The Normal Brand Clothing Review

About The Normal Brand

The Normal Brand Clothing Review

Built by a band of brothers, The Normal Brand launched to leave behind designer details and focus on comfy clothes that not only feel great, but fit right

This clothing brand creates men’s and women’s garments and accessories, with their most popular items being their line of sweaters and shirts made for that perfect Fall fit.

After 6 years in business, this family brand has built their way up through social media with accounts on Tik Tok, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Their most popular accounts are Facebook with a hefty 91k followers and Instagram with over 65k followers.

This company thrives on the notion of making normal a good thing, so we’re going to dive in and see just how good they are. This The Normal Brand clothing review will look at products, customer testimonials, prices, and more to help you decide if they’re worth your money.

Overview of The Normal Brand

The Normal Brand Clothing Review

Founded in 2015 in his parents’ basement, Jimmy Sansone left his position in a finance career to begin a new journey in fashion. The first The Normal Brand ‘normal shirt’ was made by Jimmy, launching his desire to continue his work in clothing and expand the product line. 

Within that first year, his brother Lan joined the cause after graduating from college and the brand started selling to retailers.

Their third brother, Conrad, joined the company officially in 2016 after already supporting the business at every trade show and event. With his new official role, the trio fixed up their website and later (with the help of their mom) designed their storefront location.

Made with their Saint Louis roots in mind, this business puts family first and keeps their brand grounded in the comfort of home. Shipping has begun to expand internationally, keeping the brothers constantly busy.

Their wholesome start sounds great and is definitely a pro for this brand, but is there more to the picture? Always. Check out some pros and cons of this brand before going for the details in this The Normal Brand clothing review:


  • A wide range of men’s and women’s clothing and accessories available, with stock continuing to grow
  • Shop Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and PayPal options are available upon checkout
  • Prices are low in comparison to other name brand clothing
  • Quick shipping
  • Responsive customer service
  • Some international shipping options offered


  • Few The Normal Brand clothing reviews available online
  • No information on manufacturing practices or sustainability
  • Limited retail partners
The Normal Brand Clothing Review

Let’s dive into the heart of this business by bringing our The Normal Brand clothing review into the center of the business⁠—the products. Clothing from this brand covers S to XXL sizing, so find your fit and get shopping.

The Normal Brand Shirts Review

Comfortable and casually stylish, The Normal Brand shirts make up a large portion of their stock. Offering products for both men and women, we’ve chosen two of their bestsellers from the original line to show off in this review.

The Normal Brand Vintage Slub Pocket Polo Review

Ten colors make up this traditional Vintage Slub Pocket Polo collection. The Normal Brand slub polos take the style and grace of the classic design but give you adequate breathing space through their breathable materials.

Made from 100% cotton, this design is simple to style and care for, easily pairing with a jacket and jeans for a timeless look. 

That said, feel free to lounge in these polos as they’re designed for a soft, soothing, and comfy fit. Crafted to hide those bits of belly no one likes, these shirts are slimming and look great on many body types.

Check them out for only $58.

The Normal Brand Jaspe Yarn Plaid Button Down Shirt Review

We don’t know about you, but this The Normal Brand clothing reviewer is a big fan of plaid. Especially when it comes to the subtle and soft patterns of the Jaspe Yarn Plaid Button Down Shirt.

The Normal Brand Jaspe shirt is crafted from 100% cotton with a variety of yarns woven together to give it its striking pattern

Softened for a faded effect, this shirt will join your closet already looking like it’s been a favorite for at least a decade. This button-down shirt perfectly pairs with a jacket and dark jeans for any semi-formal occasion, or ditch that altogether and stay warm while chopping wood.

Embrace your fashionable inner lumberjack for $88.

The Normal Brand Jackets Review

Keep yourself cozy during those chilled Autumn days with these popular jackets. Pulling from our favorites, we’ve included three of the top styles offered by this brand.

The Normal Brand Brightside Flannel Lined Jacket Review

Choose from 7 styles to find your perfect fit with The Normal Brand Brightside Flannel Lined Jacket. Whether you’re looking to stun with a sunny golden fabric or you prefer the depths of a classic black jacket, they’ve got your color.

The Normal Brand flannel lined jackets are designed for a solid outer style with fun flair hidden close by. Patterned cotton lining fills the interior, keeping you comfortable in all weather and adding a bit of a pop to the simple outer layer design. 

Speaking of the exterior, this jacket is crafted from a wool and polyester blend to shake off rough weather and keep you and your clothing warm and dry.

Add this comfortable and casual style to your closet for $175.

The Normal Brand Sherpa Collar Jacket Review

Cozy and comfortable, The Normal Brand Sherpa Collar Jacket surrounds you in a cushion of fleece to keep warm in the coldest of winds.

Fashioned from polyester and wool, this jacket encompasses you in a polar fleece to use your body heat in the best way possible and warm you up at all times. The green Sherpa design gives it a rustic style that pairs perfectly with a casual shirt and jeans.

Feel warm while looking cool with one of the The Normal Brand Sherpa Collar Jackets for $198.

The Normal Brand Waxed Canvas Jacket Review

Everyone wants one piece to give them that classic rogue look. The Normal Brand brings you just that with their rugged Waxed Canvas Jacket

Made from 100% cotton with a heavy waxed canvas coating, this jacket not only provides the perfect casual style for events but also keeps you warm no matter where you go.

Lined with thick flannel, this jacket suits every outdoor occasion in its brown or khaki options. Featuring several pockets with an additional hidden location on the inside of the coat, this piece promises sleek and discrete storage galore.

Fit the jacket to your frame with ease through adjustable back straps. Whether you’re throwing it over a slouchy t-shirt or dressing up with a button-down, this jacket has you covered (literally) for every event.

Make your other coats jealous for $298.

The Normal Brand Hats Review

Block out the cold with some of this brand’s highlighted hats. Whether you’re looking for The Normal Brand Wool Dad Hat (dad jokes sold separately) or you want a simple cap for some summer shade, this company offers a variety of styles to choose from.

The Normal Brand Performance Cap Review

Easily one of their most popular styles, The Normal Brand Performance Cap joins this list for a myriad of reasons⁠— its ten different color options being one of them.

Decorated with a simple patch logo on the front, this curved brim hat is a summer classic that’s great for sports, walks, or just lounging at the beach. 

Featuring a Velcro strap to adjust and a built-in sweatband for that eternal summer sweat, you’ll be set to stop the sun day after day. No more ruining the bands of your caps during heat waves⁠—you can simply wash out the sweatband and keep this $30 cap looking pristine.

The Normal Brand Dad Cap Review

Built in a six-panel style, The Normal Brand Wool Dad Cap will fit any season through its warming wool and polyester crafting. A supreme blend of form and function, this hat will keep you warm, dry, and stop the sun from getting in your eyes. 

Designed with minimalism in mind, this hat lets the material speak for itself, decorated with a small, branded embroidery atop the classic cap. 

With no The Normal Brand clothing reviews to pull from for this one, we just have to trust our gut, and our instincts say this grey or charcoal cap is one to check out. Created with an adjustable fabric strap, this is a hat that can roll with the punches.

Add it to your collection for $34.

The Normal Brand Diamond 5 – Panel Cap Review

There’s little as beloved as a classic ball cap, and The Normal Brand Diamond 5 Panel Cap combines neutral style with lightweight comfort. Available in three colors, this hat is an easy addition to your closet to throw on any time of the year.

Designed for a comforting fit, the back panels are crafted from polyester mesh to naturally mold to your head. Secured to fit with a classic plastic snap, you can easily adjust the size to keep it from flying off when the stronger winds hit. 

The front panels are made from a water-resistant material, so you’ll be set during those surprising summer storms.

Black, navy, or grey, there’s a color to fit your fashion for only $34.

Who Is The Normal Brand For? 

The Normal Brand Clothing Review

The Normal Brand comes in clutch for those looking for comfort in their daily lives. If your focus is fashion and high design, this company might not be your ideal shop. If you prefer cozy clothes, this brand may quickly become your best friend.

Clothing for both men and women makes up this shop’s inventory, providing a wide range of hundreds of items for different times of the year. 

Currently, there’s no children’s section available, but keep an eye on this company as their expansions have continued since launch. Who knows what to expect next from these boys? 

Comparison: The Normal Brand vs. Thrills

The Normal Brand Clothing Review

Branded authenticity isn’t a new concept and The Normal Brand has many competitors vying for top spot when it comes to casual and genuine styles. 

Thrills came into the business in 2011, actually beginning as a motorcycle import company but moving into fashion through the following ten years. 

These businesses don’t intersect much in style, practice, and material, but we’ve put together a quick list of their differences to help you find the business that suits your preference.

  • Products – Thrills offers a wider inventory in their product line with more styles of clothing for both men and women. This isn’t as surprising considering the store launched almost 5 years ahead of The Normal Brand, giving them more time to build up their stock.
  • Style – These brands greatly differ in style. Both aim for an authentic and simple image, but Thrills leans more towards casual wear with slouchy-fitting sweaters and shirts.

The Normal Brand remains business casual. Their looks are simple statements that can easily be paired with nice jeans for a semi-casual dress code.

  • Prices – Thrills is the more expensive of the two. Pieces average over the $100 mark for most designs, largely due to materials and manufacturing. 

The Normal Brand, while still slightly more expensive than some clothing on the market, tends to stick to the $50 to $100 range for shirts and sweaters.

  • Materials – Thrills openly separates clothing by materials, focusing on their sustainable sourcing and manufacturing process. The Normal Brand, unfortunately, doesn’t offer any information on their production process and origins of their materials.

Both brands have their pros and cons, but if you’re looking for cheaper and semi-casual clothing that works for parties or events in addition to lounging around the house, The Normal Brand is the place for you.

The Normal Brand Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The Normal Brand Clothing Review

When it comes to finding The Norman Brand reviews, it’s a tough road to take. This company unfortunately doesn’t have many reviews of the company or product online. 

Without ratings from the likes of SiteJabber, TrustPilot, and the Better Business Bureau, it makes it hard to get a full picture of how this brand performs in reality.

Starting off strong, we chose to take a look at what customers had to say about the Vintage Slub Pocket Polo on the brand’s website. Holding a perfect score of 5/5 stars from 14 ratings, it’s safe to say that all the customers who reviewed this product loved it.

We’ll let this happy customer do the talking: “I recently purchased three polos from this company and they are by far the most comfortable and amazing polos I have ever worn. They keep making them , I’ll keep buying them.”

We also pulled some of The Normal Brand clothing reviews from Amazon and Facebook, but even then, numbers are small, so while this section can be used as a guide, don’t take these reviews and ratings as 100% veritable when it comes to the company’s service and products.

On Facebook, this company has almost 90k likes and over 91k followers, making this their most popular social media account. Even with those numbers, customer testimonials aren’t common and most of their page is company posts and products.

One highly reviewed product posted about on their Facebook is the Mystery Boxes sold through their website. These Mystery Boxes require you to select your size and then send you a random selection of pieces from the site. 

One reviewer stated, “I just received my “Mystery Box! You knocked it out of the park! It was like Christmas, and you really like everything you received.

The majority of public posts on Facebook don’t include reviews or ratings but actually consist of verified buyers’ pictures of themselves in their new clothing. 

It’s great to see their excitement over receiving their items in the mail, but without actual ratings or reviews, it’s difficult to take these posts into account for our The Normal Brand clothing review. It’s looking pretty good so far, though, like this one comment about the brand’s materials:

The company that makes this Henley, “The Normal Brand” thinks that the fabric they created for this shirt is so special that they named it “Puremeso”. Normally that would elicit an eye roll from me. But… I think that Puremeso is a genius fabric that totally deserves a name.

Amazon offers slightly more when it comes to ratings, with a number of their products posted on the retail giant. 

That being said, most items don’t have more than 25 ratings. Rating numbers aren’t high, leaving the star rating quite biased due to the judgment of so few people.

The most popular piece on Amazon for this brand comes from their Puremeso Henley shirt. Based on 26 ratings, it comes in at 4.4/5 stars. The Normal Brand clothing reviews for this piece are generally positive with most set at 4 or 5 stars.

One of many shoppers sounded very pleased with their shirt purchase: 

Nice Henley with some weight and stretch. This is a great go to casual shirt with jeans and is a perfect layering piece with a hoodie. Also doubles as loungewear! Fit is as expected. Fabric is a nice surprise given the softness and stretch. I have 3 of these in my closet now.

Other products for this brand listed on Amazon are:

  • The Normal Brand Puremeso Hoodie, 5/5 stars based on 23 ratings
  • The Normal Brand Long Sleeve Retro Puremeso Henley, 4.8/5 stars based on 7 reviews
  • The Normal Brand Performance Cap, 4.1/5 stars based on 25 ratings

The Normal Brand line won’t break the bank. Their clothes are reasonably priced, and a good value. You won’t find quality with a price like this in a bricks and mortar store unless you luck out and find it on a sale rack. As the old adage goes ‘buy the best and you only cry once.’”

Despite not having many reviews to their name, the ratings they hold speak well for the brand’s comfortable material and quality. The prices also seem to be affordable for many buyers and the selection of styles caters to many.

Is The Normal Brand Worth It?

The Normal Brand Clothing Review

Our only concern for this brand comes in the lack of The Normal Brand clothing reviews online, but that can happen with lesser-known and family-operated companies. 

Based on the ratings we found combined with products and pricing, we’d add this one to your “To Buy” list and happily recommend checking out the store on your next online shopping trip.

If you’re not sure what look you’re going for, try out a Mystery Box and receive a random selection of items across shirts, sweaters, hats, and shorts. Happily blending semi-casual comfort with looks that work in any environment, this brand is a certified safe buy.

The Normal Brand Promotions & Discounts 

The Normal Brand Clothing Review

This company doesn’t go big on promo codes but they do offer discounts throughout the year to save money on transitional items. 

This means swimsuits at the end of summer are available 50% off, or winter jackets moving into spring are available for a deal. Make sure to check the site during seasonal switches to find the best discounts.

Where to Buy The Normal Brand

The Normal Brand Clothing Review

Like the clothes but can’t make your order from Check out some of these retail partners and online sources to get full access to their product line:

  • Nordstrom
  • Moosejaw
  • Amazon


The Normal Brand Clothing Review

Who owns The Normal Brand? 

The Normal Brand was founded by Jimmy Sansone in 2015. He runs the company with his two brothers, Conrad and Lan.

Where is The Normal Brand made? 

The Normal Brand headquarters are in Saint Louis, Missouri. All products are manufactured in the USA.

Does The Normal Brand fit true to size? 

Yes, The Normal Brand clothing reviews we found claim that this company fits true to size.

What is The Normal Brand’s Shipping Policy?

Save time on shipping by choosing one of five delivery options for your package, keeping in mind prices may vary due to location and order size. Your available shipping services (and estimated prices) through The Normal Brand are:

  • Standard Delivery, $9
    • Typically, 10-14 business days
    • Delivery free on orders over $99
  • UPS Ground, $15
  • UPS 3-Day Select, $35
  • UPS 2-Day Air, $50
  • UPS 1-Day Air, $100+

The Normal Brand offers international shipping to Canada, Australia, Germany, Sweden, and the UK. International duties and fees are the customer’s responsibility and may be applied at checkout.

Once your order is sent out, you’ll be provided a tracking number to keep an eye on your package.

What is The Normal Brand’s Return Policy?

Need to return your The Normal Brand Normal Shirt? No worries, you have 31 days from purchase to get your money back. All it takes to kickstart your return is a quick three-step process:

  1. Go online to The Normal Brand Returns with your order number and zip code
  2. Fill in the required information with the step-by-step guide
  3. Package your items (preferably in the original box) with the provided return label and ship them off

That’s all it takes and within two weeks you’ll have your money back. The return process is completely covered by The Normal Brand if you’re within the US. If you’re using the process for an exchange, a new item will be shipped to you within 48 hours of receiving the returned item.

Clearance and final sales items are ineligible for return, alongside mystery boxes and gift cards. You’re on your own when it comes to those products.

How to Contact The Normal Brand

For any questions or concerns that popped up throughout reading this The Normal Brand clothing review, we recommend you reach out to customer services for quick and comprehensive answers. There are three ways to get in touch with a representative:

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