10 Best GPS Dog Fences

Searching For The Best GPS Dog Fences

Best GPS Dog Fences

Physical fences are great and all, but they sure are obstructive–not to mention expensive. Those seeking an alternative often choose invisible fencing, a smart alternative but one that wrecks your yard and has limits. That’s where the best GPS dog fence comes in, and in this listicle, you’ll meet our top 10 picks.

What is a GPS dog fence, exactly? Comprised of a dog collar that picks up a GPS signal and is sometimes managed by an app, its boundaries are totally customizable by size and shape. GPS dog fences deter your dog from escaping through a series of alerts such as beeping, vibrations, ultrasonic sounds, and sometimes static pulses. 

However, it’s important to note that proper training is critical to prevent runaways as there is nothing physically stopping your pup from making a break for it. GPS dog fences have a ton of awesome benefits for your life, wallet, and property, but mostly, pet owners simply love them because their dogs can run free.

The 10 Best GPS Dog Fences

There’s a ton to unpack in this Best GPS Dog Fence list, so let’s get to it. If you need help deciding, be sure to read further down in our guide for shopping tips and FAQs. 

1. SpotOn GPS Fence

Best GPS Dog Fences

Looking for an all-around reliable, convenient GPS dog fence? SpotOn offers the most powerful GPS technology currently available. Using location data from 30 satellites across 4 global systems at the same time, it allows you to set boundaries and ensure your dog is kept safe. 

For reference, many of the picks for the best GPS dog fence on this list can only tap into one satellite at a time. 

What makes it even more reliable? SpotOn’s True Location™ technology, pairs the highest noise-resistant antenna available on the market, which filters out any GPS signals affected by buildings, trees, and other interferences with patented GPS technology – making their boundaries the most accurate and consistent.  

Although the technology is advanced, this award-winning GPS dog fence is incredibly easy for users to set up. You can either draw your boundary on a map within SpotOn’s app or physically walk the perimeter of your yard with the collar in hand if you prefer. 

Once the boundary is set SpotOn guides you through training your dog to understand the system and different boundary alert and warning signals, ensuring your dog is safe to roam freely.

Unlike SpotOn’s competitors, you can create up to 20 overlapping fences, allowing you to create different zones within your property so you can give your dog run of the entire yard durning the day and smaller areas for bathroom breaks at night. The SpotOn system can go anywhere, so you can contain and track your dog while you’re on vacation or at a family member’s home. I also love that the SpotOn app lets you view your dog’s location at any time with the optional cellular plan. You can easily keep tabs on them while going about your day.

If your dog manages to escape the boundary, the app will send you an automatic breach alert and track their location in real time. 

As the inventor of GPS fences with the first GPS fence on the market, SpotOn has been recognized by several industry associations including a CES 2020 Innovation Award honoree, SXSW 2020 Innovation Award finalist, 2019 New Hampshire Tech Alliance Product of the Year by Fast Company as one of 2023’s Fastest Growing Companies.

You can get the SpotOn GPS Fence for $1,295 

Best options for cellular plans. SpotOn is the only smart dog collar that offers a choice of data plans. Customers can select either AT&T and Verizon, so they can opt for the cellular service that works best for their area. If you live in an area with poor cell service, you can opt out of the plans entirely. GPS fences will always work right out of the box with or without a subscription.

Choose a monthly or annual subscription for $5.95-$9.95/month.


  • Reliable & easy to use and setup
  • Most Accurate GPS – connect to 30 satellites simultaneously across 4 GPS systems
  • Reliable & fuss-free GPS-based boundary system that can be customized for yards of any shape and size
  • Works without a subscription and in areas with bad cell service
  •  Alert & warning zones use canine-friendly tones, vibration & optional static correction
  • Set boundaries and monitor location from app
  • Assembled in the USA with in-house customer service team
  • Backed with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee and 1-year warranty

2. Focuser GPS Wireless Dog Fence System

Best GPS Dog Fences

It can be a hassle keeping tabs on a herd of pups. If you have a few, consider the Focuser GPS Wireless Dog Fence System. It can support up to 10 pups at once and offers collar sizes that range from 7” to 26.5”. I’m also a fan of the collar’s reflective strip for nighttime roaming. 

Delivering either vibrations or static shock to deter your pups from crossing the boundary, the waterproof collar is rated IP67 for safety. With a stable and accurate signal through GPS and 20 training flags with your order, you can train your dogs virtually never to cross. 

Create virtual fences from 10 meters all the way to 990 meters to ensure your dogs are contained safely and securely. With 99 adjustable levels, you can create a wide range of zones in your backyard or anywhere. Get the Focuser for $130.


  • For up to 10 dogs
  • Areas from 10 to 990 meters
  • Vibration & static shock
  • For all sizes of dogs
  • Training flags included

3. Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar

Best GPS Dog Fences

I’m a big fan of the Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar. It’s a high-quality option but still manages to be one of the more affordable picks on this best GPS dog fence list. 

When it arrives, you’ll set up your customizable geofence and let your dog go free. If they get close to the boundary, they will be notified by audible clues, ultrasonic sounds, and vibration only. There are no shocks with Wagz. 

Log into the app to adjust the boundary throughout your day, or track them and pinpoint their location within 10 feet. Set fitness goals and log them in the app too. Like the sound of this dog-friendly device? Get Wagz for $300.


  • Vibration, audible clues & ultrasonic sound
  • Customizable geofence
  • Make real-time adjustments in the app
  • Locate your pup (within 10 feet)
  • Track activity, rest & exercise

4. Wiez GPS Dog Fence

Best GPS Dog Fences

Wiez is another budget-friendly option on this best GPS dog fence list. Using a GPS signal and a collar receiver, it taps into radio frequencies and uses 12 high-quality satellites to provide a reliable, secure connection. 

With a boundary of up to 776 acres with a 3281-foot radius, Weiz is a great option for larger properties. Please note, this collar uses either vibration or an electric shock to warn your dog. We don’t recommend using the latter, but you can choose one or the other. 

Just remember to properly train your dog so they respond to the vibration. However, if your dog does manage to get out, the system will not deter them from coming back home. 

The Weiz GPS Dog Fence is very easy to set up and takes seconds to create your boundary. Rechargeable, waterproof, and portable, you can take it with you anywhere. Get it for $120 (previously $150).


  • Uses 12 satellites
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Portable
  • Perimeter of up to 776 acres
  • Vibration & electric shock

5. Whistle Dog GPS Tracker & Dog Health Tracker

Best GPS Dog Fences

Most of the brands on this best GPS dog fence list use something to deter your pet from crossing a boundary. While that’s certainly effective, you may simply wish to monitor their activity instead. 

Perhaps you already have an existing fence and want something even simpler. Whatever the reason, the Whistle Dog GPS Tracker & Health Tracker let you monitor your pet from afar. 

Small and light, it’s designed for dogs 25lbs and up and sends health AI and GPS updates every 15 seconds. Enjoy location alters, a Find My Pet feature, and special health monitoring features. 

Whistle is powered with AT&T’s 45 LTE-M network for GPS tracking. Speak with a vet via the Whistle app or set activity goals for your dog. Attaching to any style of collar, this waterproof device even has a little light to help your pup be seen. You can get it for $109 plus $80/year for the GPS plan. 


  • GPS tracking
  • Health monitoring
  • For dogs 25lbs
  • Tracks does not deter
  • Speak to a vet in the app

6. Invisible Fence GPS Wireless Containment

Best GPS Dog Fences

If you’re surprised to see this name on this best GPS dog fence list, same. Turns out, Invisible Fence (the brand known for digging trenches around your yard to bury wired cables) also offers GPS Wireless Containment

Ideal for large properties, their GPS satellite technology is said to be the most advanced on the market, boasting customizable boundaries in any shape or size you like. Quick note: This option is ideal for properties at least 5 acres in size. 

If you have a small yard, this isn’t the pick for you. Invisible Fence has no boundary maximum. The sky’s the limit. 

Working across water and all kinds of terrain, there are no restrictions here. Prices vary depending on the size of your property, so call for a consultation and quote.


  • 5-acre minimum
  • No boundary maximum
  • Advanced GPS system
  • Fully customizable to size and shape

7. Tractive Collar

Best GPS Dog Fences

Have a small dog? The Tractive is a great option as it’s small enough for an 8.8lb dog. The tracker itself weighs just 1.23 oz. 

Before I dive in though, you should know that this best GPS dog fence option isn’t exactly a fence at all. However, you can still set boundaries and if your pet crosses them, get notified via an app. Unlike others on this list, it won’t deter your dog from crossing, but it will allow you to track their live location. 

The Tractive Collar is waterproof with a long-lasting battery, and you’ll choose from basic and premium plans to continuously track your pup. 

With live location updates every 2-60 minutes, you’ll have unlimited live tracking updates every 2-3 seconds if they ever get out. Share the app with your family, housesitter, or friends when they’re watching over your dog.

Tractive also features an activity and sleep tracker and works around the globe. Choose from 3 colors and one adjustable collar for $70 plus $7-$12/month for the plan (billed annually).


  • Tracking collar
  • Live GPS tracking
  • Monitor wellness
  • Family sharing
  • Lightweight 
  • Waterproof 
  • Ideal for small dogs

8. Pawious GPS Wireless Dog Fence

Best GPS Dog Fences

The Pawious GPS Wireless Dog Fence uses GPS position technology to reliably track and contain your dog. It’s another pick on this best GPS dog fence list that’s incredibly easy to use and set up. 

There is no need to re-create your boundary unless you want to. With a built-in memory function, it will memorize the last positioning point and safety radius, meaning that when you turn it on, your dog will have the exact same boundary. 

Covering areas as small as 98 feet and up to 3,280 feet, Pawious is ideal for smaller properties but isn’t suitable for every small area. With a mix of beeping, shock, and vibrational alerts, you can turn the shock option off to alert your dog via beep and vibration only when they near the boundary. If your dog doesn’t react to the beep, they will feel a vibration. 

Pawious has 6 intensity levels and is waterproof IPX7 with embedded safety protection. Since it runs off of GPS, you only need the collar to get started. Get one for $130.


  • Adjustable collar up to 27”
  • Waterproof IPX7
  • Beep, vibration & optional shock
  • 98’ up to 3280’ boundary
  • Ok for small yards

9. GroovyPets GPS Wireless Fence Containment System

Best GPS Dog Fences

Looking for something super affordable? Check out the GroovyPets GPS Wireless Fence Containment System. It’s the most affordable pick on this best wireless dog fence list. 

Powered by GPS, it can be used with multiple dogs. All you need to do is buy an additional collar. So, how does it work? Using sound, vibration, and shock to help train your dog, you can turn the shock off and use the included red flags to train them with vibration instead. 

Getting started is easy. Set your boundary via GPS, secure the collar on your dog, and your pup is good to go. If they cross the boundary, they will receive an audible warning and then a vibrational warning. 

Choose from small, medium, and large sizes for $100.


  • Compatible with multiple dogs
  • Sound, vibration & shock alerts
  • Small, medium, and large collars
  • Very affordable

10. Halo 2+ Wireless Dog Fence GPS Collar

Best GPS Dog Fences

The Halo 2+ is a very popular name in GPS dog fences. They have protected 112,000+ dogs and 350+ breeds and offer expert dog training advice from Cesar Milan’s pro. With Halo, you can create up to 20 GPS wireless fences in your yard or while traveling.

Using 50+ satellites to create a reliable signal, this accurate and fuss-free wireless fence gives you total control wherever you are in the country. It’s a very versatile device that ensures your dogs stay protected, run free, and feel happy. 

Halo will issue warning feedback to your dog in the form of a beep, boundary feedback in the form of a vibration, and emergency feedback in the form of a painless static pulse. Halo says the static pulse feels like being tapped on the shoulder. Get yours for $699.


  • S, M & L sizes
  • No shocks
  • 50+ satellites
  • Use anywhere
  • Set up to 20 GPS fences

What is a GPS Dog Fence?

Best GPS Dog Fences

A GPS dog fence is a system that uses a GPS signal to deter your dog from crossing a set boundary. There are no wires to set underground nor any physical fences that take weeks to build. Setup is usually done by walking around your boundary or drawing one in the app.

GPS dog fences give your dog the freedom to roam your yard. Some of the picks on this list even help you track them if they get out.

Warning your pup by noise, vibration, or static pulse, you can set your preferences as to what kind of deterrent you’ll use, the shape and size of your boundary, and how many boundaries you would like. 

Best GPS Dog Fence Benefits

Not sure why to choose a GPS dog fence? I’ll list its many benefits below:

  1. They are incredibly easy to set up
  2. There is no digging or installation
  3. There is no cable to be damaged
  4. Your dog will have freedom
  5. You will have peace of mind
  6. Your yard will not have an obstructed view
  7. You’ll save money

Who is the Best GPS Dog Fence For?

Best GPS Dog Fences

The best GPS dog fence is for anyone looking for a simpler way to contain their dog. GPS fences are compatible with multiple collars and can be used by homes with more than one pup. 

GPS fences do not require any kind of digging or installation, setup is super simple as well. Some, like SpotOn, even allow you to set your boundary in their app–no walking required. 

GPS dog fences have advanced features such as tracking and multiple boundaries. This means that if your dog does get out, finding them is easy. Creating additional boundaries also means you can have more than one containment area depending on the occasion. 

If you have a dog that likes to roam, choosing a GPS dog fence can help you find them or stop them altogether.

How to Shop For the Best GPS Dog Fence

Best GPS Dog Fences

As you’ve seen not all of our picks for the best GPS dog fence are built the same. Some are more technologically advanced than others while some are simple and very affordable. Knowing your preferences before shopping can help narrow down your options. Considering these key details can help too:

Dog size

GPS dog fences are not ideal for all kinds of dogs. Because the collars can be quite large, they’re not suitable for smaller dog breeds. Be sure to measure your dog’s neck and choose a collar that fits them correctly. 

Collar lengths come in sizes S, M, and L, and range from 10” to 24”, however, you will find some that are completely adjustable. If your pup is small, the collar may still be too bulky, but you can still consider a GPS-tracking collar. 

Perimeter requirements

GPS fences like SpotOn have a perimeter requirement of at least ½ acre. Most GPS fences have larger perimeter requirements, but you will find some that don’t. 


Some picks on this best GPS dog fence list have more advanced features than others. Not all offer tracking or management through an app. Some don’t offer alerts. Think about what level of technology you’d like in your dog fence before shopping.

Alert Type

GPS dog fences have several kinds of warnings. Some use dog-friendly noises while others use static pulses. 

Static pulse apparently feels like being tapped on the shoulder, so this should not harm your dog, however, it may scare them. That’s something you definitely don’t want, however, you want to choose a method they will respond to and avoid the boundary. Keep in mind that proper training is essential to deter them from crossing.


Are GPS dog fences reliable?

The best GPS dog fence can be very reliable. Some of the names on this list use multiple satellites to ensure you always get a reliable and stable connection. On top of that, brands like SpotOn use noise-reducing antennas to ensure your connection is free from interference.

Do GPS dog fences require a subscription?

You can totally use a GPS dog fence without a subscription, however, you won’t receive the perks of choosing the best GPS dog fence–features like live tracking and alerts if your dog leaves your yard. It’s recommended that you subscribe, and subscriptions start at just $6/month.

How far can a dog GPS track?

How far a GPS tracker can track your dog is limited by the cellular network that provides your service. For example, SpotOn offers plans through Verizon and AT&T, and tracking is limited to their service locations. 

How much does a GPS invisible fence cost?

It depends on the brand you choose, how many advanced features it offers, and how reliable its GPS service is. 

SpotOn costs $1,295, but it’s also one of the most reliable and tech-forward names on this best GPS dog fence list. Prices go as low as $100 but features are simple and you aren’t guaranteed reliable service. 

Final Thoughts

Have you found the best GPS dog fence for your home and pup? If you’re still thinking about which brand to go with, factoring in features, reliability, the size of your property, and the size of your dog can help.

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