Tailored Pet Review

About Tailored Pet

Tailored Pet Review

Tailored Pet is a personalized pet food company that delivers your dog’s food straight to your door. Pet owners can rest easy knowing that Tailored Pet understands that all dogs are different and each one requires specific care. 

Many pet parents are hopping on board the personalized dog food train. Tailored Pet’s customizable kibble gets some attention on Instagram with 8.3k followers, and they’ve been featured in PR News Wire and Canine Journal

Are you thinking of making the switch to custom dog food? Our Tailored Pet review can help you out. We’re going to look at the company’s history, subscription service, customer reviews, and more, so you can decide if their bark is worth the bite.  

Overview of Tailored Pet

Tailored Pet Review

Tailored Pet launched in 2020, so it’s a relatively new company. They’re made up of a team of pet nutrition professionals and pet owners who spent a long time studying pet health. They prioritize a health-first approach with their direct-to-consumer model. 

They came together to “solve a problem.” As we mentioned, they know that all dogs have different health needs, but with the abundance of options available, they aimed to simplify the process for owners and furbabies everywhere. 

Having launched during the pandemic, the company acknowledges that pets provide comfort, support, and friendship while going through stressful periods. But, caring for them can be difficult with restrictions, so their online model combats that problem. 

We couldn’t find much more information about the brand, but we found that they’re based in Pittsburgh and working to reduce their carbon emissions. They’ve even introduced recyclable packaging. In addition, they price their products competitively with retail brands, so making the switch isn’t too financially overwhelming. 

Now, we’re going to discuss some highlights in this Tailored Pet review.  


Tailored Pet Review
  • Personalized pet food with high-quality ingredients 
  • Dog quiz asks all the important questions like allergies and restrictions
  • Prices similar to special retail pet food
  • Subscription service delivers right to your door
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Caring for your pup begins with the kibble you feed them. In Tailored Pet’s food, ingredients like salmon, lamb, nutritious veggies, and legumes will definitely get some tails wagging. 

Keep reading this Tailored Pet review to find out more about their personalized subscription service. Also, note that you’re able to purchase the company’s pet food without subscribing.

Tailored Pet Review

Tailored Pet Review

Tailored Pet food’s kibble is made by the company team, veterinarians, and dog nutritionists. They also use high-quality, natural ingredients with different vitamins to make sure they meet the Association of American Feed Control Officials’ standards. Additionally, they’re made in kitchen facilities in the US

While writing this Tailored Pet review, we noticed that the ingredients are sourced from the US and other supply partners around the world. This includes countries like New Zealand, Canada, and France. Additionally, each of their suppliers follows strict food safety rules. 

So, Tailored Pet experts definitely work hard to make sure your furbaby gets the nutrition they need. But, there are a few steps you have to take before the kibble arrives at your doorstep. That includes a quiz based on your pet’s age, sex, breed, size, lifestyle, and other health concerns

For the purpose of this Tailored Pet review, we decided to create a profile for a senior, small breed dog with a somewhat healthy coat who has some couch potato tendencies but can quickly get to their feet. We also noted that our example pup struggled with vomiting to look at the company’s more sensitive blend. 

Tailored Pet also asked about teeth and gum health, and we said our pooch had a “show-stopping smile.” They’re also primarily healthy with extra vet trips every now and then. Next, we were able to select our canine’s protein of choice. Premium protein like bison will cost extra. We chose chicken to see how much a regular protein would run for. Towards the end, we could customize a label for our dog, which adds a charming personal touch. 

The expert-made algorithm ended up making our example pup a Chicken, Chicken Meal, Pea & Lentil Blend. In addition, to accommodate our smaller breed, the company formulated a smaller kibble for our small dog and made sure it was crunchy to help support their teeth and gums. 

Chicken is the #1 ingredient in the dry food recipe, and it also contains flaxseed, chickpeas, and Vitamins like B12 and D3. Additionally, Tailored Pet also added probiotics to promote healthy digestion for our vomit-prone pupper. 

As we mentioned, our example dog is in the senior range. This means that they would have different nutritional needs in comparison to puppies. Our old dog’s recipe is made to be balanced so that they’re able to enjoy life in the later stages. 

If you do have a puppy, Tailored Pet notes that their food will support healthy development. During the puppy stage, your little mutt goes through bone, muscle, vision, brain, and digestion growth. So, a unique recipe and portion guides can target these aspects perfectly.

In terms of pricing, we were able to choose between a four-week (8lb bag) or 10 week supply (20lb bag). There are price variations depending on the chosen plan and whether we decide on a one-time purchase. There are also additional discounts if it’s your first order. Here are the totals for our senior pup’s chicken blend: 

  • 4 week supply (8lb bag) 
    • Subscription: $14 (Recurring: $26) 
    • One-time purchase: $29
  • 10 week supply (20lb bag) 
    • Subscription: $26 (Recurring: $47) 
    • One-time purchase: $52 

It’s important to note that prices will vary depending on your dog’s size, health, and more. Once you’ve checked out, it’s time to figure out your dog’s recommended serving. Tailored Pet provides you with a measured amount along with transition guidelines, so the switch isn’t too shocking to your dog. The feeding guidelines are calculated depending on your dog’s weight, age, and activity level. 

When it comes to transitioning, Tailored Pet recommends a gradual introduction for about seven to 10 days. This will give your companion enough time to fully adjust. The instructions come in a Welcome Booklet with your first shipment. 

To give you an idea, Tailored instructs you to mix 25% of Tailored kibble with 75% of your dog’s previous food on day one. These amounts increase and decrease respectively, and evidently, by day 10, you should be at the 100% mark. 

We also found that you can supplement your dog’s individualized food with some tasty treats. Of course, they create them for all dogs, from puppy days to old age. As a bonus, they’re all the same price, sitting at about $14

Who Is Tailored Pet For? 

Tailored Pet Review

Obviously, Tailored Pet is for dogs. Their quiz evaluates your furbaby’s needs to ensure they get the most out of their kibble. They’re perfect for dogs with food sensitivities, too. The company is also awesome for pet parents looking for a natural alternative to retail pet food. 

How Does Tailored Pet Work? 

Tailored Pet Review

So, we reviewed the quiz and an individual kibble recipe. But, how does it all really work? First, as we did earlier, you’ll have to create a profile for your dog. It takes about three minutes to complete and goes through breed, allergies, and more. 

Next, the company formulates your dog’s kibble. They’ll take everything you included in your quiz into consideration. You can also choose to exclude certain ingredients like gluten. Finally, as we mentioned, they’ll provide you with feeding guidelines and transition tips to make a smooth swap. 

Then, all you have to do is wait for the grub to arrive at your door. You can choose between a one-time purchase or a subscription. Plus, you’ll be able to select your own frequency. The periods range from 2-6 weeks. By subscribing, you’re also able to make any changes whenever you want. 

If your dog is turning its nose up at the kibble, that’s no problem. Tailored Pet will either create a new blend that works better or refund your payment with no questions asked. 

Tailored Pet Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Tailored Pet Review

By now, you’re probably wondering what customers think of the individualized pet food company. For this Tailored Pet review, we searched high and low for testimonials. 

Evidently, we found experiences on their main site and company Facebook page. We also found a review on Canine Journal. Unfortunately, because the brand is only a year old, there aren’t many other third-party customer reviews.  

Tailored Pet has a 4.5/5 paw rating on their website from about 1.69k reviews. A happy pet owner writes, “Oscar loves this food and his allergies seem to have cleared up since I started feeding him Tailored PEt. Plus, I can recycle the bag that the food comes in!” 

We’re so happy for Oscar. Another customer writes, “We started with Tailored when our German Shepherd puppy didn’t like most foods that were crazy expensive. SO, we wanted to go with simple ingredients, and that’s how we found Tailored. Her coat is so shiny, and her digestive issues are gone.” 

That’s just so lovely. Another dog parent writes, “Bonnett is SOO full of energy on this food! The bites are the perfect size for her little dachshund mouth, and her digestion is perfect! She will make me play fetch with her for HOURS without getting tired!” 

That’s definitely what Bonnett deserves. Endless playtime. Like we said, Tailored Pet also gets good reviews on their Facebook page. They have a 4.8/5 star rating from about 19 reviews. 

One customer writes, “We love that Tailored is customized to your pet. Abby loves it. It has improved her digestion. The teething/treat ball that came with her first order is her favorite toy!” 

Another happy pet parent writes, “Molly is 17 years old, and she had been snubbing her food. So I tried a few different kinds and found Tailored. She is absolutely loving her new food. She has even been playing a little like she did when she was young. Her stools are so much better. Thank you so much for making such wonderful food for our fur babies.”

While researching for this Tailored Pet review, we also found a positive article on Canine Journal. They gave the subscription service a 4.85/5 and praised it for its affordability and personalized model. 

With the good, there was also some bad. On Tailored Pet’s main website, the most critical customers complain about their pup’s distaste for the food blend they were given. But, Team Tailored is quick to respond, offering a formulation change or other support. 

Is Tailored Pet Worth It?

Tailored Pet Review

Caring for your dog goes further than giving them any old food and calling it a day. It’s essential to provide them with the nutrients they need to thrive and live a long life so you’ll both have companions for years to come. Tailored Pet is one of many dog food delivery services that personalize and demystify pet food for pet owners. 

Based on our research for this Tailored Pet review, we think the brand is worth checking out. Their formulas are natural and healthy. And their health-first approach is evident when you’re answering questions for your dog’s profile. They don’t want to miss a single detail that ensures your dog will get the best recipe possible. 

As we mentioned, there were a few criticisms, but they received prompt responses from the Tailored Pet team. They’re also rare, so it seems like Tailored is doing a good job accommodating their customers’ needs. 

Tailored Pet Promotions & Discounts 

Tailored Pet Review

You can score big savings at Tailored. If it’s your first order, you can get 80% off your first subscription, 2 free gifts, and free shipping using the code CYBER80. But, if you’re not ready to commit yet, you can use TRY20 to get 20% off your one-time purchase.

Where to Buy Tailored Pet

Tailored Pet Review

Are you looking to make the switch to customized dog food? You can get Tailored at


Tailored Pet Review

Who owns Tailored Pet?

We couldn’t find much information about the brand’s founders. But, Steve Joyce is a co-founder and the company’s current CEO. 

Is Tailored Pet eco-friendly? 

Tailored Pet is eco-friendly. They manufacture resealable bags, recyclable packaging, and their food does not need refrigeration. Additionally, they offer accessories like food scoopers that are biodegradable. 

What is Tailored Pet’s Shipping Policy?

If you subscribe to Tailored Pet, you’re subject to free shipping. They deliver to the continental US, and orders are fulfilled by FedEx. For one-time purchases or your first subscription order, it can take between 2-5 business days for your first box of kibble to arrive. 

Then, if you’re a subscriber, you’ll keep receiving packages based on the frequency you choose. In addition, you’re able to change your shipment dates up to two business days before your subscription is processed. 

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find much information about one-time purchase shipping prices. But, it’s safe to assume that costs depend on how much food your dog needs and your location. 

What is Tailored Pet’s Return Policy?

Tailored Pet offers a 100% money-back guarantee if your dog is unhappy with their recipe. The company also offers to reformulate a new kibble. But, if you still opt to cancel a subscription, there are no strings attached. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find information about refund processing time. 

Go to your Account page, click My Pets, and then Manage Account to cancel a subscription. You can also contact Tailored’s team by email, phone, or live chat

How to Contact Tailored Pet

Tailored Pet Review

We hope our Tailored Pet review was able to help you and your pup out. If you have any questions, you can contact the team via live chat or the following channels: 

Their office hours are Monday to Friday, 9AM to 4PM EST. 

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