5 Best California Gold Nutrition Supplements

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Searching for the Best California Gold Nutrition Supplements

5 Best California Gold Nutrition Supplements

Getting the right nutrition is vital to living a vibrant, healthy life. Ideally, this is done through food, but that proves difficult for many individuals.

Not everyone needs to take daily supplements, but for those that do, the benefits can be life-changing. Up next, I’ll walk you through the five best California Gold nutrition supplements

What is California Gold? An iHerb brand, it offers a wide range of supplements, sports products, and real foods to support you on your journey to wellness.

All scientifically formulated and third party tested in the USA, the line has an inventory of 300+ products. And each one of them is packed with studied ingredients that target your immunity, joint health, gut health, and more.

Since California Gold supplements are available on iHerb, each product has a verified report attached to it that provides neutral and unbiased information about their efficacy and ingredients. Simply click on the iTested logo for more details.

Trusted by 11 million active customers in 185+ countries around the world, each product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In the upcoming list of the best California Gold nutrition supplements, you’ll come to understand the reasons why this brand is so loved. It’s mostly because of their quality items, variety, and affordable prices.

1. Lactobif Probiotics

Lactobif Probiotics

Taking probiotics with just one strain? If so, you’re likely not experiencing their full effect. The Lactobif Probiotics contain seven active probiotic strains—all of which have been clinically researched. Need more reasons to give them a try? I’ll share a few more below in this California Gold nutrition review:

  1. Guaranteed potency 
  2. Vegan-approved
  3. Individually foil blistered (protected from oxygen & light)
  4. Made in a third party audited cGMP registered facility
  5. iTested for safety & quality

Resistant to acidic stomach conditions, the Lactobif Probiotics will make it to where they need to go. While 30 billion CFUs (colony forming units) are packed into a veggie capsule, you can open them up and pour them right into your oatmeal, smoothies, or juice, if taking capsules isn’t your thing. 

Purchase a 60-serving bottle (1 capsule per day) for $20.


  • Includes eight studied probiotic strains
  • 30 billion CFUs
  • Mixes into liquids & foods
  • Individually foil blistered
  • Safe for vegans

2. Omega-3 Premium Fish Oil 

Omega-3 Premium Fish Oil 

While the Omega-3 Premium Fish Oil isn’t an option for those who avoid fish, it stands apart from others on the market for more than one reason. Firstly, instead of using bovine or porcine gelatin to make the capsule, California Gold Nutrition decided to go all fish—meaning they’re a great option for pescatarians or those who don’t eat pork.

Packed with 180 mg of EPA and 120 mg DHA, this molecularly distilled fish oil is highly concentrated so you get the most from your daily supplement. Delivered in your body’s preferred triglyceride format, Omega-3 Premium Fish Oil may help you maintain a healthy diet. 

In general, omega-3 is said to assist with cardiovascular and joint health, but it might also improve brain health and immunity. You can buy a 50-serving bottle of 100 capsules for $7, or think ahead and get 250 for $15.


  • Made in the USA
  • 180 mg EPA & 120 mg DHA
  • Affordable
  • Highly concentrated

3. CollagenUp


Fans of the sea may also enjoy the marinesourced collagen peptides in CollagenUp. But they aren’t the only thing you’ll get from this incredible supplement. For maximum absorption, the blend also contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin C (which experts say need to be present for bioavailability). 

Unflavored, the hydrolyzed supplement is free from bovine and porcine collagen, meaning it’s a great choice for pescatarians. So why take it? If you’re looking to increase the health of your hair, skin, nails, and bones, this highly bioavailable collagen is a convenient way to do so . Mix a scoop in with your coffee or juice daily to start seeing results.

Buy a 7.26 oz (40 servings) tub for $17 or stock up with the 16.27 oz (90 servings) for $35. Always on the go? Try it in 10-30 packets for $10-$22.

If you’re looking to save even more, combine it with Lactobif Probiotics to save $3.


  • Hydrolyzed for better absorption
  • Vitamin C + hyaluronic acid for bioavailability
  • 100% marine-based
  • Combo offer

4. Immune 4

Immune 4

It’s always a good idea to think of your immune system. Immune 4 was an easy pick for this list of the 5 best California Gold Nutrition Supplements for that very reason. 

Formulated with vitamin C, D, Zinc, and Selenium, this vegetarian-friendly supplement may help protect your body against illnesses. A science-backed formula, Immune 4 supports your body’s immune function and boosts white blood cell health. 

Purchase a 60-serving bottle for just $1 (normally $6). Alternatively, grab the 180-count bottle for $7.50 (down from $15).


  • No gluten, corn, or soy
  • Vegetarian-friendly capsules  
  • Low cost
  • Four beneficial vitamins

5. Gold C

Gold C

An antioxidant crucial to whole-body health, vitamin C can help strengthen your immune system, but it’s also been linked to clearer, brighter skin. This convenient little supplement is handy to have year-round since it boosts white blood cell function to help fortify your body against viruses.

Gold C is made with USP grade L-Ascorbic acid for strength and quality. Right now, you can get 1,000mg in 60-capsules for just $1 (normally $5). Or you can opt for 180 capsules and pay $15.


  • USP grade vitamin C
  • Low cost
  • Triple-tested for quality
  • Non-GMO

How To Shop For The Best California Gold Nutrition Supplements  

5 Best California Gold Nutrition Supplements

Of course, supplements are personal and everyone is different. So the first step to finding out what you need may be a trip to your doctor’s office to get a blood test. If you already know what you need, however, finding the right product for you requires asking yourself some real questions.

Below, I’ll take you through a handful of key factors to consider in this California Gold nutrition review.

Health Goals

Not every supplement requires a blood test, but it’s usually a good idea to get the green light from your doctor before adding anything new to your diet. You’re probably reading this list of the 5 best California Gold Nutrition supplements because you want to feel better and that in itself is a health goal. What are your others? 

For instance, do you want to get leaner, faster, or stronger? If so, you’ll likely hit up the sports nutrition aisle. On the other hand, if you need more energy, clearer focus, and improved memory, then you might need some B vitamins. Ultimately, it’s a good idea to get real about your goals and go from there.

Supplement Form

Not a pill person? Don’t worry, brands usually account for that. Though the majority of products on this list of 5 best California Gold Nutrition supplements come in capsule form, the brand has many powders and real food products that may offer a similar nutritional profile. 

And since iHerb has 30k+ products in its inventory, I think it’s safe to say you’ll find what you’re looking for.


Here’s the cool thing about the best California Gold Nutrition supplements: they’re third party tested for purity and safety. Plus they have the iTested check mark of approval. This designation is iHerb’s way of telling you that these products are the best of the best.

Every product on this list is iTested, so you know that all of them are of excellent quality.

Dietary Restrictions Or Food Allergies

If you’re a vegan, you likely won’t want to take a supplement with a gelatin capsule. Thankfully, many of the best California Gold Nutrition supplements are made with veggie capsules. But if you have dairy, egg, fish, or any other allergies, you’ll need to read the ingredients label thoroughly—though truly, you should be doing this anyway. 

California Gold Nutrition offers 300+ different products, but if you’re looking for comparable prices, dive into iHerb’s massive selection to find what you need.


Thought the iTested check mark was impressive? If you’ve already read the start of this list of the 5 best California Gold Nutrition supplements, then you know how awesome California Gold Nutrition’s prices are. $1 for a two months supply of supplements? I don’t think you’ll find better prices no matter where you look. 

Even though many of the brand’s supplements are shockingly affordable, some may be more affordable than others. However, you’ll likely still need to think about what you can afford to spend each month. Not everyone can afford $100 worth of supplements, after all. But thankfully, iHerb has a range of prices for all kinds of budgets—and some pretty awesome sales too.


5 Best California Gold Nutrition Supplements

What makes the highest quality collagen?

Collagen peptides appear to be the best form of collagen to take. Hydrolyzed for easy absorption, if you’re looking to take a collagen supplement, you’ll likely want one that isn’t wasting your money. Why spend money on something that isn’t going to help you? 

Experts say you should always choose hydrolyzed collagen peptides, skip out on the flavor, and look for 3rd party testing. That way you’ll know they’re effective. My pick on this list of best California Gold Nutrition Supplements, CollagenUp, checks all the boxes. 

In addition, experts say that Type I, II, and III are the most common forms of collagen for your hair, skin, nails, and joints. Depending on what your goals are, you may seek out types IV and V too.

What are the best supplements to take daily?

This is a complicated question because it depends on what your unique needs are. For example, someone who eats a lot of meat and dairy won’t need to supplement with vitamin B12, though the vitamin is crucial for vegans. 

After consulting several doctors lists from around the web, it appears that the best supplements to take daily are these:

  • Vitamin D for mood & energy
  • Vitamin C & zinc for immunity
  • Omega-3s for joint & cardiovascular health
  • Probiotics for gut health
  • B vitamins for energy 

Experts say that taking a multivitamin isn’t harmful, but high amounts of certain vitamins like E and A may be linked to an increased risk of lung cancer. This was shown by a 4-6 year study of smoking males.

What are the side effects of taking collagen?

Some studies have shown that taking collagen has no reported adverse effects. However, some suggest that it may cause mild symptoms like diarrhea, heaviness in the stomach, and rashes. 

What are probiotics good for?

Probiotics have now been widely studied for their role in full body health. While certain tests have proven them beneficial for intestinal and immune health, many also link them with skin health, as well as the lessening of anxiety and depression.

Does omega-3 cause weight gain?

No, in fact, it’s linked with weight loss—in a way. While there have been no studies that say that taking omega-3 directly results in weight loss, some indicate that the supplement can help stave off additional weight gain and may prove beneficial for weight loss when taken alongside eating a healthy diet.

Final Thoughts

The world of supplements is vast. And it can either be your greatest ally or lead you down a huge rabbit hole. That’s why I put together this list of the 5 best California Gold Nutrition Supplements—to give you an idea of the most popular options out there. Third party tested, California Gold Nutrition is trusted by millions of people around the globe.

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