Roolee Dresses Review

About Roolee

Roolee Dresses Review

Based in Utah, Roolee started out as a women’s fashion boutique with a focus on bohemian chic combined with a vintage twist. Today, the brand has expanded into an international online retailer with women and kids clothing alongside home decor and stationery goods. 

With a substantial Instagram following of 497k followers and nearly 99,000k likes on Facebook, the company also has a few awards under its belt like Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year in Fashion Retail 2019 and 30 Women to Watch 2019. The brand has really established the standard for most retail businesses. 

With its super cool minimalist aesthetic and style, the brand is sparking many people’s interest. This Roolee dresses review will take a look at the company, its products, ratings, promotions, and answer any questions you may have to help you decide if their products are worth the buy.

Overview of Roolee

Roolee Dresses Review

Founded in 2013 by Kylee Champlin, Roolee began as a young woman’s dream to set up a boutique that would bring women together to celebrate themselves and one another through the bonds of sisterhood. 

Today, Kylee runs the company along with her husband, Chad, in their attempt to create a balance of work and life with their three children. 

Since then, the brand has evolved as a retailer offering international services and products for a worldwide clientele. As with any retailer, there can be setbacks along with all the positive things a brand has to offer. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons for the brand in this Roolee dresses review. 


  • Weekly and monthly promotions offered sitewide 
  • Try at Home Program—purchase a maximum of 8 items to try for a week, then simply return the items you don’t want
  • Collaboration requests accepted 
  • Brick and mortar in Logan, UT
  • Free shipping on orders over $85 (before tax) to 48 U.S. states
  • International shipping
  • Embedded currency adjustment sitewide 
  • Club Roolee for extra perks and savings
  • Featured by You product reviews 
  • eGift Card option available 
  • Afterpay is available for purchases between $35 to $1000


  • No free international shipping
  • Sales are not exceedingly deep for certain seasons or months
  • No free shipping on large furniture items
  • Duties and taxes apply for specific regions and countries
  • Additional duties and charges is only determined upon delivery 
  • Stationery, decor, and home products are limited 
Roolee Dresses Review

There’s quite a bit to say and cover about Roolee and it has hundreds of items to browse through, as well as numerous product categories and selections to choose from. This Roolee dresses review will feature some of the brand’s most popular items the website itself features. 

Roolee Dresses Review

Generally speaking, the brand’s dresses embrace neutrals but a few are also offered in vibrant colors and flirty, soft prints like florals or stripes. This being the case, there is a limitation when it comes to silhouettes. 

You’ll notice in this Roolee dresses review that some of the brand’s bestsellers are quite unique, offering slightly dressier items for work or transitional pieces for a formal event. 

The dresses are divided into 3 subcategories which are midi, maxi, and short sleeved with sizes usually ranging from XXS to 3XL.

Roolee Taylor Jane Wrap Maxi Review

When you come across a dress that fits you perfectly, and lets you eat as much as you want because of its elastic waist, you won’t ever want to let it go! That is what makes this Taylor Jane Wrap Maxi so special. 

Effortless and beautiful enough to be worn as a bridesmaid dress, the Taylor Jane Wrap Maxi is simplicity, elegance plus comfort—everything a woman could ever want in a dress! The stretchy waistband gives you all the room you need to go about your day or to sit through a fancy event at night. 

Versatile even for pregnant women, both the Taylor Jane Wrap Maxi and the Roolee line in the sand dress are ideal since it gives you room to grow. Either way, when you wear this dress, know that you can embrace comfort and chic all in one go. 

This Roolee dresses review notes that the dress comes in XXS to 3XL and it is true to size. For reference, you can always check out the brand’s size chart to make sure you are getting the correct size. Then again, you do have a week to try on the clothes, and if they do not fit, you can always return them. 

It also comes in 12 colors: 

  • Bisque
  • Dark Salmon
  • Maroon
  • Golden Rod
  • Light Steel Blue
  • Dark Olive Green
  • Dark Green
  • Dark Blue
  • Dim Grey
  • Black
  • Gainsboro
  • Misty Rose

The Taylor Jane Maxi Dress retails at $44.

Roolee The Butterfield Dress Review

When the leaves start to turn golden red and a chill whips through the air, it’s always best to have a cozy yet beautiful sweater dress on hand. Perfect for those brisk days when you’re heading to the office or a date night with the girls. No matter the occasion, the Butterfield Dress has got you covered. 

The simplicity of the dress is where its charm lies. With a slightly poofy sleeve that ends in a thick cuff, a mock turtleneck, this sweater dress stops at your knees to keep you warm and toasty, even if you’re sitting at the fireplace après ski. 

Made with a combination of acrylic and nylon, this sweater dress is true to size, so make sure you double check Roolee’s size chart for the correct size. The dress size range is very good so if you need to exchange it for another, just know you won’t be at a loss. The Butterfield Dress size range goes from XXS to 3XL, and comes in salmon or golden rod. 

The Butterfield Dress retails at $48.00.

Roolee Swim Review

The best part about swimwear nowadays is that you have the ability to change things up according to your mood. The Roolee swim category features pieces that are ideal for the woman who wants to be active in the water while giving her the chance to mix and match, experimenting with various tops and bottoms. 

This Roolee dresses review would not be complete if it didn’t mention that the swimwear has the broadest range of sizes, running from an XXS to XXL, meaning that the only size missing is a 3XL. Unfortunately, the brand does not make up for this by providing a plus size section in which sizes beyond a XXL could purchase swimsuits. 

The good thing is swimwear is a part of Roolee’s Try At Home Program in which the Roolee boutique ships out items for you to try within the comfort of your home at no cost, letting you purchase any of the items (with a limit of 8 pieces) afterwards.

Roolee Red Poppy Swim Bottoms Review

Comfortable and modest, the Red Poppy Swim Bottoms provide a great range of coverage and the high-waisted features help hide any areas you feel insecure about. 

With its vibrant pop of red color, they fit according to size and make the swim bottoms a piece you can match with anything in your closet. If you love print or want something sexier and edgier, then Roolee swimwear isn’t meant for you.

These swim bottoms are fully lined so you don’t have to worry about anything when you jump into the water. Plus, the bottoms are hassle-free without any knots or strings that need tying. It comes in a good size range, going from XS to XXL and like their name suggests, there is only the orange red color available. 

The Red Poppy Swim Bottoms retail at $35.00, and are currently on sale for $32

Roolee Rocky Point Swim Top Review

If you’re in need of some uniqueness but like the basic functionality of Roolee swimwear then the Rocky Point Swim Top is a nice balance of the two. The solid side is a lighter gray while the printed side has a stone design of white and light gray markings. Even though this is printed, it is still quite flattering on all skin tones.

The v-neck top contains a twisted strap in the back to add that hint of chic. The top provides coverage with its hidden bra so there’s plenty of support where you need it, allowing you to frolic in the waters without a worry. 

Like the bottoms previously covered in the Roolee dresses review, the top only comes in one color and print option with no other variety. This top would be best for someone who wants to add a bit of an edge to their swimwear collection without being too flashy. 

The size ranges from XS to XXL so many people can enjoy this fun top! 

The Rocky Point Swim Top retails at $55.00.

Roolee Kids Review

Since women’s clothing was so popular with the Roolee audience, the brand decided to include items for their children. Most likely aligning with when Kylee and her husband welcomed their children into their lives. 

However, Roolee kids seems to operate a little differently than women’s clothing. Firstly, regardless of gender, many of the clothing items have an extensive range of sizes based on age, but are also dependent on the clothing item itself. A T-shirt could easily range from 12 months to 9 years old, or 2-3 toddler to 14 years old! 

The idea behind this is to have kids matching siblings and family like cousins or with their moms since there are quite a few girls’ options that are designed to match. 

Another thing this Roolee dresses review would like to note is how colors are listed. When selecting an item, know that the colors may appear brighter and vibrant on the website, but in reality it is a lot more muted. This seems in line with giving the clothing an earthy and neutral tone. 

Roolee Lion Club Tee Review

A simple and modern caricature that looks like it has been sketched, the Lion Club Tee comes in one color, black, and features a pale yellow lion in the center. 

The material is 100% cotton, providing comfort and breathability. Since the t-shirt is entirely cotton, it’s not abrasive against the skin which is an important fact since babies and children have extremely sensitive skin. 

Ideal for pairing with any bottoms or accessories, the tee looks extra adorable with a pair of khakis to fit a safari vibe. However, the t-shirt is only available for toddlers ranging from 3 months to 24 months. This means it’ll be easier to narrow down the correct size but excludes the option of having a toddler match with their older sibling.

The Lion Cub Tee retails at $25, and is on sale for $20.

Roolee The Mini Jack Jumpsuit Review

A perfect twinning outfit for mother and daughter, the Mini Jack Jumpsuit is a plain burnt orange jumpsuit. It’s unfussy and casual, meaning mom and daughter can wear it out to brunch or hanging in the backyard with some friends.

The models in the product description are seen wearing a basic white tee and black and white Vans, but you could switch it up with a black tee, Converse shoes, or anything that will accentuate the deepness of the jumpsuit’s orange while remaining on trend.

Since the jumpsuit is within the girl’s line and designed to be paired with a mother’s jumpsuit, the sizes contain a wider range and are available from 12 months to 14 years old. So a mom with more than one daughter could easily create a family photo where everyone matches.

The Mini Jack Jumpsuit retails at $30, and is currently on sale for $25. 

Roolee Shoes Review

A category containing the most variety, Roolee shoes feature everything from sandals to boots and everything in-between for everyday wear or an evening out. The shoe category also covers every season so you never run out of shoes to purchase!

Roolee shoes range from size 5 and to size 11, with half sizes also available depending on the shoe or the company manufacturing the shoe (whether Roolee branded or otherwise).

Since the shoe category would require a whole article of its own, we’ll focus on two of the bestselling sandals within this Roolee dresses review so you get an idea of what the brand has to offer.

Roolee Karamelo Sandal Review

Handmade in Spain, the Karamelo Sandal is designed with Nappa leather—a smooth and refined leather with a soft, luxurious feel. 

More noteworthy is the fact that Nappa leather is considered far more breathable when compared to other leathers, making it ideal as the leather of choice for shoes and sandals in particular when temperatures skyrocket. 

The soles of these sandals are made of rubber, providing additional cushioning and quality of comfort and ensures that your feet and toes won’t be sliding as the day wears on. With a great number of reviews and full stars, the quality of the sandals is evident and worth considering if you’re looking for the perfect pair of summer sandals.

This Roolee dresses review would like to note that many customers commented on how the shoe tends to run more narrow, with sizes running from 36 to 41

The Karamelo Sandal is available in five colors:

  • Ivory
  • Peru
  • Black
  • White
  • Light Grey

In addition to its functionality is the added benefit of pairing with any summer outfit. Whether it’s a swimsuit or summer dress, these neutral sandals are extremely versatile! 

The Karamelo Sandal retails at $50.

Roolee Carlotta Ankle Boots Review

Ankle boots are a must-have in any woman’s closet. You can wear them with nearly anything and they give off badass vibes. With fall and winter around the corner, you know boots are going to be the go-to for any of your outfits. That’s where the Carlotta Ankle Boot comes in handy. 

Made with real soft suede, these ankle boots have laces but a zipper for your ease—throw them on without having to re-lace everything every time! They also have a great heel where it’s not too high or not too low, great for running around in during those autumn days. 

It only comes in one color, Peru, but its size range goes from 36 to 41, much like many of their shoes. This boot is a staple that will last you throughout the years. 

The Carlotta Ankle Boot retails for $84.

Who Is Roolee For? 

Roolee Dresses Review

Roolee is perfect for the minimalist woman who loves her earth tones, both simple and functional clothing, and devoid of glitz and glam. Roolee clothing is bare and raw, with faded or rustic neutrals that speak of vintage boho chic.

All other categories, like shoes or children’s clothing, stem from this notion. And although Roolee clothing for women is meant for any age group, it does focus on mothers and their daily functions, so in essence, Roolee is a mom’s universe. 

The brand even has Club Roolee, where you can receive points for items you bought and use those points for future items! 

How Club Roolee works:

  1. Sign up—it’s free!
  2. Earn points for every dollar spent. 
  3. Gain points for your birthday plus interacting on social media. 
  4. Once you reach a certain amount of points, you can redeem them for $5, $10, $20, or $30 off your next purchase. 

Roolee Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Roolee Dresses Review

Customer feedback is always important and its evident that Roolee as a brand values this too, especially with their openness for collaborations as well as their Style By You edit where real women style their pieces and provident feedback for an unfiltered or unaltered look at what the Roolee clothes are really like. 

Many of their satisfied customers love the Roolee style and remark on how well everything fits, or is true to size. Comfort is a large pillar of the Roolee brand and their customers definitely agree on that!

For example, a customer by the name of Jessica Serrano flaunted her love for Roolee’s comfy designs via Trustpilot: Love this brand! Good quality clothing I extremely love the fact that their nursing clothing is stylish and comfortable and practical compared to other brands where it’s justs like boring attire for nursing moms. All stars for me!” 

Feedback on clothing can be limited while other categories like shoes, contain quite a number of comments and feedback, and not all items have a Style By You feature with photos of people styling their purchases. 

some customers were quite pleased with Roolee’s customer service response, like Kristine Crockett. “I had a small problem with my online order. They replied and corrected the issue immediately,” Crockett said. “Highly recommended website. I will continue to shop here!!” 

Good on you, Roolee. 

Is Roolee Worth It?

Roolee Dresses Review

If you live within the U.S., Roolee can be worth it, however it would be best to carefully read any information they have on their Try At Home program as well as their return policy. 

If you reside outside of the States, it may not be worth it as there are so many limitations and over charges on international shipping. With sizing being an ambiguous element as well, especially if you’re not eligible for the Try At Home Program, you might be buying with certain risks involved with return issues and extra charges.

Roolee Promotions & Discounts 

Roolee Dresses Review

Sale items do not come with a specific Roolee discount code but the brand does have a designated category for any merchandise that is marked down that can be filtered or sorted so you can refine your search among sale items.

Where to Buy Roolee

Roolee Dresses Review

This Roolee dresses review notes that Roolee items are only accessible and available to purchase through the brand’s website or the Roolee boutique in Utah. However, if you’re interested in products from other brands like Sorel or Vans in the shoe category, you can find them easily on other websites or through affiliated sites with those specific brands.


Roolee Dresses Review

Where is Roolee made? 

The country of origin of items depends on the category of item and the origin of specific materials. Roolee explicitly states that the Karamelo Sandal is hand-crafted in Spain but does not list product specifications within the description of other shoes or items of clothing so the answer may vary. 

For example, the brand states its manufacturers are from China, US, India, Central America, and Europe. 

Is Roolee an ethical company?

Roolee is an ethical company in the sense that it values its employees and operates as a family-run and family-based business. With a brand philosophy centered around sisterhood and the empowerment of women, Roolee is seen as morally uplifting and is ethical in this regard.

In terms of the company being environmentally ethical, it does produce and sell items with animal materials and makes no explicit statements as to their environmental mission.

Ultimately, it is not environmentally ethically but may be environmentally conscious in other aspects. However, since nothing has been expressed about the earth and climate initiative, this Roolee dresses review deems it unethical within an environmental scope.

Does Roolee fit true to size? 

Like any piece of clothing, nothing is really “true” to size since there are so many factors involved when it comes to fit and size. Many items are labelled as true to size on Roolee’s website but reviews express a totally different opinion.

If the Try At Home Program available for you, then it would be best to take advantage of it or take the reviews into consideration to get a better understanding of how it might fit your body type. 

What is Roolee’s Shipping Policy?

Any in stock Roolee items will take about 1 to 3 business days, with an extra 4 to 12 business days for delivery, depending on where you live.

Any international shipping will be charged duties, brokerage fees, and taxes, but that is at the discretion of your local customs office. Any of the above-mentioned fees fall under the buyer’s responsibility. However, there is an option to pay for the customs fees, duties, and taxes when you checkout. 

What is Roolee’s Return Policy?

If you are unsatisfied with any items, you will have 30 days from the order date to return the pieces, unworn, unwashed, and with the original tags on. Any shipping charges will be taken from the refund total. Final sale pieces cannot be refunded or exchanged. 

After the return is received, it will take about 3-5 business days to process. 

How to Contact Roolee

Roolee can be contacted in two ways:

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