Although there is no scientific definition, superfoods are popularly known as foods with high nutritional value claimed to provide health benefits.

From quinoa, to chia seeds, to avocado, there have been many health food trends in recent decades drawing people towards a healthier lifestyle. While veggies, grains, and herbs seem to have been all the rage lately, one of the original superfoods – the acai berry – is still going strong. 

Acai is an Amazonian berry that, according to an analysis published by the American Chemical Society, contains many fatty and amino acids and minerals.

If you’re looking to add some healthy sweetness to your diet, give this SAMBAZON review a read. SAMBAZON is a brand of smoothie and snack bowl mixtures emphasizing the star ingredient – acai. 

Often credited for introducing this unique berry to the US, SAMBAZON has created quite a buzz on social media where they have nearly 11k Twitter followers, 108k Instagram followers, and 192k Facebook followers. The brand has also been featured by news outlets including Just Food, QSR Magazine, and Sustainable Brands

Wondering what people are loving about this groundbreaking berry brand? That’s what this SAMBAZON review aims to find out. Join me as I go on a rundown of the brand’s history, best-selling products, policies, and customer feedback. Let’s dig in!

Overview of SAMBAZON


You never know what you’ll discover on a trip to a unique locale like Brazil. It could be a cool new hobby, an interesting cultural experience, or if you’re like SAMBAZON founders Ryan and Jeremy Black and Edmund Nichols, a new business venture.

On a trip to the Amazon, Black and Nichols tried a local acai bowl – a Brazilian snack consisting of frozen acai berry pulp topped with things like granola, bananas, and guarana syrup. The interesting bit about this berry is that everything is made from the skin of the fruit; the rest is all pit. 

Nichols and Black knew they had to share it with everyone back in the US. So, in 2000, they co-founded SAMBAZON, a San Clemente, California company that produces, imports, and sells frozen acai berry pulp to North America. 

Of SAMBAZON’s mission, Black says, “We wanted to start a business to introduce this amazing superfood to the world, directly connect consumers to the sustainability of indigenous communities and to help protect the biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest.

Initially, SAMBAZON started bringing acai berries to juice bars in California. As the berry’s popularity took off, the brand quickly expanded to sell their products all around the world. 

By 2005, the brand had built their own manufacturing plant in Brazil. As acai berries have the annoying habit of spoiling within a day or two of being picked (that’s why they’re sold frozen!), much of the processing happens near the palms the berries grow on the Amazon river

Here’s how SAMBAZON does it:

  1. Acai berries are harvested by local farmers
  2. Picked berries go through a selection process, checking their color, consistency, and aroma to ensure the best product quality
  3. The selected berries go through eco-friendly processing at one of the brand’s two processing facilities
  4. The final products are packaged and sent off to be sold to you

The brand hails this berry as having several health benefits, which has been supported by some research over the years. For this SAMBAZON review I actually did find a study published in Biology of Sport noting acai supplementation’s positive impact on blood health and on decreasing exercise-related muscle damage

Plus, a literature review published in Food Chemistry highlights that acai berry polyphenolic components have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antineoplastic, and cardioprotective properties.

SAMBAZON acai doesn’t just help consumers be healthy. The brand works with the 40+ farming communities in the Amazon to protect the rainforest’s biodiversity and combat poverty by providing an income to farmers who’ve been wild-harvesting acai for generations.

The brand also gives 5% of their earnings back to the communities in the form of new health, education, and recreation facilities, incentivizing farmers to follow the guidelines of the brand’s Fair for Life fairtrade certification and reduce dangerous child labor.

Now that I’ve shared more about the brand’s history, let’s take a quick look at the highlights of this SAMBAZON review:


  • Totally organic and fair trade-certified acai products
  • Mixtures that are healthy, tasty, and versatile 
  • Convenient and easy to prepare as smoothies or bowls
  • Save by buying in bulk
  • Free US shipping on orders over $100
  • Good customer reviews


This brand sells everything from food to utensils to bracelets. My SAMBAZON review will focus on what made them a household superfood name – their best-selling acai products. 

In this SAMBAZON review I will be taking a closer look at their Jungle Love Amazon Acai Energy Drink, Original Blend Frozen Acai Packets, Pure Unsweetened Frozen Acai Packets, and the Amazon Superberry Acai Bowl.

SAMBAZON Jungle Love Amazon Açaí Energy Drink review

We all have different ways of getting that kick of energy we need to jumpstart our day or keep us going. Some folks drink pots upon pots of coffee. while others might chug Redbull like it’s going out of style. 

But if you’re looking for something that’s sweet, delicious, and a little healthier, SAMBAZON energy drinks are just the thing. 

Jungle Love Amazon Acai Energy Drink is an organic energy drink combining tropical fruit, guarana, and tea for a refreshing boost. 

The acai berry and passion fruit feel great on the taste buds, while SAMBAZON says the added green tea, guarana, and yerba mate pack enough natural caffeine to rival a couple of espresso shots. 

As described in an article by M. A. Heckman and colleagues, these substances contain caffeine. However the caffeine concentration in green tea, guarana juice or yerba mate is lower than in coffee. 

Aside from the taste and energy boost, an article published in Scientific Research highlights that acai berries are also rich in Vitamin C, polyphenols, carotenoids and other antioxidants. Plus, the plastic bottle is BPA-free, so there is no need to worry about any plastics leaking into the contents.

Fuel up with a 12-pack of 12 oz bottles of Jungle Love Amazon Acai Energy Drink for $30.

SAMBAZON Original Blend Frozen Açaí Packets review

When you’re trying to keep your energy up, you also have to give your stomach some fuel to avoid burning yourself out! And who doesn’t get some satisfaction from DIY-ing a meal all on your own without too many ready-made ingredients? 

Luckily, SAMBAZON has you covered with the Original Blend Frozen Acai Packets. Each packet contains a blend of frozen acai and guarana. 

Just throw a single pack in a blender with all of your favorite ingredients for a great smoothie, or use two to make a customized Rio-inspired bowl

The Original Blend Frozen Acai Packets are a great meal replacement, satiating snack, or just a pleasant treat to enjoy. And if you’re stumped on what to make, the SAMBAZON website has plenty of recipes for you to experiment with.

Each 100 calorie, 3.5 oz packet contains all the antioxidants and omega fats the brand is known for having in their products, with some added fiber for good digestion. 

SAMBAZON packages the Original Blend Frozen Acai Packets in a bag containing four packets each. Get 10 bags (40 packets) for $80, 15 bags for $108, 20 bags for $136, or 25 bags for $160.

SAMBAZON Pure Unsweetened Frozen Açaí Packets review 

These SAMBAZON acai packs include zero sugar – natural or otherwise – and contain 70 calories per packet.

Made almost entirely of organic acai puree, the Pure Unsweetened Frozen Acai Packets can be used just like the Original Blend Frozen Acai Packets, except that they’ll be more tart to your palette and won’t have any kick from guarana. Blend them into smoothies, turn them into a bowl, or bake with them – the possibilities are endless. 

The Pure Unsweetened Frozen Acai Packets are packaged in bags of four 3.5 oz packets. Buy 10 bags (40 packs) for $80, 15 for $108, 20 for $136, and 25 for $160

SAMBAZON Amazon Superberry Açaí Bowl review

While it’s always satisfying to make a delicious meal yourself, not all of us have the time in our busy schedule to get creative with acai packets in the kitchen, or have ingredients or equipment on hand to make something great. 

If you want a SAMBAZON acai bowl that requires no prep time or additional ingredients, then try out the Amazon Superberry Acai Bowl.

This 6 oz bowl has everything you could ask for: 

  • 230 calories and 16 g of sugar to fuel your body
  • Thaws out quickly so you can eat sooner
  • Tasty granola topping to add a little crunch to the silky smooth puree
  • Bowl is made from plant fibers for easy recycling.

At the time of writing this SAMBAZON review, the Amazon Superberry Acai Bowl was out of stock on their site, but is available from the brand’s many retail partners. The price of a single bowl ranges anywhere from $3-$6, depending on the store.



SAMBAZON is great for anyone looking to add more healthy nutrients to their diet that can be enjoyed as a treat, or for those who simply want to try something new where other health trends might not have satiated your needs. 

In addition to being refreshing and tasty, Acai berries do have some reported health benefits and SAMBAZON makes it quick and easy to get them into your diet with their frozen packets and ready-made bowls.

Of course, if you just want to try something unique and tasty, then this brand can still fit the bill. You can try acai in their energy drinks, in its pure form, or as a smoothie base. Even if you’re a novice in the kitchen, SAMBAZON has you covered with their ready-to-eat bowls.

Whatever your preference, SAMBAZON’s acai products are a great way to explore a new food, and are a convenient way to get this sometimes hard-to-find product delivered right to your door

Like many nutritionally rich foods that don’t grow locally, SAMBAZON’s products may not be for every budget. But, the brand does offer savings by buying in bulk, and their product quality is unquestionably high – something that’s helped them stay in business for two decades and make acai popular all over the world. 

What Are the Health Benefits of SAMBAZON Acai? 


SAMBAZON’s website makes the claims that acai is great for:

  • Providing antioxidants to deal with free radicals
  • Heart health
  • Brain health
  • Skin and hair

When I looked at studies to see if this information was accurate, an article published by Science Direct – which gave a convenient rundown of the findings of many other studies – revealed that benefits from antioxidants, and impact on cardiovascular health and brain health are, at the very least, plausible based on biological functions of the acai pulp

In the book Bioactive Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements in Neurological and Brain Disease. Prevention and Therapy, A.G. Schauss describes that acai has been proven to have neuroprotective properties in preliminary studies. These are promising results that may have clinical implications in the prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. However, further research is needed.

Acai berries may also offer dermatological benefits. A literature review published in Antioxidants summarizes the available evidence. The authors describe cellular and animal studies where acai extracts were found to reduce skin inflammation, improve wound healing, and reduce UV damage. However, clinical studies are still required to validate these findings.

In addition, I found there is preliminary evidence supporting that acai might help with inflammation, slow the proliferation of certain cancer cells, and deal with leukemia. However, these studies were conducted in animals and cellular lines. There is a lack of clinical studies and further research is warranted. 

The caloric intake also makes acai good for providing the body energy, alongside many rich minerals such as zinc and iron.

SAMBAZON reviews: What Do Customers Think?


For this segment of my SAMBAZON review I checked out what customers of the brand’s products have been saying online, to see what real shoppers think of these acai products. 

I found that the majority of people who have tried this brand’s products find many different reasons to love it. While many love the flavor of this tart, earthy berry, I did note that some have commented that they don’t enjoy the taste all that much – something unsurprising, given that every palette is different. 

People definitely love how these products are healthy and very customizable in nature. A reviewer of the Original Blend Frozen Acai Packets on says, 

Instead of going out and purchasing a bowl I can now make my own at home and add whichever toppings I want! […] I blend the fruit and the smoothie pack in a blender with ice (no liquid) and top with granola and the almond butter! So nutritious and yummy!!

Influenster also has star ratings of the best-sellers in this SAMBAZON review. Here’s how customers rated these products:

  • Jungle Love Amazon Acai Energy Drink – 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 17 reviews
  • Original Blend Frozen Acai Packets – 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 170 reviews
  • Pure Unsweetened Frozen Acai Packets – 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 28 reviews
  • Amazon Superberry Acai Bowl – 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 19 reviews

The energy these products can give the body is also a major selling point for the brand. An Amazon customer’s SAMBAZON review commented on the Jungle Love Amazon Acai Energy Drink, saying, “Tastes great, and they give me way more energy than coffee and it kicks in way faster too.” 

Amazon customer’s star ratings for the products in my SAMBAZON review looked like this:

  • Jungle Love Amazon Acai Energy Drink – 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 487 reviews
  • Pure Unsweetened Frozen Acai Packets – 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 149 reviews
  • Amazon Superberry Acai Bowl – 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 349 reviews

Finally, the convenience of the products is also a big draw. On Target’s website, where some of the brand’s products are sold, one SAMBAZON review of the Amazon Superberry Acai Bowl says, “This Açaí bowl is delish! It’s so quick to make I just pop it in the microwave super quick and then mix it and add my own granola on top!” 

Target also hosts star reviews. Here’s how the best-sellers they stock rate with customers:

  • Original Blend Frozen Acai Packets – 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 70 reviews
  • Pure Unsweetened Frozen Acai Packets – 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 45 reviews
  • Amazon Superberry Acai Bowl – 3.6 out of 5 stars based on 66 reviews



SAMBAZON has been a premiere seller of acai products throughout the world for more than 20 years. The brand has lasted through waves of food trends and are still going strong, selling their products online and in major retailers like Target, with no red flags about customer service, quality, or order fulfillment. 

As for the claims that acai is a superfood, scientific research I checked out while researching for this SAMBAZON review does appear to confirm that the health benefits of acai are plausible, if not outright true

When it comes to the brand’s ethical practices, the issue is complicated. The acai industry has been heavily scrutinized for their farming practices. While a 2021 article from The Washington Post may bring the effectiveness of fair trade certification into question, that does not discount the fact that the founders are making some strides to better the industry.

Our verdict would be that this brand is indeed legit.



If you’re looking to enjoy acai products, it’s hard to go wrong with SAMBAZON. Their products make it incredibly easy to find and use this superfood in your diet, in any form that suits your lifestyle and dietary preferences.

Of course, all customers will use their own discretion when it comes to their health, the general ethics of acai production, and their budget. 

That said, SAMBAZON is a brand that’s been in business for two decades and is bringing a beloved, high-quality product to the market. Their products are quick and simple to use, not to mention tasty and energizing. Writing this SAMBAZON review, I think this brand’s products are a worthwhile way to enjoy this unique Brazilian berry

SAMBAZON Promotions & Discounts 


Aside from the recipes and tips on sustainability and living a healthy lifestyle, joining the e-newsletter can get you 15% off your first order on the brand’s online store.

Additionally, if your order goes over $100, you get free shipping across the US.

Where to Buy SAMBAZON


You can find SAMBAZON products on the brand’s official website, often sold in bulk quantities.

You can also shop the brand’s extensive line of acai products online and in-store at many major retailers including, but not limited to, Costco, Whole Foods, Safeway, Publix, Kroger, Albertsons, Target, Amazon, and Walmart.



Who owns SAMBAZON?

The company is still owned by founders Ryan Black, Jeremy Black, and Edmund Nichols.

Does SAMBAZON ship internationally?

SAMBAZON’s US website only offers domestic shipping. However, SAMBAZON has a UK site servicing some international customers. Shoppers can also find the brand’s products sold throughout the world, and some of those stockists may offer international shipping. 

What is SAMBAZON’s Shipping Policy?

At the time of this SAMBAZON review, I found you can get free US ground shipping if your order subtotal exceeds $100.

Orders take up to 2 business days to process, and another 2 business days to ship to your door via UPS. Once your order is placed you’ll receive an email containing tracking information. You can also access this information via the order history on your SAMBAZON account page.

What is SAMBAZON’s Return Policy?

Due to the perishable nature of their products, SAMBAZON can’t accept returns and exchanges. However, you can contact the customer service team if any issues with your order arise.

How to Contact SAMBAZON

If you have any further questions after reading this SAMBAZON review, you can get in touch with the brand through the contact form on their website, by phone, by email, or by snail mail.

  • Phone: 1 949 498 8618 
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mail: 209 Avenida Fabricante, Suite 200, San Clemente, CA 92672

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