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Bionic Spotlight Review

Most folks rely on traditional lock-and-key protection measures for their home, as this survey found. Those are fine for keeping people out, but what happens once they enter your house? If someone is committed to breaking in, a lock won’t stop them.

Break-ins are no laughing matter, and neither is the Bell and Howell Bionic Spotlight. This light brands itself as an all-purpose and easy-to-use exterior lighting source that doesn’t require batteries or light switches.

The Bionic Spotlight was created by the manufacturing company Bell and Howell over 100 years ago in Chicago.

Bell and Howell’s headquarters has since relocated to Durham, North Carolina, but that hasn’t stopped the company from delivering a variety of high-quality manufacturing goods like cameras and lenses.

Nowadays, the brand specializes in maintenance and kiosk products. Smaller sections of the company have rebranded or been purchased by other companies, diversifying Bell and Howell’s output. 

The Bionic Spotlight was originally an As Seen On TV product that could only be ordered through the phone. Thankfully, as you’ll discover later in this Bionic Spotlight review, the product is readily available through a gigantic variety of retailers.

It’s marketed as a multi-purpose outdoor light source that’s great for the backyard, driveways, patios, and as a means of protection, but there are even more creative ways you can use the Bell and Howell Bionic Spotlight.

In my Bionic Spotlight review, I’ll shine a light on everything you need to know about the item, including its features, its many uses, what the customers think, and more.

Let’s start by looking at the pros and cons.

Pros and Cons 

Bionic Spotlight Review


  1. Easy Installation: The Bionic Spotlight is typically easy to install, requiring minimal wiring or external power sources.
  2. Motion-Activated Security: The motion sensor of the Bionic Spotlight adds a layer of security to your outdoor space. It can detect movement and automatically illuminate the area, potentially deterring intruders or alerting you to potential activity.
  3. Energy Efficiency: The use of LED lights in the Bionic Spotlight makes it energy-efficient.
  4. Weatherproof Design: The Bionic Spotlight is designed to withstand outdoor conditions and is typically weatherproof.
  5. Versatility: The Bionic Spotlight can be used in various outdoor settings, offering flexibility in placement. It can be mounted on walls, fences, or other surfaces, making it suitable for gardens, pathways, driveways, patios, and more.


  1. Limited Illumination Range: Depending on the model and version of the Bionic Spotlight, the illumination range may be limited. This means it may not cover large areas or provide extensive lighting coverage.
  2. Inconsistent Motion Detection: Some users have reported issues with the motion detection capabilities of the Bionic Spotlight. It may have difficulty detecting motion accurately or may have a delayed response in some cases.
  3. Battery Life: The battery life of the Bionic Spotlight can vary depending on usage and the specific model. Solar-powered versions rely on sunlight to recharge, which means their performance may be affected by weather conditions or limited exposure to sunlight.

Bionic Spotlight Review

It’s tough to find a better bargain than the Bionic Spotlight’s $20 price. For that cost, you can grab your own motion-activated, solar-powered, LED-housing, all-purpose light source.

The Bell and Howell Bionic Spotlight’s motion activation system is good for both deterring intruders and conserving energy. You won’t need to use up energy, your utility bill, or batteries by keeping these lights on all night. They shut off soon after they no longer detect motion.

Building off of the environmental benefit, you can rest easy knowing that the Bell and Howell Bionic Spotlight is entirely solar-powered. That not only means you don’t have to fiddle with wires or changing power sources, but you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint.

It’s recommended that you place the light somewhere it can gather a good amount of UV rays. This is to fuel the power source enough that it will illuminate whenever it is needed.

The spotlight’s design makes it a great deterrent against possible intruders. The sleek black design can shroud the camera, so potential trespassers won’t notice it until too late.

Furthermore, the Bell and Howell Bionic Spotlight looks like a security camera. That means even if someone does see it early, they could be tricked into believing you’ve installed high-tech security around your home. 

Finally, this Bionic Spotlight review will cover the product’s output. It contains eight LED lights that cover a wide 600 square foot area. These aren’t your iPhone’s torchlight, they are mighty little powerhouses. 

Plus, since the Bell and Howell Bionic Spotlight uses LEDs, it’s even better for the environment! 

How to Install

Here are general steps to guide you through the installation:

  1. Choose the Mounting Location: Select a suitable location for mounting the Bionic Spotlight. It should be a spot where you want to enhance outdoor lighting or improve security. Common mounting locations include walls, fences, or other surfaces.
  2. Prepare the Mounting Surface: Ensure the mounting surface is clean and free from any debris or obstructions. Use a level to ensure the surface is even and properly aligned.
  3. Mounting Hardware: Check the package contents of the Bionic Spotlight to ensure you have all the necessary mounting hardware. This may include screws, anchors, and brackets. If solar-powered, ensure the solar panel is positioned to receive ample sunlight.
  4. Positioning and Alignment: Hold the Bionic Spotlight against the mounting surface, aligning it according to your desired lighting direction and coverage. Use a pencil or marker to mark the spots where the mounting holes will be drilled.
  5. Drilling Holes: Using an appropriate drill bit, carefully drill holes in the marked spots on the mounting surface. Ensure the hole size matches the provided screws or anchors.
  6. Attach the Mounting Bracket: Depending on the model, the Bionic Spotlight may require a mounting bracket. Install the bracket securely onto the mounting surface using the screws or anchors.
  7. Secure the Bionic Spotlight: Align the Bionic Spotlight with the mounting bracket and carefully attach it using the provided screws or fasteners. Ensure it is securely attached and properly positioned.
  8. Test and Adjust: Once the Bionic Spotlight is installed, test its functionality by triggering the motion sensor or turning it on manually. Check if the lighting direction and coverage meet your desired requirements. Adjust the angle or position if needed.

Bionic Spotlight Coverage 

Bionic Spotlight Review

The Bell and Howell Bionic Spotlight covers an impressive 600 square foot area. 

Let my Bionic Spotlight review give you a better idea of what that means in practical terms. 600 square feet is roughly the area of two school buses or a three-car garage. That’s more than enough for most driveways, backyards, and gardens.

That’s plenty of illumination from such a small product. You’re likely living on a personal island if that much light isn’t enough for you, but if that’s the case, the company offers some serious discounts if you’re purchasing more than one.

Is The Bionic Spotlight Motion Activated? 

Bionic Spotlight Review

Yes, the Bell and Howell Bionic Spotlight is motion activated.

Its motion activation system can detect motion from up to 25 feet away. It also remains alit for 30 seconds after it stops detecting motion.

This timing window is perfect as it prevents the Bell and Howell Bionic Spotlight’s internal power source from burning out too early. 

Also, if you’ve set the spotlight up as your backyard’s nighttime light source, you won’t have to worry about flicking off any switches. No more rude awakenings in the middle of the night for you!

Who Is Bionic Spotlight For? 

Bionic Spotlight Review

It’d be easier if you asked this Bionic Spotlight review who wouldn’t benefit from these lighting contraptions. It seems everyone can find some use from this item, but let’s cover some specific examples. 

The Bionic Spotlight is a great option for people who need some added security around their property. The product is also perfect if you need some security against non-human intruders like raccoons, skunks, or rats. 

Farmers and gardeners can also benefit from the Bell and Howell Bionic Spotlight as it can be outfitted to ensure rabbits aren’t nibbling away at your produce.

If you love getting outside and moving then consider purchasing a Bell and Howell Bionic Spotlight. Your movement will cause the light to remain lit. With that in mind, it’s for this reason that they’re not the best option for book readers whose only movement is turning a page.

Bionic Spotlight Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bionic Spotlight Review

Now that this Bionic Spotlight review has investigated the intricacies of this illuminating item, let’s turn our attention to the real deal: external validation. This section will cover the juiciest of customer insights regarding the Bell and Howell Bionic Spotlight.

Customers on the Showcase website say the Bell and Howell Bionic Spotlight is easy to install, is bright, and survives many weather conditions. Many of the pleased reports also highlight the creative ways they implemented the spotlight. 

This family used the Bell and Howell Bionic Spotlight to light up their life: “We live in a rural area and this light is invaluable in lighting up our yard whenever there is an object passing by.  Without the benefit of street lights it gets pitch black at our residence and this light has been a great asset.

Another customer brings to light how well the item performs in harsher weather conditions: “Purchased about 1 month ago. Placed on our pool shed. Partially exposed to the elements. Performing well considering low temperatures (-3; -4 C) So far so good.

The company’s customers were equally as impressed over on Amazon. There, the brand earned praise for their product’s durability and ease of use

One Amazon customer had a great experience with the product in suboptimal temperatures. They wrote, “I installed units that I purchased and still working in -20 c temperatures. So far so good.

The reviews on the Lowe’s website welcomed the Bell and Howell Bionic Spotlight and were similarly warm towards the product. Many of the users there were huge fans of the product’s easy installation. 

One reviewer was ecstatic about how simply he could set up the Bell and Howell Bionic Spotlight

Take it out of the box and mount it wherever you’d like with 4 screws. Then there is a simple on/off switch. The motion detection seems to work well and it does put out a powerful light which I think is impressive for it running only on solar power. It does look a bit like a security camera, so that is a nice safety feature too.

He’s not the only one who was head over heels. This customer left a glowing review recounting their negative break-in experience, leading them to search out a bright and dependable outdoor light. Thankfully, they got what they wanted out of the Bell and Howell Bionic Spotlight:

They said, “We recently had someone break into our backyard and steal our lawnmower. I was very upset and wanted a brighter light in our backyard. This light is super bright and comes the second someone is even remotely close to our back patio!”

And lastly, let’s peer over at what customers are saying on the Walmart website. Judging from the brand’s high rating there, this Bionic Spotlight review found oodles of happy reviewers.

One such delighted customer loved how easy the Bell and Howell Bionic Spotlight was for them to set up. They wrote, “I was so pleased with the light that I went to purchase more. No wires or batteries are needed and light where I need it. I would definitely recommend this item.

To summarize all these positive sentiments, let’s look at some Bionic Spotlight review scores compiled from various sources as of June 2023:

  • Wayfair: 4.7/5 stars based on more than 25 pieces of customer feedback
  • Amazon: 4.4/5 stars based on more than 12,000 pieces of customer feedback
  • Home Depot: 4.3/5 stars based on more than 500 pieces of customer feedback

A small subsection of reviews complained that the Bell and Howell Bionic Spotlight didn’t turn on. It’s worth noting that the lights are solar-powered and need to be charged before they can be used. The company includes this in their instructions, and recommends placing the product somewhere it will receive ample sun exposure during the day.

It appears that customers were generally pleased with the Bell and Howell Bionic Spotlight. They found the product to be reliable, easy to set up, and incredibly useful. 

The quality of the light itself was frequently touted as one of the Bionic Spotlight’s advantages. With that in mind, the most popular advantage of the Bell and Howell Bionic Spotlight is how easy it is to install. 

Customers loved how installation only requires a few screws, a keen eye for proper placement, and five spare minutes during your day.

Is Bionic Spotlight Worth It?

Bionic Spotlight Review

You might find spotlights, floodlights, or even candlelights that go beyond the Bionic Spotlight in one field or another. Maybe they shine brighter, or maybe they have a larger field of illumination.

This Bionic Spotlight review believes that it’s tough to identify a product that covers as many bases as the Bionic Spotlight.

The Bell and Howell Bionic Spotlight is affordable, versatile, and has multiple options to save money when buying more than one. Oh, and it’s solar-powered. You can’t ask for more from a light.

Bionic Spotlight Promotions & Discounts 

Bionic Spotlight Review

The Bell and Howell Bionic Spotlight comes with two offers exclusively available through the product’s website, bionicspotlight.com.

You can pick up an additional Bionic Spotlight for only $7 added to your total cost. 

There’s even an option to purchase the Bionic Spotlight in bulk. For $89 you can acquire 6 Bionic Spotlights, a 25% reduction if you were to buy them individually. 


Before I conclude my Bionic Spotlight review, let’s talk about three alternative products you may be interested in.


Brightech creates fashionable lighting fixtures with designer-quality at consumer-friendly prices. They use energy-efficient LEDs and boast adjustable brightness settings.


Olight is a brand producing tactical-level flashlights, including headlamps and sensory lights. They’re expensive but durable and field-ready.


AceBeam is an online-only brand that produces some of the most powerful flashlights on the market. Their flashlights are powered by 60,000 lumens.

Where to Buy Bionic Spotlight 

Bionic Spotlight Review

As with all products that were seen on TV, you can buy the Bionic Spotlight over the phone. Call 1-800-357-6032 to collect your own Bionic Spotlight. Easy as pie!

If you’d rather not speak with any other humans today, you’re in luck. This Bionic Spotlight review found that the item is readily available online. You can find this iconic through websites like:

  1. The company’s website, bionicspotlight.com
  2. Amazon
  3. Online retailers like Showcase and Mary Maxim

If all you want is to speak with other humans today then you’re equally as fortunate. The Bell and Howell Bionic Spotlight is available in-store at select retailers:

  1. Walmart
  2. Canadian Tire
  3. Home Depot


Bionic Spotlight Review

What is Bionic Spotlight’s Shipping Policy?

The company uses FedEx Smartpost for shipping. The brand claims that shipping takes anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks.

This Bionic Spotlight review found that although the product is available through a wide variety of online and in-store retailers, the company only ships to Canada and the United States.

What is Bionic Spotlight’s Return Policy?

This product has a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee policy. The company is so confident in their product that you can return your purchase within 30 days if you are left feeling dissatisfied.

What is Bionic Spotlight’s Refund Policy?

You have a 90-day window to return your Bell and Howell Bionic Spotlight item and receive a full refund minus shipping and handling costs. The company will send out the refund within 3 to 7 days of receiving your returned product.

How to Contact Bionic Spotlight 

You can reach Bionic Spotlight through their customer service telephone number at 1-844-475-3582. Their phone lines are open from 8 am to 8 pm EST.
They’re also available 24/7 at their customer service website, www.customerstatus.com.

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