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Semi Handmade Review

So, you’re in the mood to upgrade your kitchen. Perhaps you’d like a more modern design or simply want something that better aligns with your ever-changing style. This Semihandmade review will take an in-depth look at one of the best-kept secrets in home furnishings. If you’re a fan of IKEA, you’ll definitely love this innovative company.

Semihandmade is essentially an online service that handcrafts beautifully unique cabinet fronts that can be installed exclusively on IKEA kitchen cabinets.

Not only do they have 224k Instagram followers under their belt, but they frequently collaborate with some heavy-hitters in the interior design world, including Sarah Sherman Samuel and design couple Chris and Julia Marcum, to name a few.

In this review, we’ll take a deep dive into this brand. We’ll check out the many products they offer, and see what the customers have been saying about them. Hopefully, by the end, you’ll have a clear sense of whether or not Semihandmade cabinet doors are the right choice for your next home renovation!

Overview of Semihandmade

Semi Handmade Review

A simple question someone asked wood-worker and Semihandmade founder, John McDonald, quickly turned into a never-been-done, successful business model. “Have you ever thought about making doors for IKEA cabinets?” was the question that sparked it all.

Semihandmade aims to “create a system around Ikea cabinets that offers handmade craftsmanship at a competitive price.” Their mission is to make unique, custom cabinetry affordable to everyone.

While IKEA can offer some fabulous and equally functional storage options, their designs can be quite limited. This is where Semihandmade comes in.

If you love the ease and versatility of IKEA storage cabinets but want more options aesthetically, or prefer to personalize your décor, Semihandmade offers over 200 facings to choose from.

Browsing their website, you’ll find an array of cabinet doors, drawers, and panels to choose from. Each design comes in several different styles and colors, and all are made within the US. From shaker style, slab, to ready-to-DIY, if there’s a kitchen cabinet style you’re looking for, Semihandmade probably has them ready to install.

Aside from facings for IKEA cabinets, the company provides bath fronts, media fronts, floating shelves, and decorative hardware. They also have a line of hardware items like knobs and drawer pulls in collaboration with Rejuvenation.


  • Variety of cabinet doors, panels, drawers, and more for IKEA cabinets
  • Showrooms available in New York, Chicago, Seattle, Minneapolis, and Monrovia
  • Offers online consultations and estimates
  • Has collaborated with reputable designers
  • Customization options available
  • Made in the US

Semihandmade Review

As we’ve mentioned, Semihandmade has lots of items to choose from when it comes to redesigning your cabinetry. To begin this Semihandmade review, let’s check out a few of the brand’s bestsellers.

Also, looking at all these products might give you some design inspiration if you’re not quite sure where to start.

Semihandmade 4 Drawers 47 1/4″ for Godmorgon Review

Semihandmade specializes in cabinetry that’s not limited to kitchens. If you currently own or are thinking about purchasing one of IKEA’s famous Godmorgon four-drawer bathroom vanities, you might love Semihandmade’s 4 Drawers 47 1/4″ for Godmorgon.

This floating vanity is a modern staple from IKEA. But, to be honest, their drawer faces are a little bit dull, especially if you’re not into the plain, glossy white finish. Thankfully, Semihandmade offers up to seven different cabinet-front styles, each with multiple colors to choose from.

The classic front version has a horizontal grain and is made of real walnut wood. If you choose this style, be sure to get a sample first, since wood finishes will obviously vary and look a bit different from what you see online.

The Impression style is another wood finish, this time with a sleek vertical grain, and comes in five beautiful earth-tone colors. There’s the sand-inspired Beach, the washed-brown Quarry, the cool-toned Smoke, the warm-brown Sonoma, and the oak-tinted Tahoe.

If you prefer more of a modern aesthetic, the Quarterline option includes a slim trim around the drawer faces and is offered in three softer tones. The SSS Beaded style comes in all the same colors as the Quarterline but delivers a sleek look with textured vertical paneling.

The Super Matte Shaker style is a classic, yet modern option that will also give some texture to your cabinets. Like the SSS Beaded style, these faces come in a variety of colors and styles.

If you want something a little more contemporary but love the texture and color options of the Super Matte Shaker faces, you should go for the Super matte Slab style.

As with all Semihandmade’s cabinet and drawer faces, you always have the option to exercise your own creativity by purchasing their DIY styles. These come in both slab and shaker style, and have clean wood tones just waiting to be decorated in your own style.

However, unlike IKEA kitchen cabinets, the Godmorgan isn’t available for purchase without doors. The company suggests that customers buy either a matte or high-gloss white GM sink cabinet, replace the fronts with their own, and then leave the cabinet sides open. This is something to consider if you aren’t keen on having the sides of your cabinet exposed.

Prices for the Semihandmade 4 Drawers 47 1/4″ for Godmorgon vary depending on the style and color. The current price range is from $345 $476.  

Semihandmade Oak Floating Shelf Review

It seems like floating shelves have been, well, floating everywhere these days. Still, we think they’re a quick and easy, modern addition to virtually any room, and that they can help you maximize space.

The Semihandmade Oak Floating Shelf comes in a real oak wood finish and is available in a plethora of shapes and sizes.

The shelves come in widths of nine or 12 inches and in lengths ranging from 24 inches all the way to 92 inches if you want a unit that extends across your wall. You can also purchase square shelves at 12 by 12 inches, and you can even order a custom size if you wish.

The price of Semihandmade’s floating shelves varies depending on the size, and ranges from $208 $577.

Semihandmade Drawer Covers Review

In case you didn’t know, most IKEA drawers will come with IKEA cover plates to cover up the unsightly, exposed hardware you’ll notice post-installation.

If you don’t like these standard cover plates or you’d prefer to customize your style, you should check out the Semihandmade Drawer Covers.

These silver cover plates sport the Semihandmade logo and are only meant for the Akurum and Sektion Ikea kitchen systems. You can also opt for a cover that includes the logos of frequent design collaborators Sarah Sherman Samuel, and Chris and Julia Marcum’s Chris Loves Julia.

Each purchase comes with two covers (enough for one drawer) and is priced at $2.50.

Semihandmade Large Oval Cupboard Latch by Rejuvenation Review

As part of their collaboration with cabinet hardware brand, Rejuvenation, Semihandmaid has introduced their Semihandmade Large Oval Cupboard Latch by Rejuvenation.

We love this design idea for anyone who wants to add some rustic elegance to their cabinets with knobs that are totally unique, thanks to the intricate metal detailing. 

The Large Oval Cupboard Latch comes in six different colors, so you can choose one that compliments your cabinet style. There’s the coffee-colored Burnished Antique shade, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, the silvery Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Polished Nickel, and the gold-tinted Unlacquered Brass.

The Semihandmade Large Oval Cupboard Latch comes with the mounting hardware included. It’s priced at $30.

Semihandmade 2 Drawers 23 5/8″ for Godmorgon Review

Much like the 4 Drawers 47 1/4″ for Godmorgon, this Semihandmade review would be incomplete without including its two-drawer counterpart.

The Semihandmade 2 Drawers 23 5/8″ for Godmorgon is perfect for those of us who want to make our tiny bathrooms feel a little more contemporary and spacious.

The drawer faces are essentially the same as the ones for the Semihandmade 4 Drawers 47 1/4″ for Godmorgon, with all the same styles and color options. Like the 4-drawer version, prices will vary depending on the style and color chosen. The price range is from $167 $227.

Semihandmade Order Your Kitchen Review

Ordering your Semihandmade dream kitchen is a surprisingly smooth and straightforward process. And, if you’ve ever updated your kitchen, you’ll know this is not always the case.

The Semihandmade Order Your Kitchen process begins with planning your kitchen design layout and taking measurements. Since the company works exclusively with IKEA products, you can easily create a layout using IKEA’s free online planner.

From there, select the Order Your Kitchen option on the brand’s website. After that, you’ll have two options: you can create your own cart or have Semihandmade create one for you. Fortunately, they offer a free “check my plans” review at checkout that allows their team to double check your measurements before finalizing your purchase.

We recommend that you try doing this process by yourself if possible, but if that feels too overwhelming for you, you can get the Semihandmade team to help out. They’ll even take over the entire process for you if you’d prefer.

Once you select your cabinet type, you can begin shopping around for your ideal doors, with drawers, panels, trims, and hardware to match. Choose the styles and color combinations that appeal to you the most and simply add them to your cart.

We love that the “How to Translate your IKEA Plans” feature helps you determine the right sizing and measurements you’ll need for your space. That way your Semihandmade kitchen will turn out exactly how you’d like it to.

Who Is Semihandmade For? 

Semi Handmade Review

Semihandmade is for homeowners who want to spruce up their cabinetry in a way that feels customized and unique but is still affordable.

This company is also perfect for people who already own IKEA cabinets, and would like to update them, but don’t want to go through the process of totally reconstructing their kitchens.

With Semihandmade, you can give your cabinets a much-needed facelift, without completely tearing your rooms apart and starting over.

How Does Semihandmade Work?  

Semi Handmade Review

By now, you can probably tell that the company designs its products to go hand in hand with IKEA’s cabinetry (although they do have their own line of cabinets called Boxi). In fact, the facings have all been pre-drilled to fit IKEA’s hardware perfectly.

Use the Order Your Kitchen feature we just outlined in this Semihandmade review to design your dream kitchen. Alternatively, you can choose your desired bathroom cabinet fronts for the available Gordmorgons, or media fronts if you have any of the compatible Bestas from IKEA.

The whole process is truly quite simple: all you have to do is order your new facings and install them (or have them installed for you) once they arrive at your doorstep. 

Semihandmade Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Semi Handmade Review

Now we’ve come to the moment in this Semihandmade review that you’ve been waiting for. You’re probably wondering what the customers have been saying about this company and their products. So, let’s check out some consumer feedback. 

Since Semihandmade doesn’t include customer reviews on their product pages, we had to do a little bit of digging to get a proper overview of their products and services.

First stop was good ol’ Yelp. On this site, Semihandmade has over 3.5 stars based on 77 ratings which seems generally favorable. One reviewer described being supremely happy about her purchase, and the finished product. Others commented on the quality finishes, and how easy it was to design the cabinets they wanted. 

One customer left a glowing Semihandmade review:

“We have used SemiHandmade products in our kitchen and office/library and we’re very happy with the quality and how easy it is to design and install. The SH is very helpful from start to finish.”

Another reviewer was so happy with Semihandmade that they couldn’t wait to spread the word to others:

‘We are mid-kitchen reno using Semihandmade and could not have been happier with their product, their customer service, and their shipping. We have already successfully convinced another family to use them based on how impressed they are with the quality of our kitchen.”

While some reviewers may not have had their expectations completely met, they still praised Semihandmade for their outstanding customer service and timely resolutions of any problems.

Three shoppers each left a Semihandmade review below describing how the customer support team took great care of them.

“There was a mix up with our order however SemiHandmade made the process as stress free as possible. Mistakes happen, and I’m thankful they have delivered great customer service in correcting the mistake.”

“Outstanding service. IKEA messed up the drawings and order. They were so disorganized but Simihandmade helped in fixing all the finer details they missed. Highly professional service !!”

“Ryan reached out the day after my review was published and asked about my experience. After researching my case, the very next business day they refunded me the extra shipping charge and the expediting fee. Awesome company, great product!”

In a Houzz discussion forum, some commenters shared their positive experiences with how Semihandmaid made them rethink IKEA as an option when renovating or redecorating. A couple of reviewers were thrilled with how their cabinets turned out.

“We have installed several Ikea kitchens, and the most recent involved a Semihandmade island. No complaints here. The Semihandmade quality was excellent.”

One reviewer in particular expressed how delighted they are to have customized cabinet fronts, which bring IKEA cabinets to a whole new level.

“We have no problem using IKEA cabinet boxes and LOVE the way Semihandmade has given us a way to make them look custom and way more fabulous…because the fronts are where IKEA doesn’t shine (sorry IKEA).”

All in all, it seems like there are glowing Semihandmade reviews across the board. If you’re taking on a remodeling project in the near future, this is one brand to bookmark.

Is Semihandmade Worth It?

Semi Handmade Review

Based on our research on the company, the products they offer, and customer feedback, we believe Semihandmade is definitely worth it— especially if you’re keen on using IKEA cabinetry and aren’t fond of their available facings.

Our Semihandmade review has a couple of helpful points and suggestions to make for potential customers. We do urge shoppers to take advantage of their sampling and to be extra cautious and precise when taking measurements. We also recommend exercising caution before choosing any of the super complex designs to avoid disappointment.

Semihandmade Promotions & Discounts 

Semi Handmade Review

Are you interested in remodeling your cabinetry and would like to score a deal? Fortunately, this Semihandmade review has found some great promos for you.

  • Currently, Semihandmade’s “SPEND MORE, SAVE MORE” event is going on and with this deal, you can save 10% – 20% cabinet fronts (depending on how much you spend) 
  • If you’d like to update your media or credenza cabinets, you can save 15% off cabinet fronts at checkout
  • Spring Forward sale currently on: 20% off select items
  • Sign up on their website using your name and email address to receive exclusive promotions and design ideas right to your inbox

These promotions exclude any Rejuvenation hardware, samples, and shipping costs.

Where to Buy Semihandmade

Semi Handmade Review

As of now, Semihandmade’s products and services are only available through their own website, or in person via any of their five showrooms.


Semi Handmade Review

Who owns Semihandmade?

Founder John McDonald currently owns Semihandmade.

Does Semihandmade ship internationally?

Unfortunately, no. Semihandmade does not ship outside of the United States.

What is Semihandmade’s Shipping Policy?

Standard parcel shipping charges apply to all orders and vary depending on the state, since the company has manufacturing facilities all over the country.

All doors are shipped LTL (a private shipper with Less-Than-a-Truckload) via curbside delivery.

What is Semihandmade’s Return Policy?

Unfortunately, there is no return policy at Semihandmade for their custom doors, and all sales are final once your order has been placed.

That being said, they will fix or replace any products with manufacturer-related imperfections if a claim is made in writing within 3 business days of receiving your order (email [email protected]).

Semihandmade provides returns for any hardware purchases (for up to 30 days), provided they are unopened and still in their original packaging.

Classic and DIY fronts also include a two-year manufacturer warranty. The Impression, Super matte, SSS, and CLJ fronts have a five-year warranty.

How to Contact Semihandmade

If you need to get in touch with the Semihandmade team, there are three ways to do so.

  • Phone: 877-877-9102
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Submit an inquiry or question via their Instagram page

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