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Tippsy Sake Review

About Tippsy Sake

Tippsy Sake Review

Tippsy Sake is an American company selling a variety of Japanese sakes to customers across the US. This online beverage retailer wants to spread the word about sake, a traditional Japanese alcoholic drink they feel is underappreciated outside of its country of origin. 

Tippsy Sake explains that many Americans have never had the opportunity to taste different types of high quality, authentic sake – and they’re on a mission to change that!

My Tippsy Sake review will introduce you to the brand and their approach to connecting both new customers and sake aficionados to this unique Japanese drink. 

With their direct-to-order service, Tippsy Sake allows you to order individual bottles and discovery sets, or sign up for regular subscriptions to receive curated mini bottles of sake to your door. 

Their extensive product range offers different styles from all over Japan, and their site provides tons of information to help you understand and appreciate every bottle.

My Tippsy Sake review will look at this company’s purchasing highlights, customer feedback, and their best-selling products to help you decide if you’d like to raise a glass with this innovative brand. 

Keep reading to learn more about Tippsy Sake’s story.

Overview of Tippsy Sake

Tippsy Sake Review

Tippsy Sake was founded by Japanese entrepreneur Genko Ito, who wanted to introduce Americans to the most delicious sakes from his home country.

He started Tippsy Sake to build a community of sake lovers and encourage American drinkers to think of sake the way we do wine.

To connect American drinkers to this complex product and its rich history, Ito partnered with a variety of producers to make their sake conveniently available to customers in the US through this online platform. 

Tippsy Sake stocks over 400 different bottles of sake. You can order their products as single bottles, in curated Assorted Sets, or as part of Tippsy Sake’s subscription service, the Tippsy Sake Club and their Sake Box.

This service takes home delivery to a new level. Their Sake Box includes 6 mini bottles of Tippsy Sake’s favorite drinks, representing the different styles and popular breweries of Japan.

You’ll also get a “Sake 101” booklet exploring the history, culture, and methods behind sake. Those who opt for the Gift Box version also get a bonus tasting video.

This company’s new approach to sake delivery is making waves in the alcohol industry, and Tippsy Sake has been featured in the media such as California Winery Advisor, the LA Times, the Sake Times, and Drink Hacker.

Let’s look at the highlights of buying from Tippsy Sake!


  • Online retailer of individual bottles and curated boxes of sake
  • Variety of sakes to suit all tastes 
  • Focused on celebrating the diversity of sake and informing new drinkers
  • Budget-friendly options (and a sales section!)
  • Conveniently delivered to your door
  • Free shipping on orders of 6 bottles or more
  • Free shipping for all subscribers!

Tippsy Sake Review

Tippsy Sake’s best-sellers range from fruity dessert sake to sharper dinner drinks. Let’s take a look at their top three best-selling sakes!

Tippsy Sake Hakutsuru “Sayuri” Hyogo Prefecture Review

Looking for an easy-sipping intro to sake, or prefer a light and creamy sake to a more potent brew? Take a look at the Hakutsuru “Sayuri” Hyogo Prefecture sake! 

My Tippsy Sake review has found that this drink has a delicate strawberry note and a creamy, luscious texture, too. It’s a delicious, approachable option for those new to sake, brewed by Japan’s biggest sake manufacturer. 

According to Tippsy Sake, this 12.5% sake nicely complements a meat or seafood dish, and should be served cold.

This fruity sake comes in a feminine, light pink bottle with a floral design that perfectly suits its bright berries and cream flavor

Try the Hakutsuru “Sayuri” Hyogo Prefecture for $21 for a 720 ml bottle.

Tippsy Sake Shirakabegura “Mio” Hyogo Prefecture Review

The Shirakabegura “Mio” Hyogo Prefecture is a worldwide best-seller! Tippsy Sake explains that this popular drink is as versatile as it is tasty

Meant to be served cold, it can pair it with an appetizer, a main course, or even a dessert. 

The Shirakabegura “Mio” Hyogo Prefecture is a sparkling sake that can easily appeal to a wide range of palates. Tippsy Sake describes it as:

  • Bright and effervescent
  • Peachy aroma
  • Notes of grape and pear
  • Rich and sweet
  • Balanced with fresh acidity
  • 5% alcohol

Try the Shirakabegura “Mio” Hyogo Prefecture sake for $24 for a 750 ml bottle.

Tippsy Sake Dassai “45” Yamaguchi Prefecture Review

The classic Dassai “45” Yamaguchi Prefecture sake comes in a traditional green bottle with a beautiful label of Japanese characters. 

This sake is made in Japan by the company Asahi Shuzo Co., Ltd, which Tippsy Sake says notes is renowned in the industry for their high-quality, premium sake.

If you’re looking for something special to drink with a meal of sushi, sashimi, meat or cooked seafood, Tippsy Sake recommends this light, dry sake.

Here’s how Tippsy Sake describes the Dassai “45” Yamaguchi Prefecture:

  • Undertones of orange, toasted malt, and cloves
  • 16% alcohol
  • Fruity, floral aromas
  • Soft finish

Make sure you chill this bottle before serving and keep it on ice, as it is best enjoyed cold! 

Order the Dassai “45” Yamaguchi Prefecture for $35 for a 720 ml bottle.

Tippsy Sake Sake Box Review

If you know you’d love receiving a curated selection of Tippsy Sake regularly, or want a tasting box to get you familiar with the range and complexity of this beverage, consider the Tippsy Sake Sake Box subscription program.

With a subscription to the Tippsy Sake Tasing Club, you’ll get a Sake Box of 6 mini 300 ml bottles of sake delivered to your home on a recurring basis. 

Your first box comes with a selection of six sakes, each chosen by Tippsy Sake for its distinct flavor and excellent quality. Each sake is from a different region or sake producer in Japan so you can familiarize yourself with the diverse styles and tastes of sake from across the country. 

Here’s the full list of your first SakeBox:

  1. Jozen (from Niigata)
  2. Tozai (from Kyoto)
  3. Dassai (from Yamaguchi)
  4. Suigei (from Kochi)
  5. Kudoki Jozu (from Yamagata)
  6. Nanbu Bijin (Iwate)

To help you learn more about sake and explore its variety and history (which dates back to the 15th century!), your first box will come with a “Sake 101” booklet. It’s designed to give you a “comprehensive look at sake’s rich history, brewing process, regional nuances, flavors and aromas.”

Tippsy Sake gives you three subscription options to choose from:

  1. Pay $99 every 3 months
  2. Pay $192 every 6months
  3. Pay $372 every year

As a Tippsy Sake Tasting Club member, you’ll receive some additional perks from the company. Your subscriptions lets you enjoy discounts on their other products and get free shipping on any order you make! You can also easily cancel or change your plan whenever you want.

You can also order a Sake Box subscription as a recurring or one-time gift, and order past boxes from their store. 

Learn more about the Tippsy Sake Sake Box program and sign up at the Subscription section of the Tippsy Sake website.

Who Is Tippsy Sake For? 

Tippsy Sake Review

My Tippsy Sake review found that people who are new to sake and want to try out different bottles will find this brand an easy way to do exactly that.

Tippsy Sake sells curated collections as well as individual bottles described in great detail, and even has a quiz to help get you started on your sake adventure.

Customers who already have a taste for sake will love being able to explore expert picks and filter through over 400 bottles, and having their picks delivered to their door!

This company’s delivery model is especially convenient for people who love exploring this drink but don’t have varied liquor stores or Japanese restaurants where they live.

If you’re looking for a special gift for a sake-lover, this company has you covered – they sell Gift Boxes and individual bottles, from popular to rare and accessible to unique, that will suit all budgets and tastes.

Needless to say, Tippsy Sake should only be consumed by those who are over 21, the legal drinking age in the US – and yes, you’ll need to show ID on delivery! 

Tippsy Sake Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Tippsy Sake Review

Curious about what Tippsy Sake’s customers have to say? This brand has customer feedback available on each of their product pages. 

Generally, buyer reactions are really positive. My Tippsy Sake review found that many customers praise this brand for their delicious flavors, beautiful packaging, and reasonable pricing.

One customer who purchased the Tozai “Snow Maiden” Kyoto Prefecture writes in their Tippsy Sake review: “Very pretty bottle if you want to use it as a gift. Taste is listed as rich and sweet, but it wasn’t too sweet. Good value for the price.”

Another buyer likes the opportunity to try different types of sake and find their favorite. They write in their Tippsy Sake review of the Narutotai “Ginjo” Nama Genshu:

“I’ve tried quite a few sakes here and this one has become a staple in my house. I absolutely love it.”

Tippsy Sake reviews also appear on the review site The reviews here are similarly positive, with customers enjoying the Tippsy Sake selection and complimenting the brand’s approach to keeping their products fun and informative

One customer writes in their Tippsy Sake Sake Box review: Getting my sake subscription is a treat and makes me feel like it’s my birthday 4x/year! I enjoy the specially curated selection and the description cards that helps me to understand the basics of what I am tasting… it’s like getting a little of Japan in my home?”

The writer at is similarly impressed with Tippsy Sake’s product and delivery. She shares that she especially loved finding out more about how her drink was made

She writes in her Tippsy Sake Sake Box review: “Each gorgeous bottle of sake in my package came with a card that explained the history of the brew, as well as tasting notes, recommended serving temperature, and suggested food pairing.

I was pleased to find Tippsy displays each sake’s taste metrics (rich and dry, rich and sweet, sweet and light, and light and dry) in a diagram, which makes them easy to read.”

Overall, this brand has become popular among sake-lovers and new drinkers for their novel approach to making sake accessible for everyday customers across the US.

Customers appreciate the chance to experiment with new sakes or re-order old favorites, and their subscription SakeBox seems like a fun way to dive into this fascinating drink.

Is Tippsy Sake Worth It?

Tippsy Sake Review

My Tippsy Sake review found that this brand offers a fantastic selection at a reasonable price. It’s great for both familiar and novice sake drinkers, and really delivers on their mission to bring sake to the American drinker in a compelling way. 

Tippsy Sake offers so many types of sake you might want to set aside your afternoon to peruse the whole site! Of course, you could always order an expertly chosen Assorted Set, or sign up for the Sake Box and start out with a taste of their top six faves. 

Their home delivery model is also incredibly convenient and accessible. For people in rural or underserved areas, a service like this might be their only chance to experiment with a wide variety of sakes and learn more about this traditional drink. 

Tippsy Sake also has glowing customer reviews and has put their selections and educational materials together thoughtfully to create a unique customer experience. 

For these reasons, my Tippsy Sake review is happy to recommend ordering from this company to explore the world of sake! 

Tippsy Sake Promotions & Discounts 

Tippsy Sake Review

If you purchase a subscription or a single order of 6 bottles, Tippsy Sake will ship your order for free!

This site also has a dedicated On Sale section with plenty of discounts. Here’s a few of them:

  • Mini-Bottle Gift Set – $59 (regularly $69)
  • Cookout Party Set –  $112 (regularly $119)
  • Hakkaisan Set – $175 (regularly $182)

You can also visit the official website regularly to get the latest Tippsy Sake promo codes and sales.

Where to Buy Tippsy Sake

Tippsy Sake Review

You can buy all Tippsy Sake products through their official website.


Tippsy Sake Review

Who owns Tippsy Sake?

Japanese entrepreneur Genki Ito is the founder and owner of Tippsy Sake.

Does Tippsy Sake ship internationally?

No, Tippsy Sake only ships to select states within the US.

What is Tippsy Sake’s Shipping Policy?

This company will ship orders to most states in the US, with the exception of Utah, Alaska, South Dakota, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Minnesota.

If you order 6 bottles of sake or sign up for a subscription, this brand will ship your order for free! For other orders, you can expect a flat rate of $15.

What is Tippsy Sake’s Return Policy?

If you are unhappy with your purchase you can contact Tippsy Sake at [email protected] to make a return within 30 days

If you are a subscriber and wish to cancel or modify your subscription, you can log in to your Tippsy Sake account to make changes or end your subscription by selecting the “Cancel” option.

How to Contact Tippsy Sake

My Tippsy Sake review found that there are three ways to get in touch with the brand:

Send a note through their Contact Page.

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