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Coaster Furniture Review

There are only so many rooms in a house, meaning that there’s only so much space to store stuff in. Plus, we can only possess so many things, and we can only have so much furniture. This means that we need to pick the best furniture possible and that’s exactly what Coaster’s goal is.

The brand’s expertly curated catalog has earned them over 13k followers on Instagram. Coming up in this Coaster furniture review, I’m going to check out the brand’s imports, products, and customer feedback. Plus, I’ll tell you where you can buy the items from its catalog.

Overview Of Coaster Furniture

Coaster Furniture Review

Coaster is an American furniture distributor that imports some of the best furniture from Asia and South America. All the products they sell have already passed the company’s stringent quality testing and durability experiments, according to the brand’s website

It began as a familyowned business in 1981 and has remained that way since. The company keeps its operations close-knit but its reach is wide. It has distribution centers and retail locations across the USA and select countries within North America.

Additionally, the brand plays a key role as the main furniture provider on the show Military Makeover. This program provides veterans with a home renovation and interior design resources.

Let’s explore a few other juicy details in the highlights section of this Coaster furniture review.


  • Importer and distributor of modern home furniture
  • A key feature of the Military Makeover show airing on Lifetime 
  • Stores are located across North America
  • Ranked as the #1 furniture distributor in the United States
  • Fast delivery times

Instead of using this Coaster furniture review to shine a magnifying glass on every product in the brand’s catalog, I’ll tell you about the broad categories of items that it sells. The company imports and distributes furniture for the bedroom, living room, dining room, office, and more.

It’s no surprise that the catalog includes the products you’d usually find under these classifications like beds, bed frames, nightstands, mirrors, ottomans, chests, benches, bookcases, shelves, bar tables, and more.

I also want to mention that the Coaster furniture catalog is further divided into four main subdivisions. Here they are:

  1. Coaster Everyday- common items designed for simple use with accessible designs
  2. Coaster Essence- finer products for the buyers with a more refined style
  3. Coaster Elevations- the highest quality Coaster furniture products that are still produced with the casual shopper in mind
  4. Coast Sleep: the company’s mattress-centered brand

Coaster Furniture Catalog Review

Now that you understand the Coaster furniture catalog in a broad sense, let’s peel pack the wrapping and see what’s inside the package. 

The items I’ll tell you about in this Coaster furniture review are notable for a few reasons. One, they’re among some of the most popular products in the brand’s collection. Two, they each possess distinct characteristics due to Coaster furniture’s selective importation process—meaning that it’d be difficult to find pieces like these elsewhere in America.

Third, well, I just like them a whole lot. And there’s nothing wrong with putting a little bias into my own Coaster furniture review, is there?

Coaster Furniture 4-Piece Full Panel Bedroom Set Grey Oak Review

Do you know how many people struggle trying to match their dresser to their bedframe to their nightstand only to blow their budget on subpar products? It’s actually a national emergency, but Coaster has swooped in with a hopeful cure. 

The Coaster Furniture 4-Piece Full Panel Bedroom Set Grey Oak includes a bed, a nightstand, a mirror, and a dresser all in gray oak. Their uniform look can promote harmony in your bedroom and give it a more comforting vibe than mismatched pieces would. 

This peace can prove especially helpful for those who have difficulty sleeping as it can make them feel more at home when it’s time to go to sleep.

The whole set is made from a combination of Asian and Tropica hardwood. Every piece has nickel accents that add some pops of shine without robbing the oaky finish of its homey quality. 

So if you’re looking to ditch the stress of finding complementary pieces and want that job handled for you, then I recommend you consider buying the Coaster Furniture 4-Piece Full Panel Bedroom Set Grey Oak.

Coaster Furniture Apperson 3-Piece Living Room Set Grey Review

The Coaster Furniture Apperson 3-Piece Living Room Set Grey can solve a dilemma that’s plagued us as a species since we lived in caves. Where do we let our friends sit when they come over to watch UFC on the weekends? Should we just let them sit on the floor like they’re dogs?

Coaster says “no.” And its three-piece set that includes a matching sofa, loveseat, and chair is the brand’s solution. Each piece is comfortable and supportive. They all have a feather blend seating construction so your rump can feel safe and sound while the pocket coil springs and spring deck provide more stability.

Furthermore, all of the pillows included in the Coaster Furniture Apperson 3-Piece Living Room Set Grey are reversible. So, if your buddy Jared has another accident and spills his drink onto one of the pillows then all you need to do is reverse the cover and the night can resume.

If you find this item appealing then check which Coaster location closest to you carries it.

Coaster Furniture 3-Piece Counter Height Set Nut Brown Review

The next item I want to highlight in my Coaster furniture review is another three-piece set. The Coaster Furniture 3-Piece Counter Height Set Nut Brown is designed for the kitchen or other high-traffic spaces. It has a counter-high table and two matching stools in a warm, rustic brown colorway.

The nut-brown color pairs wonderfully with the black leather seats that adorn the tops of the stools. These seats have tufted cushions for maximum comfort and some necessary rigidity seeing—especially since the stools don’t have backs. 

What I love about the Coaster Furniture 3-Piece Counter Height Set Nut Brown is how it has a classy yet casual vibe. It promotes intimacy (how can a set with only two chairs not?) but in a nonchalant way. 

You can purchase the Coaster Furniture 3-Piece Counter Height Set Nut Brown at your nearest Coaster retailer.

Coaster Furniture 10-Shelf Bookcase Antique Nutmeg Review

Everyone derives some form of pride from their book collection, whether it be from the books themselves, the memories they represent, or their unique covers. What many people forget is how much a good bookshelf can showcase your library—which is precisely what the next product in my Coaster furniture review does. 

The Coaster Furniture 10-Shelf Bookcase Antique Nutmeg has an asymmetrical layout that’s beneficial in a few ways. Firstly, it grants more space to books that need larger areas. Secondly, it can allow you to pair books of similar sizes and/or shapes together to give your library a better visual identity.

Thirdly, you can also store other decorations like potted plants and photos in the Coaster Furniture 10-Shelf Bookcase Antique Nutmeg’s more uniquely designed boxes.

Plus, the entire case has a black metal base that can support numerous encyclopedias and photo diaries. The nutmeg finish is also an attractive feature since the colorway gives the shelf a rural look.

Check out your local Coaster furniture outlet to see if it has the Coaster Furniture 10-Shelf Bookcase Antique Nutmeg in stock.

Coaster Furniture Upholstered Accent Chair With Casters Review

This chair is just begging to be sat in. I’m sorry if that’s a little forward, but you can’t tell me that the Coaster Furniture Upholstered Accent Chair With Casters doesn’t look like a chair you can spend an entire afternoon in. 

The reason for its appeal isn’t just its coziness, but also its sturdiness. Of course, the seat and rear pillow definitely help with the comfy factor, but this chair looks like it can improve your posture in no time because you’ll actually want to sit properly in it. The Asian hardwood frame can provide the firmness that all good chairs need.

I’ve spoken enough about the Coaster Furniture Upholstered Accent Chair With Casters’ looks that by this point I have to mention its visual flair. This chair is nostalgic for Victorian times but it also features modern touches like the cylindrical armrests. Its cream linen fabric is just as dashing, turning the item into a complete package.

You should be able to find the Coaster Furniture Upholstered Accent Chair With Casters at a Coaster furniture retailer near you.

Coaster Furniture Crystal Drop Shade Floor Lamp Review

The final item I want to highlight in my Coaster furniture review is the only lighting fixture I’ll be showcasing. The Coaster Furniture Crystal Drop Shade Floor Lamp has crystal drop shades that do more than make it one of the most interesting lamps in the company’s catalog.

These shades can also affect how light permeates through a room, giving it a totally different output than other lamps. Plus, the miniature chandeliers will add a touch of classiness to any space which is always welcome.

As with all the other products in this Coaster furniture review, the best place to look for this item is by visiting your closest Coaster furniture retailer.

Who Is Coaster Furniture For? 

Coaster Furniture Review

You’ll notice that I haven’t included prices for any of the products I listed in this Coaster furniture review. There’s a reason for that. You cannot buy the products directly from the brand’s website. You can only purchase them via its retail locations. So, those wishing to shop with this brand must be located within North America.

Besides that, Coaster is great for individuals who want to buy modern, timeless furniture that’s uniquely designed. These pieces are a great way to enliven and freshen up any space. Since the brand has many different sets for the bedroom, kitchen, or living room, those looking to purchase furniture in bulk may also appreciate Coaster.

Coaster Furniture Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Coaster Furniture Review

I didn’t find a ton of  Coaster furniture reviews online while conducting my research. So I’m not able to provide you with a list of ratings for various products. That means I can’t give you a numerical snapshot of what customers think about the brand. Thankfully, I was able to discover enough written reviews that discussed the overall shopping experience.

In a nutshell, there were three things I noticed in the majority of positive Coaster furniture reviews. Here they are:

  1. Speedy delivery times
  2. Responsive customer service
  3. Good quality products

Specifically, some people mentioned that Coaster is great at getting its orders delivered on time. People didn’t have to wait long before receiving their products. This was most likely due to the brand’s multiple warehouses that are capable of sending items across the United States. 

This was also the case when it came to missing parts. I read more than a few Coaster furniture reviews that mentioned that orders arrived without all the necessary components. However, thankfully, these were a few screws for the most part. Plus, some buyers complimented the company for how quickly it sent out these missing pieces.

Here’s one telling testimonial that explains just that: “In my only dealing with customer service, which was to request parts that were missing, everything went smooth as it should and the cs rep was polite.  Parts arrived quickly and to my surprise, they sent the full set of hardware.”

A few other buyers praised the quality of the products, saying that they were exactly what they were looking for to complete their bedroom, bathroom, or other living areas. This is how one happy customer described her purchase.

I received my living room set today and the quality is outstanding! The color matched perfectly. In fact, it was better than what I had expected.

And here’s a second Coaster furniture review that sings the praises of another product from the brand’s catalog. “The tiered metal/glass display shelf was just right for me.  Every piece fit together correctly, it is sturdy, attractive, and not too expensive.

However, I cannot conclude this customer feedback section without briefly telling you about some common complaints I read online. These included:

  • Products arrived in worse quality than advertised
  • Products arrived already damaged
  • Products did not last long

It’s worth taking into consideration that Coaster does not fabricate the furniture it sells. It merely imports and distributes the items. As such, it’s vital that you closely examine every product before you purchase it so that you don’t end up in a situation like any of the disgruntled customers I referenced.

Is Coaster Furniture Legit?

Coaster Furniture Review

I do believe that Coaster operates with the best of intentions. However, the brand’s customer satisfaction level and reports of products arriving in unacceptable condition lead me to believe that there may be some form of miscommunication between the brand and its suppliers.

So, I advise you to shop with caution when considering this company.

Is Coaster Furniture Worth It?

Coaster Furniture Review

The biggest advantage of Coaster is that it has such an overflowing catalog of items that you can surely find products to suit your needs. If you want a brand that offers you unmatched variety in regards to products then Coaster could be for you.

However, its customer reception and quality control dilemmas prevent me from wholeheartedly recommending it to you. That’s not to say that the company isn’t worthwhile, just that you should shop with your head and not your heart.

Coaster Furniture Promotions & Discounts 

Coaster Furniture Review

I wasn’t able to find any current promotions or discounts while researching for this Coaster furniture review.

Where To Buy Coaster Furniture

Coaster Furniture Review

You can use the store locator function on the brand’s website,, to find out which of its locations is closest to you. That’s the only way that you can purchase the brand’s items as they are not sold directly through its website.


Coaster Furniture Review

Who owns Coaster?

There wasn’t much reliable information about Coaster’s owner online so I couldn’t identify who leads the brand.

Does Coaster ship internationally?

Coaster can ship across the US and to some locations in Canada but it cannot ship outside of North America.

What is Coaster’s shipping policy?

All shipping and delivery queries must be handled by the store you’re looking to purchase from.

What is Coaster’s return policy?

Sadly, Coaster does not offer returns on any products. The only exception to this rule is if the items were damaged by the manufacturer, in which case you can contact the company to file a return claim.

How To Contact Coaster 

If you want to contact Coaster’s customer service team then you can either call the brand’s national customer service line at (877) 221-9666 or send a request on their ‘Contact Us’ webpage.

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