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About Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow Wagyu Steak Review

Crowd Cow lets customers take control of their meat choices, giving you the option to select the type of meat, the cut, the farm it was raised on, and how it was raised. 

Publications like Forbes, The New York, Times, Food & Wine, and Fortune have all done a Crowd Cow Wagyu Steak review, applauding the brand for their fresh take on farm-to-table meat. 

The brand’s Instagram and Facebook pages also boast 82k and 74k followers each. 

This Crowd Cow review will take a close look at the brand and some of their most popular meats, provide customer feedback, information on deals, and more to help you decide if their new-age approach to meat aligns with your values. 

Overview of Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow Wagyu Steak Review

Crowd Cow started in 2016 as a way to connect meat-eaters and farmers. Founders Ethan Lowry and Joe Heitzberg wanted to create a better, more affordable, and more personal way to eat meat. 

At launch, the brand’s business model was essentially selling parts of a cow to individual customers, or “steakholders.” When enough customers had bought into a cow, it would then be processed and shipped directly to them. 

Though the brand does not operate the same way today, they do still prioritize the connection between consumer and farmer. 

In supporting local, small-scale farms, the brand provides details on each farm and its farmer’s history, highlighting their ethical and environmental practices. 

The company operates out of their headquarters in Seattle, Washington, but they partner with farms across America, and more recently, Japan.

Before we dive headfirst into some exciting information on exactly what you will find when buying from the brand, this Crowd Cow review will fill you in on the brand’s pros and cons: 


  • Offers a vast selection of meat, including beef, chicken, pork, and more exotic options like bison and seafood
  • Also offers desserts, dog treats, and other non-meat products
  • Provides detailed information on the farms and the meat
  • The brand has a recipe section for inspiration available on their website
  • No subscription box minimum, boxes can be one-time purchases 
  • The brand’s bundles help you save and get variety in your diet 
  • Customers report extremely high-quality meat
  • Promotions include 5% off for subscribing members, and new members get free bacon forever


  • Only available in the 48 contiguous states

Where does Crowd Cow get their meat from? 

Crowd Cow Wagyu Steak Review

Crowd Cow wants their customers to know all about the meat they eat. Incredibly high-quality (like what you’d find at a high-end restaurant), the company’s meat is sourced from independent farms across the US and Japan where the animals are treated ethically. 

Is Crowd Cow wagyu real? 

Crowd Cow Wagyu Steak Review

At the start of 2021, Crowd Cow began importing legitimate Japanese Wagyu beef to America. The beef is shipped from the farm right to you in the same way as all of their meat. 

Wagyu is a delicacy that is hard to come by. Crowd Cow has become the “largest single importer” of Wagyu beef, as noted by an article in Food and Wine. 

Does Crowd Cow come frozen? 

Crowd Cow Wagyu Steak Review

Crowd Cow beef is flash frozen. This means as soon as it’s been cleaned and trimmed, the portions are vacuum sealed and quickly exposed to ice, locking in their freshness. 

It’s important that the beef is frozen so it can arrive in top condition. Flash freezing ensures that no ice crystals gather around the beef, something that often leads to a tough texture and less-than-perfect taste. 

How Does Crowd Cow Work?

Crowd Cow Wagyu Steak Review

The most exciting part of Crowd Cow (aside from digging into their delectable protein) is designing your box, and the options are all enticing. 

Step 1: Build your Box

After scrolling through the many options that Crowd Cow has available, all we have to say is – wow! Pick out whatever looks good to you, whether that be Pasture-Raised Whole Chicken, Surf & Turf, Norwegian Atlantic Salmon, it’s all there and waiting for you. 

When you choose a meat, you might be able to customize your order further. Say the Flank Steak Pack tickled your fancy. You’ll then get to select whether you’d like your beef to be,

  • Pasture-Raised
  • 100% Grass-Fed
  • and/or Wagyu Cross

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see exactly which farm supplied the beef, providing information on their background along with the people who run it. 

The company takes things one step further, showing related recipes on each product page so you can imagine the possibilities with that particular cut. Once you’ve made your decision, add the item to your box and checkout. 

Step 2: Choose Your Schedule

You’ll get to pick exactly when you’d like your box delivered. We all eat meat at different rates: some of us eat it with every meal, while others like to enjoy it occasionally. No matter your diet, you can set your preferences based on your needs. 

Step 3: Become part of the Crowd Cow “Herd” 

As a subscribing member, you’ll get perks like 5% off of your order and free shipping for all orders that total over $99. 

Those in the herd also get first pick when the company releases new items, like the Crowd Cow Wagyu A5 beef. This means you’ll be notified and get early access to items non-subscribing members will have to wait for. 

If you want to try Crowd Cow out as a one-time purchase, you totally can. Simply choose not to subscribe at checkout. 

If you did choose to receive a recurring order, each of your subsequent boxes will be picked for you based on your preferences. Before your order ships, you’ll get to review it and make any changes. 

As a subscribing member, you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. You can also downgrade or upgrade your order based on your preferences that month. 

In the next section of this Crowd Cow Wagyu Steak review, we’ll go over the many exciting meat options that the company has available. So hang on to your seats, we’re about to dive into the Crowd Cow bestsellers: the Beef, Pork, Chicken, Wagyu, and Seafood subscriptions.  

Crowd Cow Beef Subscription Review 

There’s nothing quite like a satisfying steak. The whole, solid, strong feeling of beef is unmatched by any other protein. 

Crowd Cow wants you to have the best options when choosing your beef, so they have wonderful selections for both 100% Grass-Fed and Pasture-Raised Beef. 

Within the 100% Grass-Fed Beef section, you’ll find cuts from the entire cow. That means shanks, rump roast, short ribs, chuck, sirloin – you name it, they’ve got it. 

They also include multiple formats of beef, like hot dogs, burgers, stew portions, and stir fry portions. The options are truly fantastic and it seems like Crowd Cow has taken every occasion and meal into consideration (sirloin steak and eggs for breakfast anyone?). 

The Pasture-Raised Beef options are similar, with some intriguing extras including pastrami, prime rib roast, and Italian-style roast beef. 

Crowd Cow Pork Subscription Review 

The Heritage Pork section has everything you’d hope to find. Fabulous selections of thick-cut bacon, a melange of sausages, and the ever-popular pork belly

Crowd Cow’s Pork also has your everyday favorites like sliced ham, pork cutlets, pork chops, and tenderloin, as well as a few out-of-the-ordinary surprises tucked in-between. 

Crowd Cow Chicken Subscription Review 

Crowd Cow Cooks Venture Chicken is a great year-round meat. Whether you like to roast it whole or grill it up, this meat is an extremely versatile lean, clean protein

The company makes it easy for you to cook by arranging for the chickens to be cleaned and cut in a manner that suits a variety of cooking methods, including,

  • Whole
  • Spatchcock
  • Thighs
  • Breasts
  • Wings
  • Ground

With all this variety, it’s no wonder that there are so many Crowd Cow Pasture Raised Chicken options.

Take a look at the recipes section of this Crowd Cow Wagyu Steak review for some added inspiration.

Crowd Cow Meat Subscription Review 

Welcome to the leader in luxury beef. In the Wagyu section you’ll find a few options for the farms and types of high-quality Wagyu available:

  • Kagoshima 
  • Miyazaki Gyu
  • Crowd Cow Olive Wagyu beef
  • Kobe
  • Crowd Cow A5 Beef

These categories offer different cuts of Crowd Cow marbling meat, like strip loin, filet mignonette, ribeye, ground beef, and many others. 

So far, over 59k “steakholders” have supported Kagoshima farms alone. They also carry Crowd Cow American Wagyu as well as the Crowd Cow A5 Wagyu from Japan, so you know you’re getting the most legitimate form of this fantastic marbled meat.

Crowd Cow Seafood Subscription Review 

Seafood is a surprising addition to Crowd Cow’s offerings. Their sustainable seafood features wild-caught, fair trade, and organic selections of a wide variety of fish and shellfish.

Some items that caught our eyes include the wild Atlantic sea scallops, wild black cod collars (apparently one of the best parts of the fish), wild ahi saku block, and wild Alaskan king crab legs. 

This Crowd Cow Wagyu Steak review notes that in each category, Crowd Cow offers bundles to mix and match different types of proteins. 

For example, the Taste of Everything Box gets you a little bit of this and that: a whole chicken, sausages, ground beef, salmon, and striploin. 

Crowd Cow Recipes Review

With all of the incredible options listed, your mind is probably stirring with ideas for summer barbecues and date-night surprises. 

Perhaps you’re one of the people (like us) that want to get cooking but need some inspiration. We’ve compiled 4 recipes just for the occasion, all taken from Crowd Cow’s recipe section. 

Pink Peppercorn Roasted Salmon

This simple and quick to prepare recipe is perfect for lazy, hot summer nights. All you need are ingredients you most likely already have in your cupboard (aside from the pink peppercorns, but they’re easy enough to track down). 

Ingredients: Salmon filets, pink peppercorns, lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper, asparagus (steamed and lightly seasoned). 

Prep & Cook: Crush the pink peppercorns and mix them with salt, pepper, and a squeeze of lemon on a plate. Press the salmon in the mixture, coat it well, then sear it for three minutes a side in a medium-high pan with olive oil. 

Pan-Seared Skirt Steak with Garlic and Thyme

If you’re short on time and want a delicious meal, look no further. All you need to do is add your favorite starch and veggies. This quick and easy recipe takes under 20 minutes to prepare:

Ingredients: skirt steak, vegetable oil, garlic cloves, thyme, butter, salt, and pepper. 

Prep & Cook: Peel, smash, and mince the garlic. Set aside. Pat your steak dry, then season with salt and pepper. Add a dash of oil to your pan and heat it to med-high. Sear your steak for 2-3 minutes per side. 

In a separate pan, melt the butter, add garlic, and thyme, cook for 4 minutes or until it turns golden. Pour over your steak. 

Soy-Glazed Kalbi Ribs

Rich, complex flavors saturate these beef ribs during a 2-4 hour marinade. Kalbi ribs are thin and cook up fast in about 3-4 minutes per side. Prepare this recipe in the afternoon for an early dinner. 

Ingredients: Kalbi ribs, brown sugar, soy sauce, water, mirin, onion, Asian pear, garlic, dark sesame oil, black pepper, green onions (for garnish). 

Prep & Cook: Combine all of the ingredients and marinate for 2-4 hours. After marinating, turn on your grill to medium-high heat and cook for 3-4 mins per side. 

Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken

This fun recipe is a perfect appetizer for dinner parties or late-night snacking

Ingredients: (Chicken) Chicken breast, eggs, sweet potato flour, vegetable oil. (Marinade) soy sauce, garlic, brown sugar, Chinese 5 spice, mirin, ginger, sesame oil (Seasoning) Chinese 5 spice, white pepper, smoked paprika, red pepper powder, salt. 

Prep & Cook: Combine marinade ingredients and add cubed chicken. Let sit for 30 minutes. Combine seasoning ingredients and set aside. Beat eggs in one bowl, place sweet potato flour in another. 

Heat oil to 400 degrees F in a medium pot. Dip your marinated chicken chunks in the egg, then coat in flour. Place chicken in oil, fry for 4-5 minutes or until golden brown. 

How Much is Crowd Cow?

Crowd Cow Wagyu Steak Review

How much you spend at Crowd Cow is entirely up to you. You have the power to customize your box to your needs. 

There are so many different cuts and types of meat that it’s impossible to list all of the combinations here, but the company does offer some pre-assorted boxes that would keep the average household (2-4 members) stocked up for the week:

  • Taste of Everything Box $101 ($96 for members)
  • Proud Pescatarian $115 ($100 for members)
  • You Had Me at Paleo $100 ($85 for members)
  • Mediterranean Medley $112 ($107 for members)

Single cuts of meat range in price as well, from $8-$140 (pork vs. Wagyu)

Crowd Cow Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Crowd Cow Wagyu Steak Review

So far, we’re pretty excited about what the brand has to offer. But, no Crowd Cow Wagyu Steak review would be complete without hearing from their customers

Ahead, you’ll read reviews taken from the brand’s website, Trustpilot, and Reddit, all shedding some light on what Crowd Cow’s boxes are really like. 

While doesn’t have a rating system, they do list a host of customer testimonials, with many singing the company’s praises, especially when it comes to the service, packaging, and taste of the meat.

One buyer was very pleased from start to finish: “We want to thank you SO much for letting us know what’s happening all the way across the board. When it was shipped, put on truck and delivered! That’s wonderful service and we’ve never known anyone that would to that – THANK YOU!”

In a Crowd Cow Wagyu Steak review on, a self-proclaimed meat-lover bought and tried a selection of meat from the brand. 

Of the Ribeye and Top Sirloin, they wrote that it was  “deliciously juicy and great quality.” The real kicker is the burgers, as the review confessed they were “the best…ever made.” It’s good to know that though the prices may be high, the quality is worth it. 

Speaking of high prices, that’s the only negative this Crowd Cow Wagyu Steak review points out, noting, “it’s a little pricier than what you see at the grocery store.” But, the author closes out on a good note, ultimately recommending the brand. 

We wanted to include a review site that gave star ratings, so we turned to Trustpilot. We’ve included the source for the sake of variety, but readers, please keep in mind there are only 28 reviews for Crowd Cow on Trustpilot, and is not enough to give an accurate depiction of the brand. 

One happy customer noted the difference in Crowd Cow’s chicken thighs compared to ones bought at the grocery store. 

The review reads, “they were delicious, I never knew there was that much difference in taste compared to store bought.” This certainly makes us wonder what we’ve been missing out on.  

A Reddit thread discussed Crowd Cow’s quality and expense, the two factors that are truly important when buying meat. There’s a debate about if the meat is indeed worth the price, but the scales are tipped towards a resounding YES. 

One of the Redditor’s spoke favorably of the brand: “The meat is exceptional quality compared to store bought. The sous vide packaging is a nice touch. If you buy a large enough share the shipping is waived.” It’s these little details that make all the difference.

This is certainly an important part of deciding whether or not to buy from Crowd Cow, but there aren’t any other comments that mention this. 

Is Crowd Cow any good? We came across many customers who sing the brand’s praises and report high-quality, delicious meat. 

Is Crowd Cow Subscription Worth It?

Crowd Cow Wagyu Steak Review

If you love meat, care about where it comes from, and want to help the environment, then yes, Crowd Cow is worth it

We love that the company is so inclusive, supplying a wide range of meats and non-meats, including Crowd Cow Japanese Wagyu A5, Crowd Cow Bison Meatloaf, and even plant-based proteins, dog treats, and dessert. 

We’ll admit that the boxes are a little expensive, but we like what this company has to offer, as well as their service overall. Their entire business model is transparent, helpful, and fresh. 

We understand that Crowd Cow may not be an option for everyone weekly, but the company tries to make it accessible for every budget, setting no box minimum, offering a range of cuts, and not requiring customers to subscribe. 

Crowd Cow Promotions & Discounts 

Crowd Cow Wagyu Steak Review

This Crowd Cow Wagyu Steak review is happy to report the following deals:

  • 5% off for subscribing members
  • Free shipping for members on orders over $99
  • New Members get free bacon forever!
  • Get 1lb of Wagyu beef free in every box over $99
  • Give $25, get a $25 Crowd Cow promo code (refer a friend)

How do you become a Crowd Cow member? 

Crowd Cow Wagyu Steak Review

Becoming a Crowd Cow member is very straightforward. All you need to do is head to, and click on whatever looks good to you. 

You can shop the different sections, adding whatever strikes your fancy to your box. Once you’re done shopping, create an account, choose a recurring box, the frequency you’d like your box delivered, and checkout. 


Crowd Cow Wagyu Steak Review

How much is a Crowd Cow membership?

A Crowd Cow membership is free. By becoming part of the “herd,” you get 5% off your order, plus free shipping and other perks. 

How do I cancel Crowd Cow?

To cancel your Crowd Cow membership, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your account on the brand’s website
  2. Click ‘Cancel your Membership’ 
  3. Choose whether you would like to postpone your shipment or cancel altogether
  4. Share your feedback if desired 

How much is Crowd Cow shipping?

Crowd Cow only ships to the 48 contiguous states. They ship their boxes with FedEx Ground shipping, with 1, 2, or 3-day options. 

Shipping for orders under $149 costs $13 in 1-2 day ship zones and $20 for those located in 3-day ship zones. Shipping is free for one-time orders over $149, or member orders over $99. 

How long does it take for Crowd Cow to ship? 

It takes between 1-3 days for Crowd Cow orders to ship depending on where you live. The company has said that 90% of its orders arrive on time, the other 10% get there 1 day after the delivery estimate. 

What is Crowd Cow’s Return Policy?

Because Crowd Cow’s products are perishable, they cannot be returned. If your order arrived in an unsuitable state, be sure to contact the brand ASAP to let them know. 

How to Contact Crowd Cow

If you need any other information that this Crowd Cow Wagyu Steak review did not include, you can get in touch with the brand by emailing [email protected] or calling (206) 539-0639. Customer service hours are 6 am – 7 pm PST Monday – Friday.

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