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Truvy Review

There are so many conflicting and confusing studies on the science behind weight loss that our eyes feel like they’re bench pressing the weight of the world trying to sift through them. That’s where Truvy steps in.

The company aims to make weight loss easier for anyone who has struggled with adhering to a plan in the past or for anyone who is dedicated to making a healthy lifestyle change.

Clearly, they’ve gotten people’s attention as they currently boast over 20k Instagram Truvers (that’s our cute little term for the brand’s fan legion).

With that in mind, weight loss is a big commitment, and however you decide to pursue that goal should be back by informed decision. That’s why this Truvy review will cover the company’s products, the science behind them, their history, and an excellent customer review sampling, so that you can decide if the company is worth the commitment.

Overview of Truvy

Truvy Review

Let’s turn the clock back to 2014. Utah residents Shawn Gibson and David Brown had a vision to help people trying to lose weight. Weight loss is one of the hardest goals to see through to the end because it’s trapped in a mess of individual factors and lofty pseudoscience.

Gibson and Brown wanted to change that. They formed Truvy to provide customers with simple tools and supplements to help them realize their weight loss goals.

The company is still based in Utah, which makes sense when you consider that 85% of the population there live pretty darn close to the Wasatch Mountains. If they’re going to be scaling bluffs and climbing rocks all day long, then they have to fuel their body with the best products available. 

The company was formerly known as Truvision, but they changed their name to Truvy in 2020. Their dedication to making weight loss easy, understandable, and sustainable persists.

With all that lore out of the way, let’s get to the meat of this Truvy review. We’ll begin by covering some of the company’s highlights:


  • Offers an impressive line of weight loss products and subscriptions
  • Numerous Before and After testimonials featured on their website
  • Free shipping on select orders
  • International shipping available
  • Reportedly fast shipping times
  • You can pause or cancel any subscription plan without hassle

Truvy has a wide range of weight loss aids and supplements for you to choose from, including weight loss pills, protein powders, vitamins, and patches.

Truvy Weight Loss Review

All of the products we cover in this Truvy weight loss review section are among the company’s best-selling items. 

They are all eligible for monthly subscription plans that you can pause or cancel at the drop of a hat. Not to mention that if you choose to subscribe, you’ll save money and time with each recurring order.

The company recommends combining all of their products with an effective diet and exercise program. This way you’ll be doing the most for your body by feeding it the nutrients it needs, giving it the exercise it craves and ensuring you’re getting closer to your weight loss goals.

Truvy Good Boost Combo Review

One month’s supply of the Truvy Good Boost Combo includes 60 capsules of Truvy Tru and 60 capsules of Truvy Vy Boost.

It’s recommended that you take them together twice daily: once in the morning and again after lunch to help you combat late-afternoon hunger urges and malaise.

Truvy Vy Boost can increase your ability to focus as well elevate your energy levels because it’s made of green tea extract and caffeine, both of which are appetite suppressants and stimulants. 

They’re also both diuretics, meaning they’ll help you pee more, further expelling liquids from your body.

Truvy Tru on the other hand is a capsule filled with plant-based ingredients like magnesium, alpha-lipoic acid, and cinnamon bark extract. It also includes green coffee bean extract, which itself is another diuretic. So, this product works like a multivitamin.

Enroll in a monthly subscription for $89, or you can grab a single month’s supply for $112.

Truvy Boost Drink Review

The Truvy Boost Drink looks to spike your energy, improve your focus, and quiet your rumbling stomach. It contains many of the same ingredients as the Truvy Tru like green coffee bean extract, alpha-lipoic acid, magnesium, and cinnamon bark extract to get the job done. 

Plus, the drink has the full Truvy Vy Boost ingredient make-up too. It’s available in three tantalizing, different flavors: lava flow, citrine spark, and ruby red.

Since it contains many of the same ingredients as the other two products, the Truvy Boost Drink works like a drinkable version of the former items.

A full 5.75 oz bag costs $75 for a one-time purchase.

Truvy truFIX with H&H Super Drink Review

The Truvy truFIX with H&H Super Drink package combines a daily multivitamin with a drink mix, giving you the healthiest shot and chaser on the market.

Truvy truFix is an all-purpose vitamin containing a few ingredients you may recognize from earlier in this Truvy review, namely alpha-liopic acid, magnesium, and cinnamon.

The drink mix, Truvy Heart & Hydration is a sugar-free and low-calorie sweetener that can get you drinking more water by making your water taste like, well, something better than unfiltered tap water. 

It comes in five different flavors that, honestly, all sound supremely delicious: nanaberry, watermelon, grape, elderberry, and pink grapefruit.

60 capsules of Truvy truFIX and a 2.6 oz bag of Truvy Heart & Hydration cost a cool $90 for a single package of both.

Truvy truFIX with Truvy Boost 30-day Combo Kit Review

There’s little surprise offered by the Truvy truFIX with Truvy Boost 30-day Combo Kit, in that it’s a 30-day supply of the company’s most essential products. A single purchase nets you:

  • 60 capsules of Truvy Vy Boost
  • 60 capsules of Truvy Tru
  • 60 capsules of Truvy truFIX

Make sure to take these products twice a day. The company does advise against taking Truvy Tru and Truvy truFIX at the same time since they can deliver the same results.

The entire package comes in at $132 for a single purchase.

Truvy Better Month 1 Review

The Truvy Better Month 1 is the first package in a 3-month plan that brings with it discounts on many of the company’s best products.

Each month you’ll receive a full supply of Truvy Boost alongside a different company item.

In the first month, you’ll get a 30-day supply of Truvy reNU Detox and a full 2.6 oz bag of Truvy Heart & Hydration drink crystals.

Just this package costs $157, but you can access the lower price of $125 if you subscribe for monthly shipments.

And, if you’re so curious, allow our Truvy review troops to tell you what the following Truvy Better Months offer.

For the second month, Truvy will send you a full month’s supply of one of their protein powders and a package of their Truvy Probiotic Chews.

To finish out the 90-day savings extravaganza the company will include two Truvy ZZZ-tox Experience Kits with any Truvy Heart & Hydration flavor that you want. What more could you ask for?

Truvy Best Month 1 Review

Much like the previous item mentioned in this Truvy review, this is another combination offering many of the brand’s best products delivered on a monthly basis.

The first month of the Truvy Best Month 1 includes a 30-day supply of the following items:

  • Truvy Boost 
  • Truvy reNU Detox 
  • Truvy truSLUMBER Gummies
  • Any Truvy Heart & Hydration flavor you want 
  • Truvy Protein Powder, with your choice between the vava vanilla or coco crème flavors
  • Truvy Probiotic Chews

It’ll cost you $169 if you enroll in their subscription program, or you can pay for a single month at a time for $212.

Who Is Truvy For? 

Truvy Review

Truvy products are for people who are committed to making a change in their health. It’s hard to know the correct steps to take on the path to weight loss. The brand can make that easier by providing a road map, if you will—in the form of their subscription services.

How Does Truvy Help You Lose Weight? 

Truvy Review

Since the company offers so many products, their items work in different ways to help you lose weight.

Some of their items, like the Truvy Boost Drink, combine appetite suppressing ingredients with energy boosters so that you can focus more on your daily tasks without feeling hungry. 

Others, like Truvy Protein Powders, work as dietary supplements to increase your protein intake. Since protein is the most satiating macronutrient, consuming more protein can make you feel fuller for longer periods of time, meaning you won’t have to struggle with food cravings.

Finally, our Truvy review team wants to highlight how the Truvy Heart & Hydration drink mixes can help you lose weight. They are low-calorie water flavor enhancers, meaning you should be able to add them to your water to improve the taste. 

This has two positive effects. The first is that it can make you drink more water. We know that hydration is crucial for optimal health, but here’s another angle: you’ll be less likely to feel hungry if your stomach is filled with water.

The second positive effect is that the sweet flavors can help satisfy cravings and curb sweet tooths that could derail your progress.

Is Truvy Safe To Use? 

Truvy Review

Our Truvy review writers found that the brand’s products are safe to use because they include readily-available and wholesome ingredients. There are no sneaky preservatives or mislabeled arsenic to be found here, folks.

Truvy Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Truvy Review

Weight loss subscription services aren’t something you want to casually purchase. Ideally, you want to commit to your plan, and Truvy wants to make that as easy as possible. This section of our Truvy review will see how well they accomplish that goal by polling customer reviews.

First, let’s examine what customers have to say about the company on Facebook. We found that the company holds an average rating of 4.6/5 stars based on over 1,660 people.

Some customers couldn’t find enough nice things to say about Truvy. This happy Facebook client was nearly bursting at the seams with everything she liked about the brand. 

She said, “I love this company!!!! The products are incredible! Pricing is affordable for everyone! The CEOs are top notch! There is so many things I could say about this company!

Other customers mentioned how the Truvy Boost Capsules increased their energy without any adverse side effects like tingles, jitters, or propulsions to bust out a million jumping jacks. 

This energetic Ellen said as much in her review: “The energy from Truvy boost capsules and drinks alike is sooooo amazing.

Another review of the same product said it was pivotal in their weight loss journey because of how it helped boost her energy levels. 

The customer also loved the holistic ingredients used in the Truvy Boost Capsules: “No crash, no artificial harmful ingredients and no sugar. I’m down over 20 lbs, countless inches and for the first time in my life I love my body!

Now that we’ve covered what the fine Facebook crowd had to say about Truvy, let’s shimmy on over to another great hub for customer feedback, Reddit.

Users on the internet’s most popular forum shared their thoughts, with many interested in how the company’s products worked. 

One Redditor cautiously endorsed the brand by explaining why their products helped some people lose weight. They explained, “It curbs your appetite so you don’t have a strong desire to eat as much. The only way you’ll ever lose weight is by taking in less calories each day than you expend.”

Our Truvy review comrades noticed that many customers applauded the brand’s customer service. 

One customer had her issue resolved with a simple chat with a Truvy employee through Facebook: “I had a question and asked thru messenger. They responded promptly with awesome information I didnt know about.

Other customer reviews on websites like Better Business Review reported that Truvy products gave them temporary shakes and wobbles, almost like they were taking in too much caffeine. But, the site itself gave our featured brand an A+ rating for their efforts in resolving customer complaints.

While our Truvy review team must inform you to be aware of these side effects, there’s also a long list of brand devotees who found that their purchases did not instill these side effects.

In short, everyone has different tolerances in terms of how they handle the supplements. How your body will control these is up for you to discover. We’re not doctors, but we have seen all the great ratings. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t conduct a bit of research into the Truvy ingredients first.

The troupe behind this Truvy review sums up the company’s consumer feedback like this; when their products work, they work. 

The bevy of positive experiences that line Truvy’s Facebook page shows that many people have earned the body of their dreams thanks in part to the company’s weight loss items.

You can witness many of these success stories yourself by checking out the Before & After page featured on the Truvy website, which hosts customers’ pictures that show their physiques before and after taking the brand’s products. These images are all pulled from the #truvy on Instagram.

Is Truvy Worth It?

Truvy Review

Our Truvy review team deems that the product is worth looking into with a magnifying glass and a pipe alongside John Watson. 

While there are enough customer testimonials of weight loss success, we don’t know to what extent these results came from Truvy products alone and how much of them are due to better diet and exercise regimens.

With that being said, don’t dismiss Truvy yet! If they help you reach your fitness goals and feel more comfortable in your body, then our Truvy review renegades support your purchase. 

Remember, fitness is a personal journey, there are no rules, so take whichever path is the easiest to stick to and makes you feel the best.

Truvy Promotions & Discounts 

Truvy Review

If you’re tentative about Truvy’s products then you’ll be happy to know that you can acquire product samples before you take the plunge into a full subscription. 

As mentioned in the highlights of this Truvy review, the brand has a free shipping program. Countries are eligible for complimentary delivery depending on how much their order costs; we’ll compile the details below:

  1. Mexico, Honduras, Columbia, Panama, Guatemala, and Costa Rica customers receive free shipping on all orders
  2. Australian customers receive free shipping on all orders over $118
  3. The United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Ireland customers receive free shipping on orders over $129
  4. New Zealand customers receive free shipping on orders over $134
  5. Canada customers receive free shipping on orders over $136
  6. Germany customers receive free shipping on all orders over $159

There’s also a rotating monthly promotion, offering new discounts on Truvy products. 

Where to Buy Truvy 

Truvy Review

You can purchase Truvy subscription plans through the company’s website, truvy.com.


Truvy Review

Who owns Truvy?

Shawn Gibson and David Brown, who seem like nice enough Utah-loving guys, own Truvy. 

Both are health advocates in their own ways—they’re not inane ultramarathon devotees, but realistically-minded men with realistic fitness goals. This imparts Truvy with a grounded sensibility that health is not a competition, it’s a journey.

Does Truvy ship internationally?

The brand ships far and wide across the globe, with their shipping times varying depending on which country they ship to. The following section outlines how long shipping times are.

What is Truvy’s Shipping Policy?

All Truvy orders can take up to 48 hours to process.

Since Truvy ships all over the world, we’ve listed out all the possible shipping times depending on where you’re currently living. 

  • Panama: 1 to 3 business days
  • Columbia: 2 to 8 business days
  • Honduras, Coast Rica, Mexico, and Guatemala: 3 to 7 business days
  • The United States and South Africa: 5 to 10 business days
  • Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, and the United Kingdom: 7 to 15 business days

The company uses USPS or UPS for all orders in the United States. Since they ship to so many countries, they make use of plenty of different shipping companies, so check their shipping page to see which carrier will be delivering your package.

What is Truvy’s Return Policy?

Our Truvy review collective found that the company offers a 30-day return policy wherein you will receive 90% of your original payment. 

That means you’ll have 30 days after you receive your item to return it, so long as you send it back in good condition with the packaging intact.

How to Contact Truvy

There are multiple ways you can contact the holistic samaritans behind the brand. Here are all the methods our Truvy review party found:

  • Use the Contact Us page on their website
  • Email them at [email protected]
  • Call them using their phone number, 855-213-TRUV or 801-281-7420

Whatever you do, know that their customer service lines are open for all discussions, arguments, airing of grievances, and surprise compliments every Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm MST.

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