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About Tkees

Tkees Review

Tkees is a Canadian company selling loungewear, sunglasses, and sandals to customers all over the world! 

While doing my research for this Tkees review I found that this brand is especially known for their Tkees flip flops, which have garnered celeb fans and attention from magazines such as Insider and InStyle.

This company’s take on the summer sandal showcases neutral colors and minimalist styles in beautiful leather. Tkees sandals have been seen on a host of celebs including Emma Watson, Beyonce, and Angelina Jolie. The brand has also gained a substantial social following, with over 42k followers on Facebook and 188k followers on Instagram.

Keep reading my Tkees review as I check out this brand’s best-selling footwear and looks into their buying info, customer feedback, and company highlights so you can decide if you’re ready to spend the summer in a pair of their trending sandals.

Overview of Tkees

Tkees Review

Tkees was founded in 2009 by entrepreneurs and couple Carly and Jesse Burnett. The Burnetts are fashion entrepreneurs from Toronto, Canada who noticed that the flip flop world was really missing a chic, minimalist option that was also durable and well-made.

The two set out to make their own women’s flip flop that was as “accessible and responsibly produced” as possible. As a result, they created the Lily flip flop, a nude sandal made from leather and rubber. 

The upscale, minimalist Lily quickly garnered buzz in the fashion world, thanks in part to being offered in a groundbreaking range of inclusive neutral shades. With the success of this piece, the Burnetts expanded their range to include apparel and other sandal designs.

Fast forward nearly 15 years and Tkees’ products have been seen on many famous feet, and are available at major fashion retailers such as Saks, Nordstrom, Anthropologie, and more.

Now that we know a bit more about this beloved brand’s background, let’s take a peek at the highlights of shopping with Tkees:


  • Well-made sunglasses, apparel, and sandals for women
  • Offers basics and high-fashion styles
  • Free global shipping on orders over $95
  • Genderless apparel like hoodies and joggers
  • Nude sandal skin-tone matches for everyone!

Tkees Sandals Review

Tkees has made a name for themselves with their simple, feminine sandal designs. My Tkees review will take a look at two of their best-sellers, the Riley Coco Snake and Phoebe sandals, to learn more about the brand’s approach to footwear.

Tkees Riley Coco Snake Review

Tkees Riley Coco Snake Review
Tkees Riley Coco Snake

These summer sandals will have you feeling ready for a stroll through the Amazon. The Riley Coco Snake sandals have a sophisticated snakeskin pattern with tan and dark brown tones. 

Like all Tkees footwear, these sandals are made from natural materials, including: 

  • A rubber outsole
  • Leather strap upper
  • Matching leather insole

Tkees describes these shoes as a “striking way to wear neutrals,” since they stand out beautifully but will also pair well with beige, brown and black apparel. They can easily blend in or draw attention, depending on how you style them.

Buy the Riley Coco Snake sandals in women’s US sizes 5-11 for $75.

Tkees Phoebe Review

Tkees Phoebe Review
Tkees Phoebe

These delicate, strappy shoes look like a pair of traditional leather sandals with a refined twist.

The Phoebe sandals have a real leather insole with matching criss-cross leather straps that encircle your ankle and are secured with a small buckle.

These shoes leave the midfoot and toes exposed, except for a small leather loop for your big toe – perfect for when you want a shoe that’s barely there

These summer sandals are made from an ultrasoft Brazillian leather and have a real rubber outsole to stand up to pavement, beach sand, and patio stones. 

If you’re going for a nude look you can buy them in skin tones Pout, Heatwave, and Black. If you’re into some color, go for cool white Stone or olive Moss.

The Phoebe sandals come in sizes 5-11 for $75.

Tkees Flip Flops Review

The Tkees flip flops are a classy, built-to-last alternative to the flimsy plastic styles you can get just about anywhere. Let’s peek at Tkees best-selling flip flops: the Nudes and the Liri.

Tkees Nudes Review

Tkees Nudes Review
Tkees Nudes

These flip flops are meant to give you all the casual beachy comfort of your usual summer sandals, but with a chic, neutral twist.

The Tkees Nudes come in 11 different skin tone shades, so you can find a pair that will blend right in with your complexion. These include:

  • Beach Bum
  • Cocoabutter
  • Seashell
  • Sunkissed
  • Nude Beach
  • Pout
  • Sunbliss
  • Hazelberry
  • Au Naturale
  • Heatwave
  • Deep Glow

Tkees further elevates the standard flip flop by crafting their Nudes sandals out of genuine leather cowhide for the insole and uppers, and adding a real rubber outsole on the bottom. 

These sandals pair well with any outfit, for a variety of occasions. Add some simple elegance to a casual outfit, or bring some lightness to something more formal – either way, you won’t feel over or underdressed going to a trendy restaurant or a friend’s BBQ in the Tkees Nudes Flip Flops.

Buy a pair for yourself in sizes 5-11 for $55.

Tkees Liri Review

Tkees Liri Review
Tkees Liri

If you like the flip flop effect but would prefer a bit more coverage and stability, the Liri sandal was designed for you.

This slide-on sandal has three overlapping leather straps that extend from your big toe to your mid-foot – essentially a flip flop with an extra strap that elevates the look. If you hate fussy ties or buckles, don’t worry – you can easily slip these strappy sandals on without any adjusting.

The Liri sandal comes in seven colors. While there are a few nude options like Heatwave and Hazelberry, you can have some fun with bolder shades, such as:

  • Stone
  • Nude Beach
  • Terra
  • Iris 
  • Sable

Purchase the Liri sandal for $65 in sizes 5-11.

Who Is Tkees For? 

Tkees Review

Tkees designs clothing, footwear and sunglasses for people who want comfortable basics with an extra glint of sophistication. 

This inclusive brand makes apparel that, while labeled as men’s and women’s, is largely genderless. Their clothes are accessible to a slightly more extensive range of bodies than some designer brands, with sizes ranging from 0-6 (XXS to XXL in conventional sizing). They also have a lot of versatile designs that could fit as loosely or snugly as you wish

Their trademark sandals and flip flops, which are sized for women, are also offered in a variety of skin shades, so you can decide if you want them to pop or blend in. 

Writing this Tkees review, I think this brand will especially appeal to shoppers who have a low-key, West Coast style and favor casual clothes that they can dress up or down as needed. Whether you have muted taste and want some neutral classics that will match with anything, or would love a snake print sandal for summer, Tkees has something to suit your look.

The brand also has a line of youth loungewear that is totally genderless, and a line of nude and neon flip flops in kid sizes, perfect for young people and parents looking for well-made basics. 

Tkees Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Tkees Review

This company shares customer feedback on their product pages, where verified buyers can share their experiences with Tkees’ products.

Most of these reviews are very positive, and customers have great things to say about this company’s minimalist, classic style and solid fit

One woman, who loves how the brand plays with convention, shares in her Tkees review of the Liri Slide Flip Flop, “The Liri gives a little more edge to the regular flip flop, love them!”

Another customer who purchased the Jogger sweaters loves this brand’s comfortable and flattering take on this loungewear classic. She shares in her Tkees review, The quality of the fabric is perfection. The colors are stunning (I got the light grey and light tan). The fit is adorable. Pretty much these are the cutest and most comfortable sweatpants I’ve ever owned.”

This company’s signature Tkees flip flops were reviewed by a few writers at, who found that this company’s footwear was a much classier take on the summer flip flop

Tkees Review

One Insider writer says in her Tkees review, “I am not big on wearing flip-flops, but the Tkees became a go-to while running errands on the weekend…Unlike other flip-flops, I didn’t feel under-dressed, and most importantly, they were comfortable.”

This company’s apparel was also reviewed by, where the writer loved their “elevated” take on the Jogger pant, which she found was more cozy and stylish than her average pair of sweats – perfect for the home office. 

She reports in her Tkees review “The second I pulled on the sweats, I knew they would be my new work-from-home uniform for months to come. The relaxed fit is inviting and comfortable, and not the least bit sloppy, while the quality of the cotton terry fabrication feels great on and doesn’t overheat (which is crucial in sunny Los Angeles.)”

Overall, Tkees has attracted a lot of positive attention from everyday buyers and fashion pros who appreciate the brand’s attention to minimal aesthetics and ability to deliver consistent comfort.

Is Tkees Worth It?

Tkees Review

Tkees has a chic and comfy product line with a lot of everyday classics, from tanks and tees to flip flops and sandals. This company has put their own twist on these products by making them in beautiful, inclusive neutral shades with natural materials such as genuine leather and real rubber.

Their clothes are following the trend towards more comfy, androgynous styles where the wearer can decide on the fit that’s best for them. 

Tkees sandals and flip flops are also a refreshing departure from some mainstream options which aren’t made of such durable materials and can’t be dressed up as easily for different summer outings.

Even more importantly, Tkees reviews from customers and fashion writers report that this brand’s pieces are comfortable and wearable, and have quickly become wardrobe favorites. So yes, for the purpose of this Tkees review I can definitely recommend making a purchase from this modern brand!

Is Tkees Legit?

Tkees Review

Absolutely! This brand reliably delivers quality sandals, sunnies, flip flops, and clothing for customers worldwide. They’ve been a reputable Canadian fashion staple since launching over a decade ago, and are sold in major retailers throughout North America and in Japan. 

Tkees Promotions & Discounts 

Tkees Review

You will receive free global shipping on any order over $95USD! Check back to for the latest deals on Tkees sandals and other products.

Where to Buy Tkees

Tkees Review

Purchase all Tkees products through their official website or from one of their official stockists, including Bloomingdales, Holt Renfrew, Brown’s, and even some Ritz Carlton hotels.


Tkees Review

Who owns Tkees?

This company is owned by fashion entrepreneurs Carly and Jesse Burnett.

Is Tkees a Canadian company?

Yes, the owners of this company are based in Toronto, Canada.

Does Tkees ship internationally?

Yes! This brand ships to most countries around the world, with a few exceptions. Check out their country list for more details.

What is Tkees’ Shipping Policy?

Tkees ships to most countries around the world, with free global shipping on orders over $95USD. If you live outside the US, you may have to pay local duties and taxes on your order.

What is Tkees’ Return Policy?

If you aren’t in love with your Tkees purchase, no worries. You can make a return up to 30 days after buying your item, as long as it is still in new condition. Visit the Tkees Return Portal here to get started on initiating a return.

While writing this Tkees review I learned that international customers outside of the US and Canada should reach out to [email protected] to initiate their returns.

Face masks, deeply discounted items, and any monogrammed items are final sale. 

How to Contact Tkees

I hope you enjoyed this Tkees review! To get in touch with the brand, send them an email at [email protected]

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