UNOde50 Jewelry Review

About UNOde50

UNOde50 Jewelry Review

UNOde50 is a Spanish jewelry brand that sells timeless pieces for men and women. Their collections include bracelets, necklaces, earrings, piercings, rings, cufflinks, icons, watches, belts, keyrings, accessories, and gifts. What’s great about their site is you can shop by gender, intention, or collection. 

The brand has a massive 300k following on Instagram and 405k likes on Facebook. Featured in Forbes, UNOde50 pieces have also been spotted on a bunch of celebrities, including singers like Sebastian Yatra and Shawn Mendes, and fashionistas like Sarah Jessica Parker, Jamie Chung, and Alexa Chung. 

This UNOde50 jewelry review will provide you with all of the details about the brand, including its policies, product reviews, and customer reviews. By the end of it, you will know whether you should indulge in a UNOde50 piece or spend your cash elsewhere. 

Overview of UNOde50

UNOde50 Jewelry Review

Founded in 1996 by a group of creative designers headed by José Azulay, the brand had the goal of expressing an individual’s moods through each of his designs. The first collection only had 50 units (after its namesake), which spurred a desire to claim the unique pieces before they all sold out! 

Every one of UNOde50 products is handmade using traditional techniques that have been in use since the brand’s inception. The entire process—from designing, shaping, casting, coating, mounting, finishing, to handling—is completed at the company’s HQ in Madrid, Spain. UNOde50 has over 100 retailers all over the world, and sells to over 200 countries online. 

Before we dive into our detailed UNOde50 jewelry review, let’s go through a few initial benefits and drawbacks of the brand: 


  • Accessible online in over 200 countries
  • Accessible in-person in over 100 boutiques worldwide
  • Rewards program with a few good perks 
  • Unique and bold pieces that carry personality and culture 
  • Free shipping
  • Fair return policy 
  • Guarantee of 1-year 
  • RETT bracelets donated to charity 
  • Free gift on orders over $225


  • Confusing website layout 
  • No information to be found about specific materials used to create the jewelry 

UNOde50 Rings Review

Rings showcase a lot more than your hands, and UNOde50 rings can help you take that to the next level. These timeless statement pieces are much more than your everyday accessories—they proclaim to the world how you’re feeling. 

The rings we have chosen to review display the originality of the brand, especially the best-selling Nailed Heart Ring. 

UNOde50 Mystery Ring Review

Every piece in UNOde50’s ring collections are exceptional in their own way—and the Mystery Ring is no different. And don’t let the delicate appearance fool you, this piece is a strong declaration of who you are. 

Made from metal that is gold-plated, the ring’s wraparound design is finished with cut white crystals that are flat on top to prevent any snagging on clothing. The style takes center stage with its simplicity and elegance. 

Available only in US ring sizes 5.5 to 10.5, this ring will surely dazzle anyone who passes by. 

The Mystery Ring retailers for $135. 

UNOde50 Nailed Heart Review

If your heart has ever been broken or you have fallen deeply in love, it can feel as if your most essential orgran has been pierced by something sharp and unending. So, why not take that emotion and transform it? That’s exactly the feeling the UNOde50 Nailed Heart Ring wants to evoke. 

Made from metal plated in silver, the ring has a thick nail shaped in the form of a heart. If your heart has been broken, you can reclaim it wearing this piece; if you’re in love, shout it out to the world with this piece. Either way, your heart is definitely on display. 

A part of the brand’s Classic Silver Collection, it is only available in sizes 6 to 8.5. The Nailed Heart Ring retails for $109

UNOde50 Necklaces Review

When you’re in the mood to decorate your décolletage with some extravagant pieces, UNOde50 necklaces can help you out. They can help you dress up a simple outfit in a matter of seconds but not in a garish way—we’re talking elegant and elevated pieces.

Our picks from the UNOde50 collection feature pendants such as delicate hearts and adorable dragonflies. And if you are wondering, Love at First Sight is a best seller!

UNOde50 Little Dragon-fly Review

As a symbol of change, hope, and love, dragonflies are an excellent way to portray what you are currently going through. And that’s what UNOde50 does with its beautiful little dragonfly piece. 

Reminiscent of dragonflies flying through the air, this lighter and short necklace embraces your décolleté in pieces bathed in silver. The dragonfly’s wings are simple and light against your collarbone, made from Swarovski crystals to add a bit of sparkle to complete your outfit. 

The choker hangs from 4.33” to 5.12” from your neck and retails for $255 

UNOde50 Love at First Sight Review

When you experience love at first sight, it’s much like a punch to the gut. UNOde50 wanted to replicate that exact feeling when you see their necklace of the same name. 

A part of their classic leather collection, this best-selling long necklace has a silver-plated metal pendant shaped like a heart. Hitting you near your solar plexus, the pendant also has delicate charms from the brand hanging off it. 

The length of the necklace is nearly 20”, and retails for $200.

UNOde50 Watches Review

Jewelry doesn’t have to be the only way you express yourself. Many people who would rather not adorn themselves in accessories can settle for an eye-catching watch instead. And UNOde50 watches are the perfect way to do that. 

This UNOde50 jewelry review will take a look at a couple of their best-selling watches—one for women and a unisex piece. 

UNOde50 Time After Time Review 

Many of the watches for women tend to be too delicate-looking, not meant to stand out. But when you need a watchpiece that expresses your mood perfectly, the UNOde50 Time after Time might just be up your alley. 

With the clock face surrounded by gold-plated accents, the polished leather closure comes in either brown or black. You also have the choice of a white or black clock face to coordinate with your outfits. The brand is emphatic about this piece not being waterproof, so be careful around large bodies of water! 

Featuring a unique two-dial system, the watch retails for $285.

UNOde50 Cuenta Atrás Review 

The quintessential timepiece made for both men or women, this UNOde50 watch will complement anything you wear. 

This handmade mechanism has a band covered in silver, appearing like a statement bracelet on women but is masculine enough for men. The analog watch does not have numbers on its face, opting for tick marks instead. As with the other watch mentioned in this UNOde50 jewelry review, this one is also not waterproof. 

Measuring between 6.3” to 8.3”, the watch also comes in a striking black or white clock face. 

The Cuenta Atras watch retails for $400

UNOde50 Bracelets Review

Much like snowflakes, each UNOde50 bracelet is as unique as the next. Each one handcrafted in Spain, bracelets are meant to uplevel your outfit without appearing overly done. 

This UNOde50 jewelry review will take a look at two of the brand’s bold best sellers: an elegant bracelet for men and women as well as a striking one for women. 

UNOde50 Snowflake Review 

Simplicity and elegance at its best. When you don this beautiful bracelet, it will change the way you carry yourself. It is the perfect topper to any outfit. 

Delicate enough for women yet timeless for men, the Snowflake bracelet expresses a unique personality through its silver-plated beads. With its single charm—a padlock stamped with the brand’s name—everyone will be clamoring to see what you’re wearing on your wrist. 

Only available in M and L, the bracelet retails for $89. 

UNOde50 Zen to You Review 

When you put this bracelet on, it will create a beautiful sense of zen for you. The slightly thicker bracelet is open-ended, creating a balanced reminder for you on a daily basis. 

Made of silver-plated metal, the handcrafted ornament ends with two changeable orbs—one in white pearl and the other in turquoise. You also have the option to keep the original silver spheres, depending on your outfit of course. 

The Zen to You is available in sizes from M to XL, and retails for $270.

Who Is UNOde50 For? 

UNOde50 Jewelry Review

This UNOde50 jewelry review found the brand features ornaments and accessories for both women and men, with many of their pieces being genderless. In the genderless collection, you will find rings, bracelets, watches, pendants, and charms. 

Age also poses no limitation on the brand, given that some of its pieces are whimsical and playful enough to be worn by younger demographics. For example, the charms featured on the site would make lovely gifts for any fashionista-in-training. 

Comparison: UNOde50 vs. Vancaro  

UNOde50 Jewelry Review

Now that you have a better idea of what the brand offers people, this UNOde50 jewelry review will take a look at one of their competitors: Vancaro. 

In 2008, Lynlin Vancaro founded her eponymous brand after she received a necklace from her husband to celebrate the birth of their daughter. She realized the importance of jewelry in bringing people together and expressing love, inspiring her to create products that would help others to do the same. 

Headquartered in California, the brand claims to ship most of its products from the US and some of its products from Hong Kong. The company ships to countries all over the globe, but does not have any brick and mortar locations or retail partners. 

Vancaro claims that 80% of its items are made with the standard 925 sterling silver, while the rest are made of titanium steel, copper, or alloy. This contrasts with UNOde50, which uses a combination of metals as its base, which is then plated in silver or gold. 

If you search for women’s bracelets on both sites, you will get a good idea of the price ranges you are working with. On the UNOde50 site, the cheapest bracelets could cost you around $55, while the most expensive would be over $300. Vancaro only has 3 women’s bracelets, all which fall between $100-$170. 

Checkout our full Vancaro Rings Review to learn more.

UNOde50 Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

UNOde50 Jewelry Review

It’s nice to have an overview of the brand, what it represents, and how it works, but we know what you’re really curious about. This UNOde50 jewelry review will look deeper into the brand’s customer reviews to see what they really think. 

Many people were extremely happy with the brand’s products, namely Jcrslatininvest, who stated, Excellent products…excellent sales people, very pleased with all aspects. I went back with a minor detail on the article that I bought,…but not only they answered to my concerns, but they offer to exchange it with no questions asked…not necessary.”

Even JCWinFL agreed, remarking, Totally loved it. Had a good vibe and very interesting pieces. I bought my boyfriend a bracelet, who I did not think would wear it, but he loves it and gets many compliments on it. I wish I had bought a piece for myself, (next time).”

Many of the highly-rated reviews state that their experience at the boutique was positive overall, and that they were impressed with the selection and style of the pieces. One happy customer writes, “Shopped here a handful of times and it has always been a great experience.”

Is UNOde50 Worth It?

UNOde50 Jewelry Review

From browsing the brand’s collections, this UNOde50 jewelry review believes their pieces are definitely original. As each piece is handcrafted in Spain, there are certain styles that aren’t familiar in other countries, making your piece (if you live in the States) one-of-a-kind. 

Purchasing jewelry and accessories is always a personal choice. That being said, based on several customer reviews about the brand’s return policy, it would be best to make sure there is a brick and mortar store in your area as having to ship it back to Spain can be quite costly.  

UNOde50 Promotions & Discounts 

UNOde50 Jewelry Review

This UNOde50 jewelry review found the brand has an exclusive offer called ‘UNO WORLD’, a members-only program that provides their loyal customers with a lot of benefits. If you join, you get:

  1. Free shipping on online orders.
  2. For your birthday, you get 10% off. 
  3. Access to private products 
  4. Private showings of new pieces and upcoming promotions before everyone else. 

At the writing of this review, there are no UNOde50 sales going on. 

Where to Buy UNOde50

UNOde50 Jewelry Review

UNOde50 ships to over 200 countries worldwide from their website. You can also visit one of their stores if you are located in the US, as the brand has over 100 brick and mortar locations worldwide. In order to see if you are near one of them, use the brand’s store locator. 


UNOde50 Jewelry Review

Where is UNOde50 made? 

UNOde50 is headquartered and warehoused in Madrid, Spain. The entire production process, from casting to shipping, is completed there. 

Is UNOde50 real silver?

Technically, no. The brand uses a combination of different metals to create their unique pieces, which is then plated in silver or gold, depending on the design. UNOde50 also creates many bold statement jewelry that combines leather, stone, resin, or thread. Every single piece is handcrafted.   

Is UNOde50 nickel-free? 

Yes, this UNOde50 jewelry review found the brand is nickel- and allergy-free. 

How do you clean UNOde50?

There are various ways to clean your UNOde50 piece but it also depends on the material used to create it. For more detailed instructions, you can find how to care for your UNOde50 jewelry here

For example, it’s best to clean any of your sterling silver pieces with a soft piece of cloth or some sort of special silver cleanser. Keep in mind that when your silver piece is exposed to constant air, light, or the different levels of pH in your skin, the silver can darken. 

If you have more gold-plated jewelry, the brand recommends buffing any dirt away with soft fabric on a weekly basis. If your piece is really dirty, then you can soak the fabric in warm water with gentle soap. 

In order to clean resin, crystal, or glass, the brand recommends the use of soft fabric, which may or may not need to be dampened. And lastly, for leather, you can use a gentle soap or unscented moisturizer that does not contain dyes or harsh chemicals. 

What is UNOde50’s Shipping Policy?

When you place an order online, you can have it shipped or pick it up at a store near you. The brand is happy to offer free shipping on all online orders, which include:

  • A delivery between 3-7 business days, with a max of 30 days
  • Delivery Duty Paid (where any taxes charged are already included in the final price)

What is UNOde50’s Return Policy?

UNOde50 offers returns on all items that are in their original, new condition within 30 days of receiving your order. 

Returned items must have:

  • Original receipt which needs your full name, address, and telephone number
  • Everything included from the original delivery (instructions on care, documents, accessories, and original wrapping)

If the product passes inspection, the company will provide a full refund within 30 days from the day they receive it, minus the cost of return shipping. 

You will need to return your items to the following address: 

Uno de 50
807 Jackson Ave, Floor 5
Long Island City, NY 11101

How to Contact UNOde50

You can contact UNOde50 through one of the following methods: 

The company hours are from Monday to Thursday, 9 am to 5 pm EST, and Friday 9 am EST to 1 pm EST.

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