Sunnies Review

About Sunnies 

Sunnies Review

Sunnies is an optical and sunglass company that sells stylish prescription eyewear and sunglasses. With its classic designs and modern styles, the brand attracts people of all ages. So everyone can find a pair that makes them look and feel chic. 

Its social media accounts have attracted some attention and they currently have about 373k followers on Instagram. Additionally, the specs have been mentioned in media outlets like CNN and Hypebae. The company also has 127 stores in the Philippines and Vietnam. 

But are the frames worth the hype? By the end of this Sunnies review, I intend to find out. Join me as I take a look at the brand’s history, popular specs, policies, and more so you can decide if it’s time to buy some new sunnies.  

Overview Of Sunnies

Sunnies Review

In 2011, Eric Dee and Bea Soriano-Dee started their retail brand called Charlie. It sold clothing items, shoes, and more. After experiencing some success, Georgina Wilson became their new marketing director in 2013. With other new additions, they rebranded their company and began selling sunglasses under the name Sunnies. 

Then, in 2016, the company started offering prescription eyewear. Each item is designed in-house, and they have over 200 styles to choose from. As a result, Sunnies became the third-most followed retail brand on Instagram in the Philippines in the same year. 

Sunnies aims to help consumers invest in high-quality and accessible eyewear. It emphasizes that there’s “one for everyone whether it’s for staying in or going out.” And with a global reach and physical locations in Asia, it’s definitely succeeding. 

Now that you know more about the brand, I’ll start this Sunnies review off with some highlights: 


Sunnies Review
  • The company offers a wide selection of sunglasses and prescription eyewear 
  • The glasses are designed in-house, and customers can virtually try on items 
  • Free worldwide shipping for prescription glasses
  • They offer a warranty that covers factory defects

Sunnies can provide you with stylish specs for the office or your next tropical vacay—whether you prefer blue light lenses or stylish sunglasses. So, keep reading this Sunnies review to learn about the best-selling eyewear that you could add to your collection. 

Sunnies Review

The words ‘classic’ and ‘chic’ are what come to mind when looking at the most wanted Sunnies specs. They’re simple and contemporary—so they’ll appeal to almost anyone—whether they’re eyewear novices or long-time eyeglasses enthusiasts. 

Sunnies Jarvis Cream Review

Sunnies Review
Sunnies Jarvis Cream

The angular Jarvis Cream sunglasses have a flattering silhouette that makes me feel nostalgic. The rectangular shape has some Y2K energy, which is making its way back into mainstream fashion these days. 

The Jarvis has a polycarbonate frame and a shiny finish. So you can sport them while out to lunch with some pals, and the cream colorway won’t be hard to style. Other styles include a dark mosaic finish that’s bound to be a statement pair in your collection. 

These Sunnies sunglasses will cost $25 to add to your bag. 

Sunnies Oswalt Anchor Review

Sunnies Review
Sunnies Oswalt Anchor

If you’re in the market for some new prescription specs, you’re in luck. The Oswalt Anchor glasses feature a round design and some angular edges for a suave, academic look. They also have a shiny finish that’ll please anyone’s eyes. 

The Anchors are studious and stylish. There really isn’t much fuss surrounding the straightforward style, making them perfect for everyday use. Wearing them for school or workdays will be a no-brainer. 

You can select prescription lenses for the Oswalt Anchor, and the cost starts at $60

Sunnies Nigel Hazelnut Review 

Sunnies Review
Sunnies Nigel Hazelnut

Last up in my Sunnies review are the Nigel Hazelnut blue light, repurposed frames. If you find yourself working from home and staring at a computer all day, these might give your eyes some rest. Plus, they offer another angular silhouette for a modern look

The Sunnies anti-rad collection intends to keep your eyes safe from blue light. The Nigels can get the job done while you’re typing away. In addition, they’re made with UV420 for sun protection. Talk about a two-for-one deal. 

The Nigel Hazelnut glasses will run you $30 at checkout. 

Who Is Sunnies For? 

Sunnies Review

Sunnies is for anyone looking for stylish prescription eyewear, blue light glasses, or stylish sunglasses. The brand offers classic styles that will appeal to anyone’s tastes. In addition, the prices are reasonable compared to other competing eyewear companies, so they’re definitely accessible to all. 

Sunnies Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Sunnies Review

I can’t finish this Sunnies review without checking out some customer feedback. So I searched the internet for ratings. Unfortunately, there aren’t many reviews about the brand online. But, the company’s website, Yelp, and Facebook have some published ratings that are generally positive

On the main site, the brand has a 5/5 stars rating from 14 reviews. One happy customer wrote this review: “Such a flattering shape and gives a cool 90s look. I’ve come back again and again for these if I’ve lost or damaged mine accidentally. They’re really good quality. I’m just clumsy!” 

Honestly, I can relate to that. Another reviewer was happy with their purchase: “I don’t usually go for rectangular shaped glasses, but I thought I’d give it a shot and see if I liked it. They have a sturdy frame and a nice color.” 

Another satisfied customer wrote a detailed review:

I have been obsessed with the 70s vibes that are influencing style right now. I’ve always loved that era and decided that I needed new frames to match. Ordering glasses online with no return is a bit risky, but I’m so happy I did it. These are my new favorite frames. I’m constantly getting complimented on them. Also, the price was too good to ignore! I will definitely be ordering more glasses from Sunnies Studios!”

The company also gets positive reception from shoppers on its Yelp page. On this site, it’s rated 3.5/5 stars based on five customer ratings. The general consensus is that the frames are worth investing in, but customers have had to take good care of them. Many also found that they’re definitely a step up from less expensive plastic shades—without the luxury price tag.

For instance, one reviewer wrote, “The sunglasses that they sell look really expensive, but it’s actually very affordable. […] They have a variety of designs and styles that will look good with any face shape.” 

During my research for this Sunnies review I also found a few critical ratings. For example, the brand’s Facebook page has a 2/5 star rating based on four reviews. The main complaints include issues with customer service at the company’s retail locations. Other than that, I couldn’t see any other comments about the brand’s overall service. 

Is Sunnies Legit?

Sunnies Review

It’s hard to gauge whether Sunnies offers good online service. From the reviews I read, however, it seems like customers are happy with their purchases. Still, there are no negative comments regarding shipping delays or return issues. So, it’s safe to say that Sunnies is most likely legit on the online front. 

Is Sunnies Worth It?

Sunnies Review

Finding a reasonably priced pair of eyeglasses can be satisfying. Sunnies sells plenty of sunglasses, prescription specs, and more online and at their retail locations. And all their products are both accessible and chic

So, based on this Sunnies review, I think the brand’s huge collection is worth browsing. They have so many styles available, along with prescription options and a decent price tag. And even though there aren’t many reviews to go off of, it’s safe to say that customers are happy with their Sunnies. 

Sunnies Promotions & Discounts 

Sunnies Review

Did someone say promo code? Well, Sunnies will send you a 10% off coupon for your first order when you subscribe to its email program. Also, the brand is currently running a ‘refer a friend’ promotion. If you refer a friend and they sign up for Sunnies’ emails, you’ll both receive $20 off your next purchase—as long as your orders cost $120 or more.

Where To Buy Sunnies

Sunnies Review

Are you eyeing a pair of glasses in this Sunnies review? If so, you can snag a pair on The company also has several retail locations in the Philippines. 


Sunnies Review

Who owns Sunnies?

Eric Dee, Bea Soriano Dee, and Georgina Wilson are the co-owners of Sunnies. 

Are Sunnies shades polarized?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information about polarized lenses for Sunnies shades. 

Does Sunnies ship internationally?

Sunnies does ship internationally via DHL. I’ll get into more detail about that in the following section. 

What is Sunnies’ shipping policy?

Sunnies offers free worldwide shipping for all prescription eyewear orders. Shipping for any other products costs $25 or is free if the order exceeds $100. International orders are subject to customs duties, and these fees are calculated and paid at checkout. 

Processing standard lenses typically takes 24 hours, while custom lenses may take 12 business days. After processing, global shipping can take 3-5 business days. In addition, you’ll receive tracking information once your package ships. 

What is Sunnies’ return policy?

Sunnies has a seven-day return policy for defective items or if you’ve received the wrong order. If that’s the case for you, you can contact the brand via the ‘Help’ button on their website to initiate your return. In any other case, website purchases are ‘final sale.’ 

How To Contact Sunnies

Sunnies Review

I hope you enjoyed reading this Sunnies review. If you have any questions about the brand or its products, you can contact the company through the following channels: 

10 Calle Industria, Bagumbayan

Quezon City 1110

Metro Manila, Philippines

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