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Studs Safety Pin Earrings Review

Studs ramps up the creativity, self-expression, and fun of ear piercings with its diverse collection of eccentric jewelry.

Their new-age shops are led by artistic professionals that help you elevate your everyday style. And you can also order their jewelry from the comfort of your home from their easy to use website.

With a ton of puns and splashes of neon, the brand certainly knows how to make a bold first impression. Studs carries a wide selection of over 250 earrings for every ear, with selection ranging from everyday, basic styles to trendy earrings.

For some #Studspiration, head over to the Studs Instagram—a page packed with expressive examples to get your brain stirring about the many possibilities. It’s not hard to see why this exciting account has over 105K followers.

 They’ve also been featured in notable publications such as Refinery29, Insider, Teen Vogue, Vogue, Nylon, Elle Decor, HypeBae, and many others. 

This Studs earrings review will check out the brand and its bestsellers, fill you in on what customers have to say, provide information on deals, and more, to help you decide it’s the right fit for your ears. 

Overview of Studs Earrings

Studs Safety Pin Earrings Review

Anna Harman and Lisa Bubbers wanted to offer a bigger and better experience to those seeking a new piercing. The pair cringed at common mall hangout spots for tweens and sighed at the expensive selections at high-end tattoo shops.

Studs was launched in an attempt to create a brand that was both affordable and known for its wide-ranging jewelry collection. They strived to make piercings enjoyable, accessible, and less intimidating to people with all kinds of budgets and lifestyles. 

Harman and Bubbers also saw the demand and trend around people adorning their ears with multiple piercings, and coined the term “earscapes”. Headquartered in NYC since 2019, Studs has shops in New York, Austin, Boston, and Los Angeles. 

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, this Studs earrings review will give you a quick rundown of the brand’s highlights. 


  • Accessibly-priced implant grade piercing jewelry in multiple sizes and styles
  • Informative aftercare guide online
  • Trendy earrings start at $14
  • Ability to purchase all earrings in singles or pairs so you can mix and match
  • Safe for sensitive ears. Earrings are durable for everyday wear.
  • Expert piercers that help you plan your Earscape from start to finish
  • Hundreds of the affordable, on-trend earrings to match every individual style
  • Free pouch and stick-on earrings with purchase
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Stores convenient located in New York, Boston, LA, and Austin with trained piercing experts

Studs Piercing Earrings Review

Filled with meaning, these dainty pieces are perfect for stacking and pairing. This Studs safety pins earrings review will feature the brand’s bestsellers, from mini studs to edgy hoops and huggies. 

Chained Pave Star Studs Review

Head into space with the Chained Pave Star Studs. Made with either 18k Gold or Rhodium Plated with internal brass this chained stud is a gorgeous fashion statement.

Measuring 4.5mm x 4.5mm the studs are quite small but the chain drop adds a a beautiful dynamic that gives the effect of shooting stars.

These studs come in either gold or silver and can be purchased for just $32

Studs Pave Evil Eye Earrings Review 

There’s a lot of negative energy out there. The Pave Evil Eye Stud serves as a trendy tool for warding off enemies (if you’re into that kind of juju). 

Measuring just 7mm x 3.5mm, the tiny stud can peer out from between hoops and dangling pieces. A striking blue pupil keeps this protective talisman on guard, looking straight ahead. 

This enchanting stud can be bought as a single or a pair, in gold/ clear (14K gold plated) or silver/ clear (rhodium plated) for $20–$40. 

Studs Small Safety Pin Earrings Review 

There’s something so punk about safety pins. Perhaps it’s the fact that they hold together ripped jeans, beaten-up jackets, and torn seams. The Small Safety Pin Earring hangs in your ear like a hoop of sorts, providing an intriguing silhouette and an edgy look. 

This earring is 36m x 18mm in size—still a dainty piece that would really come to life when paired with larger Studs hoops and smaller studs. Choose from 18K gold or silver (rhodium plated brass). 

Keep it together with the Small Safety Pin Earring for $24–$48 (offered as a single piece or a pair). 

Studs 14K Crown Marquis Earrings Review 

Like the commanding presence of the Queen of England herself, the 14K Crown Marquis Stud knows how to draw attention. It’s the perfect piece for the abstract collection you have going on in your ear, letting the world know you’re one to watch out for. 

Made from solid 14K gold with dazzling cubic zirconia stones, this regal piece—though teeny-tiny—packs a punch. This Studs safety pin earrings review believes that this crown stud would be perfect for a flat helix piercing. 

Standing proud and dominant on its own, the 14K Crown Marquis Stud is $100. As a side note, this piece is only available for purchase at Studs stores. 

Studs Venus Earrings Review

The devil’s in the details with the 5mm Venus Stud. Blatantly feminine, this 18K gold plated earring can hold its own within your desired ‘earscape’. It adds charm and personality to your overall look, much like the Studs Starstud

Experiment with wearing the delicate (but mighty) Venus Stud with other bold shapes—such as lightning bolts, skulls, or anything with sharp edges. Just be sure to take it out when you go swimming or take long baths, to keep it looking polished for longer.  

A butterfly back keeps this stud securely in place. Celebrate your womanhood with the Venus Stud for $20–$40 (available as a single or pair). 

Studs Butterfly Earrings Review

Have you ever dreamt of butterflies? Traditionally a sign of transformation, the Butterfly Stud symbolizes hope and possibilities of new beginnings. The fleeting beauties also nod to the meaningful notion that we can be whoever we want to be. 

Made from 18K gold or rhodium-plated brass, the 5mm stud adds lightness, beauty, and grace to your ears.

The design is matched by a butterfly back that keeps this fluttering cutie in the intended upright position—no upside-down fliers (unless that’s what you’re going for). 

Change things up with the Butterfly Stud for $18–$36 (single or pair). 

Studs Chained Pave Butterfly Earrings Review

The Chained Pave Butterfly Studs paint a story of a graceful ballerina that fell in love with a guy from the wrong side of town.

Merging class with an edge, these can be worn in multiple ways—horizontally across your two bottom piercings, vertically, or from middle to top. 

Of course, the position you choose dictates the slack of the chain. Elongated, the chain measures 32mm and the studs are 7mm. With sparkling cubic zirconia stones, these come in either 14K gold or rhodium-plated sterling silver

If you’re smitten with this pair of Chained Pave Butterfly Studs, they’re sold for $32. 

Studs Oopsy Daisy Earrings Bundle Review 

The Oopsy Daisy Bundle makes us want to just throw a picnic in the middle of a field. Which is what your ears will represent with this bundle. If you’re feeling an urge to express your inner flower child, this bountiful set includes:

  • Daisy Huggie: pair, gold plated sterling silver, 9mm
  • Chained Pave Huggie X Daisy Stud: single, 18K gold plated brass, 32mm chain, 10mm huggie
  • Daisy Stud: single, 18K gold plated brass, 5mm

Designed to be worn all together, the Oopsy Daisy Bundle comes to $78 in total ($104 value). 

Studs Huggie Earrings Review

Huggies clasp tight to your ear for a snug and contemporary look. This Studs safety pin earrings review will feature the brand’s most popular pieces from this category; available in fierce, textured, and modern styles.

Studs Mini Pave Huggie Earrings Review

The Mini Pave Huggie is a small circular earring that is great for everyday wear and can be purchased in multiple colors to match any outfit you desire.

With a 10.5mm outer diameter and 6mm inner diameter this beautiful 14k gold plated earring with internal sterling silver and cubic zirconia is sure to turn heads.

At $22 a piece the Mini Pave Huggie is a great choice for anyone looking to make a statement.

 Studs Lightening Huggie Review

Storms are a powerful act of nature—just like you. The Lightning Huggie lets others know you are a force to be reckoned with, with its striking metallic design and sturdy hoop. To really complete the look, stack this piece with several hoops of the same color. 

Made from 18K gold or rhodium-plated brass, this earring measures 27mm in length and has a hinge closure for easy fastening. Make an impact with the Lightning Huggie for $20–$40 (single or pair). 

Studs Small Beaded Huggie Review 

These textured, beaded earrings bring a certain elegance to your look—whether dressed up or down. Wear them next to similarly captivating pieces with crystals or intricate daisies, or contrast with colorful gemstones. Your earscape’ is a playground.  

With a hinge closure, the Small Beaded Huggie measures just 12mm in diameter. You might even adopt it as an everyday earring, secure enough to last long term.

Made from 18K gold or silver rhodium-plated brass, this huggie is available for $24–$48 (single or pair). 

Studs Small Square Edge Huggie Review 

Square edge hoops add some minimalistic dimension and interest. They play well with other angled but thick earrings, like tiny, solid gold cubes or 3D hearts. There’s really no limit as to how many you can stack along the contours of your ears. 

Choose from 18K gold or rhodium-plated brass for a Small Square Edge Huggie, which measures 13mm and snuggles up close to your earlobe. It rings in at $22–$44. 

Studs Earrings and Studs Bundle Review

Can’t decide on one particular style? Leave all the guessing to Studs, with their bundles you get all the best styles for one low price.

Studs Essential Gold Bundle Review

The Essential Gold Bundle is every gold enthusiasts dream and is packaged with a bunch of Studs best sellers.

This bundle includes the Mini Pave Huggie, Serpent Stud, Pave Evil Eye Stud, Lighting stud and Mini Star Stud. This bundle also includes a free pouch and stick-on earrings.

This bundle is perfect for everyday wear and is great for anyone looking to make a statement. It can be purchased for $88.50 which is a 25% saving.

What can I get pierced at Studs?

Studs Safety Pin Earrings Review

Whether you’re getting a single lobe or a stacked ear, Studs piercers will help you plan your Earscape from start to finish.

Studs offers singles or fun combos to create a masterpiece. There are 12 different places on your ear that can be pierced: 

  • Lobe
  • Stacked lobe
  • Upper lobe
  • Anti-tragus
  • Snakebite midi
  • Helix 
  • Flat helix 
  • Forward helix 
  • Rook
  • Daith
  • Conch 
  • Tragus 

How long do Studs need to stay in?

Studs Safety Pin Earrings Review

According to the Studs ear piercing aftercare guide, you’ll need to keep your new earrings in for 2–12 months (or longer) depending on the site of the piercing. Lobes only take a couple of months, but others require more healing time.  

This may seem like a ton of time, but it’s crucial that you leave it in during this window, and clean as recommended. It’s important to allow your skin to heal properly. If you take out your earring before then, the hole may close back up

During your healing time, it’s important to keep infections at bay. Be sure to keep the area clean, dry, and free of snagging—you don’t want to damage the sensitive tissue around the piercing. 

Swapping for a new earring is only recommended once the area is no longer sensitive or red, free of any visible crusting, and has no swelling. 

Studs earrings come in a variety of delightful shapes, sizes, and intricate designs. In the next section of this Studs safety pin earrings review, we’ll fill you in on some of the brand’s most coveted studs, huggies, and bundles

Studs Earrings Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Studs Safety Pin Earrings Review

There’s no doubt that Studs earrings are attractive and fun. But what do customers think? We combed the web for helpful reviews to learn more about the brand and its earrings.

This Studs earrings review will include feedback sourced from Reviewed, Her Campus, Yelp, and Refinery29 that will hopefully shed some light on the company’s product quality and customer service. 

A Studs review on Reviewed recounted the entire experience of getting pierced at one of their shops, and ordering online.

What the author enjoyed most about the brand was that they “[rebranded] the fun, quirky studs I wore when I was younger into mature, elegant pieces.” 

A Studs safety pin earrings review on Her Campus complemented the piercing shop for being “cool, laid back, and very welcoming.” Describing the process from start to finish, the author spoke highly of the staff

Well-prepped and extremely sterile before the piercing. My piercer, Becca, talked me through the process and even gave me a cute stress ball.”

This Studs earrings review appreciates these new-age details that make a difference in putting customers at ease while getting a piercing. 

We dug endlessly for varied reviews with some star ratings, but only found Yelp comments left for the Studs Nolita NYC store. 71 customers give the shop a 4.5/5 star rating.

One person wrote, “Very high quality for an exceptional price point…the staff there are knowledgeable and friendly. The store is absolutely beautiful.” 

We wanted to include just one more comment from Refinery29. The reviewer wrote, “I couldn’t be more pleased with how my piercing has healed AND the overall quality of Studs’ jewelry.” It appears that the studs are of good quality and that the piercers know what they’re doing. 

Though lack of variety may be a concern for some, we believe we found all of the information needed to come to a conclusion about the brand in this Studs safety pin earrings review. Keep reading to find out if we think Studs earrings are worth the buy (as if you didn’t already know!) 

Is Studs Worth It?

Studs Safety Pin Earrings Review

Quality earrings, professional care. What more could you ask for in a piercing store? This Studs safety pin earrings review discovered that the brand offers many trend-setting pieces.

Whether your style is a little eclectic, or simple and classic, their collection is fun to browse through. 

Though not the focus of this article, Studs’ in-house piercing service has also received rave reviews.

First-time customers seemed to enjoy their experience in their bright, neon-clad shops and complimented the piercers. The idea of an artistically inclined ‘earscape‘ is a fairly unique one, too.  

With affordable prices, freebies, and free shipping options, we believe that Studs is worth checking out. Hopefully, as the young brand grows, they will expand their jewelry selection (and internationally as well!).    

Studs Promotions & Discounts 

Studs Safety Pin Earrings Review

This Studs earrings review uncovered the following deals on the brand’s official website:

  • Join the mailing list to get 15% off your next purchase 
  • Free US shipping on orders over $50
  • Free pouch and stick-on earrings with every purchase 

Where to Buy Studs Earrings

Studs Safety Pin Earrings Review

You can buy Studs earrings online exclusively from For those who prefer to shop in person, check out one of their brick and mortar locations. 


Studs Safety Pin Earrings Review

What is Studs’ Shipping Policy?

Studs only delivers within the US and its territories. USPS First Class shipping is free for orders $50+, with a $5 flat fee for those under.  

Shipments are usually processed in 24 hours and will get to you in 3–5 business days. All packages are sent out from Studs’ warehouse in NYC. 

You can check the order status from your Studs account, or use the tracking number provided in a confirmation email. 

What is Studs’ Return Policy?

If necessary, you can return earrings within 21 days from the date of purchase. Returns and exchanges can be initiated online, or at a Studs piercing shop. 

Exchanges can only be accepted to get the same earring in a different color—you cannot swap for a different style. To guarantee eligibility, your piece has to meet these 4 requirements:

  1. Earrings must be unworn 
  2. No visible damage 
  3. Returned in the same condition as delivered (brand new)
  4. Complete with its original packaging 

You cannot return:

  • Jewelry that your ears were pierced with
  • Final sale items
  • Gift or promotional items

Head over to the Return Portal for your refund or exchanges. 

How to Contact Studs Customer Service

We hope that this Studs safety pin earrings review answered all your pressing questions. For any other concerns, feel free to reach out to the brand by:

Need more jewelry in your arsenal? Here are a few other brands you can rely on when building your everyday or special occasion jewelry ensemble:

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