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Owlet Smart Sock Review

About Owlet Smart Sock

Owlet Smart Sock Review

Owlet creates smart monitors and accessories that bring parents more peace of mind. Their monitoring devices help parents to keep an eye and ear on their baby so that while their little one sleeps soundly, they can too. 

Owlet has been featured in Business Insider, HGTV, Forbes, Good Morning America, People, Essence, and many other media platforms for their innovative designs for babies up to 18 months old.

They have also won multiple awards including the 2019 Ovia Health Family Awards, Moms Picks Best of 2018 Award, and the 2019 JPMA Innovation Award.

They have a Facebook following of 683K and 276K on Instagram where parents and grandparents frequently post about their Owlet products and happy, healthy babies.

This Owlet smart sock review will take an in-depth look at some bestsellers, customer ratings, discounts, and more. We’ll help you decide if the brand is worth the buy. 

Overview of Owlet Smart Sock

Owlet Smart Sock Review

Owlet’s mission since day one has been to provide “better care for babies in the home by empowering parents with the right information at the right time.”

In 2013, the company attracted some buzz for their in-home infant pulse monitor. But, it wasn’t until 2015 when they made their first sale and started gaining serious momentum. Since then, the brand has monitored over 600k babies. 

Their core product, the Owlet Smart Sock is means to monitor your baby while you sleep. But when we say monitor, we mean the capability to:

  • Check your baby’s vitals and pulse
  • Monitor their oxygen levels
  • Record your baby’s sleep patterns

Though the core product, the accessories paired with it make down time for your baby stress-free for you. What better way to know that your baby is sleeping soundly without checking on them 10+ times per night?

Owlet is also dedicated to improving lives in general, which is why they also give back to communities in need. They have partnered with organizations such as Silvio Bells, KnoxBlox, and The Grey Effect Foundation

This Owlet smart sock review will now provide an overview of the brand’s pros and cons. 


  • A variety of monitors and accessories for babies up to the age of 18 months
  • Useful for sleep-deprived parents  
  • Has won multiple “Best of” and “Innovation” awards
  • Have monitored over 600K babies & helped over 1M parents
  • Gives back to communities in need
  • The Smart Sock measures oxygen levels and heart rate accurately
  • 1080p Cam can record 24 hours of footage and let you communicate with your baby
  • The Dream Lab program teaches babies healthy sleep patterns
  • Sells individual replacement parts, like Owlet replacement sock, or Owlet battery replacement, so that customers do not have to repurchase the entire set
  • 1-year warranty
  • Offers discount codes occasionally 
  • Free shipping on orders over $150
  • 45-day return policy


  • Pricier solution than similar products
  • False alarms may cause parents more anxiety than needed 
Owlet Smart Sock Review

Owlet baby care technology is designed to ease parents’ worries. Having a new baby can be terrifying, so having the proper technology to make sure they are safe and sound is essential to not only the baby’s health but the parents’ as well. 

This Owlet smart sock review will feature the brand’s best-selling monitors and accessories, that make parenting a little easier

Owlet Monitor Review

Owlet monitors help moms and dads keep a close watch on their tots without having to be in the same room, or stop the things they need to do.

Owlet’s best-selling monitors featured below, include devices that measure your baby’s vitals, as well as those that allow you to communicate with them from afar. 

Owlet Smart Sock Review 

You’ve just received a precious bundle of joy. This tiny little life that you’re now in love with and dedicated to. But be advised, parents wake up constantly worried, just to check if their baby’s in distress or breathing.

The Smart Sock helps to alleviate some of that worry, by tracking your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels through accurate pulse oximetry readings.

If those levels dip below the preset “safe zones”, the Owlet 3 monitor will alert you via the base station. The Owlet app can also help you to track your baby’s sleep patterns

The Smart Sock has a 16-hour battery life, and recharges wirelessly. It’s sold for $399

Owlet Cam Review

The Smart Sock measures your baby’s vitals, but sometimes rushing to their side isn’t always necessary if they make a noise or fuss in their sleep.

Parents can check-in via Owlet’s Cam, to determine whether or not they have a reason to become anxious. The Cam lets you see what your baby is doing in their crib, and can hold a recording of up to 24 hours of footage. 

This camera is also reliable with:

  • HD 1080p video streaming
  • 4x zoom and night vision
  • 2-way audio to your smartphone

Comfort your baby from the bed or the couch with this Cam, too! With motion and sound notifications, you can tell when the child has woken up and is ready for some cuddles, or worse, a diaper change!

See when your little one really needs you, with the Owlet Cam for $200

Owlet Monitor Duo 3 Review 

Get a bird’s eye view of your baby’s nightly adventures with the Owlet Baby Monitor Duo 3.

This set combines the Smart Sock and Cam, providing an encompassing view of your child and their vitals as well as a way to hear them in case it is changing time. Stay on top of their health and happiness by streaming HD video anytime. 

This Owlet smart sock review thinks the Duo would be especially helpful if you have hired a new babysitter but want to check up on your baby instead of cutting your date night short.

Sometimes all it takes is a mother’s voice to calm a baby down, and there is no harm in doing this from the comfort of your bed! The essential Monitor Duo 3 set retails for just $539. 

Owlet Dream Lab Review 

Good rest is crucial for all of us, babies included. The Dream Lab program helps to teach infants healthy relaxation habits that they carry throughout life.

With an analysis of their sleep habits, the Dream Lab will help you choose a method that fits your values. 

When you sign up for Dream Lab, you’ll be taken through a 3-step process that this Owlet smart sock review will outline:

  1. Complete an assessment about the baby, your home, and parenting style
  2. View a sleep report that explains why your baby is not getting a full night’s sleep
  3. Receive a customized plan about how to help your tot sleep better, as well as step-by-step videos and hands-on instructions for restructuring your own sleep schedule 

Catch some much-needed zzz’s with the Dream Lab for $179. 

Owlet Base Station Review

If you have cooking, cleaning, sleeping, or relaxation to do while your baby is down for a nap, it can be distracting to keep running in to check on your little bundle.

But, the Base Station from Owlet notifies you if your baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels travel beyond the preset “safe zone” so you can do your chores worry-free.

This device should be positioned near your baby, serving as a tool that reads signals from the Smart Sock and sends them to your phone. 

You can’t see live readings on the Base Station, so have your phone close (and notifications on!) to get up close and personal with the little darling without having to check on them constantly

Note that the Base Station is included with the Smart Sock upon purchase, but is available when or if you need it replaced. The essential Base Station is $185. 

Owlet Smart Sock 3 Replacement Sensor Review

The Sensor is the most important part of your Smart Sock, but Owlet understands that accidents can happen. For that reason, they’ve made the sensors replaceable.

It clips in and out of your Smart Sock so that you don’t need to repurchase the entire sock if something goes wrong with the sensor, or your old one breaks. 

Note that the Smart Sock 3 Replacement Sensor is compatible with the Smart Sock 3.

Since it is a replacement piece, Owlet urges customers to speak with technical support before purchase to ensure you really need it. This helpful Owlet sensor replacement is $185

Owlet Power Chords and Block Review 

Charging tools are essential to the function of our devices. Without them, your device is a potato. However, charging cords are accessories often not properly taken care of, forgotten behind in places, or lost easily. 

This Power Chords and Block set contains 1 cord and 1 charging block for ample power to fuel your Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor.

When taken care of, it can last for many years. This fundamental element for your baby monitor is only $20. Spare parts are not returnable, so make sure that it is compatible with the device you own! 

Owlet Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Owlet Smart Sock Review

This Owlet Smart Sock review took to the web to learn more about what customers thought about the brand and their baby monitors.

Ahead, you’ll find customer reviews sourced from Owlet’s website Influenster, and Amazon that discuss Owlet devices’ usefulness and setup, as well as technical issues and practicality

The Owlet Smart Sock is rated an average of 4.5/5 stars from 3,019 customers on One customer who mentioned the monitor’s usefulness, syncing, and setup wrote:

 “Our baby had some oxygen issues in the hospital. The nurses were constantly checking her O2 levels and then…sent us home! All has been well, but we’ve been grateful for the peace of mind the Owlet had given us! We have not experienced any issues with the connection or signal… Setup was seamless and usage has been easy!” 

The Owlet Smart Sock is rated an average of 4.6/5 stars from 601 customers on Influenster. Many sleep-deprived parents attested to the effectiveness of Owlet products. Additionally, Smart Sock is rated an average of 4.5/5 stars from 5,042 customer reviews on Amazon. 

One parent who found the monitor helpful for her baby who had apneic spells wrote, “When my baby was 8 days old, he had an apneic spell, desaturated and turned blue so we spent the next 2 weeks in the pediatric intensive care unit…after being discharged…we purchased the Owlet. We’re happy being able to monitor my son’s heart rate and O2 levels.” 

This Owlet Smart Sock review came across some negative feedback as well. A few parents who tried their products had some very valid concerns around some technical aspects. 

For these mums, malfunctioning devices got in the way of a sound sleep. One shared, “It constantly disconnects from the base station. My baby is an active sleeper and that may be why.”

Another frustrated reviewer of the Sock and Cam wrote, Alarms go off that are inaccurate in the middle of the night and that’s so stressful and scary. The camera quality is not the best and 70% of the time the camera won’t load on my phone so you have to restart it over and over to view.”

Is Owlet Worth It?

Owlet Smart Sock Review

Is the Owlet really worth it? Considering that this article only included a sliver of the positive stories shared by satisfied parents, this Owlet smart socks review says yes, their devices are worth purchasing.

Helping moms and dads, like Todd and Paige, enjoy their lives without being chained to their newborn’s side out of fear not only allows an assurance that babies will grow up healthy but ensures that parents can have happy memories of their first years with their baby.

This Owlet Smart Sock review has a note of caution: Monitoring devices such as the Smart Sock may actually cause more anxiety in some parents, not less. We advise some parents to be wary of this and to put down the bubble wrap.

That being said, Owlet has proved helpful for many, especially those who have needed to monitor their baby for health reasons. 

As some Owlet sock reviews pointed out, if your tot is an active sleeper, you might be woken up more than once. All in all, you can take a false alarm as a sure sign that your Owlet product is working in case of a real emergency.

If your products are legitimately faulty, the brand has a 45-day return policy and offers free shipping, so you can try out the monitors and accessories for yourself to rule out any glitches. 

In closing, Owlet is rated extremely high by customers and has amassed a large community on the internet, and won multiple awards. So, we believe that these baby monitors are more than worth the buy.

Owlet Promotions & Discounts 

Owlet Smart Sock Review

Owlet has the following promotions and discounts currently available on

  • Free shipping on orders $150+
  • Subscribe to the newsletter to receive updates and information on any seasonal Owlet discount code that becomes available 

Where to Buy Owlet

Owlet Smart Sock Review

You can of course buy Owlet devices directly from, but they are also available at the following retailers (and more):

  • Best Buy
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Babies R’ Us
  • Bass Electronics
  • Hudson’s Bay
  • WestCoast Kids
  • Indigo
  • Amazon
  • Snuggle Bugz


Owlet Smart Sock Review

Will insurance cover an Owlet? 

Unfortunately, Owlet devices are not covered by insurance. 

Do pediatricians recommend Owlet?

The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend using smart baby monitoring systems. However, this Owlet Smart Sock review has found that the brand recommends the same guidelines for safe sleep as the AAP does. 

How accurate is Owlet sleep? 

Owlet devices have undergone several rounds of testing for accuracy. In all cases, they have met industry regulatory standards for precise pulse oximetry readings. 

Can Owlet prevent SIDS? 

Owlet products cannot prevent any health condition from happening, including SIDS. It can only alert parents of oxygen and heart rate levels. It’s up to the parents to do the rest. 

It has been recommended that babies who are at high risk for SIDS should sleep in the same room as the parents. 

Does the Owlet cam record? 

The Owlet cam comes with an SD card that lets you record up to 24 hours of footage. Although it won’t be very interesting, you can watch your baby suck their thumb all night in 1080p quality.  

Will Owlet tell you if baby stops breathing? 

The Owlet measures your baby’s oxygen levels, so if your baby stops breathing, you will be alerted. This is especially important if your baby is prone to spells of sleep apnea.

When should you stop using the Owlet? 

Owlet monitors can be used around your baby until they reach 18 months of age. Around this time, they will also develop more predictable sleep patterns. 

What can you do with an old Owlet? 

You can now send your old Owlet devices back to their headquarters. From there, the company will properly recycle, refurbish, or donate them. 

Does Owlet have a subscription? 

The subscription service is for the Owlet app only. The upfront fee is $7

Does Owlet have a warranty? 

Your Owlet monitor has a 1-year warranty that covers defects, and this does not include daily wear and tear of the device. To submit an Owlet warranty claim, contact their technical support team. 

How long does Owlet take to ship?

Owlet only ships within Canada. Once you place your order, it cannot be canceled and will ship out in 1–3 business days. There are a number of shipping options, which will be listed at checkout. 

What is Owlet’s Return Policy?

Owlet has a 45-day return policy. Take a look at the following guidelines to see if your products qualify for a refund:

  1. You must request a Return Authorization Form from customer service within 45 days from the date of purchase
  2. The product must have been purchased directly from
  3. You must be able to pay for the return shipping costs
  4. Your product must be in good condition
  5. Returns must be made through the ALCA Distribution Inc. within three weeks from when you receive your Return Authorization

How to Contact Owlet Customer Service 

If you need any other information that this Owlet Smart Sock review did not provide, you can get in contact them by using the following methods:

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