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About Safari Ltd

Safari Ltd Review

Safari Ltd is a US company selling a range of engaging, nature-inspired toys for children of all ages, from babies to elementary school kids!

This family-owned company’s products include stuffed animals, dinosaurs, dolls, puzzles, activity sets, building blocks, and more. 

My Safari Ltd review has found that this company takes pride in creating toys that make education fun. Their animal and space toys help kids learn real facts and connect with nature, while still creating their own imaginary stories and worlds. Their online store also sells products from other manufacturers like Lego and Toniebox

This company has a long history of quality toymaking, and is a favorite of parents, teachers, and kids, with 124k followers on Facebook and 51k followers on Instagram. 

My Safari Ltd review will cover this company’s best-loved toys, customer feedback, and buying info so you can decide if your little one can benefit from their thoughtful approach to play.

Keep reading to learn more about this company’s story.

Overview of Safari Ltd

Safari Ltd Review

Safari Ltd was founded in 1982 by entrepreneurial couple Rosemarie and Bernard Rubel. The Rubels were inspired to do something that fostered a love for nature by Rumi, a card game that featured endangered animals, making conservation both fun and educational. 

They also wanted to create products that encourage creative play and connection, while also being informative and helping kids to learn. This led them to founding Safari Ltd in their home state of Florida, where they went on to make over 1000 different animal figurines that are beautiful, realistic, and of course, playful.

Five decades later the Rubels’ vision is still going strong, with their family-owned company now run by their grandson Alexandre Pariente and his wife Christina. 

Safari Ltd continues to create their signature animal figurines, and has expanded into an 800+ product catalog of educational toys, activities, books, baby gear, and games. 

The brand continues to use hand-crafting, as well as non-toxic and eco-friendly materials to make toys that are designed to last and be passed through generations. And all Safari Ltd toys are still designed to help kids develop a wide range of skills along with a deep appreciation for the natural world

Now that you know more about the brand’s history, let’s check out the highlights of buying from Safari Ltd:


  • Nature-inspired toys and activities for babies, toddlers, and kids
  • Product line includes puzzles, soft toys, building, books, animals figurines, and more
  • Blankets, teethers, and toys for infants
  • Eco-friendly production and products, including BioBUDDi building blocks
  • Family-owned business
  • Promote educational and creative play
  • Highly rated by customers
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Option to return within 30 days

Safari Ltd Toys Review

This cute brand has tons of engaging toys to enhance your child’s creative play. 

With so many products, our Safari Ltd review will take a closer look at some of their best-selling products and characters to learn what makes this brand so special to their customers. 

Safari Ltd Tonies Disney Finding Nemo Audio Play Character Review

Safari Ltd Tonies Disney Finding Nemo Audio Play Character Review
Safari Ltd Tonies Disney Finding Nemo Audio Play Character

If your little one loves Finding Nemo, they’ll get hours of enjoyment from this sweet toy.

The Tonies Disney Finding Nemo Audio Play Character is a figurine of Nemo that comes loaded with Toniebox audio content. Kids can play with Nemo on his own, or they can attach him to their Toniebox to listen to Nemo-themed songs and stories.

Toniebox is a “screen-free” digital audio – it’s basically a tiny kids’ radio with programming you can load via figurines of their favorite characters. 

Here’s a little more info on the Toniebox:

  1. Small square design – easy for little hands to use 
  2. 7 hours of battery life (charger included)
  3. No Wifi connection necessary after set-up!
  4. Use speaker or headphone options
  5. Recommended for ages 3 and up

The Finding Nemo Audio Play Character is sold separately and can be attached to the top of the Toniebox, which will load up some Nemo-centric audio. 

Here’s what Nemo includes:

  • 4 songs
  • 1 story
  • 31 minutes of audio content
  • Focus on problem-solving, overcoming adversity, curiosity, and family bonds

Buy the Tonies Disney Finding Nemo Audio Play Character for $20. And if you don’t have a Toniebox yet, you can also pick one up from Safari for $130.

Safari Ltd Aardvark Toy Review

Safari Ltd Aardvark Toy Review
Safari Ltd Aardvark Toy

The Aardvark Toy will bring this delightfully unusual animal to life for your child’s playtime. 

The Aardvark Toy is a great introduction to teaching kids about African animals – this unique creature is closely related to shrews and moles, and its history dates back some 55 million years!

This small figurine is 5 inches long and 2.5 inches tall, and comes standing up and ready to go. Its realistic, handpainted design includes two long ears, an alert face, and a tail, as well as brown and black fur.

Like all of their animal figurines, this little toy is BPA-free and non-toxic.

Buy the Aardvark Toy for $8 each.

Safari Ltd 5″ Palm Pals Dr. Seuss Grinch Review

Safari Ltd 5" Palm Pals Dr. Seuss Grinch Review
Safari Ltd 5″ Palm Pals Dr. Seuss Grinch

This small, soft toy is a great option for kids to take on long car rides or to school. This green fuzzy stuffy features a smiling Mr. Grinch, complete with yellow eyes and tufts of fluffy green hair on his head and neck.

The Palm Pals Dr. Seuss Mr. Grinch is 5 inches tall and has a pellet-filled bottom so he can sit upright on your hand or a desk. Along with the Grinch’s usual mischievous grin, this little guy has soft arms and legs, and a soft, pale green exterior.

The Palm Pals Dr. Seuss Mr. Grinch is recommended for kids ages 3 and up. Buy it for $9.

Safari Ltd Dinosaurs Review

All kids go through a dinosaur phase, right? If your little one is geeking out on Diplodocus right now, take a look at the extensive Safari Ltd dinosaurs collection

The brand is known for their line of handcrafted dinos, offering kids (and grownups!) a wide range of often hard-to-find species. 

For a closer look at the brand’s leading figures, let’s take a look at their best-selling dinosaur, the Acrocanthosaurus.

Safari Ltd Acrocanthosaurus Toy Review

Safari Ltd Acrocanthosaurus Toy Review
Safari Ltd Acrocanthosaurus Toy

At first glance, you might mistake this dino for a T-Rex, but Acrocanthosaurus was actually a dinosaur native to North America, around nearly 50 million years before the tyrannosaurus ever reared its mighty head (or tiny arms). 

This replica figurine will make it fun for your child to learn more about this epic predator, the largest of its time.

The Acrocanthosaurus has the following dimensions:

  • 8.25 inches long
  • 3.5 inches wide

This handpainted dinosaur comes in a standing position, with an open mouth that shows off its rows of sharp teeth! The Acrocanthosaurus has two large hind legs and two teensy forelegs, with brown and black coloring, and yellow eyes.

The Safari Ltd Acrocanthosaurus would fit perfectly with any prehistoric animal set! Buy it for $17.

Who Is Safari Ltd For? 

Safari Ltd Review

Parents and educators in particular love this brand’s take on toys. Safari Ltd’s selection caters to kids who love to make up their own stories with their toys. It’s easy to buy with a theme in mind – think dinosaurs, fairies, or the ice age – but you can also mix and match individual items however you like! 

The brand also has a ton of activities and toys designed with child development in mind, so parents, childhood education professionals, and even childcare providers can find great toys that have wonderful visual and tactile appeal, that also help kids with things like motor and spatial skills, language, and math

Teachers who want to add an engaging element to their lessons will also love the chance to buy figurines of endangered or extinct animals, such as the Wooly Mammoth.

The brand also has some genuinely unique educational products you wouldn’t find anywhere else, like the Life Cycle of a Frog, or the Life Cycle of a Honey Bee, that allow children to see how animals develop.

Grandparents and extended family members may also appreciate buying with Safari Ltd, especially since the site offers options for babies, toddlers, and older kids. This makes it easy to shop for children of different ages and interests all in one order.

Safari Ltd Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Safari Ltd Review

This Safari Ltd review wanted to get a sense of what real customers have been saying about the brand, to get a sense of how shoppers – and their kids – are responding to the brand’s toys. 

While I wasn’t able to find many reviews of the best-sellers in our Safari Ltd review, I was impressed to find many positive comments about the brand’s signature figurines and toy selection across the web.

Safari Ltd shares customer feedback on their official website, where buyers can leave comments on product pages. Most of these reviews are really enthusiastic, and particularly praise Safari Ltd’s approach to intricate design in their line of animal figurines.

One shopper who loved their Safari Ltd Acrocanthosaurus writes,“Extremely detailed figure, great price! Am definitely going to buy again!”

One dad who purchased the Twilight Dragon Toy thought the appearance and quality of his child’s new toy was fantastic. He shares in his Safari Ltd. review, Your child will never run out of ideas. The wings are flexible. The legs are sturdy.” 

Customers also loved the Woolly Mammoth Baby Toy for its cute and realistic look. One buyer shares in their Safari Ltd. review, “Safari’s baby mammoth is a delightful little figure to flesh out your collection…His hide is rich with shaggy texture, and layers of brown paint wash give a nice sense of depth to the sculpt.”

This company also has some customer feedback on Amazon, where some sellers offer their products. One grandfather loved gifting his grandson with the Life Cycle of a HoneyBee set of figurines, finding this product both fun and informative.

He shares in his Safari Ltd review, “My eldest grandson really enjoys this product. And so absolutely educational.”

Safari Ltd is also quite highly rated on their official Facebook page, where they have a 4.6/5 star rating based on 119 reviews. 

One customer, who purchased some of the brand’s dino figurines, found them to be of excellent quality. They comment in their Safari Ltd review,They have the best dinosaur figures out on the market.”

Another mom was also pleased with her purchase, and loves the detailed design on her animal figurines as much as her son. She shares in her Safari Ltd review, “My son loves the variety and realistic details of all the figures.”

Overall, customers are generally very pleased with their purchases from this shop, and it shows in their Safari Ltd reviews. Their style and design is just as expected and kids love using the vivid, realistic creatures for their imaginary play.

Is Safari Ltd Legit?

Safari Ltd Review

Definitely! This major kids’ shop has been around since the 1980s and has satisfied many returning customers who love their products. I didn’t find any red flags about the brand’s products or ordering from their online store.

This Safari Ltd review also found that many of the brand’s toys are sold nearly everywhere you can buy toys, including Amazon, Michael’s, Walmart, Indigo, and Mastermind Toys – just to name a few. 

Is Safari Ltd Worth It?

Safari Ltd Review

This brand has decades of experience creating kids’ toys that are aesthetically beautiful, educational, and just plain ful to play with. It has gained customer trust by providing animal figurines and hundreds of other toys for kids of all ages that are high-quality, eco-friendly, and loved by parents, kids, and educators alike.

My Safari Ltd review found that this company is reaching out to customers by offering discounts to teachers, military veterans, and other community service professionals. They also offer reasonable shipping rates, making their toys accessible to most buyers.

I also love that Safari Ltd is focused on connecting kids to nature while helping foster their development and imaginations. Perhaps the best thing about Safari Ltd’s products is the fact that they make learning fun.

By incorporating building blocks or animal sets into your child or students’ playtime, their learning outcomes will feel like a treat instead of a chore!

For these reasons, our Safari Ltd review is happy to back this brand and its take on kids’ toys!

Safari Ltd Promotions & Discounts 

Safari Ltd Review

At the time of writing our Safari Ltd review, the brand was having a huge sale on their BiOBUDDi toys – shop now and get 35% off your purchase!

You can also receive free shipping if you spend $50 or more on your purchase and live in the contiguous US.

Safari Ltd also offers Safari Ltd promo codes to different professionals, including teachers, first responders, military veterans, and medical staff. Visit their Exclusive Discounts section to learn more and receive your Safari Ltd coupon code.

Where to Buy Safari Ltd

Safari Ltd Review

Purchase all Safari Ltd products through their official website. Their products are also available at major toy retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Michael’s, and Nordstrom, as well as smaller retailers and educational specialty stores. 


Safari Ltd Review

Who owns Safari Ltd?

Couple Alexandre & Christina Pariente co-own and operate Safari Ltd.Pariente is the grandson of the Rubels, who opened Safari in 1982. 

Does Safari Ltd ship internationally?

Canadian customers can order any item from Safari Ltd’s website. Their orders will be charged a flat rate of $39 USD. If your order to Canada is over $189 USD, it will ship for free!

Safari Ltd does not currently ship to any other international destinations.

What is Safari Ltd’s Shipping Policy?

If you live in the contiguous US and spend over $50, your order will ship for free. Smaller orders will be charged a flat rate of $8

Safari’s packages ship from Florida, so nearby states can expect to wait a few days for orders to arrive, while more distant states such as Alaska or Hawaii may wait a week or longer.

My Safari Ltd review has also found that this company will ship to military addresses – and military veterans can use a discount code to receive 30% off their purchase. Visit the Exclusive Discounts section, verify your position, and receive your discount code! 

What is Safari Ltd’s Return Policy?

You can return your unopened, new condition Safari Ltd toys within 30 days of purchase. Your refund won’t include shipping charge, and there is no exchange option. To start the return process, visit the Safari Ltd Returns Portal

Safari Ltd doesn’t offer returns or partial refunds for sale or bundle items.

How to Contact Safari Ltd

You can get in touch with this company in the following ways:

  • By phone: (800) 554-5414 or +1 (305) 621-1000
  • Through snail mail: 8010 Westside Industrial Drive Jacksonville, FL 32219
  • Through the Contact Page on their website

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