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Stumptown Coffee Review

About Stumptown Coffee

Stumptown Coffee Review

Stumptown Coffee is an American coffee chain based in Portland, Oregon.

Our Stumptown Coffee review has found that this company is known for their Direct Trade business practices, in which they source high quality coffee beans directly from coffee producers around the world for their unique blends.. 

Stumptown Coffee company is known for paying top dollar for their coffee beans in order to ensure the quality of their product and to build sustainable, fair systems of coffee farming.

They also roast their beans themselves at their cafe locations! In fact, Stumptown Coffee was named the Roaster of the Year in 2006 by Roast Magazine.

This popular company has 278k followers on Instagram and 73k followers on Facebook. Stumptown Coffee also proudly shares that they are a B Corporation, meaning they have been independently certified to show that they meet ethical social and environmental standards.

Keep reading this Stumptown Coffee review as I cover their company history, their best-selling products, and check out their customer feedback, so you can decide if you’d like to brew your next cup with Stumptown!

Overview of Stumptown Coffee

Stumptown Coffee Review

Stumptown Coffee was launched in Portland, Oregon in 1999 by founder Duane Sorenson. Their original cafe location, called “Division,” is still in operation in Portland 7 days a week!

Over the years this cafe has expanded to two more Portland locations, and other cafes in New Orleans, New York, Seattle, and other major American cities.

Duane Sorenson sold Stumptown coffee to parent company Peet’s Coffee in 2015. As Stumptown became more successful, they eventually launched their online delivery service, selling a variety of coffee beans through their official website, or even subscribe to regularly receive your favorite Stumptown beans.

Our Stumptown Coffee review has learned that this company’s mission is to provide customers with the freshest and most flavorful coffee possible while fairly rewarding the coffee producers for their hard work

Now that you know a bit more about the brand’s background, let’s check out the highlights of buying Stumptown Coffee!


Stumptown Coffee Review
  • Generous new subscription discount – 30% off your first order!
  • Free shipping on all orders over $40
  • “Direct Trade” with coffee producers – fair pay and fresher product
  • Decaf and organic options
  • Also sell gift sets, cold brews, and coffee equipment!

Stumptown Coffee Review

Craving a fresh cup yet? Our Stumptown Coffee review is about to shop through some of this brand’s best-selling coffee beans

Stumptown Coffee House Blend Review

If you prefer a smoother, less bitter cup of coffee, take a look at the House Blend! This is Stumptown’s flagship blend, described by the brand as “vibrant” and “floral.”

According to Stumptown Coffee, these beans have the following flavor notes:

  • Candied Fruit
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Nougat

The House Blend is a light coffee that combines beans from the brand’s Direct Trade partners in East Africa and Latin America, and are always as fresh and in season as possible! 

Stumptown Coffee’s signature blend is sold as whole beans and comes in a beautiful light blue package.

Buy a 12 oz bag of the House Blend for $16.

Stumptown Coffee Guatemala El Injerto Bourbon Review

This special single-origin coffee has a pretty neat story behind it.

The Guatemala El Injerto Bourbon is the product of Stumptown Coffee’s Direct Trade with a father and son team of coffee farmers, Arturo Aguirre Sr. and Arturo Aguirre Jr, in Guatemala’s Huehuetenango region. 

Stumptown Coffee explains that only half of this farm is dedicated to growing coffee beans – the other 50% is a protected forest, which has earned this farm Carbon Neutral Certification!

Stumptown Coffee says that the Guatemala El Injerto Bourbon coffee is a “sweet combination of orange sherbert and buttery chocolate” with these flavor notes:

  • Cherry
  • Orange
  • Milk Chocolate

Buy the Guatemala El Injerto Bourbon whole beans for $20 for a 12 oz bag.

Stumptown Coffee Rwanda Huye Mountain Review 

The Rwanda Huye Mountain coffee beans are grown by coffee farmers in the Rwandan mountains between 1600 and 2200 meters in elevation

These beans are processed in the Huye region of Rwanda, where Stumptown Coffee has supported the community by establishing a water well, providing health insurance, and maintaining a micro-financing program.

These beans will let you brew a coffee with undertones of citrus, honey, and melon. Stumptown Coffee describes the Rwanda Huye Mountain beans as making a “bright coffee with a fine, balanced acidity.”

These beans come in a beautiful red and gray Stumptown bag, weighing in at 12 oz.

Buy the Rwanda Huye Mountain for $21.

Stumptown Coffee Subscription Review

If you’re a Stumptown Coffee fan and want to receive their beans on a regular basis, you’re in luck! Their official website offers a Subscription service so you’ll never be without your favorite pour. 

To get started, visit their official website and select your coffee beans of choice. You can then choose your delivery frequency to make sure you won’t run out of your favorite beans. 

You can opt to have your order delivered:

  1. Once a week
  2. Once every 2 weeks
  3. Once every 3 weeks
  4. Once a month

Or, you can choose the Roaster’s Pick program, a subscription where you can choose a single-origin coffee that changes every 2 weeks, delivered every 1-4 weeks. 

This option gives you access to unique blends otherwise unavailable in the store, chosen by Stumptown’s staff and sourcers. You’ll get a different coffee every time you order, so it’s perfect for those who want a little surprise each time!

And last but not least – the best part of every Stumptown Coffee Subscription is that shipping is always free!

Who Is Stumptown Coffee For? 

Stumptown Coffee Review

This Stumptown Coffee review has found that the brand will appeal to absolutely any coffee lover who wants a fresh and flavorful cup of coffee. 

Coffee drinkers who prefer to purchase fairly traded products will love that Stumptown Coffee is a certified B Corporation, and always clearly indicates where your coffee beans were produced

Their official website is full of details about the coffee farmers they work with and how they have supported their operations and communities, letting you know where your coffee is coming from, how it’s being produced, and allowing you to feel good about your purchase.

This brand also caters to consumers that are looking for a good selection of coffees that they can choose from the comfort of their home

If you can’t find high quality coffees where you live, or prefer to shop online from an established company with a proven record of serving great coffee, their subscription service will regularly bring Stumptown Coffee to your door.

How Does Stumptown Coffee Work? 

Stumptown Coffee Review

You can enjoy Stumptown Coffee’s selection of products yourself by visiting their official website and placing an order. 

You can choose between making a one-time order, or you can sign up for their subscription service as outlined above.

Stumptown Coffee Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Stumptown Coffee Review

This company does not share product reviews on their official website, but they do have numerous reviews on their Facebook page, where they have an impressive 4.7 out of 5 star rating based on nearly 1,000 reviews. 

Customers who wrote Stumptown Coffee reviews on Facebook were largely thrilled with the taste of their coffee and happy with their online and in person customer service, as well.

Customers sharing their Stumptown Coffee reviews on Facebook had plenty of glowing praise, leaving comments like:

  • This is by far the best coffee.” 
  • Amazing! Service was outstanding too!”
  • Best latte ever! Coffee is amazing too.”

Stumptown Coffee also has customer feedback on the review site Yelp, where they have a 4 out of 5 star rating. Many of these customers commented on the excellent taste of Stumptown’s coffees and noted that it was not as bitter as some competitor products.

One shopper shares in her Stumptown Coffee review, “The coffee is exquisite and the staff highly knowledgeable.”

Another customer calls their drinks “so damn good,” and writes in their Stumptown Coffee review, “You can find the freshest roasted beans here. They are sold within a day or two.”

Our Stumptown Coffee review has found that this company also has many customer reviews posted on Influenster. Here, customers report that they’re happy with the flavor and freshness of Stumptown’s beans

One customer who signed up for the subscription service gushed in their Stumptown Coffee review, “I don’t have to pay for shipping and the beans are freshly roasted the day they ship them. The coffee is always fresh and I don’t have to worry about running out.

It’s a time and money saver. Getting a subscription was one of my best pandemic decisions. Great beans, great customer service, and a great convenience.”

Overall, this Stumptown Coffee review found the brand has earned customer trust and praise by delivering a consistently fresh and flavorful coffee experience, whether it’s in person or through their delivery service online.

Is Stumptown Coffee Worth It?

Stumptown Coffee Review

As you can tell from our Stumptown Coffee review, this company has gone out of their way to secure premium coffee beans and establish positive relationships with coffee farmers across the world

Unlike many coffee chains this company is a certified B Corporation, showing that they are walking the talk of paying coffee producers fairly and protecting the environment.

This brand also caters to different customer tastes and preferences by offering the following:

  • Different flavor notes – fruity, nutty, caramel and more
  • Bean blends or single-origin coffee beans
  • Ground or whole beans
  • Cold brews 
  • Coffee Brewing equipment
  • One-time orders or Subscriptions

Our Stumptown Coffee review learned that this brand is incredibly well-liked and trusted by customers. They have received high star ratings and glowing customer feedback for their products’ flavor, freshness, and taste, as well as for their consistent customer service

As such, we can happily recommend making an order from this company (we might just do so ourselves)!

Stumptown Coffee Promotions & Discounts 

Stumptown Coffee Review

This brand offers new customers 10% off their first purchase through their official website. 

If you subscribe to receive their coffee regularly, the savings will be even better – 30% off your first order with free shipping on all subscriptions with the code SAVE30.

Where to Buy Stumptown Coffee

Stumptown Coffee Review

You can purchase all Stumptown Coffee products from their official web site.


Stumptown Coffee Review

Who owns Stumptown Coffee?

This Stumptown Coffee review found that the company is owned by the parent company Peet’s Coffee.

Where is Stumptown Coffee from?

This brand sources their coffee beans from a range of producers around the world, in countries such as Colombia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Peru, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and more. 

This company pride itself on their Direct Trade with coffee producers and cooperatives, which they explain in detail on their Learn More About Stumptown page.

Does Stumptown Coffee ship internationally?

Stumptown Coffee ships to the UK, Japan, and Canada.

What is Stumptown Coffee’s Shipping Policy?

Stumptown Coffee will ship orders across the US, including to military addresses overseas. Shipping is free for orders over $40.

The brand explains that they generally fulfill orders within two business days of receiving them, and use UPS and USPS for delivery.

What is Stumptown Coffee’s Return Policy?

This Stumptown Coffee review has learned that the brand will not accept returns. However, they will refund you if you received a damaged item. 

Stumptown Coffee may be able to do a return or provide credit if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase. Just reach out via their Contact form within 30 days to initiate the process.

How to Contact Stumptown Coffee

Stumptown Coffee Review

This Stumptown Coffee review has found that you can contact this company through the Contact form on their official site.

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