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Rhude Review

When the celebs want to look down to earth yet stylish they turn to Rhude. Rhude is a designer lifestyle brand of ready-to-wear clothes for men and women that are essentially very nice streetwear

This attire really makes a statement and showcases LA/West Coast culture. Since the celebrities are talking about it, so are the media. If this has piqued your interest in the brand, keep reading this Rhude review to find out more.

Rhude has gained a dedicated fanbase and now has more than 356k followers on Instagram. Major media outlets constantly cover Rhude. They love the founder of the brand’s personal story and how it reflects in his clothes. These renowned media include Vogue, GQ, and The LA Times, to name a few recent ones. 

My Rhude review will take a deep dive into this brand and explore their products, media coverage, celebrity attention, and special promotions. Since the brand appears to have no customer reviews online, I’ll take a look at who wears their attire and what the media are saying about it.

Overview of Rhude

Rhude Review

When Rhuigi Villasenor was a kid, his family upped and moved him from the Philippines to California. In the US, he was bullied for his choice of clothing, so he decided to do something about it. 

He educated himself on US and West Coast culture and dressed to suit the culture and styles of the time. After that, he went from being bullied to popular in no time. He also went from being ‘out of touch’ to becoming a leader of fashion trends.

From this experience, Villasenor knew that he was going into fashion when he grew up. After understudying for Shaun Samson, who now works in-house at Moschino, in 2012 Villasenor decided to try creating his own design. So he started by designing a single T-shirt meant just for him. 

Kendrick Lamar saw the black and white, paisley bandana shirt and decided that he had to have it. After talking Villasenor into parting with it, the rapper wore it to that year’s BET Awards catching the eye of a nation. 

Snoop Dogg was next in line; he wanted that same shirt and from there it snowballed. This led Villasenor to launch the Rhude label in 2013. The clothes he designs have a laid-back streetwear look and, paired with iconic American fashions, they’re unique, yet reflect a distinct US style. They can be worn for play or for dressing up.

Rhude Review

Since the launch, Rhude clothes quickly became one of the US’s top designer labels for lifestyle wear. The name is an homage to his family’s tradition of names starting with ‘Rh’ and of American culture and iconography.  

Before my Rhude review takes a look at several of the clothes that are creating such a buzz, let’s take a glance at some of the highlights of this brand.


  • High-quality, stylish designer clothing
  • Clothing that makes a statement
  • True-to-fit items
  • American designer; American designs

Rhude Review

The clothes that my Rhude review will check out are part of the men’s Spring/Summer ‘21 runway collection. All the clothes come in sizes XS to XXL. From yachting shorts to baseball caps, all of this bestselling collection is fun and signature Rhude.

Rhude Yachting Shorts Review

Rhude Yachting Shorts Review
Rhude Yachting Shorts

For those of you who don’t know the term, yachting shorts appear to be of above-the-knee length and made of quick-dry material, just like a sail. Don’t worry, I didn’t know it either, but the term does seem to be particularly American.

The black Rhude Yachting Shorts takes this US design and makes it uniquely Rhude by splashing a triangle of its signature mustard color at the bottom of the legs. Its logo adorns the mustard with the ‘U’ coming together when your legs are closed.

These shorts have zipper pockets in the front and are made from 60% cupro and 40% cotton. Cupro is made from cotton waste, so it’s natural but is smoother than cotton. You can sail into a pair of these Rhude shorts for $495.

Rhude Cigar Shirt Review

Rhude Cigar Shirt Review
Rhude Cigar Shirt

Look like a Cuban cigar maker on vacation in Hawaii with the Rhude Cigar Shirt. This light brown shirt has the standard guayabera style, with large front pockets (not sure if faux or not), and showcases a style that has a particular place in retro Latin American fashion.

Above the front pockets and on the back are painted graphics of a woman’s body from the chest up, surrounded by flowers, and the name Rhude in stylized print. It’s 65% polyester and 35% cotton. You can look smoking in this Rhude Cigar Shirt for $540.

Rhude Poncho Puff Pull Over Jacket Review 

Rhude Poncho Puff Pull Over Jacket Review
Rhude Poncho Puff Pull Over Jacket

The Rhude Poncho Puff Pull Over Jacket is the iconic Californian surf poncho meets cold weather. Rhude takes the stripes from the 70s surf poncho and uses them to create unique patterns. It has a zip neck with Rhude pill hardware. This is hands down our favorite item in this review. The lining is polyester and the shell is 100% cotton. Surf’s up in winter for $695

Rhude Collegiate Track Pant Review

Rhude Collegiate Track Pant Review
Rhude Collegiate Track Pant

Sweatpants made a resurgence during the pandemic and many American designers have accommodated this trend by creating athleisure wear. These are clothes that are fashionable enough to go out in but can allow you to play an unexpected game of pick-up. 

The Rhude Collegiate Track Pant has the look made popular in the ‘70s and ‘80s, with a white stripe up the sides. It comes in green and has extra long ties and ankle zips in Rhude’s signature mustard color. The outer fabric is 60% hemp and 40% silk, while the lining is 100% polyester. The track pants sell for $795.

Who Is Rhude For? 

Rhude is for men and women who want to make a statement with the clothes they wear. It’s for  people who want to look laid-back but ahead-of-the-trends stylish. Instead of pairing different items of clothing that don’t seem to go together, like Kanye’s style of winter boots or puffy jackets with shorts, Rhude blends the opposing styles into whole new fashionable items.

Although Rhude clothing is not cheap, it is on par with other designers of a similar caliber. Along with the clothing that I covered here, other popular products include the Rhude t-shirt collection and the Rhude hoodies.

In fact, with shoes and hats as well, Rhude has you covered from head to toe. Which is why I think it’s a pretty well-rounded brand.

Rhude Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Without customer reviews to go by, this Rhude review took into consideration who wears the Rhude brand, how the media are receiving it, and who the brand pairs its name with. The fact that there are no negative Rhude reviews also tells us something about this designer clothing brand. After all, unhappy customers tend to be more vocal than happy ones.

Rhude came about because of the attention of celebrities Kendrick Lamar and Snoop Dogg, and has since become a favorite of many celebs and fashion influencers/icons. For instance, the late and great Virgil Abloh called Rhuigi Villasenor the future of fashion.

Celebrities who wear Rhude include A$AP Rocky, Bella Hadid, The Weeknd, Post Malone, Kylie Jenner, Justin Beiber, Adam Levine, Big Sean, Kevin Durant, Jimmy Butler, Future, and Offset. Major media who covered the brand include Vogue, GQ, WWD, and Esquire, to name just a few.

Who a brand partners with says a lot about the brand. Recently, Canada Goose and the NBA collaborated with Rhude as did the luxury, and awesome, car brand McLaren (known for creating the fastest street-legal car worldwide).

Is Rhude Worth It?

So, is Rhude worth your cash? That’s a good question that my Rhude review plans to answer, so stay tuned. Well, given there are no promotions to help you save money and the high designer price tag, Rhude clothes need to stand above the rest in some way to make them worthwhile—which they do.

Rhude differs from all other luxury designers due to its laidback designs mixed with American iconology. If you keep in mind the great media attention, the brand’s quality of partnerships/collaborations, and the outstanding quality of their apparel, it’s easy to see the brand is worth it. Basically, Rhude makes great luxury streetwear. 

Without customer reviews to help out and solely going on what media outlets and influencers say, in this Rhude review I can safely say that the brand is worth every penny you spend on it. Their collection features lots of fun, high-quality, ready-to-wear, designer clothes that help you stand out from the crowd, without being loud or obnoxious. These clothes are the definition of ‘cool.’

Rhude Promotions & Discounts 

At the time of this Rhude review, I didn’t find any promos or discounts available on the brand’s site.

Where to Buy Rhude

From what I discovered during this Rhude review, the best place to buy their apparel is on the brand’s website. Alternatively, Rhude is also available in many high-end clothing stores across the country, and their items are sold online at retailers such as Nordstroms and FWRD. Rhude is not sold on Amazon.


Who owns Rhude?

Rhude was founded by Rhuigi Villasenor and he still owns the brand. He’s also the brand’s creative director.

Does Rhude ship internationally?

Yes, Rhude ships internationally from Los Angeles. Customers are responsible for local import duties.

What is Rhude’s Shipping Policy?

Here’s a quick rundown of of Rhude’s shipping policy:

  • All Rhude orders ship from LA, and shipping fees are paid for by shoppers 
  • Purchases are usually processed within 2-3 business days and then shipped out 
  • You’ll receive an email with shipping details when your order has shipped

What is Rhude’s Return Policy?

Rhude accepts returns for free. You have up to 15 days from the date you placed your order to begin the return process. All items must be returned unused and with the tags on. To get started on your return email [email protected]. Exchanges are not available unless an item is defective or mislabeled. Exchanges are also subject to the 15-day deadline.

How to Contact Rhude

If you have any questions that my Rhude review did not answer, there are a few ways you can contact their customer service team:

  1. Email[email protected]
  2. Online chat during regular business hours
  3. Snail Mail: 9200 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90069

Since the company is located in LA, their business hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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