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About Benchmade Modern

Benchmade Modern Review

Benchmade Modern is an American furniture company selling comfy, high-end furniture to families who value both luxury and functionality.

Benchmade Modern’s mission is to offer families customizable, lasting furniture, handcrafted in the US, in only 6 weeks!

This brand specializes in sofas that combine traditional comfort and a clean-cut, modern style. Whether you love Scandinavian styles with neat cushions and narrow legs, or a heavier couch you can sink into, Benchmade Modern has an option for you. 

Their furniture is divided into collections based on shape and aesthetic. The Uptown Collection, for example, is a modernist’s dream with a boxy aesthetic and stylish straight legs, while the Catwalk Collection has larger, more relaxed cushions on prim metallic legs. 

All of their furniture has customizable colors and sizes, meaning you’ll never have to compromise on design if you find a chaise longue or ottoman shape you love. When you find a style you like, you’ll specify the size, fabric, and colors, and Benchmade will manufacture your new piece to your specifications

Benchmade Modern’s product selection doesn’t stop at seating, though. They also have home furnishings like rugs, beds, tables, and even lighting! If you’re in the market for more than a couch, Benchmade Modern’s pieces are designed to complement each other so it’s easy to keep the look of your home cohesive. 

This growing company has over 10k followers on Instagram, and has been featured in the New York Times, Fast Company, and Forbes magazine. 

Keep reading our Benchmade Modern review as we learn more about this unique home furnishings brand and explore their products, promotions, and customer reviews to see if their unique pieces could have a home in your home!

Overview of Benchmade Modern

Benchmade Modern Review

This company was founded in 2015 by American furniture designer Edgar Blazona. When  Blazona began Benchmade Modern, he had over two decades of experience working in the furniture industry and wanted to create modern furnishings families could customize to suit their unique homes and lifestyles.

Benchmade Modern refers to their products as a “rebellious luxury” made to be “used, loved and enjoyed.” This company prides itself on creating fine, handcrafted furniture that is as functional and comfortable as it is luxurious, and on shaking up the furniture industry by making handcrafted, customized pieces accessible. 

We’ll begin our Benchmade Modern Review by covering the highlights of buying from this furniture brand!


  • Products made with everyday family use in mind
  • Customizable seating options
  • Wide range of sizes, colors, fabrics, and configuration choices
  • Optional white glove delivery and set-up service
  • Ships to all US states, including Alaska and Hawaii
  • Products handcrafted in the United States
  • $99 flat rate shipping across US

Benchmade Modern Review

Keep reading as our Benchmade Modern review looks at some of this brand’s best-selling pieces! 

From the Sleepover Sofa to the Couch Potato Ottoman, to the Alumina Table Lamp, Benchmade Modern is putting their own twist on the modern home.

Benchmade Modern Skinny Fat Sofa With Chaise Review

The Skinny Fat Sofa with Chaise is a customizable sofa with a comfy, modern look. With big back and side cushions, this sofa would make a great addition to a family room or living room, and is made with relaxation in mind. 

This sofa’s durable frame is angular and those hard lines are highlighted by narrow wooden legs. But the Skinny Fat Sofa’s generous cushions soften the whole look, making it cozy and inviting.

Like many of Benchmade Modern’s products, the Skinny Fat Sofa with Chaise is highly customizable. The size of this sofa is up to you – you might want this sofa to only seat a few people, or you can lengthen it to fit the whole family! 

Benchmade Modern also allows you to choose to have the chaise arranged on the right or left side of the couch. You can also pick between three types of fabric

  1. Performance
  2. Velvet
  3. Leather

The color options are almost overwhelming! This sofa comes in dozens of different colors, including shades of gray, blue, green, red, and yellow. You are able to pick the exact tone of wood for the sofa’s legs too. You could have:

  • Brushed nickel
  • Stained walnut
  • Honey
  • Espresso

Buy the Skinny Fat Sofa with Chaise on sale for $5,568 (regularly $6,186) for its smallest size. 

Benchmade Modern Skinny Fat Bed Review

The Skinny Fat Bed has a similar style to the Skinny Fat line’s sofa. It has clean, minimalist lines with a tall rectangular headboard and low baseboard. The thin wooden legs add to the modern aesthetic and give it a Scandinavian feel.

To achieve just the look you want, you can change this bed frame’s fabric to one of Benchmade Modern’s three fabric types: performance, velvet, or leather. These fabrics are available in a number of different colors and shades, from soft pastels to deep black.

The Skinny Fat Bed is on sale now for 10% off! You can buy Benchmade Modern’s Skinny Fat Bed in the following sizes:

  1. Twin – $2,383
  2. Full – $2,503
  3. Queen – $2,625
  4. King – $2,848
  5. Cal King – $2,848

Benchmade Modern Sleepover Sofa Bed Review

Benchmade Modern has created this sofa without any clunky springs or bars. Instead, they’ve designed their Sleepover Sofa Bed with three layers of foam for a comfy sitting and sleeping experience. 

This angular couch has thick cushions and wide, flat arms. It is very low to the ground with small, square wooden legs. 

Like all Benchmade Modern products, this sofa is handcrafted in the US and you can alter your order to fit your exact preferences! You can adjust the length of this couch from 72 inches all the way to 84 inches

This Benchmade Modern sofa is available in an array of colors and fabrics. Whether you want a showy red velvet, natural leather, or a subtle pastel, Benchmade Modern has you (and your couch) covered. 

Don’t forget to coordinate your color choice with your choice of wooden legs – you can pick from honey, stained walnut, and espresso.

Buy the Sleepover Sofa Bed on sale for $4,403 (down from $4,892).

Benchmade Modern OG Couch Potato Ottoman Review

This plush Benchmade Modern OG Couch Potato Ottoman is made for relaxing with your feet up! 

This inviting ottoman is from the brand’s OG Couch Potato Ottoman line, which leans more casual and cushy than some of their ultra-modern furniture collections. 

The OG Couch Potato Ottoman is available in four different sizes ranging from 41 inches wide to 57 inches wide.

You could use this ottoman as a cute little bench or freestanding seat, or pair it with a couch for a chaise lounge feel.

Like all Benchmade Modern products, you can customize this ottoman by changing its fabric type and color. Whether you pick their performance fabric, velvet, or leather, there are always at least 15 different colors to choose from so you can find the right shade for your room.

Buy the OG Couch Potato Ottoman on sale for $1,367 (regularly $1,608).

Benchmade Modern Alumina Table Lamp Review

This fun lamp looks like something you would find on a spaceship! 

The Alumina Table Lamp has an oval base with a large silver button on the top, and its oversized round bulb gives off a nice, diffused glow.

You can use the Alumina Table Lamp as a table lamp or mount it as a wall sconce. It comes with an LED light, the Sphere IV LED bulb, and a dimmer knob. 

This bulb can be adjusted to either dim or warm up the light it gives off, with the brand’s “Dim to Warm” tech. Benchmade Modern has also given this lamp a matte powder finish for a durable look.

This base is available in five colors:

  • Charcoal
  • Chalk
  • Sage
  • Blossom
  • Sapphire

Find the Alumina Table Lamp on sale for $175 (regularly $206).

Benchmade Modern Nine Basalt Pendant Review

This stunning pendant is not something you’ll find in every home furnishings store. The Nine Basalt Pendant has nine lights that hang from a black canopy and is meant to evoke natural forms and pay tribute to the handcrafting process.

These lights have lovely brass or steel tops with narrow columns of borosilicate glass surrounding the bulbs. These columns are polished hexagonal shapes that mimic real basalt, and the glass was made using traditional mouth-blowing techniques.

You can alter the look of your pendant by choosing between a brass or stainless steel top for each light. This pendant uses dimmable LED lights so you can adjust the brightness as needed.

But the Nine Basalt Pendant for $2,150 (regularly $2,529). 

Benchmade Modern Murray Coffee Table Review

The bold Murray Coffee Table would look equally at home in an artist’s house or an upscale museum as it would paired with Benchmade Modern’s comfortable living room finishings. 

With a clear glass top and black legs, this coffee table has a clean, minimalist look and a rounded triangular shape. What jazzes it up is the fact that the base has a sculptural “inverted leg design,” with one long leg connecting asymmetrically under the rounded glass top. 

Unlike most of this company’s products, the Murray Coffee Table is only available in one style (black metal leg and a glass top). This totally original piece measures 28 inches wide and 18 inches high. 

Buy the Benchmade Modern Murray Coffee Table on sale for $1,040 (down from $1,156). 

Who Is Benchmade Modern For? 

Benchmade Modern Review

Our Benchmade Modern review has found that this brand will appeal to people who love creative, modern pieces of furniture that you can actually live in. 

This company has gone beyond producing the typical armchairs and side tables found at most home furnishing stores, and has put their own unique twist on the classics

Customers who love clean, angular lines in their bed frames and sofas will appreciate many of Benchmade Modern’s designs. Buyers who prefer to purchase unique pieces will enjoy this brand’s more artistic offerings, like their Murray Coffee Table or the Nine Basalt Pendant

These unique furnishings are statement pieces that work as art and conversation starters while also being functional. Benchmade have lifetime guarantees on their frames, pride themselves on their sturdy construction, and offer wear-and-tear ready fabrics. 

While most of Benchmade Modern’s products are intended for everyday household use, this Benchmade Modern review thinks their pieces could also suit an upscale office or hotel. They make beautiful, sleek couches that could furnish a waiting room or large office. Their well-made beds and armchairs would be right at home in a hotel or top-notch Airbnb.

People who are creative themselves will also love the process of customizing their Benchmade Modern furniture. This company has set itself apart by offering such a huge range of size, color, and texture personalization options. 

Anyone tired of picking from one size of sofa in only a few color choices will appreciate the chance to play designer themselves and adjust their couch, chair, or bed frame until it is just right for them and their home.

Is Benchmade Modern Sustainable? 

Benchmade Modern Review

Our Benchmade Modern review found that, according to their website, this brand procures their materials from local, responsible sources within the US. Because all of Benchmade’s products are handcrafted in the US, this brand avoids the environmental impact of shipping their resources and products from overseas. 

Many of Benchmade Modern’s products also contain Trillium, a type of polyester filling. They opt for this material as an alternative to using down feathers from birds.

Beyond this, Benchmade Modern does not share very much about their sustainability policies. While conducting our Benchmade Modern review, we did not find any information on things like natural fabrics, organic fibers, or recycled elements in their furniture. 

Benchmade Modern Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Benchmade Modern Review

On Benchmade Modern’s official website, the brand shares reviews from verified buyers. Many of this company’s reviews show that their customers are pleased with their customer service and smooth ordering and delivery process.

One customer writes in their Benchmade Modern review of the Skinny Fat Sofa, “Really happy [with] my new skinny fat sofa. From ordering, selecting the fabric, to delivery, the entire process was easy. The couch turned out great – much higher quality than I was expecting.”

Another shopper shares their satisfaction with the product and process in their Benchmade Modern review: “Love our couch! Delivery was quicker than expected, especially in the COVID environment. We’ll definitely order again.” 

This praise is echoed by yet another customer, whose Benchmade Modern review kept it short and sweet: “Service and delivery was timely. NO complaints.”

Our Benchmade Modern review found that other buyers are pleased to have the chance to design their own sofas and bed frames. One customer writes: “We were able to get it in a size and color that fits perfectly in our living room. It was super easy to assemble and the best part is that it is really comfortable.”

Another shopper had a similar experience, writing that even though they were nervous to make such a big purchase online, they’re happy with their customized couch. She shared in her Benchmade Modern review: “The sofa is perfect, such a cool design and it feels pretty awesome to know that it was made just for me.” 

People who had to furnish small and challenging spaces especially appreciated the option to customize the size of their furniture, as one buyer wrote in their Benchmade Modern review: It was great for us to be able to buy couches by the inch. We could make them fit perfectly in an awkwardly sized space.”

Beyond the reviews on their website, Benchmade Modern does not have a very extensive internet presence. There is no BBB listing for the company, and their page on does not have any reviews yet. While they do have a FaceBook page with over 4k followers, they do not share company reviews on it. 

This brand does have some reviews through Amazon, where one customer reports that she finds her Benchmade Modern couch to be, “sturdy and heavy – some might say it was constructed with old-school skills and attention to detail.” 

On the review site, customers also commented on Benchmade’s seamless and convenient order and delivery service. One customer writes: “The Bench Team made custom selections easy, shipping was fast, boxed well, leg assembly was easy.”

Overall, our Benchmade Modern review finds this brand has solid reviews and delivers on their order and customization promises. Their customers were generally happy with their purchases and especially like the control they had over their special designs.

Is Benchmade Modern Worth It?

Benchmade Modern Review

If you are used to shopping at more budget-friendly, modern Scandinavian furniture retailers, Benchmade Modern products are certainly pricier by comparison.

But here’s the thing – all of these sofas, beds, and chairs are handcrafted in the US, made-to-order, built to last, and can be altered in size, color and fabric type to suit your exact needs. 

While the price point is perhaps higher than average for family-focused furniture, this Benchmade Modern review finds it reasonable when you consider the high quality and longevity of each product.

The brand respects that good furniture is an investment, both financially and emotionally, and does everything they can to ensure customers are satisfied

Even though this brand offers customized products, you can still return them if you are unhappy with your purchase. They also offer flat-rate shipping deals across the US, and shoppers have high praise for their customer service. 

Most importantly, many of this brand’s customers report being happy with their Benchmade Modern purchase and would buy from this company again.

For these reasons, this Benchmade Modern review can recommend this company to any family looking to invest in stylish and well-made furniture for their home!

Benchmade Modern Promotions & Discounts 

Benchmade Modern Review

Benchmade Modern currently has most of their products discounted at 10-15% off.

Where to Buy Benchmade Modern

Benchmade Modern Review

You can purchase all of Benchmade Modern’s products through their official website. A small selection of their ready-made pieces is also occasionally available on Amazon outside of the US.


Benchmade Modern Review

Who owns Benchmade Modern?

American furniture designer and entrepreneur Edgar Blazona owns Benchmade Modern.

Does Benchmade Modern ship internationally?

No, Benchmade Modern does not offer international shipping.

What is Benchmade Modern’s Shipping Policy?

Benchmade Modern ships throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. 

Their Standard Curbside Delivery Service, which drops your purchase off at your door costs $99, no matter where you live in the US.

You might want to have an expert assemble your furniture for you. In this case, choose their White Glove Delivery Service, which costs $295. With this service, their delivery workers will unwrap and assemble your purchase, and will also take away all of the packaging once they are done.

What is Benchmade Modern’s Return Policy?

You can return your Benchmade Modern product within 14 days of delivery to receive a 100% refund. After this time, you can still return your order within 100 days of delivery, but you will pay 10% of your purchase as a return processing fee.

Unlike other companies, Benchmade Modern will refund you all shipping costs if you choose to return your product.

How to Contact Benchmade Modern

Our Benchmade Modern review found that you can contact this brand by:

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