Daily High Club Review

About Daily High Club

Daily High Club Review

Ever wanted to explore an expansive headshop without leaving the comfort of your home? Well, now you don’t have to. With the growing online world comes a headshop experience that you can access right from your cozy couch. Daily High Club is a variety-packed online shopping experience made to enhance your next (or first) sesh.

As a new yet up-and-coming online store, Daily High Club reviews and general hype have been growing like weeds. With features in well-known places like Forbes, High Times, Civilized, Huff Post, and Buzz Feed, it’s no wonder this company has managed to gain 802k followers on Instagram practically overnight.

The real question is: just because it’s right for others, are their products right for you? Stay tuned in to my Daily High Club review to find out.

Overview of Daily High Club

Daily High Club Review

Daily High Club is an online headshop run by a parent company known as High Tide USA Inc, beginning in 2021. With headquarters in Signal Bay, California, the founder of Daily High, Harrison Baum, wanted to give customers the same kind of convenience with headshop offerings as one can find with any online shopping experience.

With plenty of variety to choose from for both expert and novice smokers, Daily High Club has been gaining recognition (and top-notch reviews) since their launch. Here are a few of the company’s top highlights and more reasons why they stand out:


Daily High Club Review
  • 15% off discount code available
  • Subscription boxes
  • A variety of products & accessories
  • Nearly 150k verified Daily High Club reviews
  • Keep up to date via newsletter
  • 14-day return window
  • Free US shipping on some items
  • Discreet shipping
  • Exclusive monthly glass designs
  • International shipping on some items
  • Member pricing

Daily High Club Box El Primo Review

Daily High Club Box El Primo Review
Daily High Club Box El Primo

The Daily High Club Box El Primo is one of this company’s top-selling subscription options. With plenty of great monthly subscription packages, the El Primo is a customer favorite for its fun and versatile items. Including a combination of essentials and one-of-a-kind collector items, you’ll love receiving this Daily High Club box each month.

Among the ever-changing variety of accessories in the El Primo, you’ll always be sure to receive tools like lighters, air fresheners, rolling papers, and cleaning products brought to you by brands like Formula 420, Juicy Jay, and Little Trees. With over $100 of items delivered to your door, you can’t go wrong. Prices and subscription options can be found below.

  • One-time purchase: $50/box
  • Pay-per-prder subscription: $30/box
  • 3 orders prepaid subscrption: $28/box
  • 6 orders prepaid subscription: $27/box
  • 12 orders prepaid subscrption: $26/box

Daily High Club Smoking Accessories Review

Daily High subscription boxes are popular – but so are their accessories, if only because they’re versatile, inexpensive, practical, and just plain old awesome. By showing you this company’s best-selling subscription box, I wanted to give you an idea of what loyalty rewards look like. But now, I want to showcase Daily High Club’s best-selling accessories.

Daily High Club Eric Khan Rose Beaker Bong Review

Daily High Club Eric Khan Rose Beaker Bong Review
Daily High Club Eric Khan Rose Beaker Bong

The Daily High Club Eric Khan Rose Beaker Bong is a collaborative project that features a bong adorned with Eric Khan tattoo art! With each bong being different from the next and using exclusive glass, this 7” high bong offers a smooth experience and a 14mm bowl. Enjoy your sessions with quality and beauty using this gorgeously decorated bong.

With its transparent glass, green rim accents, and assorted flowers, this bong is one-of-a-kind and retails for $50.

Daily High Club Dab Rig Kit Review

Daily High Club Dab Rig Kit Review
Daily High Club Dab Rig Kit

The Daily High Club Dab Rig Kit is the perfect essentials package for the start-up smoker. Including everything you need to take off on your maiden voyage, the Dab Rig kit comes complete with a bong, torch, vape swabs, and bowls, all ready to go for an enjoyable sesh. 

This kit is perfect for beginners or gifts and is totally affordable, selling for only $100.

Daily High Club Eggplant Dry Pipe Review 

Daily High Club Eggplant Dry Pipe Review 
Daily High Club Eggplant Dry Pipe

The Daily High Club Eggplant Dry Pipe is the perfect pocket-sized asset for having a sesh on the go. With its hilarious cartoon eggplant emoji design, this purple pipe has great Daily High Club reviews and a fun and funny look. Our favorite part is its subtitle, “Not a Dick.” Just in case you were confused.

At just 6.5”, this little guy can be carried anywhere you go and retails for only $30, down from its regular price of $40.

Who Is Daily High Club For? 

Daily High Club Review

Daily High Club is a fun and colorful way for routine smokers to enhance any sesh while collecting one-of-a-kind and exclusive headshop merchandise. Their products and accessories appeal to new and experienced smokers due to their wide variety of services and offerings.

Daily High Club Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Daily High Club Review

This fun and artful company has gathered a mass of attention and f loyal followers. Most Daily High Club reviews on the company website are typically 5/5 stars. But are these top-notch reviews the same everywhere? I wanted to find out.

To get the best possible idea of the average Daily High Club review, I went digging elsewhere so that we know whether or not they’re a reliable subscription retailer or if their accessories really are up to snuff and worth your dollars. First, I started by compiling a list of ratings on some of their best selling products:

  • Daily High Club El Primo: 5/5 stars out of 415 customer reviews
  • Daily High Club Eric Khan Rose Beaker Bong: 5/5 stars out of 83 customer reviews
  • Daily High Club Dab Rig Kit: 5/5 stars out of 46 customer reviews
  • Daily High Club Eggplant Dry Pipe: 5/5 stars out of 14 customer reviews

Next, I headed over to the Better Business Bureau, where Daily High Club reviews are detailed and informative. With a C+ rating and an average of 3.93/5 stars out of 15 customer reviews, this company’s customer service is being given an above-average standard. Check out this 5-star review to see what I mean:

“I am on my 2nd month for their subscription box and unfortunately the glass piece was broken when I opened the box. I found an email for their customs service with a quick picture and an email exchange I received new tracking for a new glass piece! Quick customer service and very nice!”

After I checked out those impressive Daily High Club reviews, I went over to a platform called “Top 10 Box Subscriptions” (and, no, it’s not just a YouTube video or Buzzfeed article), where this headshop company showcased 7 total user reviews and an average rating of 7.7/10

With a mass of subscription boxes out there, I thought this was pretty good, especially considering this final verdict:

“Daily High Club is an excellent choice for smokers looking for a more convenient and discreet way to stock up on essentials and explore the exciting world of smoking accessories. The smoking supplies this service provides are high-quality and hard to come by and the subscriptions are surprisingly affordable.”

Last but not least, I found a Daily High Club review at Hail Mary Jane, where they did an in-depth feature on this company and their offerings. After going over the best (and worst) aspects of Daily High, this is what reviewers had to say:

“Another cool thing about DHC is that you can always ‘go back in time’ and get some of their most popular boxes. If you missed out on something cool, they might have a few that you can order… Of course, if you’re on a subscription, then you can just look forward to getting one every month. Overall good value, good products and a very nice delivery service.”

After a good long look at the variety of different Daily High Club reviews out there, I feel that this headshop website offers a true blue opportunity for their subscribers to get tons of excellent and helpful smoke swag at a reasonably low price.

A few reviews out there weren’t as top-notch as others; by this, I mean some folks weren’t willing to sign back up for another subscription after their initial experience. But overall, the loyalty and praise for Daily High Club are all good!

Is Daily High Club Legit?

Daily High Club Review

Daily High Club is a legitimate subscription service that has collected nearly 150,000 verified customer reviews – you’re safe to give them a go!

Is Daily High Club Worth It?

Daily High Club Review

With entirely affordable merchandise and great subscription box value, I’d have to say that Daily High Club is worth it.

Between their variety of selections and all their customer reviews complimenting the value of their services, it’s hard to ignore the bang-for-your-buck you’ll get by investing in Daily High Club subscriptions and accessories.

Daily High Club Promotions & Discounts 

Daily High Club Review

Good news! Daily High Club offers frequent promotions and discounts on their products – even some of their best-selling stuff. And, right now, you can get 15% off any bongs by using their Daily High Club discount code at checkout.

Where to Buy Daily High Club

Daily High Club Review

Since Daily High Club offers specific service and subscription options, the only place to get their goods is directly from their website.


Daily High Club Review

Who owns Daily High Club?

The parent company of High Tide USA Inc owns Daily High Club. The parent company was founded in 2021, while Daily High Club itself was founded by Harrison Baum.

Does Daily High Club ship internationally?

Daily High Club can ship internationally on a few items, but not all. Each product or accessory does specify in bold text if they cannot ship that particular item internationally.

What is Daily High Club’s Shipping Policy?

Daily HIgh Club offers shipping worldwide on any products that ship from their warehouse. Customers are responsible for shipping costs, which will apply at checkout.

For some products and services, Daily High Club offers free shipping within the USA! Each accessory and box varies and will specify whether or not it qualifies for free shipping. While they cannot say how long it will take for your package to ship, they offer a USPS shipping code for you to keep track of your package’s whereabouts.

What is Daily High Club’s Return Policy?

Daily High Club wants its customers to be 100% satisfied with all orders. That’s why they offer a 14-day return window for customers to initiate a return, or send the product back for any reason, so long as it is unused.

Customers are responsible for the shipping costs of their return packages.

How to Contact Daily High Club

Daily High Club Review

It’s super easy to get in touch with Daily High Club – just email them using one of the below addresses, and they’ll get back to you right away!

  1. [email protected]
  2. [email protected]

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