Smart Nora Review

About Smart Nora 

Smart Nora Review

ZAYN’s 2016 debut solo “PILLOWTALK” was a love letter to the flirty and sensual messages partners share when they get to bed. Nowhere in the track does he mention the most common form of pillow talk, snoring.

45% of people occasionally snore while nearly a quarter of all adults snore on a regular basis. 

That means plenty of people are losing sleep every night because of their partners. There are cures for snoring, but they often involve mouth guards or nasal strips that can impact overall sleep quality. That’s not the case with Smart Nora, a device that reacts to your snoring and gently moves your pillow while you sleep to put you in a less snore-inducing position.

Men’s Health, USA Today, The New York Times, and other publications have praised the Smart Nora as a great sleep aid. The product found its way into more than 150,000 households and the feeds of more than 7K followers on Instagram.

My Smart Nora review will tell you how the device works, how to set it up, what customers think about it, and who I’d recommend it to. First things first, however; let’s talk about the product’s highlights.


  • Contactless snoring solution
  • Can improve sleep quality for the user and their partner
  • Portable
  • 30-night trial period
  • Free shipping
  • Payment plans offered with Affirm

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Smart Nora Review 

There isn’t much science behind the titular product of this Smart Nora review. Instead, the device consists of three pieces working synergistically to reduce your snoring. The pebble, the pillow insert, and the air pump form respond to your snoring to move you into a new position.

The pebble hears you snore and signals the pump to send oxygen to the pillow insert. The insert then inflates, slightly moving the pillow’s position to move your head and open your airways. That’s it. Over time, your snoring should decrease as you accommodate yourself to the positions Smart Nora puts you in.

You can pick up the Smart Nora for $399.

Customers say: “After using Smart Nora my snoring was significantly reduced and I was waking up more refreshed. I don’t even seem to notice when Smart Nora is raising or lowering my head. This is my second Smart Nora, as I essentially wore my first Smart Nora out due to taking it with me during every frequent travel. It’s very compact inside its cloth-covered box.

How to Set Up Smart Nora 

Smart Nora Review

In this section of my Smart Nora review, I’ll tell you how to set up the device:

  1. Leave the base (the air pump) of the product inside the case
  2. Connect the air tube to the base
  3. Unfold the pillow insert and slide it into your pillowcase under your pillow
  4. Plug in the power cable
  5. Connect the pebble to the base 
  6. Turn the device on

From there, you can test the device for yourself. A trial run involves the pillow inflating for 45 seconds and deflating for 15 seconds. If that happens then you’re ready to go.

Does Smart Nora Work?

Smart Nora Review

The Smart Nora isn’t too fancy nor does it rely on scientific principles more complex than opening your airwaves through repositioning your head. As such, it’s safe to look at customer Smart Nora reviews, as we’ll do in a bit, and see if the device worked.

Who would I recommend Smart Nora to?

I’d recommend Smart Nora to people who have already tested other snore remedies with little to no success.

Who I wouldn’t recommend Smart Nora to?

I wouldn’t recommend Smart Nora to anyone with a history of neck problems unless their doctor approves the product. 

Alternatives To Smart Nora 

If you like what you read in my Smart Nora review then here are a few alternative sleeping or snoring aids:

  • VitalSleep: a mouthpiece molded to your teeth to prevent snoring and tooth grinding 
  • Olly Sleep Gummies: sleeping aids designed for adults and children in the form of gummies
  • Yogasleep: white noise machines for all ages

What Do Experts Think?

Smart Nora Review

Smart Nora conducted a study that looked at the sleeping patterns of more than 55 participants over 527 nights. Here were their results:

  • 52% of snorers got out of bed at night
  • 20% slept better throughout the night
  • 30% felt more rested after waking up

Granted, the study didn’t look at other factors that could affect people’s sleep (and trust me, tons of external factors degrade our sleep quality). On the whole, participants benefited from adding the Smart Nora to their nightly routine.

Smart Nora Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Smart Nora Review

Look at these Smart Nora review scores from a couple of customer feedback websites.

  • Trust Pilot: 4.4/5 stars based on more than 65 pieces of customer feedback
  • High Ya: 4.2/5 stars based on more than 15 pieces of customer feedback
  • Amazon: 3.3/5 stars based on more than 400 pieces of customer feedback

For the most part, users barely noticed the Smart Nora as it slept. It did not disrupt their sleep. One customer wrote,

Honestly, I still almost wonder if it is even working because it doesn’t bother me during the night. I sleep right through the entire process now (it woke me up maybe three or four times in the beginning). So the only way I have to know it is working is by my wife’s testament and she can’t say enough good about it. But it is very non-intrusive and for that, I love it!

One Smart Nora Amazon review praised the product but said it’s only worth it if you snore frequently. The customer didn’t snore regularly enough to justify the cost of the Smart Nora, but they realized people who need more care may find the price tag justified. They wrote, 

Does it work? It actually does! Almost immediately my girlfriend said I was snoring less. I’m not sure how much of it is the science behind opening my airwaves, or how much of it is that the inflation sometimes gently wakes me up right when I start snoring (saving my girlfriend the effort of punching me), but it does seem to work. Is it worth the $$$? I say no. But I also only snore a few times a month, so this could be more valuable to someone who snores every day.”

Some Smart Nora reviews said the product wasn’t comfortable. They compared the inflation device to a piece of wood and said it could put your head and neck in uncomfortable positions. 

That being said, the majority of Smart Nora reviews skewed positively, with most reading similarly to this one from a shopper on Trustpilot.

This product has been an absolute lifesaver! I have been given back peaceful sleep that was temporarily taken from me due to my spouse’s snoring. Most importantly, the customer service that SmartNora provides is second to none! Any time I have had an issue or needed a replacement part, customer service has been delivered. If I could award extra stars (7/5), I would!

Is Smart Nora Legit?

Smart Nora Review

The products in this Smart Nora review are safe and legitimate to use. Plus, customers had nothing but kind words to say about the brand’s customer service.

Is Smart Nora Worth It?

Smart Nora Review

Smart Nora is likely worth it if you suffer from uncontrollable snoring. The fact that it’s a non-invasive, portable, reusable, and contactless solution to snoring distinguishes it from nearly all competition.

However, it’s also much pricier than other remedies, so it’s not best for people who only deal with snoring a few nights out of the year unless they find a Smart Nora discount code.

Where To Buy Smart Nora 

Smart Nora Review

Check out the Smart Nora Amazon page or the brand’s website,, to pick up the device.


Smart Nora Review

Who owns Smart Nora?

One of the Smart Nora co-founders, Behrouz Hariri, is the brand’s CEO.

What is the purpose of the white comfort sleeve? 

The Smart Nora’s comfort sleeve keeps the pillow insert in place while it expands and compresses while providing additional comfort. 

Should I turn off the Base Unit at any time? 

Smart Nora recommends keeping your base unit powered on and plugged in at all times to not disrupt the BlueTooth connection to the pebble. 

How long will it take for me to get used to Smart Nora?

Although most people adjust to Smart Nora within a few nights, according to customer Smart Nora reviews, the company recommends you give the product two weeks for you to adapt to it.

Where does Smart Nora ship to?

Smart Nora ships their products to Canada, Australia, and the United States.

What is Smart Nora’s Shipping Policy?

Smart Nora processes and sends all orders for shipment within 1 to 2 business days.

What is Smart Nora’s Returns Policy?

You can return your Smart Nora up to 30 days after receiving it. Contact the company to begin the return and refund process. 

How To Contact Smart Nora  

Smart Nora Review

I’ll conclude my Smart Nora review by telling you the brand’s contact information:

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