Wild Earth Dog Food Review

About Wild Earth

Wild Earth Dog Food Review

Wild Earth offers nutritious plant-based dog food. Despite not containing any meat products, its meals are high in protein and made from clean ingredients. So, there are no fillers that can potentially harm your pup. 

After receiving a $550k investment on the hit TV show Shark Tank, Wild Earth was featured in major media outlets such as Vox, NBC News, The Atlantic, and Wired. In addition, the brand has slowly gained popularity among dog parents with 52.5k followers on Facebook and Instagram combined. 

So, is the company worth all the hype or is everybody just barking up the wrong tree? Keep reading as this Wild Earth dog food review takes a look at some bestsellers, the subscription, customer reviews, and more, to help you decide if it’s worth checking out.

Overview of Wild Earth

Wild Earth Dog Food Review

Wild Earth was founded in 2017 by Ryan Bethencourt. The idea came about after he read a UCLA study on how the meat-based pet food industry contributes to carbon emissions. Bethencourt observed that owners and their pups were increasingly showing an “unhealthy meat dependency”. 

Bethencourt also shares compassion for all animals, with a company mission to stop the use of factory farmed animals, and, of course, saving pups from any food or diet-related illnesses. Additionally, even though Wild Earth’s main focus is dog food, they’re currently researching nutrition for cats too. 

Wild Earth vegan dog food was formulated by scientists and veterinarians who aimed to maintain high standards. The product uses yeast as its main ingredient—proving sustainable for both canines and the environment. 

Wild Earth’s success was mainly born from being on Shark Tank, where the reputable ‘shark’ Mark Cuban flaunted a hefty investment in the formula. The California-based company also prioritizes using cruelty-free ingredients that are healthier for your furbabies. 

Now that you know a bit more about the brand, this Wild Earth dog food review will now go through a pros and cons list. 


  • Wild Earth’s dog food is formulated by scientists and veterinarians
  • Natural and cruelty-free ingredients with no fillers 
  • They offer additional supplements for overall health 
  • Company publishes a blog with helpful tips and dog knowledge
  • Offers a Free Trial
  • 30-day Happiness Guarantee
  • Subscription members receive complimentary delivery


  • Shipping is only available in the US and India
  • Vegan diets for dogs are controversial
Wild Earth Dog Food Review

Besides Wild Earth pet food, the brand also carries skin, joint, and digestion supplements for your furry companion. Plus, there are subscription services available for your convenience. Read on to find out more! 

Wild Earth Dog Food Review

Any pet parent knows that keeping your pup healthy boils right down to watching what they eat. Luckily, with Wild Earth’s dog food, you know what goes into it and how your pooch can benefit from eating this plant-based grub.

Curious to find out which blends puppos are loving right now? This Wild Earth dog food review can help shed some light on the bestsellers. 

Wild Earth Clean Protein Dog Food Review

The Clean Protein Dog Food is a tasty alternative for your dog. Wild Earth describes the taste as a “natural umami flavor.” This gives the blend a meaty and savory taste without any suspicious protein fillers. 

Some of the whole ingredients include chickpeas, oats, peas, sweet potato, and pumpkin. The meal also contains essential healthy fatty acids which ensure that your pup has the shiniest coat at the park. Plus, it’s great for dogs with food sensitivities. 

The prices for a one-time purchase vary based on size, with 20% off for members with a subscription. Here are the regular options: 

  • Small bag (4 lb): $29 
  • Large bag (18 lb): $70

Wild Earth Superfood Dog Treats Review

With three different flavors to choose from for these Superfood Dog Treats, training (read: spoiling) your pup becomes a breeze. These vegan treats contain 10 essential amino acids, fatty acids, and prebiotics to keep that tail wagging. 

The main protein ingredient in the Superfood Dog Treats is koji. This is a ‘mushroom superfood’ that can be compared to quinoa. It’s responsible for giving Wild Earth’s food the signature meaty flavor and nutritional benefits. In addition, koji is described as a “clean protein”, so the environmental impact is low. 

Ingredients and benefits vary based on which flavor you choose: peanut butter, strawberry and beet, or banana and cinnamon. These treats will run you about $10, or $7 with a subscription. 

Wild Earth Supplements Review

If your pet has any skin, joint, or stomach problems that food alone can’t solve, Wild Earth offers supplements to help combat and prevent these issues. These veterinarian-approved vitamins will keep your best friend healthy for years to come. 

Wild Earth Skin & Coat Dog Supplements Review 

The Skin and Coat Dog Supplements contain similar fatty acids to the Wild Earth dog food. Omega 3s and 6s helps maintain glossy coats, and paired with some antioxidants, your dog will feel fit inside and out. 

Some of the main ingredients that drive these supplements are algae, vitamin E, and C. Algae helps with allergies and protects the lustre of your pup’s coat, while vitamins aid in collagen production. 

If you’re unsure about the right serving amount, Wild Earth suggests one supplement per day for smaller dogs up to 25lbs. For dogs between 26 to 76lbs and up, the company suggests 2 to 3 supplements daily. This applies to the other supplements as well. 

These Skin and Coat Dog Supplements cost $30 (for 60 peanut butter flavored chews).  

Wild Earth Hip & Joint Dog Supplements Review 

If your senior furry companion has achy knees, this Wild Earth dog food review recommends the Hip and Joint Dog Supplements. These vitamins have anti-inflammatory properties that work hard to support healthy joints. 

Algae and glucosamine are the main ingredients. This powerhouse duo reduces inflammation while fortifying cartilage. So, your doggo can once again jump up for a bit of love without worrying about experiencing pain when landing.

A 60-ct jar of these peanut butter chews will run you $30

Wild Earth Digestion & Immunity Dog Supplements Review 

Offering a blend of mushrooms, prebiotics, and probiotics, the Digestion and Immunity Dog Supplements cleanses and strengthens your canine friend’s immune system. This mushroom mix helps with allergies and even Inflammatory Bowel Disease. 

Gut health is an integral part of your dog’s immunity. The ingredients in this supplement “nourish the microbiome”, which helps with a happy and healthy stomach. Plus, with some digestive enzymes, your pup can easily break down their food into essential nutrients.  

Pet owners might be amused to learn that these chewable vitamins come in peanut butter flavor. A 60-ct pack retails for $30

Wild Earth Dog Food Subscription Review

Are you looking to make Wild Earth dog food your pup’s main meal? The company’s subscription plans could help save some time and money. Members can receive a constant stock every 30 days while enjoying free shipping in the process. 

You can also get 20% off treats and 10% off food. Wild Earth allows subscribers to cancel and alter their ship dates at any time without any extra fees. The prices depend on the size of bag: 

  • Small: $26
  • Large: $63 

Small bags are recommended for dogs between 2 to 20lbs. If you have a large canine friend, Wild Earth suggests opting for the large bag. Additionally, you can check out the size and frequency chart to figure out how many servings of kibble your pet may need. 

Who Is Wild Earth For? 

Wild Earth Dog Food Review

Obviously, Wild Earth’s products are formulated for dogs. But, if you’re a pet owner who’s looking to switch from traditional kibble to a more sustainable alternative, this is the brand for you—especially if plant-based nutrition is a priority in your household. 

Comparison: Wild Earth vs. V-Dog

Wild Earth Dog Food Review

Putting dogs on vegan diets has become a new trend in recent years. So, that means there are many competing brands out there. This Wild Earth dog food review took a look at V-Dog to see how the two companies match up. 

First, we’ll go over a few similarities: 

  • Both brands offer plant-based dog food
  • Subscription plans are available at both companies 
  • They both offer free shipping for subscriptions
  • They use many of the same ingredients, including peas, flaxseeds, yeast, and potato protein
  • Both environmentally and socially conscious in manufacturing

They do seem almost identical on the surface. But, we did find a few differences when we dug a bit deeper: 

  • V-Dog is an older company, founded in 2005
  • V-Dog doesn’t offer supplements 
  • Overall, V-Dog is cheaper than Wild Earth
  • V-Dog only sources ingredients from California

Ultimately, Wild Earth kibble shares many qualities with V-Dog. They’re both plant-based and they offer convenient subscriptions. On the other hand, Wild Earth offers more nutritional chews than V-Dog. But, V-Dog comes at a slightly lower price point and has a few more years under its belt. So, which one suits your needs? 

Wild Earth Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Wild Earth Dog Food Review

So, what do customers (and their pups) think about the vegan kibble? This Wild Earth dog food review scoured the internet for testimonials, coming up with some on the company website and Amazon. 

Evidently, there are some criticisms of the plant-based dog food, but we’ll discuss those later. Wild Earth has a 4.5/5 star rating on the main website from over 3,000 reviews. Its supplements get similar reception with a 4.4/5 rating from 66 reviews. 

Dogs seem to love the food. As one pet parent writes, “I received the dog food free sample while house and dog sitting for my daughter’s family! Their dog loved the food and ate it quickly! I am having it delivered to their address as I live in Southern California, and they live in the northern part of the state!” 

Another customer claims that Wild Earth helped extend her dogs’ lives, saying, “My dogs were really showing signs of age, and I felt I had nothing to lose by starting them on a plant-based diet like my own. One of my dogs, who was in terrible condition, perked up and lived another two years. The other one is still going and jumping around like a puppy two and half years later.”

We also found reviews on Amazon, where Wild Earth dog food has an average rating of 4.3/5 stars. One customer writes, “My dogs love this – they’ve been on it for almost two years. Their health is steady, and their weight is steady. They also love vegetables—which they didn’t realize they did before this food. If I’m eating broccoli or even chopping it, they start performing circus tricks.”

Another Amazon customer is happy with their choice, stating, “Pleased with this food so far. It doesn’t stink like most dog food does, and my dogs really seem to like it. It’s definitely pricey, especially with a multiple dog household, but you can’t put a price on your pet’s health!”

When it comes to the Skin and Coat Supplements, pups and their owners are also loving them. On the main site, one customer writes, “After having this added to my yorkies’ diet, their coats and skin have improved greatly! No more itching, and they are silky to the touch (friends and family can confirm)! Thank you!” 

Another happy customer says, “Our girl has had skin issues all her life. She has to be on a skin supplement. I was so happy to see that Wild Earth offered these! They work great!”

The Digestive Supplements garnered similar reception, with one customer saying, “let me just say that the digestive portion of these supplements is true to its name. But it is worth the cleanup for the immunity. Both my fur babies love it, and it’s just an extra addition to their daily treats. Gus and Sophie say thank you!” 

Is Wild Earth Worth It?

Wild Earth Dog Food Review

Despite being a controversial way to feed your pet, plant-based dog food diets are definitely on the rise. Additionally, Wild Earth has the support of reliable scientists and vets backing them up. 

Based on this Wild Earth dog food review, we would say that their food is worth checking out if you have the means. If you’re looking for sustainable and vegan ingredients in your dog food, this could be a solid option for you. 

It’s important to bear in mind that vegan diets aren’t for every pup, as evidenced in some of the customer reviews. So definitely keep your furbaby’s pickiness and allergies in mind when thinking about buying from this brand, as well as your own vet’s opinion. 

Wild Earth Promotions & Discounts 

Wild Earth Dog Food Review

Unfortunately, this Wild Earth dog food review couldn’t find any active promo or discount codes at the moment. In the meantime, we recommend signing up for the brand’s newsletter to get exclusive access to future deals and sales. 

Where To Buy Wild Earth

Wild Earth Dog Food Review

You can buy Wild Earth’s products on or through Amazon. 


Wild Earth Dog Food Review

Where is Wild Earth made? 

Wild Earth’s dog food is made in the US Midwest. Its ingredients are sourced from the US, Latin America, Europe, and countries in Asia (except China). 

What is Wild Earth’s Shipping Policy?

Wild Earth only ships within the US and India. The brand offers free shipping when you sign up for a subscription. Otherwise, a one-time purchase costs around $10

It takes about 1–2 days for Wild Earth to process your order, and delivery can take between 2–7 business days. The company will send tracking information in a confirmation email. 

What is Wild Earth’s Return Policy?

Wild Earth offers a 30-day Happiness Guarantee. If your furry friend doesn’t like the food, you can contact the brand’s customer service team for a refund. This only applies to one bag and not the entire first order. 

A $3 restocking fee is deducted from your refund, along with any shipping charges that may incur. The Free Trial is not included in the Happiness Guarantee because signing up confirms a subscription that will start after 14 days. 

How to Contact Wild Earth

We hope you enjoyed reading this Wild Earth dog food review. For any other questions, feel free to contact the brand via live chat or at the following mailing address: 

Wild Earth, Inc
2856 Seventh Street 
Berkeley, CA 94710

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