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About 3INA

3INA Review

3INA celebrates real beauty with its funky and fresh cosmetics and skincare collections. No stranger to the bold, the brand’s cruelty-free line promises 24-hour wear, easy application, and high color payoff.

Hop onto its Instagram page and its following of 121k is immediately understood. Highlighted with bright emojis and unique flair, you’ll find rows of un-photoshopped faces doused with colorful swipes of shadow and shimmer—the brand is truly full of life.

3INA’s norm-busting cosmetics have caught the eye of notable publications like WWD, Good Housekeeping, and Stylist. Each source celebrates the break from cookie-cutter makeup.

Sounding good so far? Keep reading this 3INA review. Ahead, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the brand, showcase top-selling products, reveal customer feedback, and more, to help you decide if its cosmetics and skincare lines are worth checking out.

Overview of 3INA

3INA Review

The world of makeup can get stuffy, with the same palette of neutrals passed around like stale fruitcake on Christmas day. We use it, but do we really enjoy it?

Up until recently, cosmetics had gotten themselves into a rut. Designer labels all look the same, and the kicker? They cost a small fortune. Indistinguishable from package to formula to the models that grace their ads, makeup—something that should be fun and expressive—was reduced to that of a uniform.

3INA came knocking in 2016, a breath of fresh air in a closed-off room. Created by Pablo Rivera and Mark Eve, the Spanish cosmetics brand aimed to give those looking to be remarkable something to fuel their creativity and confidence.

The brand, that’s actually pronounced “Mee-Na,” set out to inspire playfulness, self-expression, and inclusion with its snappy line of highly pigmented cosmetics. They’re all super easy to apply, cruelty-free, and actually affordable.

Coming up next, this 3INA review will dive into its rebellious products. Before we get there, take a peek at the brand’s highlights to get a feel for what’s to come.


  • More than 450 makeup and skincare products
  • Paraben and cruelty-free
  • The majority of its products are vegan
  • Transparent about ingredients
  • 20% off discount code available
  • Ships around the world
3INA Review

Packed inside 3INA’s expressive lineup is every cosmetic you’ve ever dreamed of in colors that burst out of the screen. If self-expression is the name of the game, trendy hues and easy-to-use formulas are the brand’s go-to answers, but you’ll find a solid skincare range there too alongside quality application tools.

Ahead, this 3INA review will take you through a selection of the brand’s essential makeup and indulgent skincare all packaged in satisfying jars and tubes with colors that speak for themselves.

3INA Makeup Review

With quite the expansive collection, 3INA Makeup includes all of your favorite neutrals but they’re equally matched by punky, vibrant colors.

Within its cosmetics line, you’ll discover your faves like shadow palettes and foundation, along with new-age trends like roll-on eye gloss and shimmery stick bronzer. Below, this 3INA review will spotlight the brand’s best-selling picks—and they’re all about the eyes!

3INA The Cream Eyeshadow Review

3INA The Cream Eyeshadow is perhaps the brand’s most adored product. After you take a look at the 18 eye-popping colors it comes in, you’ll understand why.

From spicy yellow to moody forest green, this cream shadow was made to push boundaries. It also comes in classic neutrals like brown, beige, and silver to cover all your bases. The best part? All colors have a shimmer built-in that blends out into a subtle glow.

All of that luscious color is backed up with 24h waterproof wear, easy application, and no smudging. Apply a dab of any highly pigmented shades with your finger or use a brush for more uniform coverage. See what all the talk’s about with a 0.10 fl oz pot for about $17.

3INA The 24h Pen Eyeliner Review

Whether intense, classic, or glam is your thing, eyeliner will be a power player in your look. And with any look, watery or shaky lines just won’t do.

3INA The 24h Pen Eyeliner promises a full day of wear and then some, along with opaque, saturated color and precise lines. Its precision tip allows for easy flicks and filling in bold lines, much like drawing with a fine-tip sharpie.

Also waterproof, quick-drying, and there isn’t much 3INA The 24h Pen Eyeliner can’t do. Put it to the test for roughly $17.

3INA The Eye Gloss Review

Glossy eyes are in. Giving your peepers a little extra shine, 3INA The Eye Gloss attracts attention to your face’s main focus while adding a little edge.

With gloss, you may think it’s sticky, gloppy, and wet—but though this gloss gives the wet effect, it’s more dewy than wet. It definitely won’t glue your eyelids open or drip.

Swipe a glistening layer over smokey eyes with the roll-on tube for an intense look or pile on top of popping purple for a fun and trendy gaze. Grab a 0.10 oz tube for about $17.

3INA Skincare Review

The 3INA Skincare selection contains the basics, from face cream to makeup remover to cleansers that come in pretty bottles in pastel hues that would make any makeup shelf complete. Ahead, we’ll introduce you to the brand’s best-selling skincare to hydrate and nourish your skin.

3INA The Sorbet Face Cream Review

The Sorbet Face Cream looks like a little pot of creamy, edible goodness. Tinted a delectable peachy orange color, this nourishing cream is packed with sweet almond oil, squalene, and pomegranate extract. And though it looks, smells, and sounds like a tasty dessert, reserve this one for your skin only.

Squalene is an excellent hydrator, locking in moisture throughout the day and helping skin look plump and radiant. Pomegranate swoops in with its heavy dose of antioxidants to help protect your skin from free radical damage.

With its lightweight texture, 3INA The Sorbet Face Cream absorbs quickly into your skin and doesn’t feel heavy like some other moisturizers can. Great for all types of skin, you can get a 1.69 oz pot for about $26.

3INA The Lip Balm Review

Winter is hard on lips. Peeling, cracking, discomfort…for a body part that sees a lot of action, they sure do take a beating. The Lip Balm is made with nourishing shea butter and sweet almond oil to condition and protect your lips from dryness.

Stash this one in your purse for any time when you want a swipe of luxurious moisture. Keep that kissable pout with a 0.11 oz tube of 3INA The Lip Balm for roughly $15.

3INA The Fixing Spray Review

It’s 10:00 pm and your makeup is starting to look a little…droopy. Eyeliner smudges, blush morphs, foundation blotches—it happens to the best of us but can actually be remedied by a few simple sprays of the right stuff.

3INA The Fixing Spray is made up of a handful of ingredients that help keep makeup in its place. It’s also hydrating and can be used to give your skin a hit of moisture, or even as a priming spray before you apply foundation.

Keep makeup looking fresh with a 3.38 oz spray bottle of this multitasker for about $17.

Who Is 3INA For?

3INA Review

3INA definitely has a youthful vibe to it—but not in the sense that it’s for tweens. It’s for those with spirit, and that extends all the way to 122 years young and beyond. With cruelty-free formulas, it’s an attractive choice for anyone looking to shake up their look without putting creatures in harm’s way.

3INA Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

3INA Review

It would be a dream come true if makeup performed as well as a brand says it does—especially with products as gorgeous as these are. Since no 3INA review would be complete without hearing from customers, we’re thankful that in this section, they’re going to help us understand what the brand’s cosmetics and skincare are really like.

Our first stop on the train to Information Town was There, we rounded up a few ratings for some of the brand’s best-sellers. Here’s how they stack up:

  • The Lip Balm: an average of 4.2/5 stars from 9 reviews
  • The Sorbet Face Cream: an average of 5/5 stars from 10 reviews
  • The Eye Gloss: an average of 4/5 stars from 8 reviews
  • The 24h Pen Eyeliner: an average of 4.6/5 stars from 108 reviews
  • The 3 in 1 Foundation: an average of 4.6/5 stars from 6 reviews

We decided to take a closer look at The 24h Pen Eyeliner because it’s versatile, it’s black, it has a very fine tip, and we wanted to know exactly how it works. Customers say that it goes on super smooth and is an opaque black—not watery and see-through like some other liquid liners can be.

One 3INA review read, “Wonderful product and easy to use. Completely covers any imperfections on eyelid and stays put. Beats an eye pencil hands down! With any liner, especially when you’re drawing over vibrant colors, you want it to be opaque. We’re happy to learn that this one is.

To check out another one of the brand’s popular products, we headed over to a 3INA review on Her World that gave feedback on a few different cosmetics. The section on The Cream Eye Shadow – Shade 317 caught our attention, and we were intrigued to see what kind of coverage it provided.

The review revealed that the shadow is “fast-drying…waterproof and budge-resistant.” The writer even confessed to having difficulty in removing it with micellar water, noting that oil-based remover is the way to go.

Usually, shimmery, creamy shadows slide off easily and don’t stay put for more than an hour. 3INA found a way for The Cream Eye Shadow to stay put all day and we’re impressed.

To get an overall feeling for the brand, we headed over to Trustpilot. The site showed a 4.4/5-star rating from 998 shoppers and the following score breakdown:

  • Excellent: 76%
  • Great: 9%
  • Average: 5%
  • Poor: 5%
  • Bad: 6%

Trustpilot users say that they have an “all around good experience” with the brand from start to finish. Their orders arrive quickly and they’re pleased with the quality of the products.

For our final stop, we landed on a blog called What’s Good To Do. Their 3INA review talked about a few different skincare products, but we were most interested in the luxurious Sorbet Face Cream. If 3IMA’s skincare is as dreamy as its makeup, we may have a real winner. Let’s find out.

First of all, the review noted that the cream is “more of a gel than a cream and felt cooling on my skin.” The results? They said that “it sunk into my skin immediately and my skin looked hydrated and glowing after use.” In the end, the writer said that Sorbet Face Cream smelled wonderful and it was simple to use.

Skincare doesn’t always have to be Hyaluronic-this and alpha-hydroxy-that. Sometimes, all people want is a hydrator that makes them feel good.

From what we’ve found, 3INA is crushing it in the cosmetics industry. With formulas as lovely as its range of expressive colors, customers are reveling in all this brand has to offer—which is a lot!

Is 3INA Worth It?

3INA Review

The way that 3INA was created is really noble and the brand couldn’t come at a more perfect time. Inclusive and accessible, it proves that quality cosmetics aren’t reserved for the elite or only for people who look like the ones in designer makeup ads.

With a wide variety of makeup shades, formats, and colors, as well as straightforward skincare (it doesn’t always have to be complicated) 3INA has made makeup fun again. Importantly, its products are also made of everything those high-quality alternatives are, long-lasting, and made with effective ingredients.

So do we think the brand is worth it? Yes! It’s kind of a no-brainer.

3INA Promotions & Discounts

3INA Review

3INA was created to be a more accessible high-quality cosmetics brand, and with that accessibility comes affordable prices. When browsing its site, we also found a few additional ways to save. Check it out:

  • Sign up for the e-newsletter to save 10%
  • Up to 30% off select items
  • Shop Kits to save

Where to Buy 3INA

3INA Review

3INA is a worldwide brand and it’s sold in heaps of stores around the globe. In the US, you can find it in Macy’s department stores. To scope out one close to you, use the Store Locator tool on its site.

Rather keep things virtual? We get it. Head to to shop the entire collection.  When shopping right from the brand’s website, you’ll also get access to any promotions and sales going on.


3INA Review

Is 3INA vegan?

You’ll find a lot of vegan products in the brand’s collection, but not 100% of them are. To check out if a specific item aligns with your values, take a peek at the ingredients list clearly displayed on the unique product page.

Not sure about what’s what? Just shoot the brand an email using the address provided at the very end of this 3INA review.

Does 3INA test on animals?

Never ever. 3INA does not test on animals, nor do they ask a 3rd party to do it for them. And since all of its products are made in the EU, animal testing laws prohibit it anyway.

Where is 3INA made?

The brand only makes its products in the EU. Certain items are manufactured in different countries, and depending on which one you get, you’ll find either Made In France, Germany, Italy, or Spain on the outside of its package.

What is 3INA’s Shipping Policy?

3INA is based in Spain but it ships all over the world—and we mean all over. Because of that, shipping rates and times vary, but in general, the brand says that your order should be to you within 7 days from the day it makes it out of their warehouse.

Customers have said that shipping is fast, but you’ll get an approximate date when you checkout. And once your order does ship, you’ll get a confirmation email with a tracking link to check in on your package’s progress.

What is 3INA’s Return Policy?

Sometimes, purchases make more sense at 3:00 am—even when you have three of the same color shadow at home already.

If when your order arrives you have second thoughts about what you bought, don’t freak out, you can send any and all items back as long as you do it within 30 days of delivery. There are a few things to keep in mind when making a return:

  1. You have 30 days to do it
  2. You’ll need to email [email protected] to let them know
  3. All items need to be in their original condition
  4. They need to still have their original packaging
  5. Return processing takes 2-3 business days

When you’re returning something, it’s your responsibility so you may want to go ahead and get tracking when sending it back. Just keep in mind that 3INA has the right to refuse any returns that don’t meet their requirements.

How to Contact 3INA

If you need any other information that this 3INA review didn’t include, send all of your questions to [email protected].

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