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Sugarwish Review

Yeah, flowers are a safe bet when it comes to gifts. Same with perfumes and personalized cards… But we all know that the stomach is the best way to the heart. Nothing says “I saw it and thought of you” like a treat (or two) to answer the neverending call of your sweet tooth. In other words, chocolate is king.

Is your mouth already watering? Yeah, ours too. That’s why Sugarwish is here with all you ever ask for when you blow out your candles: a gift box filled with all the sweetest treats, from cookies to popcorn, to candies and snacks. 

Commended by Yahoo!Life, New York Times, and Forbes for being one of the best gift boxes on the market, this brand is clearly well-loved for its quality candies. If you’re in need of the perfect gift, whether it’s for yourself, a co-worker, a client, or someone you love, Sugarwish has what you’re looking for.

But before you click “add to cart,” keep reading this Sugarwish review for all the delicious details. We’ll look at where the brand came from, how it works, what kind of boxes it sells, what customers are saying (with their mouths full), and more to help you decide if it’s the right gift to give!

Overview of Sugarwish

Sugarwish Review

The idea of Sugarwish came to be when two moms, Elisabeth Vezzani and Leslie Lyon, found themselves wishing for a sweeter gift to give when it came to the holiday season. They were bored with all the common, predictable gifts and wanted a taste of something new that would really bring a sweet smile to their loved one’s faces.

Personalized gifts were what really stuck out, and then came the idea: why not recreate the feeling of being a kid in a candy shop, now in gift box form? This exciting combination made the perfect thoughtful gift that could never disappoint since the recipients would be able to choose their fave snacks (which we’ll explain later). 

The company was founded in 2012 and is based in Denver, Colorado, though it now sends boxes all over North America, making recipients everywhere feel sweet and special! 

The brand has also since partnered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This endeavor has really helped the brand expand on the idea that “Delighting [their] customers is an obsession. It is the ultimate goal behind every decision [they] make and everything [they] do!” 

By partnering with Make-A-Wish, Sugarwish strives to grant “life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. This partnership allows Sugarwishes to be donated to Make-A-Wish to bring hope, joy, and well-deserved sweetness to wish kids throughout their wish journey.”

Now that this Sugarwish review has taken a look at the brand’s candied roots let’s see how their products stand out with some highlights.


  • Wide selection of treat-filled gift boxes, from salty snacks to sweet candies and chocolates
  • Recreates the candy store experience
  • The gift receiver gets to choose their box
  • Ranges in price
  • Treats are made to order and always fresh
  • Quality ingredients
  • 30-day exchange or refund policy
  • Only ships within North America
Sugarwish Review

Sugarwish gift boxes come in all sorts of different treat options for you and your furry friends! That’s right! There are even pup-friendly boxes, so you can spend the evening munching on cookies together.

Before this Sugarwish review dives into all the options, let’s take a look at how the process works:

  1. The gifter chooses which kind of box they’d like the recipient to have (cookies, candies, etc.)
  2. Next, select the cover of the e-gift card, whether it’s to send birthday wishes, congratulations, or a thank you.
  3. The gift-ee gets to pick from all the different options and flavors available in the chosen type of box. You can also opt to choose the flavors yourself if you know what they like or are sending it as a corporate gift!
  4. The Sugarwish box should arrive at their door within a week!

Sugarwish Popcorn Review

Popcorn isn’t a snack reserved for the movies, and if you want to try out all the different flavors, or you’re looking for a way to butter someone up this holiday season, the bestselling Sugarwish popcorn gift boxes are the way to go.

All popcorn flavors are popped to order, so you know they’re super fresh. They’ll stay fresh for longer in their sealed container, so be sure to open them one by one to make them last!

Sugarwish X-Large Popcorn Review

If you know someone who has a hankering for the sweet and savory popped corn kernels, then the Sugarwish X-Large Popcorn box is the right choice. 

In this box, the giftee will receive six different flavors of popcorn in six single-serving packages. There are over 50 flavors to choose from, whether they want something gourmet and sweet or something a little more salty and tangy. 

With options like cherry, chili lime, and classic caramel, there’s something for everyone, and hey, maybe you can toss a new potential favorite in the mix. This box retails for $78.

Sugarwish Epic POP-Shoppe Review

If you want to open up the concession stand to a party or a group of employees or students who are enjoying a movie to celebrate all their hard work, the Sugarwish Epic POP-Shoppe will do the trick (or should we say treat?)!

This mega-box comes with 14 different flavors of yours or the recipient’s choice, as well as 100 treat bags and a scoop. The idea is that there’s enough to share here, so the box is perfect for a party of popcorn lovers and movie watchers!

The Epic POP-Shoppe will be everyone’s snack shop for the day for $269.

Sugarwish Candy Review

Whether it’s all in the nostalgia of the sour chews you ate as a kid, or if you like to toss a hard sweet candy around in your mouth, you’ll fulfill your candy-eating craving with a top-selling Sugarwish candy gift box. 

Sugarwish Large Candy Review

A candy lover is a candy lover, but preferences can be hard to pin down. With the Sugarwish Large Candy box, you can send the thoughtful idea their way, and they can select all their faves.

Whether they like something sour like a green apple or sweet like a peach, they can have everything they like in the eight pack they get in this box. Plus, there are over 70 candies to choose from, whether they want chocolates, chews, gummies, or classic hard candies (or a bit of everything).

The Large Candy box is the perfect gift for anyone candy-obsessed in your life for $56.

Sugarwish Original Sweet Shoppe Review

If you’re hosting a Halloween party, the Sugarwish Original Sweet Shoppe is the best way to make your treat selection a little more like the time-honored tradition of trick or treating.

With 6 different flavors in the box and a scoop with enough to fill 50 bags, you’ll have everyone coming back and holding out their bags for more.

This Original Sweet Shoppe box retails for $176

Sugarwish Cookies Review

Move over, Pillsbury DoughBoy. There’s a new cookie in town! The amazingly popular Sugarwish Cookie boxes give you a taste of all that’s sweet in the world, whether you’d like something stuffed, keto, or gluten-free. 

Sugarwish cookies are baked fresh and are best eaten within 14 days (your cookies will be labeled with the date they were made). The brand recommends heating them for 10 seconds to recreate that freshly baked ooey-gooey goodness or freezing them (for up to six months) to save them for later!

Sugarwish Small Cookies Review

From stuffed to crumbly to melt in your mouth chocolatey goodness, almost everyone loves a sweet and delicious cookie. What’s great about the Sugarwish Small Cookies box is that the recipient can get a taste of all the types of cookies they would like!

This box comes with four different cookie flavors, and there are over 20 gourmet options to choose from. You’ve got your classic chocolate chip, sugar cookie, and oatmeal raisin, but then you’ve got cookies stuffed with peanut butter Nutella, chocolate caramel pretzels, and strawberry shortcake! Some cookies just want to have fun, and why shouldn’t they?

The Small Cookies box retails for $34

Sugarwish X-Large Cookies Review

If you’re sending a gift to an office or a small get-together, the Sugarwish X-Large Cookies are the way!

Since a cookie always does well at a party, these cookies are sure to delight. This box comes with 12 cookies, and the recipient can choose from the over 20 different types available. Or, you can pick the types yourself, keeping things classic to suit everyone’s taste, or branching out so they can try something new. 

This box retails for $78

Who Is Sugarwish For? 

Sugarwish Review

Sweet celebrations can only be made sweeter with a sugary gift box. Whether you’re attending a baby shower, thanking a friend for a favor, or reminding someone that you’re grateful for them, there’s no sweeter way to say what you need to than with a Sugarwish. 

What makes Sugarwish special, though, is that the gift-giver doesn’t have to be the one picking out the gift. You have the option of sending an electronic gift card to your recipient, who can then pick out their box themselves. So, if you don’t know someone’s fave treats but still want them to have a thoughtful gift, this Sugarwish review has found your answer.

It’s all the fun of wandering through a candy store or gazing through the bakery window from the comfort of your own home!

And on top of literally making the perfect gift, these gift boxes have a wide selection of treats. Whether you’re in the mood for fancy popcorn mixes, classic candies, decadent cookies, or slightly healthier snacks like dried fruit and trail mix, you can find them all in a Sugarwish box.

On top of making the perfect gift, these candy boxes have a wide selection of treats, so if you’re in the mood for more than one flavor of popcorn or candies that are both sweet and sour, you can find them all in a Sugarwish box. 

Sugarwish Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Sugarwish Review

This Sugarwish review wouldn’t be complete without some customer reviews! When searching the internet for testimonials from Sugarwish shoppers far and wide, all we could find were happy customers! 

The company is rated 3/5 stars out of 106 reviews on Yelp, where buyers were impressed with the wide selection and twist on gift-giving. One 5/5 star review is a recipient of the gift who was super happy and touched by the treats they received:

Got the sweetest delivery of dog treats from my cousin! She loved them (she ate it out of my hand) and she’s super picky about treats. We got two flavors, pumpkin cheeses and soft pork and apple ducks. I was so surprised and it touched this dog mama’s heart. I will keep this in mind as a gift for my friends and their fur babies!”

Another 5/5 star review comes from a happy gifter, who explains that they always turn to Sugarwish for the best gifts, writing, “I have been gifting SugarWish ever since I was gifted one in 2016!  I have never been disappointed in what I have received and have always received amazing customer service.  Everyone who has gotten one from me thinks this is super unique.”

Her happy-camper praise continued to say, “This is perfect for someone you don’t know well, they can order vegan, gluten free or nut free. They know their tastes and/or allergies. My work team loved it! My kid’s teachers love it too! If I could give it 10 stars I would!”

It’s clear that both gifters and giftees are ecstatic with the concept, and the actual super fun and unique, sure to be gobbled up presents for all different occasions! Bonus for anyone with dietary restrictions and preferences who are sure to find an option that works for them!

Chip Chick also wrote a glowing review of Sugarwish, loving the woman-owned brand and its dedication to making people feel special. She writes, “I absolutely love candy, and I’m always on the hunt for a sweet or thoughtful gift I can send my friends and family. Well, Sugarwisht ombines all of those things and is the most unique eGift I’ve come across so far this year.”

Their Sugarwish review also loved the “attractive interior packaging.”

While the negative reviews are few and far between, they seem to surround confusion about how the process worked. The brand politely responded to these complaints, explaining that the cards needed to be used for the items to be sent since the idea is that the receiver gets to choose the specific gift they would like.

Is Sugarwish Worth It?

Sugarwish Review

With some glowing reviews and plenty of different boxes to choose from, Sugarwish makes a great gift. Whether you’d like to opt for one box or send a bunch as part of a corporate gift, this brand has all the ingredients for the best presents of the season.

Overall, this Sugarwish review deems the brand well worth the buy because there are so many ways to gift, and it’s hard to go wrong when the recipient gets to choose their favs while you still offer a thoughtful gift!

Sugarwish Promotions & Discounts 

Sugarwish Review

This Sugarwish review scoured the brand’s website for some good deals on these delicious gifts, but unfortunately, we came up empty-handed. Keep your eyes peeled for holiday discounts, or sign up for their email list and await exclusive offers!

Where to Buy Sugarwish

Sugarwish Review

You can shop these treat-filled gift boxes straight from the source:


Sugarwish Review

Who owns Sugarwish?

This Sugarwish review found that the brand is owned by the co-founders, Elisabeth Vezzani and Leslie Lyon. The two moms sought to create a gift box that strayed from the conventional ideas of gifting, and found sweet success with the concept of Sugarwish.

What is Sugarwish’s Shipping Policy?

Since the gift cards come through email, your recipient should receive them as soon as you order or on your chosen date!

Depending on the box, Sugarwish can take 3-7 days to ship once the order has been placed and should arrive within 1-2 days via FedEx. You can also track your product to keep an eye on the prize.

Since these treats are made fresh to order, the brand only ships within North America.

What is Sugarwish’s Return Policy?

If you don’t love the treats or a gift card hasn’t been redeemed, Sugarwish will offer a replacement or refund (in the form of a credit) within 30 days of ordering.

All you have to do is contact the brand, and they’ll take care of things from there.

How to Contact Sugarwish

We hope you enjoyed our Sugarwish review! If you have any more questions about the brand or its products, please contact them through the following means.

  • The live chat function on the website
  • Fill out the email form at
  • Call 303-731-1190

Sugarwish’s customer service via chat or email operates all week long, 7:00 AM – 6:30 MST on weekdays and 8 AM to 2 PM on weekends. If you prefer to call, you can do so Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 4 PM MST.

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