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Yeti Lunch Boxes Review

About Yeti Lunch Boxes

Lunch Boxes Yeti Review

Yeti is an American brand selling outdoor gear, food storage items, and clothing to customers around the world. On a mission to “make gear that helps you stay out longer, travel farther, and live harder,” Yeti’s products are built for outdoor use and designed to stand up to the elements. 

This major company has really made a mark in the adventure gear industry, and has over 1m followers on Facebook and 1.7m followers on Instagram.

While the brand is perhaps best known for their flagship line of coolers, my Yeti Lunch Boxes review will introduce you to their popular line of personal lunch storage

Their Daytrip Lunch Boxes are designed to keep your food safe and fresh, whether you’re hiking, camping, working, on a picnic, or cruising down the rapids in your kayak.  

This Yeti Lunch Boxes review will give you a chance to learn more about this company’s best-selling meal storage, while also reading up on their customer feedback and purchasing info.

Keep reading to learn more about Yeti’s story.

Overview of Yeti Lunch Boxes

Lunch Boxes Yeti Review

Yeti was founded by two American entrepreneurs – and brothers! – Roy and Ryan Seiders. The Seiders brothers are avid outdoorsmen and love a good fishing trip. When there wasn’t a single cooler on the market that was meeting their needs, they set out to make one.

Roy and Ryan wanted a cooler that not only kept its contents super-cold, but was tough enough to last through their usual fishing antics, like standing on their cooler to cast their rod (don’t try this at home!). 

These brothers soon realized that their cooler design was going to end up a lot more expensive than their competitors’, but to their surprise… it didn’t matter! 

After officially launching Yeti in 2006, Roy and Ryan discovered they weren’t alone in wanting outdoor gear that was made to last. 

Customers who had also been struggling with gear better suited to the backyard than the wilderness flocked to Yeti, finding their high-quality coolers well worth the investment.

Lunch Boxes Yeti Review

Soon, Yeti expanded into other outdoor equipment, producing an equally reputable line of tumblers, ramblers, backpacks, chairs, and more. 

Thanks to their reputation for incredible quality, Yeti is now considered a “cult brand” and sells their products through major retailers such as REI, Cabelas, Lowe’s and Sport Chek. 

Let’s take a look at the highlights of buying from Yeti:


  • Prominent outdoor brand with a diverse product range – bags, coolers, drinkware, apparel, and pet gear
  • Some products are customizable
  • Daytrip Lunch Boxes are built to store food in any conditions
  • Hard and soft shell options
  • 3-year warranty
  • Online and in-store shopping
  • Free US shipping

Lunch Boxes Yeti Review

If you’re in the market for a new fabric lunch bag or hard-case lunch box, this Yeti Lunch Boxes review is going to take a closer look the brand’s colorful Daytrip line of personal lunch storage. 

Yeti Lunch Boxes Daytrip Lunch Bag Review

The Daytrip Lunch Bag should keep your food organized (and fresh!) for your day trips or work days. 

This bag has a soft, foldable shell making it easy to pack up and store when you aren’t using it. Both kids and grownups can use this bag, and it has a convenient handle for carrying to school or the workplace – whether you’re headed to the office or the job site.

Yeti explains that they’ve insulated their Daytrip Lunch Bag so you can store cold or warm food and drinks at their ideal temperature for hours. The brand’s “Coldcell Flex” material is a closed-cell foam designed to effectively insulate while still being soft enough to fold up. 

This lunch bag also has Yeti’s “Thermo-Snap Closure” with a magnetic connection so your bag will always remain tightly sealed.

It also has an adjustable closure, so you can expand or minimize the size of your bag. Just move the closing hook up or down its loops, depending on how much storage you need.

When fully unfolded, this lunch bag measures 8.8” high, 8.8” wide, and 5.8” deep.

Like all lunch boxes Yeti makes, the Daytrip Lunch Bag is water-resistant, made of food-safe materials, and is easy to wipe clean with some dish soap and warm water.

The Daytrip Lunch Bag comes in four colors:

  • Charcoal
  • Harvest Red
  • Navy
  • Bimini Pink

Buy the Daytrip Lunch Bag for $80.

Yeti Lunch Boxes Daytrip Lunch Box Review

If you prefer a tougher lunch kit with a firm exterior, take a look at the Daytrip Lunch Box. This Yeti lunch box has plenty in common with the bag version, including insulating closed-cell foam lining and a magnetic snap closure

But while the Daytrip Lunch Bag is designed for compact storage, the Daytrip Lunch Box has a solid exterior and slightly more storage room. 

This lunch box measures 10.5”

high, 8.5” wide, and 4.5” deep. It’s fantastic for outdoor pursuits as its hard outer shell and insulating inner lining should keep your lunch fresh and undamaged, no matter what you’re up to.

The Daytrip Lunch Box has a few other unique features, too:

  1. “EVA Molded Bottom” – to prevent water damage from getting in, and leaks from getting out
  2. “Drench Defense” external shell  – to keep water out
  3. Double Zip around three sides
  4. Top and side handles

Yeti explains that their Daytrip Lunch Box is compatible with a few other lunchtime accessories such as Yeti Ice, a thin cold-pack you can add to the Lunch Box to chill your food.

This Lunch Box is available in these colors:

  • Bimini Pink
  • Harvest Red
  • Navy
  • Charcoal

Buy the Daytrip Lunch Box for $80.

Who Is Yeti Lunch Boxes For? 

Lunch Boxes Yeti Review

This Yeti Lunch Boxes review finds that the Daytrip line is for pretty much anyone! Their lunch storage has the same universal appeal as all of Yeti’s other beloved clothing and equipment.

Everyone could use a reliable way to store food and drinks, just like we could all use a comfy tee or great thermos. 

Yeti will especially appeal to people who love outdoor pursuits and want to invest in gear that is built to last longer than a few months

Yeti markets their products to people who love to hike, fish, camp, and explore nature, and anyone who enjoys those pursuits needs a convenient way to store food that won’t get wet, get crushed, or leave you with an unsafe or unsatisfying meal when it’s time to eat.

That said, many of Yeti’s products also have everyday uses. You can easily keep car snacks fresh in a Daytrip Lunch Box when you’re out and about, or pack your kid’s lunch in the Daytrip Lunch Bag.

They’re also great for kids who are tough on their gear – with Yeti, you won’t be replacing your lunch kit every time it gets dropped.

Yeti Lunch Boxes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Lunch Boxes Yeti Review

This brand shares customer feedback on their official website. This Yeti Lunch Boxes review found that customers have rated both products 4.4/5 stars, with feedback being mixed, but largely positive. 

Some customers found the lunch bag to be a little on the small side, while other customers found that they had to include ice to keep their lunches cold – which is recommended by the brand. 

The majority of customers, however, love the compact shape and tough build of both Daytrip designs. Shoppers enjoy using these bags while enjoying the wilderness, and appreciate how easy and reliable they are for storing everyday lunches. 

One customer shares in her Yeti Lunch Boxes review of the Daytrip Lunch Bag, “Got this for my husband for Christmas. It’s perfect for him to take to work, since he works 2 jobs and has a long commute. I got the medium Yeti ice that fits perfect at the bottom and keeps his drinks and food cold all day.”

Another buyer likes that you can fold up this small lunchbox and found that its insulation works well. She shares in her Yeti Lunch Boxes review, “It works just as advertised! Folds away nicely for travel, and adjusts to different sizes based on contents. Keeps food nice and cold.”

This company also has feedback on their official Amazon storefront, where they sell some of their products. These reviews are generally very positive, with customers praising the brand for their products’ durability and efficacy

Lunch Boxes Yeti Review

One customer who purchased the Daytrip Lunch Box loves the portable size and how it can keep food cold in hot weather, writing in their Yeti Lunch Boxes review:

“Super clean and perfect size for taking a lunch to work, and im sure a million other things. Cant think of a better option! I live in a hot climate and store meltable items in my car in it as well. Keeps cold for hours.

This Yeti Lunch Boxes review also wanted to get a sense of what people say about Yeti as a brand in general. So, I checked out some reviews from outdoor and adventure websites. 

Many writers confirm Yeti’s status as a prestige outdoor brand. Their products live up to Yeti’s reputation of durability and making gear that’s simple to use, spill-proof, and great at keeping food and drinks cold

The writer at, who tested the Yeti Rambler 26 for a story, writes, “Making durable, heavy-duty products is Yeti’s claim to fame as a company. Their bottles are built like their coolers—well insulated and incredibly durable.

The Rambler is no exception, and takes the cake in terms of durability in our performance comparisons.”

Overall, most customers have had positive experiences buying from this brand. They have particularly enjoyed this brand’s designs, which are meant to withstand daily use and outdoor conditions while being functional and easy to use.

Is Yeti Lunch Boxes Worth It?

Lunch Boxes Yeti Review

While Yeti’s products may be pricier than some other lunch boxes on the market, what you’re really paying for is reliability and design. 

A well-known name in the adventure industry, Yeti makes a ton of outdoor and everyday products, designed for customers who prioritize convenience, functionality, and durability.

My Yeti Lunch Boxes review has found that their line of Daytrip lunch storage is no exception. Most of Yeti’s customers speak highly of the quality of their closures and exteriors, their portability, and how easy they are to store

This Yeti Lunch Boxes review also found that customers could depend on their bags to keep their food cold (especially when paired with an ice pack) and safe, no matter where they went, or how many rough camping adventures their gear has been asked to withstand. 

And because Yeti’s products are designed for outdoor activities, they’ll carry that dependability into everyday life, too! While you can take a Daytrip Lunch Box out on a canoe trip to keep your snacks dry, it’s just as good for keeping your lunch from getting crushed in a backpack or while working on a hot, busy job site. 

Just as importantly, this brand makes it easy to try their products with free ground shipping and returns if you aren’t sure if a Yeti lunch box is right for you or your family. 

For these reasons, my Yeti Lunch Boxes review can recommend trying out their Daytrip boxes and bags and putting Yeti to the test for all of your lunch storage needs.  

Yeti Lunch Boxes Promotions & Discounts 

Lunch Boxes Yeti Review

At the time of writing this Yeti Lunch Boxes review, the brand wasn’t offering any promotions.

Where to Buy Yeti Lunch Boxes

Lunch Boxes Yeti Review

You can purchase all Yeti products at their official website. You can also check out their Amazon page, or find their products online and at brick and mortar stores throughout North America, including Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sport Chek, Atmosphere, Cabela’s, and REI.


Lunch Boxes Yeti Review

Who owns Yeti Lunch Boxes?

This Yeti Lunch Boxes review has learned that co-founders Roy Seiders and Ryan Seiders own Yeti.

Does Yeti Lunch Boxes ship internationally?

Yes, Yeti offers shipping to the following international destinations: 

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. EU countries
  4. Japan 
  5. Mexico
  6. New Zealand
  7. UK

If your country isn’t listed, you might be able to make a purchase from Yeti’s official Amazon page or a local stockist.

To place an order, make sure you’re ordering through your country’s Yeti site. To find it, go to and select your country from the list in the top left-hand corner. 

Yeti explains that when you shop through your country’s Yeti website, your order will be displayed in your local currency and your shipping costs will be calculated at checkout. International customers are also responsible for paying any additional customs fees or taxes. 

What is Yeti Lunch Boxes’ Shipping Policy?

This company will ship your order for free with UPS if you live in the contiguous US! They do not ship to American territories outside the contiguous US, but will ship to military addresses. They will also ship to Alaska and Hawaii at a cost.

What is Yeti Lunch Boxes Return Policy?

If you’re not thrilled with your purchase, don’t worry! Just follow these steps to return it:

  • Make a decision about your item within 30 days of buying it
  • Make sure your order is unused and undamaged
  • Visit Yeti’s Return Portal with your email address and order number
  • Yeti will send you a prepaid shipping label for your return shipment
  • Your refund will be processed within 15 days after Yeti has received the item

How to Contact Yeti Lunch Boxes

My Yeti Lunch Boxes review has found that you can contact this company through their customer service email form or by phone at 833 225 9384.

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