Calibrate Weight Loss Review

About Calibrate

Calibrate Weight Loss Review
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Calibrate is a virtual weight loss program that uses one-on-one coaching, goal setting, and FDA-approved medication to help you reboot your metabolism and rewire old habits. Calibrate’s approach is founded on science.

The program works by making you accountable to someone other than yourself, by teaching you the science of behavioral change, and by educating you on all the variables involved in adopting a healthier lifestyle.

This program addresses not only your diet, sleep routine, and exercise patterns but also your emotional health[1]. Never underestimate the importance of emotional well-being. It is the garden that fertilizes our beliefs, actions, and habits.

Losing weight – not to mention keeping it off –  can be highly stressful, overwhelming, and complicated. Too many of us have been down the weight loss path one too many times… the journey can feel impossible. The good news is, with the right tools and people on your side, it is possible to get off the yo-yo train of losing and regaining weight. 

According to this study[2], long-term weight management is challenging due to the interconnectedness of our biology, environment, and nutritional choices. The solution? Forget about unrealistic goals. Forget about fad diets.

Instead, think about changing habits, awareness, consistency, and environmental design. Aim to make small, sustainable improvements to your health. Implement small habit changes. Your new behaviors will help to maintain your health. 

Trainer’s Tip: you really can’t implement long-term sustainable health changes without addressing your mindset and your habits. Why? Your attitude directs your behaviors, and your behaviors direct your results.

To paraphrase F.M. Alexander, “humans don’t choose their destiny, they choose their habits and their habits direct their future”. 

Now, changing your mindset and habits will not happen overnight. This is why having a support network is key. We all need a “village.” Yours can be a weight loss group, an accountability buddy, a one-on-one coach, or a therapist. The key message is that the importance of “support” can’t be underestimated. 

Enter Calibrate! Tackling weight loss from a metabolic angle, the service has found itself the center of attention in notable publications like Forbes, Business Insider, and Fast Company, which praise it for its science-backed structure. Today, the brand boasts nearly 8k followers on its social media platforms, where users share their successes.

Whether you’ve tried every diet out there or are simply looking for a smart place to start, we invite you to read through this Calibrate weight loss review. Here, I’ll fill you in on key information about the brand and its services, provide customer feedback, and more to help you decide if it’s the right fit.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions.

Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

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Overview Of Calibrate

Calibrate Weight Loss Review
Image credit: Calibrate

The folks at Calibrate believe that “weight doesn’t reflect willpower. It reflects the metabolic system.” There’s a reason why some people can eat whatever they want and stay slim, while others pack on the pounds effortlessly, and that reason is called metabolism.

Metabolism is the sum total of all the activities our bodies do to stay alive. This includes the chemical reactions within cells that change food into energy required for daily life.

The key thing to understand is that everyone’s metabolism is unique, affected by our health choices, activity level, digestion, risk of chronic disease, etc. and our metabolism affects our health choices, activity level, digestion, and risk of chronic diseases. Our metabolism is a two-way street, both impacting our health decisions and being impacted by our health decisions. 

The takeaway thus far is that the discussion around weight loss, weight maintenance, health, and metabolism is anything but simple.

For example, this study[3] discusses four parameters that are predictive of weight gain: low metabolic rate, low spontaneous physical activity (random acts of movement, twitching, etc.), low sympathetic nervous system (SNS) activity, and low-fat oxidation (i.e., the process of breaking down fatty acids, which requires healthy mitochondria).  

Be wary of anyone who says weight is simply a matter of “calories.” They are not fully informed. The variables at play when discussing weight and health are numerous. If you have historically had trouble navigating your weight loss journey, know that the problem is not you. It’s your resources!

Many variables affect your metabolism, including stress levels, age, activity level, nutrition, and/or health conditions. The good news is that there are levers you can “pull” to positively impact your metabolism, to help kick it into fat-burning gear.

Calibrate comes at weight loss from a scientific angle. It targets not just your metabolic system, but also your emotional needs, habits, and knowledge base.

Founded in 2020 by Isabelle Kenyon, the New York-based brand aims to put users in control of their own health, providing the facts, support, and guidelines needed for success.

Kenyon is no stranger to business and health tech. Before launching Calibrate, she was responsible for the operations side of the online pharmacy, Capsule.

With Calibrate, Kenyon employs the same dedication to making healthcare accessible for those who need it[4].

Now that you know a little more about the face behind the brand, this Calibrate weight loss review will shine some light on its highlights before jumping into how its service works.


  • Calibrate takes into account how food impacts our hormonal systems and metabolism and how simply restricting calories[5] is often unsustainable
  • Accessible, completely e-based
  • Personalized plans delivered via an app
  • One-on-one video calls with coaches & doctors
  • Can use insurance for medication & lab tests
  • Compatible with FSA & HSA


Calibrate is a weight loss program that combines metabolic science, one-on-one coaching, and FDA-approved medication to help individuals lose weight and maintain weight loss over time. Some of the features of the Calibrate program include:

  1. Personalized metabolic science: Calibrate uses a metabolic reset approach to help individuals lose weight. This approach is based on the latest scientific research and takes into account an individual’s unique metabolic profile, lifestyle, and health history.
  2. One-on-one coaching: Every member of the Calibrate program is paired with a personal coach who provides support, guidance, and accountability throughout the weight loss journey.
  3. FDA-approved medication: Calibrate uses FDA-approved medication to help members lose weight and keep it off. This medication is prescribed by a licensed medical provider and is safe and effective.
  4. Virtual platform: The Calibrate program is delivered through a virtual platform, which means that members can access the program from anywhere and at any time.
  5. Community support: Calibrate members have access to a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are also on a weight loss journey.
  6. Health-focused approach: Calibrate takes a health-focused approach to weight loss, focusing on overall health and wellness rather than just the number on the scale. Members work with their coaches to develop healthy habits that they can maintain for life.
  7. Data-driven approach: Calibrate uses data and technology to track progress and make data-driven decisions about each member’s personalized program.

Health Benefits

Here are some health benefits associated with the Calibrate program, supported by scientific studies:

  1. Weight Loss: The Calibrate program is designed to help individuals lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. According to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, participants in a 12-month lifestyle intervention program that included personalized coaching and medication lost an average of 13% of their body weight, compared to 2% in the control group.
  2. Metabolic Health: The Calibrate program also focuses on improving metabolic health, which can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that individuals who lost weight through lifestyle changes and medication had significant improvements in blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.
  3. Improved Quality of Life: Weight loss can also lead to improvements in quality of life, including improved mobility, reduced joint pain, better sleep, and improved mental health. According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, individuals who lost weight through lifestyle changes and medication reported improvements in physical function, vitality, and general health.

Studies On Weight Loss Programs

Weight loss programs, including the Calibrate Weight Loss program, have been studied extensively in scientific research. Here are a few examples:

  1. The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) was a randomized clinical trial that compared lifestyle changes, including diet and physical activity, to the use of the medication metformin in preventing type 2 diabetes in overweight or obese individuals with elevated blood glucose levels. The study found that lifestyle changes were more effective than metformin in reducing the incidence of type 2 diabetes.
  2. A 2018 systematic review and meta-analysis of 45 randomized controlled trials found that both lifestyle interventions and pharmacotherapy resulted in significant weight loss, with lifestyle interventions showing a greater effect on weight loss and improvements in cardiovascular risk factors.
  3. Another systematic review and meta-analysis of 54 studies concluded that behavioral weight loss programs, which include diet and exercise modifications as well as behavioral strategies, were effective in producing clinically significant weight loss, and that greater weight loss was associated with longer program durations and greater adherence to program components.
  4. A randomized controlled trial evaluated the effectiveness of a digital weight loss program that included personalized nutrition and coaching compared to a standard care group in overweight or obese individuals with or without type 2 diabetes. The study found that the digital program resulted in greater weight loss and improvements in cardiometabolic risk factors compared to standard care.

How Does Calibrate Work?

Calibrate Weight Loss Review
Image credit: Calibrate

Calibrate uses a combination of video coaching, goal-setting, and lessons to help you take control of your weight, and ultimately your life.

Offering a Metabolic Health Assessment and a One-Year Metabolic Reset plan, both involve a one-on-one appointment with a doctor who will order labs to determine your metabolic health. Depending on which option to choose, your service will either continue for the year or you’ll have the option to sign up for the plan.

You can cancel your membership at any time, whether you’ve just signed up or are in month eight. For more information on the rules around refunds, read the FAQ section of this Calibrate weight loss review.

Calibrate is web-based, meaning all the materials you’ll need are made available through the brand’s app. If you’ve joined the one-year program, the service will send you a Welcome Kit that includes a smart scale and blood pressure cuff.

Medication is also part of the One-Year Metabolic Reset. Your Calibrate doctor will prescribe the GLP-1 medication and they’ll either send it to you via a prescription delivery service or you can pick it up yourself.

In the next section of this Calibrate weight loss review, I’ll go over the details of the One-Year Metabolic Reset and the Metabolic Health Assessment. Here, you’ll learn about what’s involved with each option and what kind of results you can look forward to.

Trainer’s Tip: We are big fans of health assessments and systemic, holistic health plans. ​​Health is not just the number on the scale, and without a complete evaluation and discussion with a professional, it is all too easy to think your weight is synonymous with health. It isn’t. Sure, weight is one variable that should be considered when assessing health, but it is only one variable of many. 

A healthy body sleeps well, has balanced hormones, digests and absorbs food without pain or distension, recovers appropriately from both physical and emotional stress, and is energetic. Focusing on the scale alone often perpetuates that yo-yo cycle of weight loss and weight gain.

Calibrate One-Year Metabolic Reset Review

So you’ve decided to start your journey to health with the Calibrate Metabolic Reset. In this program, you can expect a combination of coaching for diet, exercise, and sleep, along with informative lessons about those same areas to help you understand health from a scientific angle and rewire your brain.

For the first six months of your plan, your goal will be to lose 10% of your total weight. For those who weigh 200lbs, that’s 20lbs, for those that way 250lbs, that’s 25lbs, etc.

Calibrate aims for long-lasting success, not quick results. So, though the weight loss process may seem slower than other plans, it’s more beneficial in the long run.

Calibrate’s approach to health is unlike so many others on the market. This intensive, supportive One-Year Metabolic Reset plan is structured quarterly over your year with the service:

Level 1: Months 0-3

  • You’ll learn about the basics of metabolic health, meeting with a coach every other week, and setting up goals
  • Assigned 1-2 lessons a week, you’ll discover why and how to make necessary changes to see progress

Level 2: Months 3-6

  • You’ve learned a ton, now it’s time to put it to work. During these months, you’ll establish and build on the new habits that work best for your needs
  • Reading 2 lessons per week, you’ll learn more in-depth information about the foundations covered in Level 1 with the option to choose which areas you prefer to learn more about

Level 3: Months 6-9

  • Meet with your coach every other week
  • Discover your areas of interest and focus on topics you’d like to further your learning in 1-2 classes per week

Level 4: Months 9-12

  • Now is the time to make sure what you’ve learned in the course will carry on outside of it
  • Learn more about your areas of interest in 1-2 lessons per week

Meetings with your coaches last for 15 minutes, but you’ll get to decide on a time that fits your schedule. In these meetings, you have the freedom to discuss anything that relates to your health and fitness journey, share your success, frustrations, and ideas for the rest of your program.

Trainer’s Tip: adopting a healthier lifestyle requires a shift in mindset. You need to shift from a “find excuses, life is being done to me” attitude to a “find solutions, agency filled growth mindset.” All experiences are simply data. Health is a learning experience. A good program gives you not only knowledge and tools but also the support system needed to implement the information and tools.  

Throughout this plan, as long as you fit the requirements needed to take the drug, you will be prescribed an FDA-approved medication[6] called GLP-1. GLP-1 works to reduce appetite, increase satiety, and help with weight loss. This medication will be prescribed at the time of your first doctor’s appointment before your plan officially starts.

Glucagon-Like Peptide 1, or GLP-1, is a peptide that is attributed to helping to regulate appetite and hunger, especially after eating. Furthermore, this peptide also helps enhance the production of insulin.

Since GLP-1 is produced in the stomach and gut, the cells in the intestine are often the main source of GLP-1. According to this review[7], GLP-1 with improved half-life increases the time it can be stored, and monitored use successfully treats obesity. There is continued effort due to these results to further optimize and improve therapeutic outcomes.

Calibrate Metabolic Health Assessment Only Review

If you’d like to learn more about how Calibrate can work for you before you sign up, the Metabolic Health Assessment is the way to go. This option involves a one-time video call with a provided physician who will tell you, based on your lab results, what your long-term program with the service would be like if you choose to sign up.

This service is a form of telemedicine, effective for those who prefer a higher degree of privacy and the ability to speak with a physician from the comfort of home if unable to travel. Telemedicine interventions[8] provide a safe alternative and also give the opportunity to expand treatment access to hard-to-reach populations. However, due to the recent rise in telehealth, further research is needed on telemedicine weight loss treatments for different groups, and the impact of long-term interventions needs to be explored.

Based on findings from your lab results (taken before your video appointment), your Calibrate doctor will assess your unique metabolic health and answer any questions you may have about the one-year program.

If you decide to sign up, the assessment fee will be credited towards the cost of your plan.

Is Calibrate Covered By Insurance?

Calibrate Weight Loss Review
Image credit: Calibrate

Calibrate medication is compatible with most commercial and employer insurance plans. The service guarantees that GLP-1 medication’s cost will be under $25/month or it will issue a refund.

The company does not take insurance for the One-Year Metabolic Reset or the Metabolic Health Assessment, but it does accept HSA or FSA. To use those funds, you’ll need to choose the “billed once” option.

Who Is Calibrate For?

Calibrate Weight Loss Review
Image credit: Calibrate

One of the most important things to know about Calibrate is that it’s not for everyone. The service requires potential clients to answer questions about their health, weight, and age before they’re allowed entry into the program.

Calibrate is not for anyone who has a BMI of under 30 unless they have a metabolic condition. In that case, their BMI cannot be under 27.

Those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, have an eating disorder, substance abuse issue, or cancer cannot join Calibrate. Nor can anyone under the age of 18 or over the age of 67.

If you fit the bill and think this program is right for you, read a little further down in this Calibrate weight loss review to learn how to sign up.

Comparison: Calibrate vs. Lumen

Calibrate Weight Loss Review
Image credit: Calibrate

Anyone who has struggled to lose weight knows that the process isn’t simply a matter of “calories in, calories out.” Losing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle is just about having enough motivation and dedication—it’s a metabolic thing.

As stated above, our metabolism is the sum total of all the activities our bodies do to stay alive. Our metabolisms impact how our bodies convert food into energy.

Since every body is unique, every metabolism works at different rates. Some people’s systems are incredibly high functioning and seem to be able to eat anything, while others are slightly more sluggish and “gain weight by looking at a carb.”

Today, science has proven there are ways to influence our metabolism, as demonstrated by brands like Calibrate and its competitor, Lumen.

Like our featured brand Calibrate, Lumen works from a metabolic standpoint. But instead of coaching and plans, it’s a handheld device that measures your CO2 output to let you know if you’re in carb or fat-burning modes[9].

When you wake up each day, Lumen tells you whether your body is using carbs or fats as its fuel, then recommends an eating plan, sleep schedule, and exercise regime. All of which is delivered via an app.

Users can sign up for a 3, 6, or 12-month track, receiving personalized plans, along with the Lumen device. Plans vary between $200-$300. You’ll notice that they are less costly than Calibrate’s plans.

The main difference between the plans is that of coaching. With Calibrate, you have someone helping you follow through, checking in, and holding you accountable. With Lumen, you’re on your own.

Lumen is an intelligent, futuristic way to hack your metabolism. While both brands work towards rebooting your fat-burning system, Calibrate Health is the more supported approach.

How Much Is Calibrate?

Calibrate Weight Loss Review
Image credit: Calibrate

Calibrate offers two services, the Metabolic Health Assessment and the One-Year Metabolic Reset. Now that you’ve gotten to know each one, you’re probably wondering how much they cost so you can choose whether or not one makes more sense for your budget and needs than the other.

The Metabolic Health Assessment is just a one-off thing. You’ll pay a one-time price of $250 if you take advantage of early access pricing, but normally it’s $500.

Want to make it a long-term thing? Sign up for the One-Year Metabolic Reset for $130/month if you’d like to pay for it through Affirm. To take care of the 12-month bill in one go, you’re looking at $1,550.

Considering the average person spends over $2,000 on coffee each year, we’d say that’s a good swap.

The costs of lab tests and the GLP-1 medication are not included in either of the above costs. But, the brand will work with your insurance provider to get them covered.

Calibrate Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Calibrate Weight Loss Review
Image credit: Calibrate

This isn’t a shirt we’re talking about here, it’s a lifestyle change, and most people interested in Calibrate sign up for an entire year. To find out just how valuable this program is, you’re definitely going to need to hear from those who have used it as of April 2023.

In the following section of my Calibrate weight loss review, you’ll find a selection of comments sourced from a few different reliable places around the web. I honed in on sentiments that mention the effectiveness of the service and bring to light some important details.

First, let’s take a look at some of Calibrate’s average ratings from the most trusted review sites:

  • Consumer Affairs: 3.7/5 stars
  • Trustpilot: 2.6/5 stars

Now to really kick things off, I headed to Reviews.io, another popular website that allows customers to rate and review businesses. The site showed an overall score of 4.6/5 stars and 113 ratings— that’s more like it!

Filled with positive comments about the effectiveness of Calibrate, users write about their general enjoyment of the program, noting things like, “it is less of a temporary diet and more of a mindset switch, and my results have been more than I had hoped!”

Others mention things like that it’s “easy to understand and the coaches are helpful.” A common thread amongst reviews is how much the accountability aspect of the program makes a difference when sticking to a plan.

Turning to a Calibrate weight loss review on Usarx, I found a comment that helped users understand how the program works. It read:

The Calibrate curriculum is gradual yet quite in-depth.” This is something I’ve come across in other reviews as well, and the reason it’s such an important point is for potential clients to know that it’s not an information dump.

The one-on-one support received from doctors and your coach throughout the program means they’re there for you every step of the way. If any information isn’t quite clicking, you have a teacher at your fingertips.

If you’re feeling like you have a good idea of the quality of the program and how it works, let’s head to the brand’s Facebook page to see what users had to say about their results.

One Calibrate weight loss review read, “Nothing else worked for me…I’ve been on it a month and have lost 11 lbs. It is a realistic program that is absolutely doable.

That’s one of the most important things when it comes to weight loss. Unrealistic programs that involve calorie and carb counting and hardcore workouts with not a shred of emotional support in sight can set you up for failure—or to develop unhealthy patterns.

The fact that on Facebook, a Calibrate user said they “feel 100% supported” and “in control” is an amazing sign that this kind of program isn’t a “diet”—it’s a lifestyle change.

In terms of customer satisfaction, the Better Business Bureau gave Calibrate an A rating since they’ve only had one complaint in the last three years. This shows me they handle customer issues quickly and don’t let them go unresolved.

In my research, I didn’t come across anything suspicious or alarming about this brand. It truly looks like one that works and that clients love.

Is Calibrate Worth It?

Calibrate Weight Loss Review
Image credit: Calibrate

There’s weight loss, and then there’s healthy weight loss. Calibrate is the latter, giving you all the tools you need to succeed in changing your habits and keeping excess weight off for good.

Its emotional and scientific approach is incredibly valuable for any diet plan, but I can’t really call it a “diet.” Truly, it’s so much more.

Support from coaches and doctors along the way helps clients get to the root of their problems. This encourages healthy and positive changes instead of telling them to eat less and exercise more—a combination that can work but isn’t as simple as some programs make it out to be.

Calibrate is on the pricier side of weight loss plans, but it also involves more than other plans, including coaching, doctor’s visits, medication, diet, and fitness plans. For all that you get with this brand, I determine that it’s worth it.

Calibrate Promotions & Discounts

Calibrate Weight Loss Review
Image credit: Calibrate

Calibrate is currently offering a $250 discount for new clients who sign up for either the Metabolic Health Assessment or One-Year Metabolic Reset packages. This discount will only be available for a limited time, so you may want to jump on it when you see it.

Sign Up For Calibrate

Calibrate Weight Loss Review
Image credit: Calibrate

You did it, you found a plan that sounds like something you can finally stick to. When you’re ready to sign up for Calibrate, just follow these steps:

  1. Head to JoinCalibrate.com
  2. Click on ‘Am I Eligible?’
  3. Choose the answers that apply to you
  4. Join the waitlist!


What might work for someone might not work for someone else. If that’s the case, you’ve got options:

  1. Noom: Noom is a weight loss program that uses behavioral psychology and technology to help users make healthier lifestyle choices. It offers personalized coaching, a food tracker, and group support.
  2. Weight Watchers: Weight Watchers, also known as WW, is a weight loss program that uses a points system to help users make healthier food choices. It also offers personalized coaching, a community forum, and fitness tracking.
  3. Jenny Craig: Jenny Craig is a weight loss program that offers prepackaged meals and personalized coaching to help users achieve their weight loss goals. It also offers a community forum and fitness tracking.
  4. Optavia: Optavia is a weight loss program that uses a meal replacement plan and personalized coaching to help users lose weight. It also offers community support and a focus on creating healthy habits.
  5. Nutrisystem: Nutrisystem is a weight loss program that offers prepackaged meals and personalized coaching to help users lose weight. It also offers community support and fitness tracking.


Calibrate Weight Loss Review
Image credit: Calibrate

How do I cancel my Calibrate Subscription?

You’re allowed to have second thoughts about anything. If, after you sign up, you find Calibrate may not be right for this time in your life, you can cancel by following these steps:

  1. Create an email to [email protected]
  2. Put “Cancellation Request” in the subject title
  3. In the body, write the name and email associated with your account

Though you can cancel at any time, depending on when you do, you may get a full or partial refund or none at all. To see the timeline around refunds, head to the Return Policy section a little further down in this Calibrate weight loss review.

What is Calibrate’s Shipping Policy?

Calibrate is completely web-based. The coaching and materials are all online, so you won’t need anything shipped to you.

What is Calibrate’s Return Policy?

The journey to weight loss is a commitment, and Calibrate understands that along the way, things happen. If at any time you find you need to cancel your membership, you can do so by following the steps outlined in the above section of this Calibrate weight loss review.

Offering two different services, Metabolic Health Assessment and the One-Year Metabolic Reset, each one has different points at which you can cancel for either a full or partial refund.

Metabolic Health Assessment:

  • You just signed up and it’s been less than 48 hours = full refund
  • It’s been more than 48 hours but you haven’t taken your health assessment yet = full refund minus a $50 fee
  • You’ve already taken your health assessment = non-refundable

One-Year Metabolic Reset:

  • Cancel within 48 hours for a full refund
  • If you want to cancel after the 48-hour mark, but you haven’t had your first doctor’s visit yet, you’ll get a full refund minus $150
  • If you haven’t completed your first doctor’s visit in 45 days, Calibrate will cancel your membership and refund you minus a $250 fee
  • Already visited the doctor? Your payment is non-refundable

If you’d still like to continue the program but need a short break, you can do so at any time for up to 90 days.

How to contact Calibrate

If you need any other information that this Calibrate weight loss review did not include, send the company an email at [email protected] with your questions.

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