Just Right Pet Food Review

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About Just Right Pet Food

Just Right Pet Food Review

Just Right formulates a blend of kibble that’s tailored to your canine’s needs. More specifically, the company ensures optimal personalization through letting dog owners create profiles and fill out a detailed quiz. Plus, their ingredients don’t contain any preservatives or artificial colors. 

This online pet food subscription is backed by nutritionists and food safety supervisors, who work to develop healthy meals. Just Right has received the Good Housekeeping Seal, and its 3K Instagram follower count indicates that the brand is growing quite steadily. Plus, the brand has served over 190 dog breeds personalized 89k meals since its launch.

Is your furry friend a picky eater? Keep reading, as this Just Right pet food review takes a deep dive into the company, its subscriptions, testimonials, and more, to help you decide if it’s worth committing to. 

Overview of Just Right Pet Food

Just Right Pet Food Review

Just Right pet food was launched in 2014 by Purina, so there’s no doubt that they’ll make some waves. Purina is constantly advocating for responsible canine care and education, so that owners can cultivate healthy relationships with their pups. 

Purina is evidently a trusted household name among pet parents, having been around for almost 90 years. As we said, each bag of Just Right is personalized to your dog’s unique needs through an extremely thorough questionnaire that skips no steps. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about the origins of the online brand, unless we look into Purina. But, we did find that their products are manufactured in Clinton, Iowa. 

This Just Right pet food review will now give you an overview of the brand through a quick pros and cons list. 


  • Customized food suited to your pup’s size and nutritional needs 
  • Meals are formulated by pet nutritionists and food safety experts
  • Made with real meat
  • Owned by a trusted dog food company
  • Offers helpful pet advice on its blog 
  • Free shipping 
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • 50% off your first order 


  • Only ships within the continental United States
  • Not certified organic

How Does Just Right Pet Food Work?

Just Right Pet Food Review

The subscription process is definitely thorough, but it’s also quite simple. Just Right Pet Food personalized dog food is formulated after you answer some questions about your dog’s weight, age, breed, and more. 

Some sample questions that pet parents might encounter are: “What is your dog’s body condition? Are they over or underweight?” The brand will also ask about energy levels, joint problems, and even the state of your dog’s stool (which is an important factor!).

Basically, the blend will be customized to feed your dog’s needs. Here are some of the common health needs that Just Right helps support: 

  • Gut health
  • Age needs (from puppy days to senior life)
  • Pickiness 

Next, they ask you to select your furry friend’s favorite protein and inquire about dietary restrictions. Once all the details are finalized, Just Right proposes a custom blend that will be delivered as a monthly subscription. (We’ll dive more into that in the next section.)

Before we get started, this Just Right pet food review would like to note that customers cannot buy individual bags outside of a subscription. 

Just Right Pet Food Review 

Just Right is a monthly subscription that offers a few different meat bases, including chicken, beef, salmon, and lamb. Towards the end of your dog’s assessment, they’ll recommend a couple of these choices based on your dog’s profile. 

This Just Right pet food review did a quick example assessment for a senior, medium-sized, semi-active dog and was offered chicken and beef. We chose chicken for this blend.

You are also able to disclose any ingredients that you don’t want in your pup’s blend. This includes wheat, soy, corn, grains, legumes, and peas. We chose to keep corn, wheat, soy, and grains from our example blend. 

Lastly, you can select some additional ingredients (these vary from veggies to “meaty chicken morsels”). At the end of this assessment, we were recommended a 28-day supply of the custom blend. 

Senior dogs are prone to stomach issues, so this example blend included some prebiotic fiber to aid digestive health. Other notable ingredients include pea and potato protein, fish oil, and some essential vitamins such as E, A, and B-12. 

Just Right notes that the blend is formulated with a senior dog in mind. Some other things that Just Right tackles are joint, skin and coat, and overall health. This customized kibble company honestly thought of everything.

The blend also includes some essential fatty acids to further promote a healthy gut for the example pup. Additionally, Just Right pet food provides customers with a daily plan that ensures your dog receives the correct amount of food.

In the end, the total for the profile we made came to about $26. If you need to make any changes to your blend, you can easily do so by logging into your account on the company’s website. 

As a bonus, Just Right offers an option to personalize your food bag with a picture of your sweet canine companion. 

It’s important to note that when switching to Just Right dog food, the company suggests introducing the custom kibble gradually over 7 to 10 days to avoid any stomach upsets. To do so, keep adding small amounts of the blend to their old food and up the serving each time. 

Plus, if you’re concerned about serving sizes, the personalized blend also comes with a feeding measurement on the bag insert. This is determined by Just Right’s pet nutritionist. 

Additionally, if feeding your pet organic food is important to you or if it’s part of their diet, please note that Just Right is not certified organic. But, there are no artificial flavors, colors, or fillers added to their kibble blends. 

Who Makes Just Right Pet Food? 

Just Right Pet Food Review

Purina makes Just Right pet food, with guidance from expert pet nutritionists and food safety supervisors. These formulas are developed in Iowa. 

How Long Does Just Right Pet Food Last In The Refrigerator?

Just Right Pet Food Review

You don’t have to store Just Right pet food in the refrigerator, as it’s a dry kibble. Instead, the company recommends storing the sealed bag in a cool and dry place. Then, once it’s open, you can use the zipper seal to keep your furbaby’s meals fresh. 

Who Is Just Right Pet Food For? 

Just Right Pet Food Review

Evidently, Just Right caters to canines. If you’re looking to try a tailored dry food option, this could be a great fit. Your four-legged friend’s health is a priority, and the ingredients and vitamins found in these blends can help target specific needs. 

Personalized dog food can help tackle and support your dog’s health goals, preferences (if they’re picky!), age, weight, and even their breed. 

You can sleep easier knowing your pup is eating well and receiving nutrients from their food. Its subscriptions are also convenient for people who can’t make regular trips to the store for kibble.  

Comparison: Just Right Pet Food vs. Kabo

Just Right Pet Food Review

Subscription pet food subscriptions are rising in popularity due to the convenience factor paired with clean ingredients. So, does our company stand up to its competition? This Just Right Pet Food review took a look at Kabo to see how the two match up. 

First, we’ll go over a few of the similarities: 

  • Both companies require making a personalized profile for your dog
  • Both companies offer monthly subscription services 
  • They both offer free shipping 
  • Prices vary depending on your dog’s needs 

As you can see, the companies are pretty similar. But, they differ in practices and inventory: 

  • Kabo is mainly a fresh pet food company (they do have dry food available)
  • Kabo is Canadian-based
  • Kabo is only available in Canada
  • Kabo does not use animal by-products

If you’re looking to switch your dog over to the fresh food diet, Kabo is a great company to consider. But, if kibble is your (and your pup’s) go-to, Just Right can deliver customized mixes for you too. 

Want to learn more? Then check out our full Kabo Fresh Dog Food Review.

How Much Is Just Right Pet Food?

Just Right Pet Food Review

The Just Right pet food subscription price varies depending on your doggo’s size and dietary needs. Luckily, the company has created an average price per month chart to provide customers with general estimates: 

  • Toy dogs: $24 
  • Small dogs: $31 
  • Medium dogs: $48
  • Large Dogs: $66
  • Extra Large Dogs: $80

Just Right Pet Food Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Just Right Pet Food Review

Now, we’re arrived at an essential part of our research—what do pet owners think of this brand? This Just Right pet food review scoured the internet for customer testimonials and was disappointed to discover limited third-party ratings. That being said, we found a few on Trustpilot, Reddit, and helloBARK. 

Unfortunately, the testimonials on the company website don’t have a star rating attached. Despite that, the reviews are generally positive. 

One customer writes, “My dog is usually picky with dry food, and when he received his first bag …I couldn’t believe he actually enjoyed it. It was very hard for him to gain weight and keep it on him, but once he started eating Just Right, he’s at a very healthy weight now. And the picture on his dog food makes it even better!” 

How cute. Another dog owner says, “Ruby is getting old, and I want her to eat the best food possible so she can be her best self. I started her with a little bit of the new food and the old food. As she was eating, SHE’S SPITTING OUT THE OLD FOOD. That’s how much she loves it. She usually never finishes a bowl, and now, she cleans hers.”

The owner of a picky eater also beams over the formula, stating, “Ace is my grandbaby and a VERY PICKY eater. We had been searching in vain for something that he likes, and he turns his nose up at everything. I saw the adverts for this and decided to try it. He not only ate all of it, he turned around and was looking for more! I am so happy with this product and look forward to purchasing more for him!”

Just Right Pet Food custom dog food also received praise on Trustpilot. There are only 12 reviews, but the brand has a 4.2/5 rating. An owner of a senior dog writes, “Best dog food, hands down! I love that I have a custom blend for my old Boxer, who also seems to love it! His coat is so soft and shiny too, which is impressive for a 13-year-old dog!”

Another Trustpilot reviewer says, “This company has been a lifesaver for us! My dog, Leo, is allergic to rosemary (which is used as a preservative in almost everything dog-related) and to every meat, except fish. I thought I would NEVER find food for him. Then, I found Just Right! He loves the food and is always ready to eat his meals. I’m so grateful for this company and this awesome food!”

It’s clear pet parents are loving this brand. Another devoted dog owner writes, “At first, I was skeptical about trying new dog food and about the price. Then, I realized the amount I pay for one bag and that lasts us for two weeks. It’s the same price for two humans to go out and eat, and that only lasts a few hours. My dogs REALLY love Just Right Pet Food and it helped them lose some weight. I also love it because my babies are healthy and happy. 

Is Just Right Pet Food Worth It?

Just Right Pet Food Review

Receiving customized food for your pup on demand might give you some peace of mind. Just Right is transparent about the ingredients used in their formulas, plus they’re backed by the credibility of Purina. 

This Just Right pet food review has determined that their subscription service is worth considering. Tailored meals can help take care of your furbaby’s specific needs and dietary restrictions. The detailed quiz will also ensure that your pet is consuming great nutrition. 

The particular needs they cater to include your dog’s age, breed, weight, and even their preferences if your pup is a bit snobby about what they eat. 

That being said, this company is on the expensive side compared to other competitors. Additionally, they use animal by-products and are not certified organic. If you’re bothered by these points, you may want to look for alternatives. 

Just Right Pet Food Promotions & Discounts 

Just Right Pet Food Review

This Just Right pet food review found that they offer a 50% discount to first-time customers. We couldn’t find any other active promotions or discounts at this time. We suggest following the brand’s social media channels to get the latest news on upcoming deals and sales! 

Sign Up For Just Right Pet Food

Just Right Pet Food Review

This Just Right pet food review found the sign-up process easy as kibble. Here’s how to get your pooch’s personalized blend: 

  1. Click ‘Get Started’ on the company’s homepage 
  2. Fill out the 5-minute questionnaire about your dog’s health and dietary needs 
  3. Review your blend and enter some contact information  
  4. Check out and sit with your pup by the door. Food is on the way! 


Just Right Pet Food Review

Where is Just Right Pet Food located? 

Just Right’s headquarters are located in Clinton, Iowa. 

How do I cancel my Just Right Pet Food subscription?

Like the sign-up process, this Just Right pet food review found canceling subscriptions a hassle-free procedure. Follow the steps below: 

  1. Once you’re on your account page, click ‘My Pet Blends’ and then ‘Manage Subscription’ 
  2. Click ‘Cancel Subscription’ 

Note that you need to cancel your order before the deadline displayed under ‘Next Order Date’. 

What is Just Right Pet Food’s Shipping Policy?

Just Right offers free shipping within the continental United States. After the order is processed through UPS, your pup’s meals are estimated to arrive between 3 to 5 business days. The brand will send a confirmation email along with tracking information once the package is on its way. 

What is Just Right Pet Food’s Return Policy?

Just Right offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if your pup isn’t satisfied with the company’s food. To initiate a refund, you must contact their customer service team via email. 

How to Contact Just Right Pet Food

If you have any questions beyond this Just Right pet food review, contact the company’s customer care team via the following channels:

Just Right monitors their phones Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM, CT.


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