Vitl Vitamins Review

About Vitl Vitamins

Vitl Vitamins Review

Vitl Vitamins is a UK-based company selling vitamins and supplements to customers around the globe. 

This company doesn’t ask you to browse through endless wellness options –  Vitl Vitamins guides your experiences by offering a personalized consultation so you can find the best products for your body type, health needs, and wellness goals.

While doing my research for this Vitl Vitamins review I found that this brand also offers special packages geared towards women’s health, such as pregnancy, post-natal, and menopause packs, with the nutrients you need to thrive during those unique life stages. 

This company’s idea has gotten some buzz and has been featured in major publications including The Guardian, The Independent, and Men’s Health magazine. They’re also connecting on social, with over 19k followers on Facebook and 33k followers on Instagram.

Read along as my Vitl Vitamins review explains what’s so special about this brand’s approach to supplements, and digs into a few best-selling products to take a closer look.

I’ll also cover brand highlights and customer feedback, so you can make an informed decision about buying from Vitl Vitamins. Let’s start by learning more about the brand’s history.

Overview of Vitl Vitamins

Vitl Vitamins Review

Jonathan Relph founded Vitl Vitamins in 2015 in Surrey, UK. Jonathan shares that he is “On a mission to make healthy living more achievable, providing beautifully designed, expertly researched nutritional products and content.” 

Like many companies, Vitl Vitamins is cutting out the middleman and allowing you to order your preferred supplements straight to your door, with subscription options to keep you stocked up. 

Not only is Vitl making it easy to find nutritional products online, they’ve also partnered with geneticists, nutritionists, dieticians, and doctors to create products to create specified products, and offer online consultation tools to help tailor your purchases to your own needs.

This exper-designed process looks at your lifestyle factors such as diet and stress, as well as your health concerns and fitness goals, to develop a vitamin package that addresses your exact needs

And for those who really want to delve into the brand’s recommendations, you might even choose to take advantage of this company’s blood and DNA testing.

Once you’re completed whichever assessments you choose, you’ll get the choice of a bottle of multivitamins designed for your body, or a daily 4-pack of supplements designed to give you holistic health benefits for mind, body, and beauty. 

If you’re intrigued by this approach to personal wellness, keep reading this Vitl Vitamins review for more highlights and product examples.


  • Personalized vitamins and supplement packages 
  • Thorough consultation on health issues, diet, fitness goals, and more
  • Blood and DNA testing available for more health insights
  • Products developed in collaboration with dieticians, doctors, and other experts
  • Designs multivitamins according to your personal health needs
  • Easy online shopping and home delivery
  • Subscription can be paused or canceled anytime
  • Vitl Vitamin discounts and promo codes available 
  • Free UK shipping on orders over £20

Vitl Vitamins Personalized The Essential One Review

This isn’t your everyday multivitamin – unless your daily multivitamin happens to be made just for you! Vitl Vitamins Personalized The Essential One is a fully customized vitamin, created based on your personal needs and health profile. 

The ingredients in The Essential One are based on your own answers to the Vitl Vitamins customer consultation! 

Maybe you’ve been feeling foggy and fatigued, and want to feel more energized and focused? Or perhaps your goal is to lose weight while improving your mood? Vitl Vitamins will ask you some questions about your goals in taking a daily vitamin, your health needs, and how you’ve been feeling. Your answers will help Vitl Vitamins craft the ideal daily vitamin for you

The consult is a simple survey that only takes about 5 minutes to complete. Once you’re done, Vitl will immediately formulate your Personalized The Essential One vitamins.

Before you order, you can click through and read the exact ingredients they think you need – they aren’t hidden behind an annoying pay wall. This brand is transparent about what their suggestions are, so you can do further research of your own or consult your doctor.

These vitamins do not contain any sugar, fake colors or flavors, or preservatives – just the good stuff. They’re also vegan, and gluten and dairy-free, so even people with dietary restrictions can safely use them.

No matter how Vitl Vitamins formulates your exact supplements, one 30 capsule bottle of Personalized The Essential One costs £14.95.

Vitl Vitamins Skin & Beauty Review

Vitl Vitamins’ Skin & Beauty is a supplement designed to improve the quality of your skin, hair, and nails. Each bottle comes with 30 capsules, good for one month of daily doses. 

Ingredients Label

This bottle of goodies will help you improve your glow from the inside out! 

Here are a few of its key ingredients:

  • Biotin
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin E, B, C, D
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Selenium
  • Iodine
  • Vitamin B12
  • Folate

Nutritional Value

The Skin & Beauty supplement contains several essential nutrients. For example, you will get 100% of your daily intake of zinc, Vitamin K, selenium, iodine, Vitamin E, and folate.


These ingredients are intended to work together to help you preserve your skin and hair health! For this Vitl Vitamins review I found that these supplements should boost collagen production, help guard your skin against UV damage, and help your hair and nails get stronger than before.

Vitl Vitamins also says their combination of Ingredients like copper, iron, L-cysteine, and a host of important vitamins also helps provide you with antioxidants, builds connective tissue, and even helps maintain pigment

How Does It Work

Vitl Vitamins has included ingredients designed to support your hair, skin, and nails – and better yet, they’ve linked scientific studies so you can see the research behind it all.

For example, beta-barotene helps your skin resist UV damage so you can glow rather than burn! Meanwhile, copper helps your body support healthy tissue, while iron and Vitamin B12 helps your body make red blood cells that nourish every part of you.

For a full breakdown of the research Vitl Vitamins used, visit their webpage and click on each individual ingredient. You’ll see clickable note identifiers next to each description, which will take you directly to the studies used.  

How to Take & Dosage 

Vitl Vitamins doesn’t break down dosing information online, so check with the company for more details. Skin & Beauty comes with 30 capsules. 

Pick up a bottle of Skin & Beauty for £10.

Who Is Vitl Vitamins For? 

Vitl Vitamins Review

While anyone 18 and over can make an order from this company, the wellness warriors among us will really love the chance to receive some personalized care products. Health-conscious customers will love that Vitl Vitamins provides a consultation and make suggestions that can help guide your shopping choices.

Buyers who like to do careful research before committing to a brand will appreciate that this company has generally positive reviews from previous customers, suggesting their products aren’t just hype. They also provide their customers with exact vitamin configurations, daily recommended intakes, and even studies explaining their vitamins’ ingredients, which is sure to give customers more confidence in their purchase.

People who have certain health goals such as increased energy, weight loss, mood improvement, or a better complexion will appreciate that they can find Vitl products created to address their specific needs. After all, why spend money on a generic multivitamin if you just want to improve concentration or are trying to get a full night’s sleep?

This brand is also great for people who want to take some of the guesswork out of using vitamins. Vitl Vitamins portions their ingredients in a way that is tailored to you individually. Rather than mixing and matching vitamins of different amounts or brands, you’ll know that your daily multi already has the right amount of each supplement you need.

This brand’s subscription option is also a great feature for busy professionals and parents whose to-do lists are full!  Vitl offers a discounted rate to subscribers on all their products, so whether you’re shopping for a Pregnancy Pack or Kids MultiVitamins, you’ll get convenient delivery and save money each month.

Vitl Vitamins Side Effects

Vitl Vitamins Review

As with any supplement, taking Vitl Vitamins that don’t work for your body, or taking any supplement or vitamin in excess, could cause unwanted side effects. Always check with your doctor to see what they think about your vitamin needs before jumping into a new supplementation routine.

Vitl Vitamins Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Vitl Vitamins Review

Vitl Vitamins shares a few customer testimonials on their website, which enthusiastically endorse the brand

Customers love their customized approach rather than the general one-size-fits-all solutions offered by other sites and brands. They are also impressed by the pricing, packaging, and convenient delivery options.

One buyer reports in her Vitl Vitamins review: “Vitl is different. Vitamins tailored to me. The vitamins come in a very handy strip and are reasonably priced.”

To include in this Vitl Vitamins review I should mention that I also found that the brand has an impressive 4.3/5 star rating on the review site TrustPilot, based on 840 reviews. As you can guess by their high rating, these reviews are largely positive, with customers praising this brand for their attentive customer service and effective products

A customer shares in her Vitl Vitamins review: “I’ve tried many multivitamins in the past and never gotten into the habit of taking them. Vitl has changed that! The personalisation is brilliant and having a tailored vitamin to suit my needs which leaves me feeling refreshed and energised.”

Another buyer was pleased with her purchase and felt well looked after by their customer service rep, writing in  her Vitl Vitamins review, Great product and great service. Can see the benefits from the product and Daisy is super friendly and provides excellent customer service.”

Our review also found some customer feedback on, where Vitl Vitamins reviews are generally positive, complimenting their great variety and subscription options, and have found favor with some fitness pros

One buyer writes in his Vitl Vitamins review: “VITL has all range of Vitamin, mineral, diet, protein, multivitamin, antioxidant etc that I have ever heard of. I am gym trainer, so it worked great for me at my earlier times and I even buy constantly from here, like always.”

The company’s DNA testing was also reviewed by a writer at, who found that this method could provide some valuable details for customers who want to learn more about their body’s unique strengths, vulnerabilities, and needs. 

He gave this brand an 8.6/10 star rating overall, writing in his Vitl Vitamins review, “The real value is in discovering what your DNA says about your body’s likely responses to diet and fitness before engaging with a nutritionist, finding a fitness coach, or embarking on your own ill-informed adventures into self-improvement.”

Vitl Vitamins reviews tend to compliment this brand’s unique business model and the efficacy of their product line. Overall, this brand seems fairly well-respected and has earned customer trust by providing effective products at good prices, with friendly service, too

Is Vitl Vitamins Legit?

Vitl Vitamins Review

Yes. This brand is reliably delivering vitamins and other health products to customers. There are solid Vitl Vitamins reviews on sites such as TrustPilot, and I didn’t flag any troubling complaints or feedback in the course of our research.

As I’ve mentioned, this brand is also committed to transparency. It’s easy to access their products’ ingredients, and they reference the studies that support their conclusions about your wellness needs, so you can double-check ingredients yourself and with your doctor

The information is easy to find. Just scroll down to the ingredients section and click the reference numbers listed after the ingredient descriptions to read more!

Is Vitl Vitamins Worth It?

Vitl Vitamins Review

In the crowded wellness market, Vitl Vitamins is offering customers something different. This vitamin brand’s novel idea of beginning customer care with detailed consultations means they can provide a much more personalized experience than the average health site.

If you know what you’re looking for, you can buy vitamins targeted for specific needs, or you can use the brand’s consultation service to get recommendations and personalized products.

Most customers really appreciate the guidance they receive from this brand. Whether it’s a multivitamin made just for their needs, or a supplements package tailored to their stage of life, buyers have enjoyed the special treatment this company offers.

While you can complete the free five-minute consultation to get started, this brand also allows you to dig even deeper into your health needs. You can also order DNA and Blood Test Kits to complete at home and send to their lab – these results will give you more details about your specific health needs.

Another thing detail-oriented customers will love is how the company links the studies they use to back up their suggestions. So if you’re wondering why Vitl Vitamins has recommended you take Ashwagandha or extra B vitamins, you can click through their sources and read the studies for yourself to make a more informed choice. 

It’s also helpful that Vitl Vitamins ships to a wide range of countries and offers subscription options so you can skip extra errands to the pharmacy. Busy customers will love the minimal browsing and being able to have a monthly supply of supplements show up on their doorstep.

For these reasons mentioned in my Vitl Vitamins review, I’d consider this company’s products worth the buy!

Vitl Vitamins Promotions & Discounts 

Vitl Vitamins Review

Always check the brand’s official site for the latest deals and Vitl Vitamins promo codes. At the time of writing our Vitl Vitmains review, customers can use the code EASTER20 to get 20% off their order!

You can also receive a discounted price when you choose to subscribe to receive Vitl Vitamins regularly. 

For example, a one-time purchase of the Female MultiVitamin is £10, while a monthly subscription is £9. The Kids MultiVitamin gummies are £15 for a one-time purchase, or only £12 if you’ve subscribed.

Where to Buy Vitl Vitamins

Vitl Vitamins Review

Order all Vitl Vitamins through their online shop. This is also where you will complete your free consultation and order any other testing kits you might need.


Vitl Vitamins Review

Is Vitl Vitamins vegan?  

Every vitamin they formulate is vegan, but some other supplements, like the Krill Oil, are not. Vitl clearly labels all of their products so it’s easy to know what’s appropriate for your dietary needs. 

Is Vitl Vitamins gluten-free? 

Yes, all Vitl Vitamins are gluten-free, as well as nut and dairy-free, so people with allergies can shop worry-free.

What is Vitl Vitamins’ Shipping Policy?

Did something in my Vitl Vitamins review catch your eye? I found that this brand ships to the UK, some EU countries, the US, and Australia. Rates are calculated in GBP and shipping fees will be determined at checkout. All domestic UK orders over £20 will ship for free.

Orders can take up to 10 days to arrive, depending on where you live. Each order comes with a tracking link so you can stay informed of the status of your order.

What is Vitl Vitamins’ Return Policy?

While personalized products are final sale, others can be returned within 2 weeks of purchase as long as they are unopened. Just send Vitl an email at [email protected] so the company knows you’d like to make a return and they’ll guide you through the process. 

How to Contact Vitl Vitamins

I hope you enjoyed this Vitl Vitamins review. For any questions, you can reach out to this brand in the following ways:

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