Tiff’s Treats Review

About Tiff’s Treats

Tiff's Treats Review

Have you ever craved a batch of fresh cookies but felt it was too much work to get up and make a batch? Well, if you live in the US, you may never have to get off the couch to bake again. Tiff’s Treats is a baked goods delivery service that offers warm gooey treats delivered directly to you, whether you’re cozying up for a night in or planning a party.

Not only does this company deliver to addresses across the US, but they have a number of storefronts you can visit too. With nearly 150k Instagram followers and plenty of great Tiff’s Treats reviews, they’ve quickly become a convenient go-to for sweet treats.

However, not all treats are made the same. Can desserts made in bulk still maintain that homemade quality? That’s what I’m here to figure out! I’ll take a look at the company’s history, its best-selling treats, customer reviews, and more to find out.

Overview of Tiff’s Treats

Tiff's Treats Review

Founded at the University of Texas back in 1999, this baked goods company was launched by its current owners, Tiffany and Leon Chen.

Starting as a small-scale side business, this sweets-focussed venture transformed into a powerhouse. The brand now has raised over $100 million from investors, opening about 70 stores in the southern US that still produce high-quality goods and services to this day. They even continued hiring and expanding during the pandemic.

The founding couple even published a book filled with stories and recipes they have gathered over two decades in business.

With plenty of great Tiff’s Treats reviews and a fantastic reputation, here are a few of the brand’s highlights that might help shed some light on why customers love them so much.


  • Tasty menu of cookies, brownies, ice cream, and so much more
  • Order online, visit a retail location, or have them cater your event
  • Special packaging and other extras to make your gift stand out
  • Treats Truck you can book for events
  • Rewards program discounts
  • Handy mobile app that lets you order and track your delivery
  • Cookie of the month subscription

With Tiff’s Treats’ affordable prices, accessible locations, and far-reaching delivery service, there is a lot to love about this baked goods company. Now let’s take a look at some of their customer favorites for services and products.

Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery Review

Tiff's Treats Review

Tiff’s Treats Cookie Delivery is one of this company’s most popular services. As a unique and easy-to-schedule service, its delivery option ensures you get fresh, warm baked goods that will arrive right at your door. You can also pre-order them for pick up at a storefront near you.

Not only can you order them for yourself, but you can also ship them as a gift! If it’s a gift, you can personalize the order by adding balloons or other party favors to make the package extra special.

All you have to do is get online and place an order. First you choose the pickup or delivery method, and then go ahead and start picking out your next delicious snack! You can also visit one of their 75 Tiff’s Treats locations throughout the southern USA!

Tiff’s Treats Menu Review

Starting out with only chocolate chip cookies and growing their selection from there, the Tiff’s Treats Menu contains a vast selection of sugary treats that you won’t be able to pass up.

With plenty of cookie varieties to choose from, including snickerdoodle, peanut butter, or plain ol’ chocolate chip, you might not be sure where to start!

But Tiff’s Treats doesn’t stop at cookies, they also offer a selection of brownies, cookie truffles, ice cream flavors, and other frozen desserts that can be ordered anytime. With cookie party trays, assorted treats packages, and bulk orders that can satisfy any gathering, you’ll never be in short supply when ordering off the Tiff’s Treats menu. Let’s take a look.

Tiff’s Treats Warm Cookies Review

The first tasty treat I’m going to look at in my Tiff’s Treats review is their iconic Warm Cookies. These are one of this baked goods company’s oldest and best-selling treats. When you head online or in-store to place an order, you’ll see a delectable variety of cookie flavors that you can order a dozen at a time.

If you prefer, you can even get two flavors per dozen, And, as an added bonus, Tiff’s Treats will delivery your package while it’s still warm!

After you’ve made your selection of cookies, you just schedule your delivery or pickup. A dozen of these warm cookies will cost you $20, which is a fantastic price considering the quality and variety you’re going to get.

Tiff’s Treats Cookie Truffles Review

Tiff’s Treats Cookie Truffles are a unique baked good that is special to this dessert company. With a cookie inner layer, and a chocolatey outer shell, these delicious little truffle balls are made to enjoy, and will disappear fast! Complete with a dash of sprinkles, these treats are a perfect way to jazz up a treat box.

Coming in one favorite flavor, chocolate chip cookie truffle, these balls of goodness come in a box of four for $15.

Tiff’s Treats Brownies Review

Tiff’s Treats Brownies are among this company’s best-selling goodies for good reason. These warm, gooey, fudgy squares are a melt-in-your-mouth experience you won’t want to miss.

These brownies come in a few different equally to-die-for flavors including salted caramel blondies, peanut butter chocolate bar, or classic chocolate fudge brownies.

You can add these treats to your next package or delivery and be amazed by the delectable goodness these squares will bring. These tasty treats retail for $5 each, or try one of each flavor for $14.

At the time of this Tiff’s Treats review, I found that for a limited time you can buy the special Tiff’s Treats Billion Dollar Bar for just $4 per bar. This gooey treat is the perfect combo of caramel, coconut, and chocolate chip cookie dough. Taste it while you can!

Tiff’s Treats Elites Membership

Tiff's Treats Review

Tiff’s Treats Elites membership is a great option if you’re finding yourself frequently ordering these delicious goodies and want some ways to save.

By signing up for $50 a year, you’ll get free shipping, exclusive deals, 10% off treat boxes, and a $50 gift card just for signing up. And those are just a few of the perks of being a Tiff’s Treats Elite member!

Who Is Tiff’s Treats For? 

Tiff's Treats Review

Tiff’s Treats is for anyone hosting a meeting or a party, is looking for a meaningful gift, or simply wants to treat their sweet tooth by getting a delicious box of goodies delivered directly to their door.

Between their bulk options, in-store services, and warm cookie delivery, it’s hard to say that this service doesn’t appeal to everyone. This is probably why they have so many fantastic Tiff’s Treats reviews.

Tiff’s Treats Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Tiff's Treats Review

After scrolling through this cookie and treat delivery service, I found it difficult not to immediately click the “order now” button. After all, who can pass up a warm, gooey cookie delivered right to their door? And with all the great Tiff’s Treats reviews on their website, it seems like an easy choice.

However, before you pick this company’s goodies for your next sugar fix, it might be a good idea to see what other folks are saying. So let’s check out some Tiff’s Treat reviews lingering around the internet. Here’s how the brand fared:

  • Facebook: 4.5/5 stars after 378 reviews
  • Yelp: 4.5/5 stars over 301 reviews
  • TripAdvisor: 4.5/5 stars after 15 reviews

A lot of the reviews on Facebook look similar to this one:

“I loved my cookies. I ordered 1 1/2 dozen. 6 chocolate chip, 6 sugar, 6 oatmeal chocolate chip, and a pint of Cookies n cream blue bell ice cream. I got a text message letting me know the driver has arrived and will be dropping my order off momentarily. He put the bag on my porch and knocked. Opened the door and the gates of Heaven opened up!!!”

Next, I figured it would be important to know what the in-store service was like, and what Tiff’s Treats reviews were saying about what kind of experience you’ll have if you visit them at a location near you. So I went to Yelp, where one reviewer had this to say:

“Came to pick up some cookies for my friend’s birthday because I’ve heard nothing but good things about Tiff’s Treat! So many of my friends always come here for cookies and I can definitely see why. Overall, I would recommend Tiff’s Treat to anyone who loves a good cookie or is craving something sweet. They will not disappoint!”

Meanwhile, on Trip Advisor, this company has become a must-try in the Texas area, with local customers and tourists alike giving great Tiff’s Treats reviews about their experience. One customer said:

“Outstanding cookies! And they deliver! I have ordered from Tiff’s Treats for corporate events. They deliver on time with the warmest most delicious cookies. They have around 10 varieties, but you don’t need more than 10 when they taste as fantastic as Tiff’s cookies. I highly recommend these cookies for just about anything.”

As you can see by the consistent ratings around the web, all of the Tiff’s Treats reviews I found are about as awesome as their products and services. With so many top-notch ratings, I certainly don’t need much more convincing: this brand is worth a try. Tasty treats are only a moment away if you’re lucky enough to be in the right area!

Is Tiff’s Treats Legit?

Tiff's Treats Review

Since 1999, Tiff’s Treats has been legitimately and successfully sharing their baked goods with the world. Feel free to order from this trusted and vetted service.

Is Tiff’s Treats Worth It?

Tiff's Treats Review

If you love treats, especially home-cooked, quality baked goods that can be delivered straight to your door while still warm, then Tiff’s Treats are for you.

With their competitive prices and wide availability, they’re entirely worthwhile. Their Tiff’s Treats reviews are just one way to prove it.

Tiff’s Treats Promotions & Discounts 

Tiff's Treats Review

Good news! I found that there are many Tiff’s Treats coupons and discounts that are frequently available! Between their newsletter, promo codes, and Elite program, it’s easy for customers to get substantial discounts. Especially around holidays.

Where to Buy Tiff’s Treats

Tiff's Treats Review

Since Tiff’s Treats are a specialized service that allows warm baked goods to be delivered to your door, the only place you can acquire these goodies is through the website or in-store at one of their locations.


Tiff's Treats Review

Who owns Tiff’s Treats?

Tiff’s Treats is owned by Tiffany and Leon Chen, who founded the company in 1999 in Texas, USA.

Does Tiff’s Treats ship internationally?

Unfortunately, since Tiff’s Treats ships fresh baked goods, they cannot ship internationally. 

What is Tiff’s Treats’ Shipping Policy?

Tiff’s Treats can ship packages anywhere in the contiguous USA. However, if you want your deliveries to arrive warm and fast, you’ll need to be within a store location. To receive Tiff’s Treats specialized service, you’ll need to live within the following areas:

  • Texas
  • North Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Tennessee
  • Oklahoma

Tiff’s Treats offers a flat rate of $6 within their service zones and $17 if your delivery is going somewhere outside of their location zones within the contiguous USA.

What is Tiff’s Treats’ Return Policy?

Tiff’s Treats wants their customers to be entirely satisfied with their products and services. That’s why they encourage customers to get in touch with them using one of the methods below if they are unhappy with their delivery. Each return or refund will be decided on a case-by-case basis and result in a full or partial refund.

Additionally, you have 2 hours before your pickup or delivery time to cancel your order free of charge.

How to Contact Tiff’s Treats

If you still have questions about the brand after reading this Tiff’s Treats review, all you have to do to contact them is use one of the following contact methods:

  1. Contact Form: Here
  2. Email: [email protected]
  3. Mail: Tiff’s Treats Customer Service, 8310-1 N. Capital of Texas Highway, Suite 110, Austin, TX 78731

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