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About Virtue Map

Virtue Map Review

Virtue Map is a web-based business which offers personalized behavioral therapy programs designed for those of us who are working to overcome procrastination habits and build life skills.

With 3k followers on Instagram and over 14k likes on Facebook, it seems people are keen to work on their procrastination. The brand is even gaining media attention, being featured in TechBullion and Healthcare Business Today

The unique programs at Virtue Map are based on a multiple-choice questionnaire you fill out when you land on the site. This survey gathers information such as how much you procrastinate, why you feel you delay your obligations, and the negative personal and professional consequences which you would like to overcome. 

Once you have finished your questionnaire, the Virtue Map website generates a customized anti-procrastination program based on your answers and preferences. You have the option to purchase this program through a monthly subscription or one-time program fee. 

Overview of Virtue Map

Virtue Map Review

Virtue Map is an American web-based business founded in 2021. The brands goal is to end procrastination. Before we take a deep dive into how the brand achieves this, let’s start our Virtue Map review by going over the highlights of this self-help plan:


  • Reasonably priced 
  • Option to subscribe for three months, or for a one-time fee
  • Customized based on your unique survey answers
  • Daily tasks and advice on professional habits, finances, and relationships

Keep reading as our Virtue Map review will now cover the brand’s signature personalized program!

Virtue Map Review

Procrastination can really put a dent in your life, especially when you know you have a lot to do. Read on to find out how Virtue Map might be able to help you beat back your stalling tactics and get on with your life. 

Virtue Map Personalized Program Review

Your Virtue Map program begins with a brief quiz. You will be asked to answer honestly about your procrastination habits and how you feel they impact your life. You will also be asked what kinds of life skills you are interested in building.

After processing these personal questionnaire answers, Virtue Map then generates a 3-month program for you to follow at your own pace. Virtue Map’s website claims its plans are created by a certified Behavioral Psychologist and Success Coach, and the exercises are emailed to you on a daily basis to keep you on track.

This Virtue Map review has learned that these plans include daily tasks, a personalized productivity system and tools, and daily guidance from a success coach. Your Virtue Map plan will also contain anti-procrastination advice for your finances, work, relationships, and your emotional health.

Another advantage of this app is the ability to chat about the challenges you face and share your thoughts on various topics with other people who have the same goal – to get rid of procrastination and develop the habit of using your time efficiently.

It gives strength not to stop your journey halfway, but rather to look for help and support from those who travel together on the same path, when facing difficulties.

Monthly subscriptions to Virtue Map are billed at $20 for three months, while a one-time program fee costs $40.

Who Is Virtue Map For? 

Virtue Map Review

Virtue Map is designed for people who want to overcome their procrastination habits in order to improve their lives and maximize their productivity. This website acknowledges that procrastinating can become a difficult habit to break, and often has negative consequences for our careers, finances, relationships, and life goals. 

This self-help tool is for those who recognize that procrastination is becoming a challenge that is getting more and more difficult to cope with.

It is perfectly suitable both for those who do not know how to solve the procrastination problem, and for those who have theoretical knowledge of how to get out of it, but lack self-discipline. In this case, not only daily reminders, but also community support by joining the VIP Support and Accountability groups helps to seek the goals you have set.

Virtue Map may be worthwhile for people who are willing to use 5-20 minutes of their day to learn more about how to build life skills and become more productive. This Virtue Map review found this program may not work well for people who need consistent help. But if you work well on your own and enjoy the format of an online program, Virtue Map may be right for you.

Virtue Map Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Virtue Map Review

Virtue Map has many glowing reviews on its official website.s. These customers note their Virtue Map’s daily plans are achievable since they only take about 10-15 minutes per day, and have helped them make real changes in their behavior as well as to achieve a breakthrough in studies, work, finance or relationships much faster.

One woman wrote in her Virtue Map review, “What I love most about this plan is that it takes me only 10-15 minutes, and I feel like I’m getting more and more productive EVERY SINGLE DAY with no struggle.”

Another person from Reddit stated, “I’m already on day 10, so far it’s been okay. They give you interesting exercises daily along with different topics about procrastination, that make me notice my thinking patterns and understand why I procrastinate. I also like the daily tasks and worksheets they provide(nice design). It’s not groundbreaking, but I’d say it’s worth the money.”

A satisfied customer said, “This is coming from someone on day 33 of the program. While some days might have been meh, I think overall quality is GREAT. As far far as I remember, days 5 and 6 were eye-opening. As a lifelong procrastinator, I wish I knew this information earlier!”

With Virtue Map being so new to the world, we’d say the majority of customers have been pleased with their experience and continue to use the online programs to increase their productivity. 

The reviews obviously show that the Virtue Map app encourages you to change your beliefs and habits. And this means, in a certain sense, to change your future as well.

Is Virtue Map Worth It?

Virtue Map Review

Let’s be honest — procrastination is really keeping a lot of us from achieving what we’re here to do. This Virtue Map review found the brand makes some interesting points about how procrastination is affecting your life and their free quiz can offer you a moment of self-reflection.

Having in mind that the quiz, customized programs and bite-sized daily tasks are created and curated by the top behavioral experts – ICF-Certified Productivity Coaches, Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Success Coaches and a bunch of self-development geeks – it can be assumed that Virtue Map is not an ordinary app.

The fact that this tool is created and curated by a group of professionals takes this app to the next level. It gives the user confidence that the content the app provides is definitely beneficial. And it is true, because it is made using science and fact-based analysis.

While this is a new company the testimonials we found seem to point to the fact that their program does indeed work. As this Virtue Map review has covered, some customers may be interested in incorporating some independent self-help into their day to achieve their goals. The company offers a relatively inexpensive and convenient option for these consumers and seems to have carved out a niche for themselves in the market.

Virtue Map Promotions & Discounts 

Virtue Map Review

This Virtue Map review found the company does not currently advertise sale prices on its website, however if you sign up to receive emails you may get discount or promotion offers.

However, it should be noted that considering the quick quiz, a program customized according to your answers that was created and curated by professional psychologists and success coaches, the monthly subscription or one-time fee for all of this is ridiculously small.

Although other apps that offer help to overcome procrastination may offer a much more attractive price, they are far from offering such a spectrum of benefits as Virtue Map does. And you can easily make sure of that yourself. All you have to do is spend just a few minutes comparing some of the apps. You will notice the obvious difference instantly.

Where to Buy Virtue Map

Virtue Map Review

Virtue Map’s programs can be purchased through their official website.


Virtue Map Review

How can I cancel my Virtue Map monthly subscription?

This Virtue Map review found the company offers a monthly subscription which you are allowed to cancel, but only if you choose the 3-month payment plan. To do so, you will need to reach out to Virtue Map via email: [email protected]

What is Virtue Map’s Privacy Policy?

According to Virtue Map’s privacy policy, Virtue Map does collect the following device information:

  1. Cookies 
  2. Log files 
  3. Web beacons, tags, and pixels

The Virtue Map website will provide you with targeted ads, though you may choose to opt out of those by using the links in their privacy policy. However, the Virtue Map privacy policy also makes it clear that they do not sell your information and do not store your credit card information.

What is Virtue Map’s Refund Policy?

As Virtue Map sells a digital product, they do not offer refunds unless you do not properly receive their product.

How to Contact Virtue Map

Virtue Map can be contacted at [email protected].

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