La-Z-Boy Furniture Review

About La-Z-Boy Furniture

La-Z-Boy Furniture Review

With over $1 billion in revenue in the last fiscal year, over 200 patents in furniture and homecare, more than 11k employees, and a history that stretches back almost 100 years, it’s weird to call La-Z-Boy lazy. It almost feels like their name is a joke as if to say “how can we be this lazy if we work this hard?”

Truth be told, they’re not wrong. This American furniture giant works hard so that you don’t have to. Whether that’s with their one-of-a-kind furniture, flexible delivery options, or their slew of customizations, La-Z-Boy strives to make furniture shopping as cushy as their sofas.

La-Z-Boy Furniture is available across the world, and its social media pages reflect its global reach and popularity. They have over 1m likes on Facebook and 42.2k Instagram followers.

Today, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about them so you can find out if they have the goods you’re looking for. My La-Z-Boy Furniture review will cover its practices, products, prices, and more.

Overview of La-Z-Boy Furniture

La-Z-Boy Furniture Review

Come 2027, La-Z-Boy Furniture will be around for 100 years. The company was founded by two cousins in Michigan, a manufacturing hotbed in the 20th century. Their first item was a reclining chair, which was a technical marvel at the time.

That chair proved to be so popular that La-Z-Boy Furniture didn’t expand its product line-up until over 40 years later. Nowadays, they craft all manner of home furniture products although they’re still primarily known for their founding creation.

The company makes great strides toward keeping its practices sustainable. They apply strict guidelines on both their local and international operations to do their part in building a better future.

Something else I want to mention in my La-Z-Boy Furniture review is that the brand has its own patented iClean fabrics. These fabrics are designed to prevent spills from settling into the material, prolonging how long it would take them to stain.

This means you should have more time to wipe up a spill without it turning into a full-blown stain. That’s just one example of the technology that La-Z-Boy Furniture applies to their craft.

That’s all fine and dandy, but let’s see what else the brand applies to their craft in the company’s highlights.


  • Astoundingly large selection of furniture including recliners, chairs, sofas, and more
  • Also offers design services to help you customize your space
  • A limited lifetime warranty covers certain products
  • Monthly payment and financing options are available 
  • Frequent discounts on many of their items
  • Some products are made with the brand’s sustainable fabrics and iClean technology

La-Z-Boy Office Chair Review

While La-Z-Boy made its name off of world-class home furniture, they’ve slowly been adding more office chairs to their catalog to meet customer demands.

Working from home has never been so popular, so let’s look at some of the chairs that can help you remain productive while you’re comfortable, or vice-versa.

La-Z-Boy Melrose Executive Office Chair Black Review

The first item I want to look at in my La-Z-Boy Furniture review is an online-only product. The La-Z-Boy Melrose Executive Office Chair Black is a professional and supportive chair, giving off the same vibe that any employee would want in their office space.

It has a smooth leather padding that’s comfortable to sit in but not so soft that you’ll feel sluggish. In fact, its sleek design might encourage you to work harder. Its ergonomics and low profile are optimized for a busy lifestyle.

Normally, the La-Z-Boy Melrose Executive Office Chair Black costs $439, but La-Z-Boy Furniture is offering it right now at a discount. You can grab it for $379.

La-Z-Boy Sutherland Quilted Leather Office Chair Review

This La-Z-Boy Furniture office chair is another online exclusive that offers a different vibe than the previous one. It has plush cushions for a relaxed seat, stitching details for a regal look, and a chrome base for a slight sheen. 

Thus, the La-Z-Boy Sutherland Quilted Leather Office Chair seems to hit every note you need when it comes to furniture: it’s functional, eye-catching, and classy. Oh, and I should also mention that it’s available for a discount.

Instead of costing $379, you can grab the La-Z-Boy Sutherland Quilted Leather Office Chair for a limited time at only $329.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Review

With the office chairs out of the way, how about we spend this section of my La-Z-Boy Furniture review looking at some traditional pieces of furniture? These items all rank among the best-selling items in the brand’s library. 

La-Z-Boy Weatherford Cornsilk Canterbury Table Review

There’s something about rustic furniture that sets my heart aflame. Maybe it’s how it can bring people together, how it’s made from different types of wood, or how it seems more personal than what you’d find at a store like Ikea.

The La-Z-Boy Weatherford Cornsilk Canterbury Table reflects all those qualities. Its style is as evergreen as its manufacturing, meaning that it should last you and your family for generations without degrading or looking tacky.

You can adjust this table to fit even the largest of families. It comes with two extenders that can stretch it from 70” all the way to 118”, which is enough for a feast and a half.

This table can only be ordered through certain La-Z-Boy Furniture locations. You can see which ones distribute this product on the brand’s website.

La-Z-Boy Reese Sectional Review

Let’s face it; houses are getting smaller, more people live in apartments or condos, and we just don’t have the space for multiple couches to fit everyone. Seeing that that’s the case, the La-Z-Boy Reese Sectional is a great item to accommodate all your guests. 

This sectional puts comfort and community first. Its shape invites conversation while its pillowy arms and reclining end pieces can help you lounge out with your buds. It’s so comfortable that you and your friends might skip out on the bar entirely.

What I love about the La-Z-Boy Reese Sectional is how much you can customize it. You can alter the product’s shape, the number of pieces, color, cushion type, and fabric.

All of these variables allow you to turn the La-Z-Boy Reese Sectional into your own personal sofa. Prices start around $8,806, except for now, when they can drop as low as $7,366 since this sofa is currently on sale.

Those prices change depending on how you customize the La-Z-Boy Reese Sectional, however.

La-Z-Boy Symmetry King Incline Fabric with High Footboard Bed Review

Many people just think of beds as simply being places to sleep, but they can be just as integral to your interior design as any other piece of furniture.

As such, allow me to present you with the La-Z-Boy Symmetry King Incline Fabric with High Footboard Bed. Its simple design can elevate your mattress’ appeal to have people practically begging you to invite them up to your bedroom.

It also contains solid oak for an earthy touch, recalling our innate desire to reconnect with nature. The oak can lend you more support when you need it at night. 

Since you can purchase the La-Z-Boy Symmetry King Incline Fabric with High Footboard Bed in a small, medium, or large, it’s not available made-for-order on the La-Z-Boy Furniture website. Instead, you’ll have to contact a store to get them to make it for you.

La-Z-Boy Pinnacle Mineral Rocking Recliner Review

The last item I’ll tell you about in my La-Z-Boy Furniture review is one that helped the brand earn its place in the market. They made their name off of reclining chairs to the point that most people call this category of products “La-Z-Boys” instead of by their proper name.

With that sort of brand recognition, you can expect the La-Z-Boy Pinnacle Mineral Rocking Recliner to be good. Turns out, it is. This La-Z-Boy recliner has an attitude and design that can fit into any living space. It’s just big enough to allow you to sink into it yet modest enough that it shouldn’t take up all the free real estate in your den.

And while the reclining aspect will appeal to anyone who enjoys relaxing (i.e. everyone on the planet), you should also know that this chair rocks. That’s not a joke. Literally, it’s a rocking chair. While you can’t recline and rock it at the same time, it does make the La-Z-Boy Pinnacle Mineral Rocking Recliner a multi-faceted piece of equipment.

Depending on how you customize the La-Z-Boy Pinnacle Mineral Rocking Recliner, it can cost as little as $1,599. It won’t always stay that affordable, because soon it’ll return to its regular price of $2,199.

Who Is La-Z-Boy Furniture For? 

La-Z-Boy Furniture Review

La-Z-Boy Furniture isn’t just for people who want to kick their feet up and fall asleep while watching Monday Night Football. Their wide selection and efforts to cater to modern sensibilities mean that even young people in tight living spaces can find a use for La-Z-Boy Furniture.

Their goods are also great for interior designers who want more control over their furniture. The brand allows you to customize some of its products, so I recommend going to La-Z-Boy Furniture store if you want to build your own home aesthetic from scratch.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

La-Z-Boy Furniture Review

Here are the customer scores from some of the items I’ve highlighted in my La-Z-Boy Furniture review. All of these ratings are taken from the company’s website:

  • La-Z-Boy Weatherford Cornsilk Canterbury Table: 5/5 stars based on 3 reviews
  • La-Z-Boy Sutherland Quilted Leather Office Chair: 5/5 stars based on 1 piece of customer feedback
  • La-Z-Boy Pinnacle Mineral Rocking: 4.8/5 stars based on more than 885 reviews

I’ve also collected some La-Z-Boy Furniture review scores from a few different websites to give you a broader view of the brand:

  • SlumberSearch: 8.1/10 average score based on 171 ratings
  • ProductReview: 3.9/5 stars based on 382 ratings
  • Influenster: 3.6/5 stars from 49 reviews

The brand was praised for the depth of its product selection. Many people said that they went to La-Z-Boy first because they felt that they could find whatever they needed from the company.

One happy customer wrote: “La-Z-Boy has the nicest selection of couches and chairs for your home, everything is also always comfortable, normally things are priced pretty well but when they have a sale you can get some stuff for amazing prices.”

People also mentioned how tough the products were. Couches and sofas were routinely complimented on how long they lasted with customers. That’s what this buyer had to say: “Every La-Z-Boy item I’ve owned has lasted years and never loses its style. The material is always super durable and comfy!”

The company’s customer service squad received ample recognition from customers too. Folks said that the workers were happy to explain to them the ins and outs of certain products and answer any of their questions.

I’ve included one final customer La-Z-Boy Furniture review that encapsulates what most people fawned over: “This company is a good stop for those wanting good design on a budget. Their products do last for a long time, and they are an amazing company to work with!”

Overall, there’s a reason La-Z-Boy has successfully been in business for so long. Customers everywhere seem to love the company’s products and their experience with them.

Is La-Z-Boy Furniture Legit?

La-Z-Boy Furniture Review

Seeing as how La-Z-Boy Furniture is such a massive entity, I found that most of the negative reviews could be attributed to individual practices rather than representing the brand as a whole. Given that, I think that you can find what you’re looking for with La-Z-Boy Furniture.

Is La-Z-Boy Furniture Worth It?

La-Z-Boy Furniture Review

Furniture shopping can be a headache that can lead you to buy overpriced and underdeveloped products. That doesn’t seem to be the case with La-Z-Boy Furniture.

Their furniture is modern, reliable, and comfy. That being said, I definitely think you should check them out if you want chairs or tables that will last you a long time.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Promotions & Discounts 

La-Z-Boy Furniture Review

Did you ever want a La-Z-Boy Furniture Cleo Ottoman for only $679? How about a La-Z-Boy Furniture Joel Rocker Recliner for $869? If so, then look no further than the sales page on the La-Z-Boy Furniture website. There, the company regularly offers discounts on some of its products.

Swatch fans, make sure you’re sitting down when you read this. You can earn a free swatch with any order. Sorry, make that three free La-Z-Boy Furniture Swatches. You even get to select which ones you want. 

See, I told you you’re going to want to sit down, and with the discounts La-Z-Boy Furniture is offering on their office chairs, you can pick up something to sit on. Oh, you thought that the savings ended with the swatches? Think again. La-Z-Boy Furniture are currently running a promotion on their office chairs. You can save up to $70 on certain chairs. 

Where to Buy La-Z-Boy Furniture

La-Z-Boy Furniture Review

You can find La-Z-Boy Furniture stores near you by using the store locator function on the brand’s website.


La-Z-Boy Furniture Review

Who owns La-Z-Boy Furniture?

La-Z-Boy Inc. is a publicly traded company operating out of Michigan.

Does La-Z-Boy Furniture ship internationally?

You can order La-Z-Boy Furniture from websites across the globe. Access their international webpage to see which items are available internationally.

What is La-Z-Boy Furniture’s Shipping Policy?

Shipping is tricky to calculate with La-Z-Boy Furniture because you’ll be purchasing from select dealers. These dealers handle the shipping time and fees, meaning that you’ll have to speak with one of their representatives if you want further information on your order.

What is La-Z-Boy Furniture’s Return Policy?

Most La-Z-Boy Furniture products can be returned to the company up to 30 days after purchase. This doesn’t apply to mattresses. They have a 100-day trial period where you can see how your sleep improves with them.

How to Contact La-Z-Boy Furniture

You can contact La-Z-Boy Furniture by calling them at 1-800-375-6890 or filling out a customer service form on their website.

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