Barkbox vs Pupbox Review

About Barkbox

Barkbox vs Pupbox Review

Barkbox is a monthly subscription service that offers different dog products and experiences. The company aims to “make dogs as happy as they make us” with their box of goodies and treats made in the US and Canada

It was founded in December 2011 by Carly Strife, Matt Meeker, and Henrik Werdelin. Headquartered in NYC, the subscription brand expanded in the following years and began offering dog wellness products, essentials, and a food delivery service. 

Barkbox has been featured in Business Insider and Business Wire regarding media. They also have a huge Instagram following, with about 1.7 million followers

About Pupbox

Barkbox vs Pupbox Review

Like Barkbox, Pupbox is a monthly subscription service. It’s tailored to your dog’s life stage, and they offer toys, treats, and training guides in every box. They’re available to dogs of every age, but they mainly cater to dogs in puppyhood. It was founded by Ben and Ariel Zvaifler (and their pup Maggie!) in 2013. 

After an appearance on Shark Tank, the brand took off and took steps to help new dog parents navigate raising a puppy. But in recent years, they’ve started offering boxes for adult dogs and are even releasing packs for senior dogs.

Plus, with about 356k followers on Instagram, they’re definitely making a few waves. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about where their products are sourced, but none of their food items come from China.

Spoiling a new dog is definitely a given for any owner, and subscription boxes like these make it easier for both you and your furry friend. But, which one is best for you? My Barkbox vs PupBox review will help you find out as I look at the things each brand has to offer. 

What to Consider

Barkbox vs Pupbox Review
  • Product range 

There are a few things you’ll want to consider when subscribing to one of these boxes. First, regarding the product range, Pupbox offers a selection of treats, chews, toys, and training guides. Barkbox also offers treats, chews, and toys, but there aren’t any training guides included. 

  • Target audience 

Both Barkbox and Pupbox cater to your dog’s needs. Pupbox can also accommodate your canine according to its age, size, and lifestyle. 

  • Dietary considerations 

If your furry friend has allergies or other restrictions, you can contact Barkbox, and they’ll adjust your box accordingly. Pupbox will also adapt to your dog’s dietary needs. 

  • Subscription flexibility 

Both subscription boxes come monthly. Additionally, both companies have auto-renewal set up for their plans. Still, you can cancel them before the end of your subscription term

  • Extras

Barkbox sends out boxes with a fun monthly theme in terms of extras. On the other hand, Pupbox offers customized training guides for your puppy both in your package and on their website. 

  • Accessibility

Lastly, in this Barkbox vs Pupbox review, you’ll want to consider accessibility. Both companies have pretty reasonable prices and are easy to sign up for. Pupbox has slightly higher monthly charges than Barkbox, though. 

Barkbox vs Pupbox: How Do They Work?  

Barkbox vs Pupbox Review

Both Barkbox and Pupbox offer toys and goodies for your furbabies. They both want to help enrich your pets’ lives with nutritional treats and chews and stimulating, cozy toys curated by experts. To receive your box, you need to enter some information about both brands. That includes things like your dog’s gender, size, and dietary preferences. In Pupbox’s case, they’ll also ask your dog’s age. 

Here are some highlights of both of the company’s processes: 


  • Easy sign-up
  • Creates a box for you based on your dog’s size, gender, breed (you can skip this step), and dietary restrictions
  • The company asks for your dog’s birthday (or adopted day!), so your pup can receive a special gift 
  • Three different plans to choose from 
  • An option for an extra toy is available for an additional cost


  • Helps new pet parents with raising a new addition 
  • Owners receive boxes and training materials according to their dog’s life stage
  • Four different plans to choose from 
  • Each box will change as your dog ages
  • You can shop outside of a subscription 

Ultimately, both companies have pretty easy sign-up processes. You’re able to enter your dog’s information to get a customized box every month. Barkbox offers some fun goodies with different monthly themes according to their size. At the same time, Pupbox delivers age-appropriate training manuals and more to kickstart your life journey with your new dog. 

Barkbox vs Pupbox: What Do The Boxes Include?  

Barkbox vs Pupbox Review

So, what do the boxes actually come with? Barkbox’s Classic assortment box comes with two toys, two treats, and one chew every month. They also have different themes, including seasonal, sports-related, and movie-related boxes. It’s possible to change the assortment between toys and treats, but you aren’t able to pick specific products. 

At Pupbox, you get 5-7 premium products. This will range from toys, treats, chews, accessories, additional training guides, and a few different offers for grooming or training services at Petco. They might also have themed packages, but there aren’t any specific examples on their website. But, products will vary depending on your pup’s profile. For example, puppies will receive age-specific toys, eats, and grooming tools. 

Of course, products will switch up every month for each subscription brand. 

First, I’ll look at some highlights for Barkbox’s products: 

  • Toys and treats are designed by Bark experts 
  • Treats and chews are made in the US and Canada 
  • Owners will know precisely how many of each product they’re getting
  • Dietary restrictions are accommodated 
  • Customizable if owners want to receive more toys than treats and vice versa at no extra cost

Now, onto Pupbox: 

  • A good amount of full-sized products in a box from Petco brands
  • Products grow with your pup
  • Includes training guides and other extra accessories 
  • Owners can receive exclusive offers and discounts on services at Petco
  • Dietary restrictions are accommodated

So, Barkbox has fewer goodies, but you always know how many of them you’re getting. You can even change how many toys vs treats you and your furry friend receive.

On the other hand, Pupbox offers a couple more products and a few additional materials without a customization option. So, choosing between the two may come down to how customizable each option is. But, regardless, it’ll come down to what you and your dog need. 

Barkbox vs Pupbox: Subscription Plans  

Barkbox vs Pupbox Review

Of course, with any subscription service, there are subscription plans. So my Barkbox vs Pupbox review is going to lay them out for you. 

Barkbox offers three different options: a one-month, six-month, and 12-month plan. Evidently, they vary in price depending on your schedule and whether or not you decide to add an extra toy. Additionally, they’re set to auto-renew, and you’re able to cancel at any time. 

Finally, if your chosen plan doesn’t work for you, you’re able to make changes at your account dashboard. Just make sure to make those changes before the end of the month, so they apply to your pup’s next box. 

On the other hand, Pupbox offers four different subscription options: a one-month, three-month, six-month, and 12-month plan. Like Barkbox, prices vary, they auto-renew, and you also get additional promotions. 

To cancel your subscription, you can visit your account page. But, it’s important to note that if you cancel before your term completes, you’ll still be charged for the remaining boxes in your plan. You can also skip boxes, but Pupbox recommends keeping up with the subscription to stay on track with your puppy’s development. 

Up ahead in this Barkbox vs Pupbox review, I will now get into the highlights of each subscription plan: 


  • Able to cancel at any time 
  • Three different plans are available 
  • Auto-renewal might be convenient for some 
  • Owners can easily change plans and renewal types 


  • Four plans available 
  • Able to skip a month
  • Cancel at any time
  • Auto-renewal might be convenient for some owners

Evidently, Pupbox offers one more plan than Barkbox. But, they’re both pretty flexible when it comes to cancellation (just might cost you extra!). Additionally, auto-renewal might be a selling point and might not, depending on the person. Either way, both companies have pretty reasonable plans available with room for customization. 

Barkbox vs Pupbox: Ingredients 

Barkbox vs Pupbox Review

This Barkbox vs Pupbox review knows that the ingredients in treats and chews are essential to pet parents. Many dogs have restrictions, allergies, and other dietary needs. So, how are our featured brands making their goodies? And where do they come from? 

Barkbox subscriptions typically come with two high-quality treats made in the US or Canada from Bark’s recipes. They’re meant to be nutritious and tasty with domestic and imported ingredients. As I mentioned earlier, Barkbox will accommodate any dietary needs like low-fat, pork, gluten-free, and more. It’s also important to note that their products never contain wheat, corn, or soy. But, their add-to-box edibles may have some of these ingredients.

In Pupbox subscriptions, you usually get one bag of dog treats for your furbaby. Depending on your needs, these may be training treats to tasty rewards. They don’t include any rawhide in monthly boxes, but bully sticks, bones, or other chews might be included. As I mentioned, none of their edible items are sourced from China. There isn’t much more information about the company’s ingredients. Still, you’ll be able to list allergens during sign-up and in the “additional notes” field. 

So, it seems like Barkbox is more transparent about where their ingredients are sourced, but both companies will try to accommodate your pup’s allergies or restrictions. Plus, regardless of which company you choose, you’ll get to spoil your dog with some tasty eats during training sessions or playtime. 

Barkbox vs Pupbox: Price & Value

Barkbox vs Pupbox Review

So, with all of these excellent products and eats, will you be getting enough bark for your bite? In other words, what are the Barkbox and Pupbox prices like? After comparing the two, they have pretty similar price ranges, but Pupbox definitely has a higher price point. So, let’s get into some specifics: 

At Barkbox, your monthly payment will depend on the plan and whether you choose to splurge for an extra toy. You also have the option to pay upfront for multiple-month plans. Here are the variations: 

  • 1-month
    • $35/month
    • $44/month for an extra toy
  • 6-month
    • $26/month
    • $33/month for an extra toy
    • $139$178 upfront depending on extra toys
  • 12-month
    • $23/month
    • $30/month for an extra toy
    • $234-$299 upfront depending on extra toys 

Now, we have Pupbox. This subscription brand has four different plans to choose from. Unfortunately, they don’t offer a payment upfront option. Here are the variations: 

  • 1-month: $39/month 
  • 3-month: $34/month
  • 6-month: $32/month
  • 12-month: $29/month

Regarding value, owners would pay less at Barkbox if they choose not to add an additional toy to their package. You would also receive more treat options, while Pupbox is mainly focused on premium accessories and training guides for your growing pup. In addition, Barkbox is slightly more well-rated than Pupbox in terms of product quality when it comes to ratings

Regardless, both companies are within similar price ranges and will definitely help make you and your furry friend happy and healthy. 

Barkbox vs Pupbox: What Do Customers Think?  

Barkbox vs Pupbox Review

The big question of this Barkbox vs Pupbox review is what do the customers think? How do these two brands perform once they’re shipped out? Luckily, I searched for feedback for both of our featured brands. 

Unfortunately, neither of the companies publish customer reviews on their respective websites. But I did find a few on external sites, like Consumer Affairs, Influenster, My Subscription Addiction, Dog Endorsed, and Reddit. 

Barkbox has 3.7/5 stars from about 875 ratings on Consumer Affairs and 4.5/5 stars on Influenster. Feedback is generally positive for the subscription, customer service, and more. Here’s a summary of what happy pet owners thought of the brand: 

  • Offer a variety of high-quality treats and toys 
  • Dogs get so excited when receiving their boxes
  • Durable toys for tough chewers 
  • Responsive customer service 
  • Reasonable prices and great value
  • Treats are accommodating for dogs with health issues 

On the other hand, I had a more challenging time finding customer reviews for Pupbox. They also have 3.7/5 stars from 3 ratings on My Subscription addiction. Unfortunately, there aren’t many written reviews, so I went to Dog Endorsed to give you a summary of their review: 

  • Convenient and saves money in the long run
  • Training guides are helpful and great for developing during puppy years
  • Praised for discounts offered during the year
  • New pet parents get behind the subscription

Despite some glowing reviews, I did find a few criticisms. For example, many customers complain about Pupbox’s product quality on Dog Endorsed and Reddit. Customers cited cheaply made toys and sample-sized treats. Luckily, a rep quickly responded to any issues on Dog Endorsed. 

On the other hand, Barkbox customers had problems with long shipping delays. But, these comments also received quick replies on Consumer Affairs. So, ultimately, it looks like both Barkbox and Pupbox receive some praise for their subscription services. But, Pupbox may be having some quality issues that need to be sorted out. Thankfully, their team promptly responds to any problems regarding item quality. 

Barkbox vs Pupbox: Promotions & Discounts

Barkbox vs Pupbox Review

We all love a good deal. While saving up is a given when buying subscription boxes, it wouldn’t hurt to save a little more. So, I’m going to go through some of Barkbox and Pupbox’s latest promotions and discounts so that you can snag something for a little less cash. First, let’sl look at Barkbox’s deals: 

  • Referral program
    • You can earn a free Barkbox for every person who signs up for a 6 or 12-month subscription via your referral code. Look out for the invite section on your account to get your code 
  • Military and Veteran Discount
    • Military personnel or veterans can receive up to $10 off for Barkbox. All you have to do is speak to one of Barkbox’s Ambassadors to set it up 

Unfortunately, at the time of this Barkbox vs Pupbox review I couldn’t find any other promo codes for Barkbox offered by the website. But, I’d recommend staying clued in on their social media pages for more deals. Now, I’ll take a look at Pupbox’s current discounts: 

  • 50% off your first box with the code CANDYCANE 
  • December Pupbox Giveaway (December 1st-31st)
    • For residents of the US. you can find links to the entry form on their Facebook and Instagram Pages 
    • If chosen, you can win a free 12-month subscription plan that has a retail value of about $348 

I couldn’t find any other promotions for Pupbox, but it looks like they offer codes frequently from their Instagram page. So, I’d suggest following their account to stay updated on the latest offers. 

Pupbox seems to offer more codes than Barkbox, but both brands have some decent discounts and promotions happening right now. I would say that Pupbox has more seasonal offers than Barkbox, but you’ll still be able to save some bucks if you opt for Barkbox’s referral program. 

Barkbox vs Pupbox: Shipping & Returns 

Barkbox vs Pupbox Review

Subscription boxes have to get to you somehow. So, my Barkbox vs Pupbox review is going to lay out all of the shipping and returns details for both of our featured brands. 

First, let’s going to take a look at Barkbox

  • Offer free shipping in the continental US
  • Shipping to Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii are subject to an $8/month shipping charge
  • Shipping is fulfilled by FedEx, USPS, and DHL for Canadian pups and owners
  • Boxes are shipped out within the first two weeks of every month 
  • US estimated delivery is between 3 and 8 business days 
  • It might take between 8-12 business days for boxes to arrive in Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and other US territories 
  • Priority shipping is available and takes 3-5 business days 
  • Some customers cite shipping delays but can be explained by pandemic related issues
  • Do not offer returns or exchanges, but you can contact their team if you’re unsatisfied or if you receive damaged items 

Next up, I’ll look at Pupbox’s shipping and return policies: 

  • Offer free shipping in the US 
  • International shipping is not available
  • Boxes ship out within one week of processing your payment
  • Estimated delivery times vary depending on your location, but boxes typically arrive between 5-10 business days after receiving tracking info 
  • They do not offer full or partial refunds, and returns are not accepted
  • In case there are any serious issues, they’re handled on a case-by-case basis 

The nature of these two brands might explain why they don’t offer returns. But, they can accommodate any problems if pet parents contact each of their respective customer care teams.

Additionally Barkbox is more widely available, while Pupbox stopped shipping to Canada in November 2021. But, it seems like both companies ship out their boxes promptly so your furry bestie can enjoy their new goodies.  

Who Will You Shop With?

Barkbox vs Pupbox Review

So, we’ve reached the end of this Barkbox vs Pupbox review. But, honestly, if you’re still conflicted regarding which brand to choose, I don’t blame you. The two subscription services are pretty similar. But, there are a few differences when you look a little closer. 

Barkbox’s monthly subscription is slightly cheaper and has a few more customization options available to the owner. For example, you can choose between how many toys and treats you want in each box. This can be useful because not every pet parent wants tons of stuffed toys around the house. 

In addition, each box comes with different themes based on seasons and even current films, which can be entertaining for your dog and your family. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that they’re widely available. 

Then, we have Pupbox. Since it was initially designed to raise young puppies, I can see the appeal. Not only do they offer chews and toys, but they provide new owners with training tips and guides for the developmental stages. 

You can get things like grooming tools and house training materials. As I said, this is beneficial for new pet parents. In addition, these boxes will follow your puppy as they grow, so they’ll always offer age-appropriate snacks and toys. They also have an online shop where you can buy your dog’s favorite items. 

At the end of the day, the choice is up to you. You can snag Barkbox to spoil your favorite canine with monthly tasty treats and cute toys, or you can splurge a bit more for Pupbox, which also offers fun goodies along with puppy tips and training guidelines. Either way, it’s all about what your dog needs. Regardless, they’ll always be excited about your life journey together. 

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