Birch Living Review

About Birch Living

Birch Living Review

Birch Living makes conscious mattresses, bed frames, and bedding to give you a truly comfortable and carefree sleep. With eco-friendly and safety certifications from GOTS, Greenguard, and others, choosing to help the earth has never been so dreamy.

Awarded ‘Best Organic Mattress’ by CNET and The Strategist in 2021, the brand has been featured in countless publications for its innovative and toxic-free mattresses and bedding. Its social media community of over 7k followers agrees.

What else can we tell you about this brand? There’s so much more to come in this Birch Living review. We’ll cover the company’s history, best-sellers, and customer feedback, along with deals, FAQs, and more to give you the full scoop.

Overview of Birch Living

Birch Living Review

When developing its conscious line of mattresses and bedding, Birch Living must have thought, why stop as just organic? Choosing sustainable sourcing, safe production, and fair trade practices, it would be shorter to list the certifications this brand doesn’t have.

A nod towards the need for such securities, the brand’s collection hopes to inspire a generation as we push for greater sustainability in everything we do. Of course, to do that, Birch Living needed to ensure its final products were comfortable, life-proof, and practical, so words like “breathable,” “machine washable,” and “soft” appear throughout its line.

Birch was launched in 2019 with a mission to merge comfort and sustainability, choosing sustainable sourcing and crystal clear transparency as its foundation. And judging by the NYC-based brand’s stellar ratings and A+ score on the BBB, it’s safe to say it delivers.

So who’s behind Birch? We have the modern mattress brand Helix to thank for this forward-thinking line. Founded in 2015, the parent company was created by Jerry Lin, Kristian von Rickenbach, and Adam Tishman who revolutionized the mattress industry by injecting a personalized approach.

This Birch Living review will dig into the details of this conscious company in just a few, but before we get there, we’ll run you through its highlights.


Birch Living Review
  • Varied selection of mattresses, bed frames, and bedding
  • Greenguard Gold certified for safety
  • GOTS-certified cotton and wool
  • Rainforest Alliance-certified latex
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Mattresses come with a 25-year warranty
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • Offers promotions and deals
  • Free shipping
  • Payment plans available through klarna

Looking to one-up your lumpy, hot mattress? How about that cheap wooden bed frame sourced from and made in who knows where? The Birch Living collection is like a breath of fresh air. Head to its website and don’t be surprised if you feel relaxed.

Its line ranges from mattresses and bed frames to pillows and bedding, all decorated with notable certifications from GOTS, Greenguard, the Fair Trade Association, and the Forest Stewardship Council.

Even the wool is certified sustainable. In the next section of this Birch Living review, we’ll walk you through its bestsellers.

Birch Mattress Organic Review

Birch Mattress Organic Review
Birch Mattress Organic

Birch Living has two mattresses in its collection—this one is the most popular. Though they’re both made with sustainable, safe materials, this one is slightly more affordable.

The Birch Mattress Organic is built in layers, including Rainforest Alliance-certified Talalay latex, hygroscopic organic wool, and an organic cotton cover. Designed for breathability, it’s cooling, hypoallergenic, and most importantly, free from chemicals.

At around a 6-7 on the firmness scale, this mattress comes recommended for pressure relief for side, back, and stomach sleepers. Plus, it’s delivered without that chemical-gassy smell other mattresses have.

Get an entirely new sleeping experience with the Natural Mattress in sizes twin to California king for $950-$1,700 (normally $1,350-$2,100).

Birch Bed Frame Review

Bed frames don’t have to be complicated, but they should be sturdy and sustainable since often, they’re made from wood. The Birch Bed Frame comes in natural and white wood, both equally as safe and easy to assemble.

In fact, you won’t need any tools to put this frame together, its joints simply pop into place. Smart. Made from a mix of maple, poplar, and yellow pine, you can read up on each wood to learn more about why Birch chose it and what it means for your home.

Sourced completely from the Appalachian area, all woods are approved by the Forest Stewardship Council denoting their sustainable source. Finished with water-based sealants, they’re certified safe for your home.

Give your mattress a leg up with a Birch Bed Frame in twin through California king sizes for $500-$640.

Birch Living Products Review

The Natural Mattress and Wood Frame make the ideal foundation for a sustainable bedroom, now all that’s left to do is complete the set. Offering everything you need to get an eco and health-friendly sleep, Birch Living Products include pillows, mattress toppers, sheets, duvets, and more. We’ll introduce you to its best-sellers.

Birch Pillow Organic Review

Here’s what we’ve learned about the Birch Pillow Organic: if you find memory foam to be too hot and squishy, this is the pillow for you. With a GOTS-certified organic cover, the inside is filled with Rainforest Alliance-certified natural latex and organic wool.

Made in the USA, this supportive and highly breathable pillow lets air flow through it, wicking away moisture for a cool, comfortable sleep. You can get it in standard size for $99 or king size for $119.

Birch Mattress Topper Review

Mattress toppers are truly life-changing. Transforming firm mattresses into cushy kingdoms, the Birch Mattress Topper will take your Natural Mattress from a 6-7 to a 4-5. It’s made from a mix of organic cotton and wool, filled with natural Rainforest Alliance-certified latex—oh, and it’s handmade in the US.

Offering 3” of comfortable thickness, the Mattress Topper keeps things cool on sweaty nights, wicking away moisture, and allowing air to flow through. Natural and nurturing, you can grab one in twin to California king sizes for $300-$550.

Birch Sheets Review

As the material between you, your mattress, and your comforter, your sheets should be the softest, most breathable thing on your bed. Birch Sheets deliver luxurious softness with a 320 thread count sateen weave.

Choose from five dreamy colors like light blue and sand to create the perfect, relaxing vibe while you head to slumber town. Made from Fair Trade & GOTS-certified organic cotton, the set comes with:

  • Flat sheet
  • Deep pocket sheet
  • Two standard pillowcases (unless you order twin/twin xl)

Buttery but wrinkle-resistant, these Sheets get softer as you wash them. Grab a set for $120-$210.

Birch Waterproof Mattress Protector Review

Whether it’s wine, your toddler, or a hot bowl of soup, messes in the bed happen. To keep your mattress looking, feeling, and smelling as fresh as possible, a Waterproof Mattress Protector is a smart idea.

Totally waterproof, the protector is made from two layers of GOTS-certified organic cotton that surrounds a waterproof layer. Protecting your mattress for dust mites and buggies too, the protector makes it so cleaning your bed is extremely easy—just toss it in the washer.

Available in twin to California king size, keep things fresh with the Waterproof Mattress Protector for $90-$130.

Who Is Birch Living For?

Birch Living Review

If it’s sustainable, organic, toxin-free mattresses and bedding you’re after, Birch Living has got the goods. Thankfully, its list of describing words doesn’t end there though.

Loved for their performance, breathability, and cooling effects, the brand’s products are ideal for those in search of a comfortable, carefree sleep.

Birch Living Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Birch Living Review

No Birch Living review could ever be complete without feedback. It simply wouldn’t be right. Since the comfort and feel of a mattress when you buy it online is kind of a question mark, before you commit, it’s important to do your research.

That’s exactly what we’ve done for this section, and you’ll find ratings and comments for a handful of the brand’s best-sellers here. We’ll start with first.

The brand’s site didn’t have ratings for individual products. Instead, it grouped them all together which equated to a 4.6/5 star score from 2,862 shoppers. Looking into the feedback for the Natural Wood Frame first, here’s one Birch Living review that tells you what it’s like to set up and sleep on. It reads:

Very clean and pleasant look. Sturdy, strong design, no squeaking or moving around. Easy setup, fast, and careful delivery and assembly by delivery crew. So far no complaints, recommend.

The no squeaking thing is worth pointing out because it’s just plain annoying if you’re a sleeper who moves around a lot. Since we wanted to check out the Natural Mattress too, the next Birch Living review mentions what it’s like to sleep on. It reads:

Absolutely fantastic! I have been tracking my sleep for close to 5 years, and within the first two weeks I had multiple “100% sleep quality” nights in my birch mattress. Great sleep is worth every penny.”

Sleep tracking is quite common these days considering the precious activity greatly affects how we perform. It’s great to read that the Natural Mattress delivers on comfort, but in search of some backup, we headed over to a website called Slumber Search to see what its team had to say. Here’s what they thought of the mattress:

  • Customer satisfaction: 9.1/10
  • No back pain: 9.2/10
  • Price value: 9.4/10

The focus here is on back pain, which, if you have it, you know the kind of mattress you have can make a huge difference. At the end of the post, there was one Birch Living review from a shopper with a different requirement: no chemical smell. It read:

I knew I wanted an organic mattress because I get worried about the smell from a lot of the foam beds out there. We stumbled on Birch and wanted to give it a try. So far it’s been really good – zero smell. Feel is medium / medium firm.

When adding the mattress topper, others describe it with the feel of a “fancy hotel” mattress, and honestly, they had us at “hotel.” With the Organic Mattress Topper adding extra squish, those who like things a little softer get an ultra-luxe experience without the need to buy a new mattress.

Since we’ve got a pretty good idea of what the Natural Mattress is like to sleep on, we turned our attention to a Birch Living review on The Sleep Judge. This time, the post was about the Organic Pillow. Of what it’s like to sleep on, it read:

The Birch pillow responds very quickly to pressure and features a bouncy feel that gives you more of a floating feeling rather than a sinking one. I think the combination of latex and wool was smart since Birch was going for the bouncy feel.”

An airy, supportive, and sustainable alternative to memory foam pillows, the Organic Pillow is thoughtfully made for comfort without the overwhelming feelings memory foam pillows can sometimes cause.

Overall, the feedback for Birch Living, and Helix, was very positive. It looks like this brand pumps out bedding that’s as comfortable as it is sustainable. It doesn’t disappoint.

Is Birch Living Legit?

Birch Living Review

Part of the deal for this Birch Living review is that we tell you about any red flags that pop up while we snoop around the web for the lowdown on this brand. After checking a few sources, it became very apparent that no flags exist here.

Sure, no company will ever be completely flawless, but what we’re interested in are trends and alarming numbers. Birch boasts an A+ score on the BBB and glowing reviews across the web.

Is Birch Living Worth It?

Birch Living Review

Sometimes you land on a company that just wants to do good—for the world and its customers. Birch is one of those companies. They’ve got just about every certification, perk, and service you could ask for and makes it incredibly easy to buy sustainable, safe bedding.

Giving you no reason not to make the swap, this forward-thinking brand comes highly recommended.

Birch Living Promotions & Discounts

Birch Living Review

It wouldn’t be a mattress brand if it didn’t offer deals, so while we made our way through the site for this Birch Living review, we kept an eye open for all that popped up. Here’s what we saw:

  • Join the mailing list to get $400 off + 2 free Eco-Rest Pillows when you buy any mattress
  • Refer a Friend: They get $425 off, you get a $50 Amazon gift card
  • Discount for military, students, teachers, and first responders
  • Free US shipping

Where to Buy Birch Living

Birch Living Review

You can find this brand at all CB2 locations, but if you want to take advantage of all of its deals, the best place to shop is right from


Birch Living Review

Who owns Birch Living?

Owned by the modern mattress brand Helix, the same company that owns Allform mattresses, Birch Living was launched in 2019 by Jerry Lin, Kristian von Rickenbach, and Adam Tishman.

How firm is the Birch Living mattress?

The Birch Living mattress clocks in at a 6-7 on a scale of 10. If you prefer a softer mattress, add the organic mattress cover. The cover will make it a 4-5 on the scale.

Is Birch Living organic?

The cotton that Birch Living uses is organic. Breathable and moisture-wicking, it’s GOTS-certified for environmentally and socially conscious manufacturing.

Does Birch Living ship internationally?

Birch Living ships within the US and to Canada. Canadian shipping fees will vary depending on what you order. Though some items ship for free, see below for the prices of the ones that don’t:

  • Mattresses: $250
  • Wood Frames: $175
  • Foundations: $175
  • Adjustable Base: $250

 Your final total will also include local duties and taxes.

What is Birch Living’s Shipping Policy?

Once you place your order online with Birch, its team will get it ready in 5-10 business days. The brand ships items separately, so if you ordered more than one thing, you’ll receive shipping confirmations for each as they get sent out. Birch Luxe Natural Mattresses can take 1-4 weeks to process.

Giving free standard shipping for US customers, Birch Living does not offer an expedited option. Once your order ships, you can track it via the link included in each product’s shipping confirmation email.

What is Birch Living’s Return Policy?

Birch Living offers a 100-night sleep trial for all of its products aside from the adjustable base. Here’s a rundown of how that policy works:

  1. It starts the day your items are delivered
  2. You must sleep on them/with them for at least 30 nights to break them in
  3. If you decide they’re not the right fit, submit a return request online

For returns of mattresses, once you start the return process, you’ll schedule a date for pickup and a team will come to remove it from your home. Be sure to take all of your bedding and sheets off to make this process as quick as possible.

After your mattress has been picked up and your items sent back, send over a photo of the hard copy receipt or a digital copy. When the brand receives that, they’ll credit your original method of payment. Refunds take about 5-7 business days to reflect in your account.

How to Contact Birch Living

Birch Living Review

We’ve reached the end of this Birch Living review. Now what? If you still have questions, you can get them answered via:

  • Website contact form
  • Website live chat feature
  • Schedule a call via the online tool

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