, its modern collections flush with luxury fabrics like leather and raffia, along with attention-grabbing details like crystals, tie-dye, and animal print. 

Expect styles that rival top designers and comfort that doesn’t quit. Proving you can really have it all, Aerosoles women’s shoes include boots, clogs, and sandals mostly, but you’ll find loafer, wedges, and flats there too. 


  • Sizes 6-12
  • Wide options available
  • Women’s collection
  • Great range of shoe styles
  • Comfort-focused
  • Trendy

14. Nine West

Nine West

Nine West is known for its top-notch quality, so it was a no-brainer for this list of top footwear brands. You’ll discover both classic and statement shoes in its collection of pumps and sandals, along with stylish sneakers to elevate your favorite looks.

Pouring on the details, glimmering materials, and accents are common throughout the line, as is the color black. Its spring/summer collection includes tons of pink and red, so expect a more feminine, sophisticated energy from this line. Pool slides start at $49, while ankle strap pumps clock in at $109.


  • Women’s collection
  • Pumps, sandals & sneakers
  • Black & pink color palette
  • Sizes 4-11
  • Designer style for less

How to Shop For The Top Footwear Brands

Top Footwear Brands

Shopping for the top footwear brands online can be a little overwhelming. But knowing what you want and like is a surefire way to find the perfect fit. Not 100% sure what that is yet? Don’t stress, we’ll take you through 4 key factors to help you make your pick in no time. 


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that all of the top footwear brands have great reputations. They wouldn’t be here without them. Even so, there’s a chance you feel more settled about buying from one rather than another. And that’s a personal preference.

Brands come with their own backstories, ethos, and manufacturing practices, and depending on what your preferences are, you’ll most likely gravitate to those you vibe with. Love an eco-friendly mission? Opt for those that have sustainable styles. Prefer a name that’s big in the fashion world? You’ll have a few to choose from.


Chances are you came to this list of top footwear brands not really knowing what you’re looking for. If you did, you would have headed straight to the brand instead. But you may know the general category of shoes you want, ie. casual sneakers or summer sandals. Maybe it’s both.

If it’s more than one shoe you’re looking for, consider a brand that makes all of them. Buying from 2+ companies isn’t out of the question, but it is possible to find everything you want in one place. 

In addition to the variety in shoe styles, if you’re searching for the top footwear brands for your whole family, be sure to opt for one that makes women’s, men’s, and kid’s styles.


We all have personal styles, and often, as soon as you look at a few pairs of shoes, you’ll know if a brand is right for you. If you have a particular style in mind, ie. breezy California coast-meets-contemporary flair, then you obviously won’t want to shop with a brand that’s collection is packed with plain, dark styles. 

Take a minute to consider what you need from your shoes. Is it comfort and support for work? Is it a trendy look for cocktail hour? How about a shoe you can walk miles in? Identify your needs first, then find a look that fits your unique style.


You see it, you like it, but if the price isn’t right, it’s going to stay put on the virtual rack. When it comes to shoe shopping, we don’t need to tell you that all stars have to align to make the perfect purchase, and thankfully, this list of top footwear brands has variety when it comes to price. 

Shopping within your budget is an easy way to find a brand that’s right for you, but here’s a fun tip: Certain brands offer payment plans that let you split up your payments, ie. QVC offers something called EasyPay. This way, you can get the style you’ve always wanted for a price that makes sense for your budget now.

Final Thoughts

Top Footwear Brands

Whether you’re a fan of all-day shoe shopping or want to make the process as quick as possible, think of this list of top footwear brands as you would a personal assistant.

Rounding up popular options loved for their quality, comfort, and style, all you have to do is point and say yes — though, clicking “buy” is also a good idea. 

Next, explore other top brands from our curated lists:

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