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Spirit Animal Coffee Review

About Spirit Animal Coffee 

Spirit Animal Coffee Review

Spirit Animal Coffee is fair trade, organic, and offers a consistently “outstanding” quality (ranked by the Specialty Coffee Association). Their coffee beans are grown by local, small-town farmers using micro-plots in Honduras. 

Spirit Animal Coffee is a brand new company, having just launched in the US in October of 2020. Despite that, the brand has already been featured by major news outlets like ABC, NBC, CBC, and FOX. 

This Spirit Animal Coffee review will provide an in-depth look at the brand and its beans, what customers think, promotions, and more, to help you decide if this java is for you.

Overview of Spirit Animal Coffee 

Spirit Animal Coffee Review 1

Spirit Animal Coffee launched in the US in October of 2020 by CEO Paul Gromek, and Kathya, who serves as the President, decided to change their life after a trip to Honduras brought about a new appreciation for café – what the locals call coffee. 

This Spirit Animal Coffee review admires that the brand puts respect at the heart of all they do, and have a deep appreciation for their growers, sippers, staff, and even the coffee trees themselves.

Spirit Animal Coffee Review

Their beans are sourced from independent farmers in Honduras, whom they pay fair wages and reinvest profits back into their farms. 

The farms are all located at altitudes of approximately 5,000 feet, which means the trees mature slower, and the fruit develops with a more concentrated sweetness. Of those fruits, Spirit Animal Coffee only chooses the top 1% of all beans

Spirit Animal Coffee Review

They’re able to do this without causing waste by measuring the cherries’ sweetness with a refractometer, then using a special drying process before roasting. When at the final stages of brewing, Spirit Animal Coffee will bring you, what they believe is, a true cup of coffee. 

This Spirit Animal Coffee review will now go over the pros and cons of the brand:


  • Uses independent farms to grow beans
  • Pays fair wages to growers and re-invests own profits back into the farms
  • Brand uses only fair trade & organic beans
  • Each bean is carefully monitored to reach optimal condition without damage to flavor and integrity 
  • Shipped directly from sustainable Honduran crop
  • Cupping score consistently over 90, ‘Outstanding’
  • Subscribe and save up to 33%
  • Provides detailed information on all coffee blends, like farm owner, location, and micro-lot quantity 


  • Premium prices compared to other coffee brands
  • Limited stock available at times

Spirit Animal Coffee Subscription 

Spirit Animal Coffee Review

When you go to purchase Spirit Animal Coffee, the product page will give you the option to subscribe and save. Subscribing gives you up to 33% off your order, but it also offers other perks as well, like access to limited-edition coffee, a welcome gift, and round the clock customer support

When you become a member, Spirit Animal Coffee will send you a different coffee every month, based on what’s available. These coffees always will have the highest cupping score available

Each month, you’ll receive an email 4-5 days before your next delivery date, just in case you need to change your order. You can pick between monthly or quarterly subscriptions, and choose the amount of bags you wish to receive.

For example, a monthly subscription comes with 1 bag, but a quarterly subscription comes with 3 bags. You can alter this to your preferences. Once you place your order, Spirit Animal Coffee will ship you coffee using USPS Priority, which takes about 2-5 business days within the US. 

Spirit Animal Coffee Review

This Spirit Animal Coffee review will now dive deep into their most popular coffees. Though the brand is new, they have already created some unique coffee with a wide range of flavors. 

Their variety includes boxed options, with specifications on their cupping scores, what region they were grown in, and a description of the individual coffee’s sipping experience. For more information on how cupping scores are formulated, head to their Quality Coffee Score page. 

Spirit Animal Coffee Catuai San Ramon Review

This blend of Catuai/San Ramon has an elegant flavor profile with hints of jasmine, rose tea, and juicy tropical fruits. It is said to be a genetically more authentic cultivar, meaning it has originality.

This coffee is complex and is a wonderful choice for those who desire a powerful and impactful tasting coffee. Sophisticated and deep, enjoy this blend alongside a delicately flavored biscuit to accent the flavor profile.

The Catui/San Ramon belongs to Reginaldo Martinez in the region of Tres Cruces, Lempira, Honduras, at an altitude of 2,000 meters. The available micro-lot quantity is just 1,053 trees, plus the coffee is washed and has a medium roast.

This blend has a quality classification score of 90, making it fall into the ‘Outstanding’ category. The Catui/San Ramon is $38 for a 12oz bag. Don’t forget that you can subscribe and save 20% for a reasonable price of $30

Spirit Animal Coffee Catuai/ IHCAFE-90 Review

Catui/IHCAFE-90 embodies juiciness in every sense of the word. A long inhale of the roast will bring a tropical aroma, with notes of peach, mango, and other sweet fruits. This blend is said to have a juicy mouthfeel with intense flavors

Elegant and fruity, enjoy this blend with something chocolatey and decadent to make the fruity flavors pop. The micro-lot belongs to Carlos Roberto Martinez in the region of Tres Cruces, Lempira, Honduras. The farm has an altitude of 1,835 meters and a very limited micro-lot quantity of 263 trees

Catui/IHCAFE-90 is washed and has a medium roast to bring a balanced, mid-range depth and caffeine content. This blend has a quality classification score of 89, classified as ‘Excellent’. This Spirit Animal Coffee review found that this brew costs $36, or you can subscribe to pay $29. 

Spirit Animal Coffee iHCAFE-90 Natural Review

iHCAFE-90 Natural beans grow slowly and happily under tree shade. The cherries are picked at peak ripeness, which gives the coffee beans their full-bodied, stone-fruit flavor profile. Stone fruits typically pair well with almonds or apricots. Indulge your senses further with a danish for the ultimate Sunday morning brunch. 

The micro-lot belongs to German Alex Chavez in the region of La majada, Lempira, Honduras, at an altitude of 1,500 meters. The micro-lot quantity is very low at only 263 trees, which makes this coffee precious and created to be savored.

This blend has a quality classification score of 89, classified as ‘Excellent’. The hand-washed, sun-dried, and medium roast process ensures flavors are protected and concentrated. This Spirit Animal Coffee comes in a 12oz bag for $36 or $28.80 by subscription.

Spirit Animal Coffee Caturra / iHCAFE-90 Review

Caturra/iHCAFE-90 has a more subtle, refined flavor. Light and delicate, this coffee keeps things sweet and lovely with flowery notes, sugarcane, and lemongrass flavors. This blend has a round body that is soft and balanced. 

Round body coffees are good all on their own, so you may want to enjoy this blend without adding anything fancy to it. These beans have a quality classification score of 88, well within the ‘Excellent’ range, making it a premium, specialty coffee

The coffee farm is owned by Camilo Perez in the region of San Antonia, Lempira, Honduras, at an altitude of 1,650 meters. The micro-lot quantity is very limited to 263 trees.

The coffee beans are hand-washed and have a medium roast to enhance their delicate flavors. A 12oz bag of Caturra/iHCAFE-90 is $35 or $28 for members.

Spirit Animal Coffee iHCAFE-90/Lempira Review

This blend brings an aroma of earthy-golden honey, drizzled atop ripe, juicy berries. When you sip this blend, you’ll taste the tart sweetness of raisins, with the depth and complexity of brown sugar.

The body of this blend is creamy, smooth, and has a long finish – meaning the flavors will linger on your tongue after sipping. The micro-lot belongs to Christian Honeil Melgar in the region of San Sebastian, Lempira, Honduras, at an altitude of 1,725 meters. The micro-lot quantity is 1,053

Naturally processed means that cherries are handpicked at peak-ripeness, then left to rest in a water-filled container for 8 hours. The berries that are still intact after this period are picked out and dried on raised beds without washing or hulling. They stay there for 20 days under low temperatures until they reach 11% humidity, before being medium roasted.

This Spirit Animal Coffee has a quality classification score of 88, well within the ‘Excellent’ range, making it a premium, specialty coffee. iHCAFE-90/Lempira is $29 for a 12oz bag or $23 for members.

Spirit Animal Catuai/Bourbon Box Review

Bourbon plants have fewer coffee cherries per plant, which makes this blend extra special. Savor deep, intense, and creamy chocolate flavors, balanced by light, fruity overtones. This Spirit Animal Coffee also has hints of sweet jasmine, adding grace to this powerful-tasting coffee. 

Coffee Catui/Bourbon is packaged in a handmade wooden box that also originates from Honduras. This blend has an ‘Outstanding’ quality classification score of 90.5, making it a supreme coffee, and one to be slowly savored. 

The micro-lot belongs to Alejandro Martinez Aguilar in the region of Tres Cruzes, Lempira, Honduras, and is at an altitude of 1,835 meters. The available micro-lot quantity is 1,053. The Catui/Bourbon Box is $59, or $47 when you subscribe. 

Spirit Animal Coffee Geisha Box Review 

Smelling this coffee will give you notes of caramel, jasmine flowers, and strawberries. The flavor profile is clean, balanced, sweet, and complex, so it’s no question why this coffee is world-renowned.

This coffee is naturally processed, so only the best coffee cherries are selected before dried and roasted to a light-medium, so as not to tamper with the coffee’s superior flavor. When you purchase this coffee, it comes in a handmade wooden box, making your experience that much more authentic and special.

The micro-lot belongs to Patio Bonito in the region of Santander, Colombia. The lot is at an altitude of 1,900 meters and has an available micro-lot quantity of 73, which is extremely limited. 

This blend has an ‘Outstanding’ quality classification score of 90.5, making it a supreme coffee, and one to be cherished and thoroughly enjoyed. The Geisha Box coffee is $69, or $55 when you subscribe. 

Spirit Animal Coffee Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Spirit Animal Coffee Review

Because the brand just launched, there are not many reviews available outside of their website. This Spirit Animal Coffee review will be mainly looking at reviews left on the brand’s website, incorporating a range of topics like coffee quality, overall brand, and shipping to give you an idea of how customers feel about their coffee. 

In terms of the overall experience, this 5-star reviewer wrote, “This company knows coffee and I am here for it!” Another 5-star review is blown away by their coffee; in reference to Caturra/IHCAFE-90: “I am a coffee lover and I have to say that this was something mind-blowing. Super tasty and fresh, will buy again!!”

In terms of the flavor profile for the Catui/Bourbon: “Love that it’s not just a standard coffee taste. It’s got hints of jasmine and fruit.” Whereas, this customer just loves what Spirit Animal Coffee is all about: “I love the backstory of this brand. Quality coffee with good intentions.”

Regarding the brand’s transparent approach to coffee, “The thing about using generic coffee brands is that you don’t know how it’s being made. I appreciate that this company lets its customers know the process.”

Spirit Animal Coffee Review

For quality versus price: “Top barista level quality coffee. You pay for the quality.” A slight complaint about the price: “Delightful taste but I wish it was a little less pricey. Now I’m obsessed and have no choice.”

Another issue for some is that they only sell one bag size, and that customers hoped for additional coffee options: “Regular coffee doesn’t sit well with me. If they could create a decaf line that would be awesome.” Plus, a few customers do not enjoy the flavor profile of certain coffees. But to be fair, this is all personal preference.

Is Spirit Animal Coffee Worth It?

Spirit Animal Coffee

Spirit Animal Coffee created something impressive and different compared to standard coffee companies. Customers can see, smell, and taste the difference in just one cup of coffee.

Some customers love the taste of their coffees, while others do not, but it’s all about unique preferences. As with anything new that we, as consumers, buy, we take the risk of potentially not enjoying it. 

In terms of the cost of that risk, Spirit Animal Coffee comes with an attached premium price in comparison to grocery store coffees. Their product is around the same price point compared to other premium coffees.

You’re paying for quality, and that’s definitely what you get with Spirit Animal Coffee. Aside from quality, when you buy Spirit Animal Coffee, you are also supporting small farms, sustainable, fair trade farming practices, and a mindful approach to coffee.

If you are a coffee lover interested in unique, flavorful, and complex-tasting blends, and want to make the world a better place, then this Spirit Animal Coffee review believes this brand is worth the buy.

Spirit Animal Coffee Promotions & Discounts 

Spirit Animal Coffee Review

When you sign up for email updates, Spirit Animal Coffee gives you 10% off your first order. If you subscribe to their coffee service, you get 20% off all orders.

Where to Buy Spirit Animal Coffee

Spirit Animal Coffee Review

Currently, you can only buy their coffee directly from


What is Spirit Animal Coffee’s Shipping Policy?

Shipments within the US typically take between 2-7 business days. But this Spirit Animal Coffee review must note that the brand confesses the possibility that their website does not always have accurate stock counts listed, so shipping times may vary.

All orders are subject to stock availability. As you can imagine, producing coffee in the way that Spirit Animal Coffee does (harvesting from micro-lots, letting coffee cherries reach peak ripeness, and roasting beans to order) means that there may be limited availability at times

Shipping costs are calculated at checkout and are based on weight, dimensions, and the destination of your order. Processing times for any destination are about 2 business days. Their warehouse operates Monday to Friday, with standard business hours. During the holidays, you can expect shipping delays. 

For international orders, shipping times are anywhere between 4-22 business days and it all depends on the shipping courier you choose at checkout. More specific shipping estimates are provided at checkout. 

What is Spirit Animal Coffee’s Return Policy?

Due to the perishable nature of coffee, and because Spirit Animal Coffee’s whole beans are roasted to order, the company does not accept returns on coffee. If you do not like your choice of coffee, the brand urges you to reach out to their customer support team who will help you choose a coffee that is better suited to your palate. 

If there is an error in your order, contact [email protected] within 30 days of purchase, and they will make it right. 

How to Contact Spirit Animal Coffee

If you still have questions after this Spirit Animal Coffee review, you can email [email protected] or use the Contact Form on their website.

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