Western Rise vs Lululemon Review

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About Western Rise 

Western Rise vs Lululemon Review

Typically, performance clothing is reserved for the athletic. Western Rise was created to expand the category, offering a collection that can take on anything your day throws at it. 

From flights to meetings to city adventures, this brand simplifies your closet with clothing that makes sense for your body and your life. They are a true modern day travel clothing brand for men.

Launched by Kelly and Will Watters, Western Rise is known for its adventurous spirit and the most versatile clothing you’ll ever wear. Developed to fit, feel, and perform better, if you’re looking for pieces that pull their weight, you can’t miss out on this collection. 

About Lululemon  

Western Rise vs Lululemon Review

Initially made for yoga-practicing women, Lululemon has come a long way since its launch in 1998. While it still takes a yoga-centric approach to create its performance wear, the collection includes a wide selection of pieces for men and specific sports such as running. 

Recognizing that many turn to performance wear as an easy outfit choice for travel and leisure, the brand has turned its gaze to everyday pieces that easily integrate with our busy schedules. With retail stores across the globe, the Vancouver-based technical wear brand promotes mindfulness and healthy living. 

In this Western Rise vs Lululemon review, I’ll put these two brands head to head for a little friendly competition. 

We’ll be looking closely at the performance, comfort, fit, and more of the Evolution 2.0 and ABC Classic Fit pants, as well as value, feedback, and promotions. As you can probably tell, there’s a ton to unpack here, so let’s get right to it.

What To Consider 

Western Rise vs Lululemon Review

I’ll be diving head first into each of the brands in this Western Rise vs Lululemon review, so to make sure you don’t get lost in the content, I’ve summed up a few things you should keep in mind while you read:

  • Target Audience
    • What type of customers is each brand aimed at? Lululemon is known for their apparel for active folks, while Western Rise is a bit more versatile. In fact, versatility is their MO, and considering which category you fall into before shopping may help you make the right choice.
  • Design Features
    • We’ll look at the Evolution 2.0 and ABC Classic Fit pants in this Western Rise vs Lululemon review. They’re similar, but each has its own special design features such as an ergonomic gusset, 4-way stretch, and wrinkle-proof fabric. Consider what makes the most sense for you based on your daily life. 
  • Materials & Sustainability
    • The material of a product will tell you how it will feel, as well as how long it will last and how well it stands up to wear. Look out for qualities like woven twill or fabric that’s lightweight and water-repellent if you want something light but durable.
    • Sustainability doesn’t always have to come in the form of fabric, but that does happen to be the case for Lululemon. Western Rise uses sustainable manufacturing processes. 
  • Accessibility
    • How easy is it to get your hands on each of these products? Both offer online ordering but Western Rise does not have any physical stores. Price comes into play with accessibility as well, but both of the pants featured here cost the exact same. Consider value instead. 

Western Rise Evolution 2.0 Pants vs Lululemon ABC Classic Fit Pants Review

Let’s jump right into this Western Rise vs Lululemon review and compare some pants. The two we’ll be checking out are the Evolution 2.0 and the ABC Classic Fit. I’ll go into much greater depth about their performance and features, quality and comfort, and look and fit in the coming sections, but for now, I’ll walk you through some general details about each.

The Western Rise Evolution 2.0 pants are probably the most versatile pants you’ll ever wear. They have a polished look about them, yet are made with Evolution fabric that’s both lightweight and durable

Designed to accompany you on any kind of outing, they’re the ideal travel companion to take you from airport to meeting to bar. You can even take them for a hike the following morning. 

Because the material is stain resistant and breathable, don’t worry if you don’t have access to a washing machine during your short trip, keep your bag light–these are the only pants you’ll need.

What else makes the Evolution 2.0 pants so great? I’m a big fan of the media and secure wallet pockets. The secure pocket is deep enough to fit your necessities and zippered for safety. With an extendable 32”-34” inseam, you can grab pair in sizes 28-40 in any of 4 neutral colors.

The Lululemon ABC Classic Fit Pants are one in a large collection of the brand’s ABC style. You’ll find a whopping 14 color options in their selection, a wide range of modern neutrals to give you options. 

These pants were designed to be an improved kind of denim, so they have a slightly less professional look than the Evolution 2.0 pants do, however, that might be a plus for you if you are a jeans-lover.

The material the ABC Classic Fit Pant is made from is called Warpstreme. It’s made from 46% recycled polyester and is highly adaptive. 

You’ll never experience wrinkling or sagging with these guys. Though they have 4-way stretch, are quick-drying, and are breathable, they’re form-fitting without being too tight.

Like the Evolution 2.0 pant, the ABC Classic Fit pant has a secure, zippered pocket that can hold your keys or wallet. 

There are a number of length options for this particular style, from 28” to 37”. They also come in a greater range of sizes than Western Rise’s pants do. Choose from a 28” to 46” waist to find your perfect fit.

The biggest difference between these two pants is their fabric. This makes them look and feel completely different from one another. Apart from that, they both have 4-way stretch, durable fabric, and a zippered pocket. 

Now that you’ve seen them from afar, let’s get up close and personal with their performance and features next in this Western Rise vs Lululemon review.

Western Rise vs Lululemon: Performance & Features Review

Western Rise vs Lululemon Review

The pants in this Western Rise vs Lululemon review can be described as performance wear. For that reason, reading up on their actual performance is pretty important. In this section, we’ll also talk more about the features between the two so you know precisely what you’re getting. Hey, you can never be too informed. 

The Western Rise Evolution 2.0 Pant has a phone pocket and a security zipper pocket. I’m a big fan of both of these features because I know men like to travel light. 

Having two pockets is obviously better than one, but I love that each one was designed for a specific purpose. Ever put a modern smartphone in a too-shallow pocket? Yeah, it doesn’t work. 

Another feature I think is worth noting right out of the gate is the stain and water resistance of the fabric. The fact that the Evolution 2.0 has both of these qualities and doesn’t look like rainpants is huge for me. It’s also why you can wear them for several days in a row without washing them–no, really. 

Customers say they are pretty odor-resistant too, and because they’re breathable, even if you go for that 3-mile hike, you won’t feel like you’re trekking in chinos. 

The Western Rise Evolution 2.0 pants have 4-way stretch, made from woven twill for incredible durability. You’ll truly get a ton of use from this pair. 

So, what about the Lululemon ABC Classic Fit Pant? They have everyday performance, meaning you can wear them to work and then out to the bar and they’ll never stretch out or sag. 

Western Rise vs Lululemon Review

They have one hidden zippered pocket, 4-way stretch, and are resistant to wrinkles. I like that the fabric is smooth and falls softly away from your body–it isn’t clingy like some stretchy “jeans” can be. 

One of my favorite features about these pants is the flip-up cuff. Roll it up to show off reflective details to help you be seen at night. 

How do these pants compare? Both have some really cool features that work well for different needs. I think the Western Rise pants are more versatile and are ideal for activities like traveling. 

They’re the type of pants every guy should have a pair of, but I’m not impartial to Lululemon’s popular Classic Fit. Guys who love jeans will enjoy this durable and adaptive take that won’t lose its shape. 

Western Rise vs Lululemon: Quality & Comfort Review

Western Rise vs Lululemon Review

The pants featured in this Western Rise vs Lululemon are supposed to move with you throughout your day, but if they aren’t comfortable, why in the world would you want to wear them at all? So let’s get real about comfort. I’ll also touch on quality here which plays an important part in comfort.

I’ve mentioned a bit about the fabric that each of these pants is made from which is telling of quality. Let’s re-cap:

  • Western Rise Evolution 2.0
    • Proprietary air-texturized nylon twill has been air-texturized to feel like cotton but retains the durability of nylon
    • 4-way stretch
    • Durable
    • Water-repellant 
    • Breathable
    • Lightweight 
  • Lululemon ABC Classic Fit
    • Warpstreme fabric feels smooth, falls softly away from the body
    • 4-way stretch
    • Wrinkle-resistant
    • Breathable
    • Quick-drying
    • Retains shape

From this comparison, I’d say Western Rise pulls ahead in terms of quality. There looks to be more technology that has gone into the development of their fabric, but Lululemon’s isn’t anything to scoff at. This brand is known for their breathable, hard-working materials and Warpsteme is no exception. 

What do these materials mean in terms of comfort? Well, both are breathable, so that’s big, and both have 4-way stretch. I like that Western Rise’s Evolution 2.0 pants are also lightweight. This means you won’t feel them as much on your body, which is a huge advantage for traveling and spending time outdoors.

If you were to try each of these pants on in a dressing room, you probably wouldn’t notice too much of a difference. With that said, as you move, you’ll notice that the lightweight fabric is pretty limitless. 

The Evolution 2.0 pants also have a 6” gusset that helps with comfort. Lululemon’s ABC Classic Pants have an ergonomic gusset that prevents bunching–a very valuable feature as well.

Western Rise vs Lululemon: Look & Fit

Western Rise vs Lululemon Review

Comfort is pretty important, but let’s be real…you pick up a pair of pants because of how they look and you buy them if they look good on you. We all have personal styles, so you may prefer one pair of pants in this Western Rise vs Lululemon review over the other. This section will suss out the look and fit of each pair to help fill in the gaps that photos of models leave. 

The Western Rise Evolution 2.0 pants have a more modern fit. I really like that they aren’t just one straight line, they hug your butt and thighs with just enough wiggle room and are very flattering. 

The stitching and construction of the pants are of high quality, but one of the best things about their look is that there’s nothing that gives away that they are performance wear.

You could definitely wear these pants to work or a night out and never feel underdressed. Some folks don’t say the same things about the Lululemon ABC Classic Fit pants, which have a slight sheen on them, almost like some stretch jeans do. This makes them look more casual and jean-like, and maybe not something you could wear to the office.

The ABC Classic Fit pants also have stitching that runs through the back of the knee. This gives away the fact that they are performance wear and decreases their style points for some. 

These Lululemon pants are ergonomically designed with a gusset that removes tension from the crotch

That’s a smart feature that makes them stand out, but if I was to compare from a flattering perfective, I think the Western Rise pants have a more sophisticated look

Since we’re talking about looks, I’ll mention color choices here as well. The Western Rise Evolution 2.0 pants come in 4 colors: dune, navy, blue grey, and black. Some might argue fewer color options are better, but if you’re a fan of choices, you’ll like that Lululemon has a total of 14. 

To be honest, some of these colors are very close to one another. Bone and Silverstone don’t look too different, but this is Lululemon we’re talking about, and they love their trendy neutrals. 

While I may be slightly biased towards the Western Rise pants because I prefer their style, I realize you might be drawn to Lululemon’s, so this category is going to come down to a matter of personal choice.

Western Rise vs Lululemon: Price & Value

Western Rise vs Lululemon Review

The pricing is pretty straightforward, but I think summing up value to be one of the trickier parts of this Western Rise vs Lululemon review. Why? Because with value, it’s not always ‘what you see is what you get’. 

We’ll need to assess quality, durability, sustainability, and versatility and weigh them against the price to get each pant’s true value. I’m up for the challenge, are you? Let’s start with the price of each pair of pants:

Ok, so things just got a little harder. Both of these pants cost exactly the same amount. Now, let’s nitpick. Western Rise offers free shipping for orders over $150, while Lululemon offers free standard shipping, period. Lululemon’s value just went up.

I should note that the things you value most about a product might be different from what someone else values, so I’ll just lay out the details here and you can decide for yourself. 

Western Rise Evolution 2.0 Pant

  • Sustainability: Sustainable manufacturing, incredibly durable
  • Quality: Tough fabric, water repellent, odor resistant, 4-way stretch, stain resistant
  • Durability: Woven twill, 107gsm (lightweight but durable)
  • Versatility: Replaces outdoor, travel pants, office pants

Based on these findings, you can wear your Evolution 2.0 pants for just about any occasion. That means you can cut down the number of pants in your closet by at least 2 other types. 

Because they are incredibly durable, they will last a long time, reducing the frequency with which you buy new pants. If sustainability is important to you, then you’ll likely appreciate Western Rise’s sustainable manufacturing process.

Lululemon ABC Classic Fit Pant

  • Sustainability: Pants 47% recycled content, pockets 100% recycled content
  • Quality: Ergonomic gusset, 4-way stretch, wrinkle-resistant, breathable
  • Durability: Warpstreme fabric, adapts to anything, everyday performance
  • Versatility: Great for travel, work, bar

It’s not that I wouldn’t suggest wearing the ABC Classic Fit Pant for outdoor adventures, but they have a more structured look to them that suggests city wandering. That’s totally your call though. 

They have more than enough tech to tackle a hike, although they appear to be slightly less durable than Western Rise’s Evolution 2.0 pants

In terms of sustainability, I’d say they clock in higher on the eco-friendly meter because they’re made with recycled polyester. They are also made from high-quality materials and should last you some years.

The final piece of the puzzle when it comes to value? Warranties. It turns out that both of these brands offer warranties in one form or another. Western Rise has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on their products while Lululemon simply says if your apparel doesn’t perform, they’ll take it back.

Which pair of pants look more valuable to you now? Incredibly durable and versatile (Western Rise) or more sustainable and adaptable (Lululemon)?

Western Rise vs Lululemon: What Do Customers Think? 

Western Rise vs Lululemon Review

Any savvy online shopper knows that the key to finding a great product you’ll love is reading feedback. That’s why I dug through review sites, blogs, and magazines to find out what each of these brands is really like. I’ll show you what I found in this part of my Western Rise vs Lululemon review. 

Because I featured the Evolution 2.0 and ABC Classic Fit pants, I narrowed my search down and will highlight ratings and comments for each design here. 

Let’s start with Western Rise:

  • 4.8/5 stars, 937 reviews
  • A Brother Abroad: 4.5/5 stars, 7 reviews
  • The Fascination: 4.8/5

Not a score under 4.5/5 stars. That’s pretty impressive. The Evolution 2.0 pants have been heavily reviewed by frequent travelers and outdoorsy folks, so there was a ton of feedback to pull from. I’ll walk you through some of the more frequent comments below:

  • Great looking & very comfortable
  • Versatile (from plane to restaurant)
  • Excellent fit 
  • Easy to clean & durable
  • Quick-drying, resists odors & keeps things cool

Most of the negative reviews were about sizing issues. Either they were too long, not large enough in the calf, or a little baggy. 

Even though they’re offered in a range of sizes, bodies are different and it’s important to remember that the Evolution 2.0 isn’t going to fit everyone who buys it the same. 

Keep reading to see how shoppers scored the Lululemon ABC pants:

  • 4.3/5 stars, 905 reviews
  • Pack Hacker: 8.7/10

Not bad at all. While slightly lower than Western Rise, I should note that Lululemon has multiple types of their ABC pant and each one has its own set of reviews. Here is some common feedback for the pants:

  • Awesome fit & comfortable
  • Very cooling
  • Outstanding durability
  • Great for wearing all day
  • Fits straight with room in the seat and thighs

I won’t sugarcoat it, I found more negative feedback about the ABC pants than I did the Evolution 2.0. Customers said that the classic fit is still quite slim and is difficult for a very built person to wear. In other words, if you never skip leg day, these might not be the pants for you.

While the Lululemon ABC pants may have slightly more negative feedback, they still have a lot of awesome comments and have been reviewed heavily across the web. 

These two brands received similar feedback in terms of comfort, fit, and breathability, but I saw more about versatility with the Evolution 2.0 than I did with the ABC pants, which means you can get more wear out of them.

Western Rise vs Lululemon: Promotions & Discounts

Western Rise vs Lululemon Review

Who doesn’t love a good deal? No one, which is why this section of my Wester Rise vs Lululemon review is dedicated to them. I combed through each of the brand’s websites to see exactly what they offered and I’ll list them in an easy-to-digest format below for a quick comparison. 

Western Rise

  • Rewards program
  • Give $20, get $20
  • Last Call sale section
  • Free shipping over $150 & free returns


  • Free shipping
  • We Made Too Much sale section

Western Rise clearly has more promotions and discounts available, and if you plan on shopping with them often, that’ll definitely come in handy. Both brands have a sale section which I greatly appreciate. 

While I have no remorse over buying a $128 pair of pants I’ll likely wear for years (and days in a row), I like digging through a sale rack as much as the next person for last season’s must-haves. 

Both have an impressive sale selection and I like that both have free shipping options, however, I don’t think I need to spell out which brand has better promotions. On top of that, Lululemon doesn’t often offer discounts.

Western Rise vs Lululemon: Shipping & Returns 

Western Rise vs Lululemon Review

I’m a big fan of online shopping. The only thing I’m not huge on is waiting for my order to arrive. 

To help you know what to expect when you hit the checkout counter, I’ve rounded up the details of these two brands’ shipping and returns policies in this section of my Western Rise vs Lululemon review. I’ll start with Western Rise:

  • Flat Rate shipping (2 weeks) is $7 or free when you spend $150+
  • Priority shipping (1 week) is $7
  • Express (2-3 business days) $15
  • Overnight (1-2 business days) $40
  • Ships internationally

In the feedback I found for this Western Rise vs Lululemon review, I didn’t come across any red flags or concerning shipping comments. That tells me that if everything goes to plan (customs, weather, no delays), your Western Rise order will arrive on time. 

Western Rise offers a 30-day return policy for their apparel. All items must be in original condition with their tags attached. In addition, they also offer a limited lifetime warranty on their products that guard against defects in materials or workmanship. Not many apparel companies do that. 

Let’s check out Lululemon’s shipping next:

  • Standard (2-6 business days) is free
  • Expedited (2-4 business days) costs $20
  • 2-day (2-3 business days) costs $30
  • Ships internationally

Lululemon makes returns super easy. You can return your products to a store or follow the online returns process. The only thing they don’t accept returns of is face masks, sale items, and gift cards. You have 30 days to start the returns process. Lululemon doesn’t offer a warranty per se, but they do say that if it doesn’t perform, they’ll take it back.

Lululemon is a slightly larger company than Western Rise, and therefore it has much more feedback available online. This includes sources such as Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau, which, unfortunately, hold some complaints about long shipping times. 

Based on feedback, it appears that you have a greater chance of running into shipping delays with Lululemon.

When comparing the two brands’ return policies and warranties, I suppose they’re neck and neck. Both offer 30-day return periods and lifetime warranties, even if Lululemon doesn’t officially call theirs that.

Who Will You Shop With?

Western Rise vs Lululemon Review

You’ve just finished this Western Rise vs Lululemon review, and hopefully, you’ve decided on the right pants for you. If the above was a lot to take in, I’ll do a quick recap for you here.

The Western Rise Evolution 2.0 pants are incredibly versatile. They’re easy to move in, durable, and look professional. Helping to simplify your wardrobe, one pair is all you need for a short business or leisure trip, and because they’re breathable, water-repellent, and resistant to stains, you can go ahead and skip wash day. 

The Lululemon ABC Classic Pants are a great contender. They were designed to replace jeans, adding more stretch, room, and adaptability to your wardrobe. With more color options and a greater size range, they keep their shape and are comfortable for just about any activity. 

Each pant has its own set of advantages with many overlapping qualities. Your final choice may come down to what you value most in pants: versatility and durability or adaptability and sustainability. 

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