Soul Cap Review

About Soul Cap 

Soul Cap Review

While swimming doesn’t require tons of equipment to enjoy, it does require three things: a swimsuit, a towel, and a swim cap. For many, the standard cap is useless and painful.

It can cut off circulation to the top of your head or not seal properly, letting moisture in. Designed for people with big beautiful hair, the Soul Cap swimming cap is making a splash globally.

Soul Cap has been featured in popular media like Vogue, Allure, Women’s Health, and The New York Times to name just a few. They have a growing Instagram following of 17.6k. In this Soul Cap review I’ll examine this innovative brand to see whether they’re worth your money before you buy. This is done through their products, promotions, and customer reviews.

Overview of Soul Cap

Soul Cap Review

Never getting the opportunity to swim as children in the UK, two best friends—Michael Chapman and Toks Ahmed—decided to take adult swimming classes. While there, they watched a Black woman with big beautiful hair struggling with her swimming cap. Wondering if this was a universal issue, the young men checked with friends and family.

Discovering that there was no solution for full coverage of big hair when swimming, the men realized just how non-inclusive the sport was for Black people. In fact, only 2% of all swimmers in the UK are Black. This realization spurred the friends to find a solution. After researching the best options, Soul Cap launched in 2017 in the UK.

Since their launch, Soul Cap has grown by leaps and bounds, making swimming accessible to more people. In 2020, they got a huge celebrity endorsement when the first female Black Olympic swimmer in the UK partnered with Soul Cap to promote their swimming cap. Unfortunately, the international swimming association (FINA) decided to ban the caps in 2021.

The decision was appealed and FINA is reconsidering the ban, but has not yet made a decision to repeal it. The one upside is that Soul Cap got some recognition and showed people worldwide how non-inclusive the sport really is. It’s a senseless ban when you consider that it is less hydrodynamic than the standard cap, so the only advantage is to the wearer’s head. 

Their 100% premium silicone large caps were so popular that they expanded the line to include regular caps, clothes, accessories, and training gear. They also continue to push for diversity and inclusivity in the swimming sport for everyone. 

Before my Soul Cap review gets into talking about their products, let’s take a look at what makes this innovative brand special.


Soul Cap Review
  • Swim caps that make swimming inclusive
  • Great customer service
  • 100% silicone
  • Latex-free
  • Fits and seals to keep hair completely dry

Soul Cap Review

The full line of Soul Cap swim gear includes kids, regular, and large-sized swimming caps, clothes, training aids, and accessories. My Soul Cap review will check out some of their bestsellers. 

Soul Cap Large Review

Soul Cap Review
Soul Cap Large

Most public pools expect you to wear a bathing cap, making it a necessity for swimming when you don’t live near a large body of water. For women and men with big hair like dreadlocks, afros, and extensions or just naturally voluminous hair, standard bathing caps are uncomfortable and fit poorly. This allows water to get under the cap or leaves you with painful red marks.

And it isn’t just pools that are an issue. Imagine going on a vacation to a warm-weather destination, but not being able to enjoy the beach because your hair getting wet means hours of work to style it again. It’s the main reason why many women wear cornrows while vacationing. The Soul Cap gives you the freedom to be your beautiful self, without limits. 

The Soul Cap Large has a head circumference of 19cm, so it’s made for an average size head with a lot of hair. Its height is 24cm and width is 28.5cm. Splish, splash, and take a bath in this innovative cap for $23.

Soul Cap Extra Large XL Review

Soul Cap Review
Soul Cap Extra Large XL

For a larger head with space for your volume-blessed hair, the Soul Cap Extra Large is perfect. To match any skin tone and level of boldness, all Soul Cap swim caps come in a choice of eight colors. Some shades are neutral, while others are more fashionable and eye-catching, such as burgundy, neon pink, and neon green.

The Soul Cap XL has a head circumference of 22cm and hair room of 28.5cm (h) and 31cm (w). Protect your big, beautiful hair from the water and any chemicals for $23

Soul Cap Extra Extra Large XXL Review 

Soul Cap Review
Soul Cap Extra Extra Large XXL

With all the same materials and colors of their other caps, the Soul Cap Extra Extra Large has a similar head size (23cm) as the XL with even more room for your hair. It’s ideal for long dreads and braids with a height of 35.5cm and width of 31cm. That hair that took you a long time and effort to grow can be protected for only $23.

Soul Cap JR Review

Soul Cap Review
Soul Cap JR

Making swimming a sport for everyone means bringing it to children of all backgrounds. Picking it up early harbors a love for the sport and nurtures swimming ability. A good swim cap is one of the tools that makes the sport accessible but, like adults, children with big beautiful hair don’t fit into traditional bathing caps. The Soul Cap JR is designed just for them.

Made of the same 100% premium silicone, with the same extra space and comfortable fit as the original Soul Cap, this innovative cap keeps your child’s hair dry and undamaged so they can focus on enjoying the water, and not be distracted by their hair. The silicone sticks less to your kid’s hair than latex, for painless removal. It’s also skin-friendly, unlike latex.

The Soul Cap JR comes in two sizes. The medium is 23cm (h), 25cm (w), 18cm (opening). The large measures 24cm (h), 28.5cm (w), 18.5cm (opening). It also comes in four colors: black, burgundy, navy, or green. Your child can freely splash around in the water in this cap for $23.

Soul Cap Hair Towel Review

Soul Cap Review
Soul Cap Hair Towel

No matter your hair type, hairdryers and towels cause needless damage to your natural hair, not to mention your extensions. Heat causes hair to dry out as does towel drying, which can also snap hair follicles. The Soul Cap Hair Towel is a microfiber 80% polyester 20% nylon blend that sucks the moisture naturally from hair in about 7-8 minutes.

At 50cm x 132cm it covers long and big hair as well as shorter styles. Effortlessly dry your hair while you get dressed for $35.

Soul Cap Regular Review

Soul Cap Review
Soul Cap Regular

Whether you have big beautiful hair or a shorter do, the damage done by chlorine and salt can be catastrophic. It’s especially bad if you use chemicals like straighteners or bleaches. The Soul Cap Regular is the same high-quality as the original Soul Cap, with a design more suited to less voluminous hair.

Available in the same eight colors as the Soul Cap, this swim cap comes in one size measuring 19cm (h), 21cm (w), 18cm (opening). It’s unisex, as are all the Soul Cap swim caps. Your hair will do swimmingly well in this cap for $17.

Who Is Soul Cap For? 

Soul Cap Review

Soul Cap is for any swimmer, from children to seniors, who wants to protect their hair from the water. Its flagship product— the Soul Cap swim cap— was targeted specifically for big and beautiful hair, but since then they’ve developed products that can help everyone. This makes sense since diversity is what they’re all about. Plus, all their swim gear is unisex, so this brand is for anyone.

Soul Cap Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Soul Cap Review

Okay, let’s check out the Soul Cap reviews from the brand’s customers. Any mother who watches their child struggling with a swim cap can’t help but feel heartbroken for them. It’s a painful, frustrating experience.

This Soul Cap review on Facebook is really about a mother’s joy:

“My 4 year old daughter is Indian but her hair is unusually thick and curly and long and BIG! All the other swimming caps were so tight and made her so uncomfortable to the point of tears. I came across Soul Cap and the swimming caps have been a Godsend!”

“All of my daughter’s hair fits inside with room and the hat is not tight around her head and she is so much happier. Absolutely recommend Soul Cap for anyone with big hair, they are amazing! Thank you Soul Cap!”

Wow. It’s hard not to feel for this mother and enjoy her happiness. Soul Cap’s design means that keeping your hair dry and unharmed is only one benefit of these caps. Check out this Soul Cap review on Amazon: 

“It fits perfectly over my Afro with room to spare! My Soul Cap created a perfect seal around my head, was easy to slip on, and did not hurt when removed or break off my hair. I’m so happy I bought this; swimming feels so accessible now. Not rating on durability since I just got it but it seems very solid!”

‘No pain, no gain’ isn’t something that works for swimming caps, so thankfully these caps don’t squeeze your head or pull on your hair. Without causing irritation, they stay on, despite your water activities. A reviewer on Etsy put them to the test, and then wrote a glowing Soul Cap review:

“It’s absolutely perfect! I was skeptical at first because there was some space with air at the top when I put it on, but it kept my hair completely dry, even after repeated dives into the water! Extremely satisfied!!!”

That’s high praise for this product. But Soul Cap takes things further by being approachable and having great customer service. This Soul Cap review on Trustpilot says it all:

”I made a mistake in my post code writing down the address when I placed my order. The parcel was obviously sent back to SOUL CAP. SOUL CAP offered me to send back another parcel with the ordered items for free. SOULCAP co-founder Michael CHAPMAN dealt with me directly. Awesome customer service!!”

It’s a great hands-on approach for the founders to handle customer service issues. And Soul Cap is making a lot of people happy, as evidenced by the ratings below:

  • Etsy – 5/5 stars from 66 reviews 
  • Trustpilot – 5/5 stars from 3 reviews 
  • Amazon – 4.3/5 stars from 2,850 reviews 
  • Facebook –  5/5 stars from 5 reviews  

Is Soul Cap Worth It?

Soul Cap Review

To conclude this Soul Cap review, I think that the brand is 100% worth your money. Besides their competitive prices, they offer an innovative product that helps make swimming accessible to all.

People of any age and gender with big beautiful hair can now be protected from moisture and chemicals, and keep their hair from hindering them in any way either during or after swimming.

Soul Cap is making their customers very happy and giving them freedom that they never experienced before. They also offer exceptional customer service, and a chance to be part of their community of people who believe in making swimming truly inclusive and diverse. And writing this Soul Cap review, I can’t help but be impressed.

Soul Cap Promotions & Discounts 

Soul Cap Review

The only promotions found on Soul Cap’s website are 10% off your next order when you sign up for alerts and free international shipping on orders over $135.

Where to Buy Soul Cap

Soul Cap Review

The best place to buy Soul Cap’s products is through their website, where you can take advantage of their superior customer service. Otherwise, they are available on Amazon and Etsy. 


Soul Cap Review

Who owns Soul Cap?

Cofounders Michael Chapman and Toks Ahmed continue to own and run Soul Cap.

Does Soul Cap ship internationally?

Yes, Soul Cap ships internationally with DHL. International shipments are subject to taxes and duties.

What is Soul Cap’s Shipping Policy?

Soul Cap ships all orders over $135 for free to the US. For orders less than that, there is a flat rate of $10. The shipments can take 10-14 business days for delivery to North America. 

What is Soul Cap’s Return Policy?

Soul Cap has a 14-day return policy from the day that you receive your package. Items must be in the same condition as received and in their original packaging. They do not offer free shipping on returns, nor do they do exchanges. They do however handle everything for damaged or defective products. So check your purchase when it arrives to ensure it is alright.

You must initiate the return process. Contact them through this page for instructions:

How to Contact Soul Cap

Soul Cap Review

If you have further questions about these swimming caps that my Soul Cap review didn’t cover, you can contact the company in two ways:

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