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Tahari Review

Luxury doesn’t always have to equal high costs that break the bank. Sometimes those top-quality pieces can come through a variety of styles and selections with sales always at their beck and call.

That’s why women’s fashion brands like Tahari make a name for themselves – high-grade items that won’t empty the wallet with a single purchase.

This brand’s online following is still being built up, but they do currently have 76.4k followers on Instagram to their name. Not too bad in this day and age. Add in their features in Vogue, Forbes, and Variety – they’re doing just fine getting the name out there.

In my Tahari review I want to do more than just glance over products. I’m also going to be looking at prices, target market, ratings, and more to determine whether these pieces are worth investing in.

Overview of Tahari

Tahari Review

Tahari clothing has existed in the world for over 40 years. Founded by Elie Tahari, the brand first launched in 1973 after Tahari emigrated from Israel to the US to explore the world of fashion. 

Putting in time at a boutique, the designer took to creating his own label, eventually opening his own boutique on Madison Avenue.

Add in the creation of his own fashion show in the ‘70s and a move to include the suit in women’s fashion in the ‘80s, it wasn’t long before Tahari was named one of the most successful 40 under 40.

Gaining traction in the fashion world for bold designs with women’s fashion, the wool suits and styles created gained the attention of the entertainment industry. The ‘90s saw an increase of this draw and Tahari pieces began to make their way onto the silver screen through shows like Ally McBeal, The X Files, and Will & Grace.

The 2000s saw a change in branding from the original Tahari to Elie Tahari, after the founder himself. Growth has continued over the past two decades, seeing the company flourish from their original New York location to over 40 countries and 600 locations worldwide. 

Elegant, graceful, and always the epitome of fashion, this brand knows how to offer luxury on a silver platter.

Always fans of an original story that builds from the bottom up, this Tahari review would be remiss to ignore the other highlights that this brand has since seen in their years since launch:


Tahari Review
  • Offers a wide range of luxury women’s fashion, home, and accessories
  • Payment plans through Shop Pay
  • Returns on sales items under 40% off
  • International shipping
  • Over 600 locations worldwide

Turning from the general to a more specific route, this Tahari review needs to take a gander through the products that have built the brand. 

Due to their expansive line of inventory, I’m selecting a few products from a variety of categories to provide a wider range of stock available. It’s barely scratching the surface of what’s available, but these popular products definitely speak to the style and quality this company offers.

Tahari Dresses Review

The finest of fashion can be difficult to find, so it’s nice to see so many options available through Tahari dresses

These sleek and stunning styles are all about conquering every look – from evening to work to casual wear, this brand has them all. Rather than focus on each design, I picked two of their best-selling pieces to give the briefest glance into what this brand can offer.

Tahari Twist Velvet Dress Review

Tahari Twist Velvet Dress Review
Tahari Twist Velvet Dress

Whether showing up at a work event or taking control of the night, the Twist Velvet Dress is all about a slimming style that works for any occasion.

Definitely made to stand out, the key feature of this piece appears in its name – velvet. Soft, subtle, yet shining with a texture we all adore, this deep sapphire design shines in the spotlight while playing with the depth of the shadows.

As a long-sleeve with a deep V-neck, the fun here comes from the neckline twist. Adding just a bit of a 3-dimensional pop, the twist really pulls together the whole design through a more form-fitting appearance.

At the time of writing this Tahari review, this dress is down from $348 to $244.

Tahari Twist Neck Dress Review

Tahari Twist Neck Dress Review
Tahari Twist Neck Dress

Taking a more conservative stab at a similar style, the Twist Neck Dress is all about beauty, grace, and confidence.

I’m claiming this one as workwear. The fact is, anyone who strolls up to the office in this all-black number is there to take names and get the job done. It really just screams girlboss.

Featuring a twist neckline, this long-sleeve dress falls just above the knees – perfect for a matching pair of heels to strut the halls and take charge. Fitting to the body perfectly, the figure is highlighted while maintaining professionalism at all times.

Save big on this number for $246 (regularly $348).

Tahari Sunglasses Review

The summer sun isn’t the only reason to throw on the perfect pair of shades. Tahari sunglasses provide that ideal balance of form and function to add just the right amount of attitude to any other style. 

With an endless list of products to select from, I’ve chosen to show off the most popular pairs.

Tahari Grey Tortoise Wayfarer Review 

Tahari Grey Tortoise Wayfarer Review 
Tahari Grey Tortoise Wayfarer

Add some pop and pizzaz to neutral styles with the Grey Tortoise Wayfarer.

These shades are all about subtle fashion. The classic tortoise patterning stands out amongst a neutral-toned outfit. Take those black pants and cream blouses and bring together the contrasting shades through one pair that not only looks great on their own but also pulls together whole pieces.

In addition to looking great, these shades really do deliver on doing their job. Including UV protection in the lenses, these sunglasses also come with a scratch-resistant coating inside durable frames to make the whole thing strong all-around.

At the time of writing this Tahari review, these shades are going for $99 rather than their regular $158.

Tahari Black Wayfarer Review

Tahari Black Wayfarer Review
Tahari Black Wayfarer

Sometimes classics really do take the lead. Such is the case with the Black Wayfarer.

Standard black will never truly go old. Suitable with all outfits, these frames and lenses really add a bit of mystery and elegance to any appearance. Dark and stormy never really goes out of style.

Looks aren’t the only beauty of this pair. These sunglasses are all about protection in every form. Protecting the eyes from the harmful glare of UV rays, these lenses step up in force to hold back any blinding light. Don’t worry about dropping them as the thick frames support a scratch-resistant layer present on the lenses to keep everything intact at all times.

Step up with a new sunny favorite for $99, on sale from $158.

Tahari Suits Review

Power suits don’t just belong to the men in this world. We all know that a woman in a suit can easily be the most powerful person in the room. That’s why Tahari suits have been created – to offer equal (if not better) designs to increase that confidence and quality of appearance. 

I’m going with my favorites for this article, so get ready for a beautiful marriage of form and function.

Tahari Velvet Blazer Review

Tahari Velvet Blazer Review
Tahari Velvet Blazer

Present passion and confidence in every action with the Tahari Velvet Blazer on your side.

Blazers are really the unsung heroes of the working world. Added to any outfit to provide a touch of professionalism and class, these jackets really exist in the working world for a reason – to make a statement. 

So, instead of leaving the look to men, this brand has twisted things around for a more feminine form.

Lengthy for a slimming figure, this cordovan-colored piece is all about style. With slight padding on the shoulders and a long neckline to really accentuate the body, this soft velvet piece closes with an easy single-button clasp. 

Throw your hands in the flap-top pockets, or just let the jacket hang open. No matter how it’s worn, this blazer is a look.

While writing this Tahari review, this piece is on sale for $247 (regularly $495).  

Tahari Long Sleeve Crew Neck Ribbed Body Suit Review

Tahari Long Sleeve Crew Neck Ribbed Body Suit Review
Tahari Long Sleeve Crew Neck Ribbed Body Suit

Take hold of the colder months with the Long Sleeve Crew Neck Ribbed Body Suit.

Sometimes the chill of Fall and Winter just cuts through any outfit, so layering can be a godsend on those harsh and windy days. Perfect as an underlayer, this scoop top has an amazing texture both in appearance and feel.

Crafted from soft cotton, the ribbed patterning of this white top is soothing to the touch. Creating a gentle style for those who want to wear it solo with a pair of jeans, leggings, or other, the whole appearance really screams cozy Autumn vibes. 

Whether lounging, conquering the slopes, or just spending the day amongst friends, this casual look will work in any environment.

Add a bit of body to any outfit with this bodysuit for $48, on sale from $95.

Who Is Tahari For? 

Tahari Review

Women everywhere – this is a brand dedicated to the feminine form. (I acknowledge that they do have a men’s line as well, but their focus seems to remain female-oriented). 

From dresses to suits to everyday styles, this business was born around women’s fashion and has continued that journey, adding in accessories and home collections over time.

This name is really all about luxury items, top-quality materials, and reduced prices with constant sales. I love a brand that’s so dedicated to their customers – top styles for lower prices, that’s pure customer loyalty right there. 

Honestly, anyone looking for items with a feminine touch will be satisfied by these products, so I’d recommend taking a look.

Tahari Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Tahari Review

It would be irresponsible of this Tahari review to conclude the article without considering the thoughts of others. That’s why I did a deep dive into the world of online ratings to find out what customers think of this brand and their products.

Our findings? Reviews are actually pretty limited. Those I discovered were quite positive, but the numbers were low enough that I want to offer a blanket statement and say that these ratings may not accurately reflect all perspectives of customers. 

I did the best I could to find those true feelings about Tahari, but a limited pool seems to be the best available right now.

Surprisingly, the highest numbers for Tahari ASL products (including their T Tahari, Tahari Home, and TAHARI lines) came from Amazon. 

In fact, the biggest customer count comes from their Home collection with the Tahari Home Bronn Bedding Collection, 4.5/5 stars based on over 150 ratings.

Customers for this product adore all aspects of the item. From the quality, comfortable material to the stunning gray design, this bedding seems to be an all-around winner. One Tahari review noted that “This is as soft and beautiful as it looks in the photos! Very happy with this purchase.

I have to appreciate any item that follows through in appearance – let’s be honest, the final product doesn’t always match the original photos. So, to hear that not only does this piece look as great as promised, but it also feels wonderful? That’s a definite good sign.

Best bedding, even better price. So soft can be used in summer and winter without making you feel hot or sweaty.

But Tahari Home products aren’t the only ones coming in with good ratings and reviews on Amazon. Here are just a few of the other top contenders:

  • T Tahari Women’s Heavy Weight Puffer Coat with Faux Fur Hood: 4.4/4 stars based on over 50 ratings
  • T Tahari Women’s Elaine Boiled Combo Wool Coat: 4.5/5 stars based on over 20 ratings
  • TAHARI Women’s Double Face Wool Blend Wrap Coat with Oversized Collar: 4/5 stars based on over 35 ratings
  • TAHARI Women’s Wool Wrap Coat with Tie Belt: 4.2/5 stars based on over 90 ratings

Alongside the incredible Tahari Home collection, this brand has made their name in fashion and women’s attire. Gaining them an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau, their quality in design, fitting, and function, seem to follow a pattern in all they do. 

Bloomingdale’s customers seem to echo this belief as the T Tahari Nelly Faux Fur Trim Hooded Puffer Coat has 4.2/5 stars based on over 25 ratings.

What makes this piece a winner? Customers adore the warmth it exudes on the coldest of days. Blocking out the frosty winds, this form-fitting piece offers a “Nice fitting, warm coat.” 

In fact, other customers have gone on to discuss how “It has the right curves, it shields from cold (and it’s freezing outside now), the material is great, and it’s not shiny. It fits perfectly.

The fit really seems to be a selling point for this brand as many have commented on how nothing runs too small or large. Holding just the right (and accurate) sizes, this brand takes to highlighting the figure without going overboard on keeping close to curves. It’s all about showing the form without getting too clingy.

Our last stop on the ratings trains comes in with Influenster who offers this brand 4.5/5 stars based on over 15 ratings. Not very high, I admit, but customers still seem thrilled with their interactions with the company. 

Many ratings on this site speak openly about the prices and values of the products available.

One customer noted, “If you want an investment piece that will last years, go for this designer! I bought this skirt years ago and it’s been with me ever since! It still looks as good as the day I bought it. I am a firm believer in not wasting money but if you buy good, quality items, you will get a huge return on your investment!

With constant sales to cut costs, the higher price tags of these pieces don’t hit nearly as hard as other designers on the market. Quality materials for reduced costs seem to gain quite a bit of support from loyal fans online.

Is Tahari Worth It?

Tahari Review

Taking in all that I’ve learned throughout this Tahari review, I’m recommending this one as a buy. Despite the limited ratings online, I have yet to see an overwhelming number of concerns or discontent with this business. In fact, many seem to praise the brand for their selection and quality.

From endless women’s wear to their other lines of accessories and home collections, this brand seems to have a bit of everything to them. Top-tier designs and materials at a reduced price? It’s no wonder they have loyal customers loving them online. 

At this point, these products seem like an investment rather than a purchase, and no one can argue against spending money on something like that.

Tahari Promotions & Discounts 

Tahari Review

While writing this Tahari review, the brand is currently running a Last Sale promotion. Select pieces are on for up to 70% off the regular price. Now’s the time to find those low prices for those who have been eyeing certain items and waiting for a drop in cost.

Where to Buy Tahari

Tahari Review

I understand that in most cases, people are going to be shopping directly from the brand site at, but on the off chance that individuals are looking elsewhere, just know that this brand has options. 

Working with a number of fashion and clothes shops, it’s pretty easy to find the Tahari name around the aisles. I’ve found just a few top locations to start the shopping experience, so take a look at what other places are teaming with Tahari products:

  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Macy’s
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Nordstrom
  • Amazon


Tahari Review

Who owns Tahari?

Tahari is currently owned and operated by Elie Tahari. Tahari joined with Arthur Levine and Les Schreiber to create and run Tahari ASL to provide a wider product selection and more partner-retailer access to select items.  

Where is Elie Tahari made?

Tahari products are made in a selection of countries. Production mainly takes place in the US, China, and Italy.

Does Tahari ship internationally?

Absolutely! Tahari proudly works in over 40 countries internationally and has shipping throughout these locations.

What is Tahari’s Shipping Policy?

Reach the point where shipping interest has popped up? Whether ready to ship or still undecided, this Tahari review has promised all available info and that means ordering and delivery.

Shipping with Tahari seems to be a simple situation. The brand delivers internationally as well as throughout the 50 states and select US territories. 

Currently, they’re unable to ship to PO boxes, but other locations are in the clear. I will say that international customers may be responsible for duties and taxes upon delivery, so keep that in mind for those global orders.

But enough about the where; let’s get to the when. This brand offers three shipping speeds for customers:

  1. UPS Ground Shipping
  • Delivered within 8 to 10 business days
  • Free on orders over $350
  • Orders under the limit are charged shipping costs dependent on location
  1. Priority Shipping
  • Delivered within 4 to 5 business days
  • Costs are calculated based on location
  1.  DHL International
  • Delivered within 13 to 20 business days
  • Costs (including duties and taxes) are calculated based on location

Select the speed that works for you and get that package on the move. It’ll arrive in no time at all with the tracking number at the ready to notify any delivery movements.

What is Tahari’s Return Policy?

Not every online order matches the dream, so I wanted this Tahari review to cover the worst-case scenario: returns. The process takes place through an online portal, guiding customers through the necessary questions to isolate that required information. 

But before going through the steps, there are a few important facts to keep in mind:

  • Products can be returned within 30 days of delivery
  • Items purchased for 39% off or lower can be returned within the time limit
  • Anything bought for above 40% cannot be returned
  • Returns cost $8 for a UPS return label
  • Refunds will be processed within 1 to 2 weeks after packages have been received

Customers will be taken through the return process step-by-step online, but it’s handy to go in with the order number at the ready. Have information by your side and the return will be on its way in no time.

How to Contact Tahari

Tahari Review

Waiting to place an order until more info is at hand? This Tahari review has found the easiest ways to get in touch for a fast response. 

The brand works regular hours from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST, so answers fly fast in this time span when using these methods of contact:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (800) 649-6179 or
  • International Phone: + (001) 800-649-6179 

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