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About Way of Will

Way of Will Review

Way of Will is a plant-based wellness brand that is all about being clean and sustainable. It utilizes natural ingredients in its skincare, essential oils, and unique wellness products, such as hand soap and deodorant.

Skincare and wellness have turned into chemical and synthetic-dependent industries, but Way of Will is here to change that. It reminds people that once upon a time, humanity only had naturally sourced ingredients to rely on for their beauty and health routines.

Not only were these methods effective, but they continue to be the basis of modern skincare and wellness today—so why aren’t more people placing their trust in timeless practices? It’s a tough question to crack, but Way of Will is determined to be a solution.

The brand has been featured by notable media outlets, including Forbes, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Popsugar, Refinery29, and Glossy. Plus, its Instagram page boasts an impressive 42.1k followers.

This Way of Will review will take an in-depth look at the brand and its collection, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if its products are worth adding to your wellness regimen.

Overview of Way of Will

Way of Will Review

Founded in 2016 by Willie Tsang, Way of Will was conceived in Toronto, Canada as a response to a booming industry that was becoming more saturated and elitist. The average shopper could not afford clean and green-labeled products, and locally sourced brands weren’t offering better options.

So, Way of Will was introduced into the market with a team of skincare, fitness, and health experts to crack down on the wellness industry’s biggest flaw—accessibility.

According to its site, the company strives “to offer a comprehensive range of plant-based products that naturally improve our bodies and minds in a lasting and meaningful way.” Indeed, the collection, now quite extensive, includes natural and clean ingredients, with an in-depth breakdown available on each product page.

Staying true to the brand’s roots, Way of Will continues to base its operations from the thriving Canadian city. And, the company produces and manufactures its products there, too.

Now that you’ve gotten a rundown of the label’s history, this Way of Will review will briefly cover some highlights before looking into its products.


  • Wide range of wellness products, such as oils, sprays, capsules, creams, and more
  • Clean and natural ingredients, with an index that details each one
  • Affordable prices
  • Subscription option
  • Multiple ways to save
  • Easily accessible through large retailers
  • Offers international shipping
Way of Will Review

Way of Will offers skincare, body care, aromatherapy products, and health products like supplements and powders. Everything is cruelty-free and comes with a safe label, ensuring it was formulated without the use of parabens, artificial coloring, aluminum, sodium lauryl, and synthetic oils.

Way of Will Review

Way of Will wants you to feel guilt-free and good about the products that you use. Rather than use chemicals, synthetics, alcohol, and artificial fragrances in its formulations, this brand uses clean and natural ingredients.

This Way of Will review will cover some of the brand’s best-selling products for both men and women. Everything in this lineup is entirely vegan and plant-based.

Way of Will Brightening Face Serum Review

With autumn on the horizon, our complexions could all use a dose of a healthy glow. The ​​Way of Will Brightening Face Serum offers just that, with an important twist—it only contains ingredients and chemicals you can pronounce.

This Way of Will brightening facial serum offers a blend of vitamins A and C. The first vitamin counters sun damage while the second gives your skin a boost for a brighter complexion.

Combined together, this pairing works extremely well with sunscreen and is an ultimate youth-enhancing serum that eliminates fine lines and spots. So, kiss those wrinkles goodbye.

Add this Way of Will brightening serum to your skincare routine for $37.

Way of Will Trophy Mom Hand & Body Lotion Review

Being a mom is a full-time job. It can be difficult to squeeze in ‘me-time’ between kids and work, so it’s best to take advantage of quick moments that can pop a bit of relaxation into your day.

The Way of Will Trophy Mom Hand & Body Lotion hydrates and brightens the skin. Its thick and creamy texture is a dream to apply, and it won’t leave you feeling sticky or greasy afterward.

Formulated with tea tree and lemongrass for a calming effect, this product brings the spa to you. The easy pump dispenser means you can place it on your bathroom counter, desk, or stash it in your purse, bringing hydration and relaxation with you wherever you go.

The Trophy Mom Hand & Body Lotion comes in a 236 ml bottle and retails for $15.

Way of Will Sleep Tight Pure Essential Oil Review

A good night’s sleep is imperative to a healthy lifestyle. In fact, sleep affects all aspects of your daily routine, from your energy levels to your mood—even your productivity. Sometimes, the most puzzling of mental and bodily states stem from lack of sleep.

The Way of Will Sleep Tight Pure Essential Oil is a safe and simple solution to help you sleep better at night. It’s slated as being a “natural tranquilizer” that will relax any tension in the body while relieving stress.

Plus, this essential oil features a blend of florals and plant herbs to give you a pleasant experience. It comes in an efficient spray bottle and contains five main ingredients:

  1. Bergamot
  2. Sandalwood
  3. Rose
  4. Geranium
  5. Sweet marjoram

Upgrade your nighttime routine with this Way of Will sleep tight essential oil—it comes in a 15 ml spray bottle and retails for $29.

Way of Will 25 Natural Beard Oil Review

A recent niche of the beauty industry has centered on men’s products. And, this Way of Will review believes that every man should have a fulfilling and relaxing self-care routine. What better place to start than your beard?

More and more men are placing their clean-shaven faces behind them as remnants of the past. The Way of Will 25 Natural Beard Oil is here to keep that beard in tip-top shape.

Made from black pepper, black spruce, and bergamot, this blend of natural essential oils also acts as a cologne agent to give off a masculine scent. But, more importantly, it also conditions, smooths, and tames unruly hairs.

This Way of Will beard oil 25 will run you $23 for a 30 ml bottle with a drop dispenser.

Way of Will Muscle Soak Bath Salt Review

If you’re desperately thinking about a resort vacation, spa day, or some major TLC, then a soak in the bath might be a good alternative. Especially when you can’t be whisked away to a therapeutic paradise for some major R&R.

In other words, bring the spa to you with the Way of Will Muscle Soak Bath Salt. It contains beautiful Himalayan salt crystals for an aesthetic soak that is not only eye-pleasing but relieves muscle pain and fatigue, reinvigorating the body.

This Way of Will muscle soak Himalayan salt is also infused with a blend of essential oils. For example, ylang ylang is included for an exotic infusion of aromas that will elevate your senses. Muscle relief has never been sexier.

Pour a hot bath, grab a glass of wine and a book, and unwind with the Muscle Soak Bath Salt for $23 (236 ml).

Want a natural alternative to chemical-filled deodorants? Check out the Way of Will baking soda free natural deodorant.

Way of Will 32 Cool Fix Clear Your Mind Olfactic Inhaler Review

Do you ever just start your day off great and then it tanks? Everyone gets hit with a spout of the blues or a bout of anxiety now and then. It can be pretty tough to get your mood back up, but the Way of Will 32 Cool Fix Clear Your Mind Olfactic Inhaler can certainly help.

This product hits your senses with refreshing essential oils so you’re left feeling energized and ready to power through the day. Formulated with peppermint and lemon, these two legendary essential oils come together to form a blend that is stimulating and refreshing.

Peppermint is known as a stress-relieving agent and lemon has always been a go-to scent for refreshment. Put the two together, and you get a positively potent duo.

Why do we love this product? Unlike the other products covered in this Way of Will review, the 32 Cool Fix Clear Your Mind Olfactic Inhaler is the only one that comes in an inhaler design, meant for people to take on the go. Whenever you’re in need of some relief, taking a few breaths of this inhaler can aid you no matter where you are.

Get this Way of Will olfactic inhaler for $7 (0.13 oz).

Way of Will Functional Mushroom Capsules Review 

Not only are mushrooms a top-tier pizza topping, but they are also a superfood that delivers so much for the body. The Way of Will Functional Mushroom Capsules is an immune-boosting supplement that contains five powerful mushrooms.

With the goal of improving mental and physical health, this blend of mushrooms is packed with “minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants”—all the good stuff you should be giving your body. Simply take one capsule a day, whenever it’s convenient for you, and let your body handle the rest.

These Way of Will shroom capsules are only available for US customers. Grab 90 capsules for $33.

Way of Will 35 Yoga Mat Spray Review

If you’re an avid yoga or pilates fan, a mat spray is essential. Why? Well, they eliminate bacteria and dust without damaging the rubber material of your favorite mat.

The Way of Will 35 Yoga Mat Spray is made with natural oils, consisting of tea tree and lavender. This combination adds a bit of freshness to your mat, which has probably seen its fair share of sweat. Plus, it ensures that your skin isn’t irritated—a common flaw of chemical-laden cleaners.

You can also use this spray to wipe down any equipment like dumbbells, steppers, and weights. You’ll be able to exercise knowing that everything is germ-free.

This Way of Will way mat spray comes in a 130 ml spritz bottle and is available for $15.

Way of Will Elevate Essential Oil Set Review

Christmas might be four months away, but it’s never too soon to start shopping. This year, when health is such a hot topic, give someone the gift of wellness with the Way of Will Elevate Essential Oil Set. In this bundle, you’ll receive two popular oils:

  • Eucalyptus (10 ml)
  • Sweet orange (10 ml)

For the person who pushed a little too hard at the gym, eucalyptus is a must-have for alleviating sore muscles. Plus, it can also lessen cold and flu symptoms. On the other hand, sweet orange is a go-to for combating tension, cramps, and headaches.

Both vessels feature coconut and natural jojoba oils as the carriers. They are completely safe for direct skin application; in fact, the brand suggests applying them to your temples.

Get this Way of Will Elevate essential oils set for yourself or a friend for $29.

Way of Will Uplift Essential Oil Set Review

If you’re ready to get a jump on incorporating essential oils into your life, then consider the Way of Will Uplift Essential Oil Set. In addition to eucalyptus and sweet orange, this trio features lemongrass for a bit of zest and zing.

While we’ve already let you in on the benefits of eucalyptus and sweet orange, we’ll introduce you to lemongrass. You can think of this oil as a warm hug. It soothes your body, mind, and spirit, aiding in relaxation.

Like the previous set, coconut and jojoba are used as carrier oils. Though all three options are safe for use on the skin, you can also add a few drops into a Way of Will diffuser for an aromatherapy experience.

Containing three 5 ml-sized bottles, get this Way of Will 3 essential oils bundle for $28.

Is Way of Will Cruelty-Free?

Way of Will Review

Yes, the brand is plant-based and cruelty-free. Way of Will also creates its products without the use of five harmful substances and is synthetic-free in an attempt to be as natural as possible.

Who Is Way of Will For?

Way of Will Review

Way of Will is for adults who are vegan or non-vegan. The brand hopes that both men and women will actively take the initiative to choose a clean label that is affordable, removing one of the reasons why most people hesitate to buy.

Unfortunately, some of the products may be formulated with ingredients that, when combined, are too strong for children or those with specific allergies to use. Before buying, always consult the ingredients list as the brand breaks down every single one of them.

Comparison: Way of Will vs. Live Conscious

Way of Will Review

The wellness industry is rapidly expanding. So, this Way of Will review wanted to see how our featured brand stands up to the competition.

Live Conscious, previously known as LiveWell Labs, is a brand that brings old-school practices and modern science together. It is all about supplements and protein powders—essentially, ingesting nutrition.

On the other hand, Way of Will focuses on skincare first and foremost, and then stems out to body care and essential oils, with only a few supplement options.

There are a lot of similarities, though. For example, both brands offer a subscription service on their wellness goods. They also have a 100% money-back guarantee.

Though Live Conscious certainly provides more in the way of supplements, Way of Will provides a broader product selection outside of this category. And, our featured brand’s powder is not really the focus of its line. Ultimately, rather than being competitors, we see these two as complementary stores that help you reach your health goals—both inside and out.

Way of Will Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Way of Will Review

Though the brand’s mission, product lineup, ingredients, and prices all look promising, this Way of Will review wanted to take a closer look at what real customers had to say. So, we sourced testimonials from the company’s site,, and Amazon to get the scoop.

Testimonials on the brand’s official website are very positive. In fact, most products score 4.7/5 stars or higher from dozens to hundreds of reviews. Here’s an overview of how some of the best-sellers stack up:

  • Brightening Face Serum: 4.7/5 stars based on 289 ratings
  • Trophy Mom Hand & Body Lotion: 4.9/5 stars based on 69 ratings
  • Sleep Tight Pure Essential Oil Remedy: 4.5/5 stars based on 183 ratings
  • Muscle Soak Bath Salt: 4.7/5 stars based on 66 ratings
  • 35 Yoga Mat Spray: 5/5 stars based on 14 ratings
  • Elevate Essential Oil Set: 4.8/5 stars based on 10 ratings
  • Uplift Essential Oil Set: 5/5 stars based on 10 ratings

Let’s take a look at the Brightening Face Serum because it has the most reviews. One customer reports that they hate the thick textures of most serums but fell in love with this one’s consistency. Take this excerpt from her comment:

I love this Serum. I am super picky (annoyingly so) and I hate heavy thick oily products, I feel like I am suffocating! But this product blends nicely with my face lotion/cream, goes on smooth and doesn’t leave me feeling sticky. I actually use it day and night, 1-2 drops in my lotion. Since using my face looks smoother and feels smoother

Another customer wrote that although the serum didn’t work out for her face, it was perfect for her hands. Here’s what she wrote:

“For some reason, this product just sits on top of my face and doesn’t actually absorb so my makeup gets kind of icky, however I have been using it on my cuticles and mixing it with my body lotion so it’s not been a waste. It is working wonders on my nail beds.

We’ll now shift gears in this Way of Will review and look at how the brand holds out on other sites. On, Way of Will has a 4.8/5-star score based on 183 reviews. One customer who only had positive things to say about the Sleep Tight Pure Essential Oil wrote:

I have had sleep issues for years and have tried almost every product… The first night I tried Sleep Tight I put it on my temples, behind my ears, on my wrists, and on my palms. I breathed it in deeply and went right to sleep! When I woke up the next morning I had not moved. I was literally in the same position. It was the best sleep!

Meanwhile, on Amazon, 76 customers gave the Muscle Soak Bath Salt a 4.5/5-star rating. Shoppers confirm that it dissolves easily and that a little goes a long way.

Overall, the majority of shoppers are delighted with their purchases, with many highlighting promising results and fantastic scents—all for a good value. A few individuals dislike either how strong the scents are or how some topically applied products may have irritated their skin. But, such negative Way of Will reviews were exceptionally rare.

Is Way of Will Worth It?

Way of Will Review

All in all, this Way of Will review thinks that the brand is worth it. Its mission of making natural, vegan, and clean products more accessible is one that we can truly get behind.

With an extensive range of skincare, oils, sprays, creams, and more, we can easily see how Way of Will has become a one-stop-shop for many people’s wellness needs. Plus, its site is incredibly user-friendly, even offering ways of shopping my mood or scent.

Customers stand by this brand too, with many reporting effective products of good value. For all of these reasons, we suggest checking out for your next health-conscious shopping spree.

Way of Will Promotions & Discounts

Way of Will Review

Throughout our research, this Way of Will review kept its eye out for any deals or promotions. Here’s what we found:

  • Sign up for the newsletter for 40% off your next purchase
  • Back to school sale: all deodorants, lip balms, serums, and remedies are buy one, get one free
  • Free shipping on orders over $35
  • Subscribe to save 35%

Where to Buy Way of Will

Way of Will Review

Customers can head to to shop for the brand’s collection. Other options include major retailers like Amazon, Simons, Indigo, Nordstrom, Wholefoods, and Lululemon.


Way of Will Review

Where is Way of Will made?

All Way of Will’s products are produced and sourced in Toronto, Canada. This is also where the brand’s headquarters are located.

What is Way of Will’s Shipping Policy?

The brand offers free ground shipping on orders over $35 for shoppers in North America. If the minimum amount isn’t met, then a flat rate of $5 is applied. Orders are processed within 1-2 business days and take up to a week to be shipped out.

All international shipping charges and rates are calculated upon checking out.

What is Way of Will’s Return Policy?

The brand has a 30-day return policy when at least 80% of the product still remains. Since Way of Will offers returns even for items that have been partially used, it does apply shipping costs at the customer’s expense in some cases. Here’s a breakdown of shipping fees:

  • US & Canada: free returns
  • Europe & Australia: $20
  • International: $30

How to Contact Way of Will

If you have any questions after reading this Way of Will review, you can reach out to the company via the Contact Us form on its website.

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