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Zanerobe Review

When a brand of clothes is comfortable, lets you move, fits and keeps fitting, and makes you look great, it is no surprise that performers are the celebrities who most like to wear it. 

Even with all that, Zanerobe clothing offers more. The fabrics they use are environmentally friendly, as are their manufacturing processes. On top of that the clothes are durable, so they last.  

To get a feel for the Zanerobe style, you need only look at who wears it. Here are a few well-known fans of the brand – Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, Diplo, Martin Garrix, and The Game

On this side of the pond, media from to Chicago Magazine got wind of these superior street clothes. Plus, Zanerobe has around 112k Instagram followers. 

In this Zanerobe review, I intend to take a deep look into this unique brand to see if they are worth your money. I’ll check out their products, promotions, customer reviews, and more.

Overview Of Zanerobe

Zanerobe Review

Many bad ideas have come from a bet over a few beers between two friends, but that’s not the case with the Zanerobe clothing line. 

When two young, Australian IT guys, Jonathan (Jono) Yeo and Leith Testoni, realized that fast fashion clothes didn’t fit them or look very good on them, they decided to do something about it.

It wasn’t like they were oddly shaped or anything like that, just that fashions tend to be made to look good on a hangar and not so great when worn and in motion. 

They decided to try designing street clothes that they would love to wear themselves. Stylish, yet not following any specific trend, they created a line of timeless attire.

But it wasn’t good enough to just create something that looked and fit great, they wanted to do it sustainably. 

With standard cotton, virgin polyester, and virgin nylon, the impact on the environment is devastating. They use a massive amount of water as well as many chemicals to produce. Zanerobe wanted to be better and so they sourced improved fabrics.

Zanerobe Review

Using organic cotton, recycled polyester, and recycled nylon from things like fishing nets and stockings, Zanerobe diverts much of what ends up in landfills to lessen the impact on the environment. 

They strive to be a leader in sustainability throughout from the fabrics to the packaging used to ship and have set goals to ensure that they don’t wane in their efforts.

Launched in 2012 and still headquartered in Australia, Zanerobe now has stores across the US, Canada, Japan, and Europe.

In this Zanerobe review, I plan to check out some of their timeless style of clothes, but first, let’s take a look at the benefits of this creative and accountable brand:


  • Street clothes that fit and look great
  • Sustainably made clothing
  • Superior customer service
  • Financing options available through Sezzle

Zanerobe Review

When even a simple t-shirt fits every man differently, the standard one-size and one-shape-fits-all leaves a lot of men uncomfortable and looking so. The same goes for all men’s clothes really. 

I’ll start by highlighting some of this streetwear brand’s garments from the best-selling Zanerobe joggers to their superior t-shirts. 

Zanerobe Jumpa Track Jogger Black/Boysenberry Review

Track pants are a staple worldwide for comfortable street clothes. Gone are the days when they were only worn for exercising. But let’s discuss some of the usual problems with men’s sweatpants when it comes to both design and fabric.

Yes, they are comfortable compared to jeans, but they often sag in the rear, lose any shape after a few washes, and tend to last only a short while before looking overworn. 

With the Zanerobe Jumpa Track Jogger Black/Boysenberry, these issues are history. They are fitted, but not tight through the top, and look best worn with a little bunching above the elastic cuff.

The details are stylish and functional. There are two hidden zip pockets along the seam of the stripe running up the side of each leg. The wide stripe adds a stylish touch, without dating the pants. 

They are made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester fleece. You can Jumpa into a pair of these quality pants for about $132.

Zanerobe Sublow Denim Mid Blonde Review

With skinny jeans being the popular style, many men are left out of finding denim pants that fit well and flatter them. 

The Zanerobe Sublow Denim Mid Blonde takes the classic relaxed-fit and gave it a slightly tapered leg. They are made of 98% cotton and 2% elastane so they’re soft, yet durable, with a regular-rise waist and a button fly.

The light color means they can be worn comfortably in cool or warm weather. The pants have the standard five-pocket design and come with a lace – as in shoelace – belt. Live it up in these great-fitting jeans for roughly $165.

Zanerobe Spill Box Tee Gd Black Review 

No matter who you are, you likely wear a t-shirt regularly, if not every day. Most of us live in our T’s as they are simply the most comfortable, even when they aren’t as comfortable as they could be. 

The Zanerobe Spill Box Tee Gd Black is great-fitting and stylish with a boxy fit and wider sleeves.

Against the black color, the custom dip dye effect looks like a burst of sunlight hitting your shoulder and is a detail that should last through the changing fashions. Blind them with style in this twist on a classic t-shirt for just over $60.

Zanerobe Work Cord Ls Shirt Blue/Beige Review 

Plaid lovers, this one’s for you. the Zanerobe Work Cord Shirt Blue/Beige is bolder than most of the brand’s clothes, yet the muted colors keep it from being loud. 

Made from 100% cotton, it is a longed-sleeve collared shirt with two large breast pockets. The signature split hem at the bottom allows for more freedom when moving.

Based on the research done for this Zanerobe review, I think that the best detail of this shirt is the corduroy look. The textured effect is stylish and adds depth to a simple shirt. This shirt is good alone or over a t-shirt for about $120.

Who Is Zanerobe For? 

Zanerobe Review

Zanerobe is for any man looking for clothes that fit well, even if you aren’t built like a hangar. These clothes are aimed at a young crowd, as the creators are themselves young and they only make clothes that they love to wear. 

With that being said, it shouldn’t stop you from this brand because you aren’t young and ready to party.

Because the clothes aren’t loud or trendy, any age group can enjoy them. Some styles are not really suited to older men, like some of the joggers, but most are for anyone. 

The price may be a bit restrictive for some, but these clothes should last, so it may be worth saving up. Also, if you care about the environment, this brand checks off many eco-friendly boxes.

Zanerobe Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Zanerobe Review

To really round out my Zanerobe review, it’s time to check out what customers are saying about the brand and their garments. 

Just about all the reviews have a couple of things in common, mainly the supreme quality and fit. But what’s the fit if it doesn’t last? These next two reviews on Altitude Sports – 2 reviews – 5/5 stars – prove that longevity, despite much use, is what Zanerobe offers.

One says: “Bought this shirt years ago and needed to get a replacement. Good fit around the arms (a bit snug) but it loosens up.” Years ago? For a t-shirt? That’s durability. 

But does it continue to fit well over time? The second customer says: “Lasts in its shape long even after many washes.

Typically, joggers are not considered appropriate for going to a restaurant, except perhaps McDonald’s. With Zanerobe you can go from hanging out to going out in the same outfit. Check out what this Zanerobe review on Bloomingdales’ website had to say about their chino joggers.

“Best Chino Joggers Yet – I’ve looked everywhere for a nice casual yet street looking par of chino joggers and these are it. They fit great and are super comfy, feels like sweat pants but looks dressy enough to wear out. More of a street casual look but could prob pull off at a nice restaurant.”

If sweatpants aren’t for you, Zanerobe’s assortment of jeans is a must. You can choose dark colors for cool weather and light for warm, but there is a comfortable fit for you. This Zanerobe review from their website, about the Sublow Denim Mid Blonde, says: 

“Definitely a five star! I am really not a fan of skinny fit jeans as they are too tight and uncomfortable for wearing all day long. This relaxed tapered fit has exceeded my expectations and the original blue colour is really cool for summers.”

When you finally find a comfortable t-shirt that fits and lasts it is like hitting the jackpot. Rare and awesome. 

There’s no more material catching around the mid-riff, sleeves that cut off circulation, embarrassing belly-exposing (for some of us anyways), or other such problems that can develop with cheap, shapeless t-shirts and bigger guys. Taller as well.

Zanerobe Review

Take a look at this review on Nordstrom:

This the most comfortable longline T-Shirt I have ever own. It fits perfectly and it is not too baggy. The sleeves are flexible and can expand to the shape of your arm size. The backside of the T-Shirt is longer and looser than the front. I actually went out of my way to purchase two more for myself.”

As I scoured the internet for what customers were saying, I saw an interesting trend, with many women falling in love with Zanerobe for themselves. 

Sometimes they need a small alteration, sometimes they don’t, but they are so comfortable that women are willing to pay for it.

This Zanerobe review from a customer on their website explains that it’s buyer beware with Zanerobe (wink). They say: 

“I’ve never seen quality like this. The feel the fit and the weight. I can’t say enough about how much I love the things I received. My only issue is my wife instantly stealing all of them as soon as they are on the front porch!”

Before I wrap up this section, let’s take a look at some of their product ratings by their customers.

  • Zanerobe Flintlock Longline T-shirt – 7 reviews – 4.3/5 stars
  • Zanerobe Sureshot Jogger Pants –  2 reviews – 5/5 stars
  • Zanerobe Sublow Denim Mid Blonde – 6 reviews – 5/5 stars
  • Zanerobe Men’s Miami Ss Shirt – 4 reviews – 5/5stars

Is Zanerobe Legit?

Zanerobe Review

While researching for this Zanerobe review, I saw no red flags regarding this brand.

They appear to be doing what they can to be sustainable and to make the least carbon footprint possible. That goes for their fabrics to their shipping in environmentally-friendly packaging.

Is Zanerobe Worth It?

Zanerobe Review

So, let’s answer the question of whether Zanerobe is worth it. Taking everything into account, there really doesn’t seem to be much of a downside to this unique brand. 

They try to make the least impact on the environment while creating clothes that truly seem to fit and look good enough to be seen and make an impression. Workout clothes comfort with going-out style, name a more iconic duo.

Probably what is most important to note about this brand is that Testoni and Yeo started these clothes with the idea that they can make something better that they would love to wear. 

Zanerobe is their lives and they love it that way. They pride themselves on designing snug-fitting, great-looking, timeless clothes for men.

That said, women can also enjoy these clothes. Admittedly, $60 can be considered a steep price for a t-shirt, but you get what you pay for and more. 

Fortunately, Zanerobe does offer some options to save money on their website. Besides, helping to not add to their carbon footprint worse is always a good thing.  

Zanerobe Promotions & Discounts 

Zanerobe Review

For this Zanerobe review, I found several ways that you can save money on the brand’s website:

  1. 15% off your first order over $150 when you sign up for their newsletter
  2. Points loyalty program
  3. Large sales section on their website
  4. Financing is available through Sezzle
  5. Free shipping on orders over $99 to the US

Where To Buy Zanerobe

Zanerobe Review

The best place to buy Zanerobe is at their website at, as they have discounts and promotions, but you can also find them online on Amazon and their stockists like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, etc. 

For an in-store experience, you can check out where to find Zanerobe using their store locator function.


Zanerobe Review

Who owns Zanerobe?

Friends, cofounders, and Zanerobe designers Jonathan Yeo and Leith Testoni continue to own and run the brand from Australia.

Does Zanerobe ship internationally?

Yes, Zanerobe ships internationally to North America, Europe, Japan, and the UK from their Hong Kong warehouse.

What is Zanerobe’s Shipping Policy?

Zanerobe offers free shipping to the US for orders of $99 or more. For less expensive purchases, a flat rate of $20 applies. 

All parcels ship through DHL Worldwide Express Service and expect to take 3-7 days from order placement. A tracking number is sent to you when your order is confirmed with DHL.

What is Zanerobe’s Return Policy?

Zanerobe does not do returns or exchanges on sale items, although they do replace any defective clothes. If this applies to you, contact them at [email protected]

As to the return policy, they give you 30 days from the purchase date to return your items. You are issued store credit unless the item is deemed faulty or misrepresented on the website.

Zanerobe handles the shipping for returns and exchanges. All returned items must be in unworn and unwashed condition, with all the tags intact. To initiate a return, visit their Return Portal on their website. 

How To Contact Zanerobe

If you have any questions after reading this Zanerobe review, feel free to reach out to the brand through the following methods of contact:

  • Phone: +61 2 8021 7001
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Fill out their Online Contact Form on their website

Online chat with a customer service representative from Monday to Friday 2-10 pm PST.

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