Yaasa Zero Gravity Bed Review

About Yaasa

Yaasa Zero Gravity Bed Review

Yaasa creates furniture that adjusts to your space and needs. From beds to desks and chairs, everything is designed with accommodation in mind. If you’re looking to furnish a new home, or it’s high time to upgrade that old mattress, rest assured that the company will offer something configured to your lifestyle. 

With 10k followers on Instagram, Yaasa has been featured in several reputable publications such as Vogue, Architectural Digest, Forbes, and Fast Company. The company has also been awarded for its innovative products—receiving Best Weighted Blanket by Tuck and Best Luxury Adjustable Bed of 2021 by the Sleep Foundation.

This Yaasa zero gravity bed review will give you the scoop on the brand and its products, as well as customer ratings, discounts, FAQs, shipping policies, and more, to help you decide whether it’s worth the buy. 

Overview of Yaasa

Yaasa Zero Gravity Bed Review

Yaasa stems from the Sanskrit word ‘yasa’ which loosely translates to success and glory. Founded in 2016 by Johannes Sauer, Yaasa was born with a mission to enhance people’s everyday lives through the power of adjustment. Their products advocate for healthier workspaces that encourage productivity and make bedrooms as comfortable as can be. 

Although the company isn’t large, its vision is big. They aim to optimize customers’ living experience comfortably and affordably. Yaasa uses science and engineering to back up their creations, paying great attention to detail. 

Yaasa Zero Gravity Bed Review

Yaasa products are aesthetically appealing, seamless, and advanced. Before getting any further into this Yaasa zero gravity bed review, we’re going to address some pros and cons.


  • Visually pleasing and sturdy bedroom + office furniture 
  • Yaasa also offers useful accessories, like sleep masks 
  • Advanced technology allows for optimal customization 
  • ‘Zero gravity’ position can be achieved with a single button 
  • 100 day return period for mattresses
  • Affordable financing options with 0% APR
  • The ONE Adjustable Bed accommodates most mattresses
  • $300 off on adjustable beds 
  • Fast and free shipping
  • Responsive customer service team


  • No international shipping at this time
  • No expedited shipping on mattresses
Yaasa Zero Gravity Bed Review

Yaasa Bed Review

Whether you’re in search of a modern bed with innovative features that activate at the simple touch of a button, or an unbeatable comfortable mattress that’ll have you asleep in no time, Yaasa has various products that’ll suit your needs.

This Yaasa zero gravity bed review will now go over some of the brand’s best-selling beds and mattresses, so you can decide what works best for you.

Yaasa Adjustable Bed Review 

Yaasa’s coveted Adjustable Bed features a cutting-edge design and advanced adjustability. This fantastic model is perfect for collapsing on at the end of a long day—packed with style and comfort, while offering you a personalized fit. 

The Yaasa headboard for adjustable beds elevates up to 60 degrees so that you can sit completely upright. It also allows you to lift your legs to 28 degrees, providing total relaxation after a hard day’s work. 

As for other technological features, the anti-snore preset ensures an uninterrupted sleep like you’ve never known. Not only that, the Zero-Gravity aspect helps relieve pressure and tension in your body. This is great for those recovering from injuries, or need some help rising out of bed. 

This luxurious bed is currently on sale at the time of this Yaasa zero gravity bed review. You can purchase this Adjustable Bed in sizes twin XL, queen, king, or split king. Prices vary depending on size, ranging between $899 to $1,849.

Yaasa ONE Adjustable Bed Review 

The ONE Adjustable Bed allows for customizations with the most convenient touch of a button, just like the brand’s original Adjustable Bed. You can elevate your body to your liking, whether you need to change positions for watching TV, reading, or sleeping. You can also relieve back pain and promote blood flow by lifting your legs.

The ONE Adjustable Bed is compatible with various mattresses, but you can pair it with the Yaasa Zero Gravity mattress for the most indulgent experience. For clarity on the structure, the bed can accommodate 700 lbs, and the legs are 6″ tall

Available in sizes twin XL, queen, king, and split king, the Yaasa craftmatic bed cost varies from $999 to $1,999. 

Yaasa Mattress Review 

There are multiple factors that all contribute to a good night’s sleep. A proper mattress will provide you with the right support, relieve pressure, and maintain comfort. For those who spend a lot of time in their bed, the wrong mattress can cause back pain and leave you disgruntled.  

Yaasa’s Mattress has integrated cooling technology, which regulates your temperature throughout the night, so you don’t have to worry about waking up too hot or cold (sometimes you just can’t win)! 

Buyers select their preferred level of firmness with this Mattress—choose either a soft or firm mattress as a twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, or cal king. This product is currently on sale, with prices ranging from $799 to $1,399.

Yaasa Blankets Review

Sit back, relax, and melt your anxieties with a blanket that hugs you back! Each model the brand sells features different benefits. This Yaasa zero gravity bed review will now go over some popular choices, so you can see which cozy throw works best for you.

Yaasa The Infinity Blanket Review 

The Infinity Blanket is the first Yaasa Celliant blanket that wraps you up in its warmth while simultaneously promoting great sleep. The blanket is made with Celliant fibers, which are proven to increase blood flow, enhance the oxygen in your cells, and promote quick recovery. 

So, what does this mean? You’ll be able to rest at an accommodating temperature, start snoozing faster, and wake up feeling fresh. The Yaasa Studios Infinity Blanket is available in two different options. The throw size 41 x 55″ is available for $149, while the bigger size, 57 x 77″, is $229.

Yaasa Weighted Blanket Review 

Based on medical research findings, sleeping under significant weight encourages deeper sleep cycles. This results in feeling well-rested, less stressed, and generally more present the next morning (or after your afternoon nap).

This Weighted Blanket by Yaasa won the Most Innovative 2020 Award for Best Weighted Blanket, presented by Tuck. This attractive throw features a chunky knit material. Not only is it super breathable, but also incredibly soft and cozy, making it suitable for all seasons.

It comes in four different colours such as sand, twilight, ivory, and mist. You can invest in award-winning relaxation with Yaasa’s Weighted Blanket for $249 for 15 lbs, or upgrade to 20 lbs for $269

Yaasa Adjustable Desk Pro Review

This Adjustable Desk Pro was finely designed and created in Europe. It features innovative motor technology, which means it provides quick and smooth adjustments while remaining quiet as a mouse! You can work standing up, or sit down and bring it back to your level. 

Users can trust in the stability of the frame and its ergonomic design. This isn’t any regular desk; built with advanced anti-collision technology, it helps you avoid any accidents when you’re in the groove of things. For example, if your little one’s head comes in contact with the surface while the desk is lowering, it will bounce back up. 

On a similar note, its highly sensitive technology also enables you to lock up your desk to avoid children (or curious coworkers) from tampering with the height. How cool is that? This Yaasa Desk Pro ranges from $529 to $599, depending on size, and is available in the shades white, dark, and light.

Yaasa Sleep Mask Review

Sometimes, even the smallest amount of light can cause us to jolt awake. It should come as no surprise that disrupted sleep is a massive cause of chronic fatigue and lack of energy. This pattern can have negative effects on your mental health and wellbeing long term. 

Yaasa designed their Sleep Mask to fully cover your eyes, blocking all outside light and allowing you to catch zzz’s for the full recommended eight hours. Pick up this handy accessory for only $30; an excellent price for something as priceless as a more functioning and alert brain.

Yaasa Six Twenty Candle Review

It’s 6:20 AM, time to wake up! Light this fresh scent as you slowly prepare yourself for the day ahead. The Six Twenty Candle encompasses notes of fresh pink grapefruit with an uplifting combination of sweet vanilla and tropical coconut to put you in a good mood. 

If you’re a morning person, purchase the Six Twenty Candle for $39. It holds all the positive vibes of an ice cold shower, but none of the discomfort beforehand. To boost your productivity even more, put the lit candle on your desk as you draft your to-do list.   

Yaasa Eight Thirty Candle Review

If 6:20 AM is too early for you, we totally get it. Opt for the Eight Thirty Candle in the evening for a heady scent that’ll create a soothing, enchanting atmosphere. The presence of floral gardenia is mixed with delicate notes of wild jasmine and ylang-ylang. 

The Eight Thirty Candle is perfect for when you have company over. Light up the pleasant scent when everyone is mingling and starting to wind down with drinks. This fragrance sells for $39 on Yaasa’s website.

Yaasa Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Yaasa Zero Gravity Bed Review

Although the company isn’t yet widely known, this Yaasa zero gravity bed review managed to uncover some customer feedback. Keep reading, as we shed light on some honest comments found on the brand’s website, The Sleep Judge, and Facebook.

On the brand’s website, the popular Adjustable Bed achieved a 4.9/5 star rating out of 65 reviews. One customer wrote the following Yaasa zero gravity bed review, “Top-rated product and customer service. I ordered the queen size adjustable base in dark and it is a high-quality product, its fit and finish are impeccable and I have received several comments on how good it looks in my bedroom and how quiet its operation is.” 

Another pleased customer writes about the impressive shipping and responsive customer service, “First thing, shipping was crazy fast. Second, my pre-purchase chat was quick, helpful, and eased all my concerns. Third, the adjustable bed is all I could have hoped for. The frame’s remote based presets work, are basic and enough with endless tweaks via remote. Assembly could not have been easier; could have lost the manual and done it just as easily. It is quiet, smooth and very, very solid. Great frame!”

Yaasa Zero Gravity Bed Review

On The Sleep Judge, one reviewer gave the Adjustable Bed a 3/5 star rating. Still, she concluded her review on a positive note, “I really enjoyed my Yaasa adjustable base, and I think it’s the perfect solution for sleep partners who want to enjoy the benefits of these products without having to compromise. It’s also excellent for people suffering with pressure points or who snore. Although the product was pretty heavy, it’s not too difficult to manage when you have someone to help you put it together.”

Looking at the Yaasa Studios Facebook page, they gained a 5/5 star rating out of 25 reviews. One user expresses their satisfactory experience, “Great adjustable beds and mattresses! The mattresses are super comfortable, and I love the ‘zero gravity’ position that the bed adjusts to with one push of a button on the remote control. One of the best purchases we’ve made for our home.”

Stepping aside from their beds, another user gives some insight into the company’s candles, “I have had my Yaasa candles for 3 weeks now and must review. They are wonderful! First and most important, the scent is of the highest quality perfumes…”

Is Yaasa Worth It?

Yaasa Zero Gravity Bed Review

This Yaasa zero gravity bed review has taken everything into consideration and decided that the brand is worth purchasing from. Glowing testimonials from buyers have convinced us that Yaasa’s vision and claims align beautifully with the quality of their products. We love to see it!  

Their mattresses, adjustable beds, and desks are designed with great attention to detail. To complement their features, the advanced technology accounts for ergonomic comfort and security. Plus, most of the products (including the accessories) come in appealing colors—and in the case of the candles—fragrances.   

If you’re looking for top quality office or bedroom furniture that adjusts to your personal requirements, we highly recommend looking into Yaasa’s collection. At a reasonably affordable price point, the design and functionality are unmatched.

Yaasa Promotions & Discounts 

Yaasa Zero Gravity Bed Review

At the time of this Yaasa zero gravity bed review, all adjustable beds are on a current discount of $300 off

For future promotions and exclusive offers, sign up for Yaasa’s email newsletter, or follow them on their social media platforms. 

Where to Buy Yaasa

Yaasa Zero Gravity Bed Review

You can purchase everything across the categories of beds, blankets, desks, accessories, and candles directly from the company’s website at yaasa.com.


Yaasa Zero Gravity Bed Review

What is Yaasa’s Shipping Policy?

At the time of this Yaasa zero gravity bed review, the company only delivers within the continental US. They don’t ship to Hawaii or Alaska. Customers receive free shipping on all products, including beds. 

Mattresses take 3–5 business days to construct, so there is no expedited shipping available for them. Yaasa can put your order on hold if you wish to delay the shipment date. Contact the team to let them know when you’d prefer to receive your order. 

What is Yaasa’s Return Policy?

Yaasa wants to provide a smooth return process for its customers. The company asks that you take full advantage of the trial period, which includes sleeping on the mattress for at least 30 nights. This will provide your body some time to adjust accordingly.

If, after the trial, you still don’t love your mattress, you’ll have up to 100 days to initiate a return or exchange. Their customer service team will work to arrange a mattress pickup, free of charge.

As for new (unopened and unused) adjustable beds, infinity blankets, and candles, you can return them within 10 days after receiving your delivery. 

How to Contact Yaasa

If you have any questions beyond this Yaasa zero gravity bed review, contact the company via:

It is always good to check out your options before buying. Here are some other mattress brands to consider in your search:

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