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Done ADHD Review

Done ADHD is an online consultation service providing support, assistance, and medical advice to those who are experiencing ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) symptoms. By offering a quick assessment, followed by a prompt diagnosis by a doctor, Done ADHD works to supply appointments, delivery services, prescriptions, and consultations through a subscription-based program.

Characterized by inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity, ADHD is the most common mental disorder among children and teens. The condition may continue during adulthood resulting in an impaired quality of life when not treated. A recent systematic review and meta-analysis published in the Journal of Global Health found that the prevalence of ADHD in adults during 2020 was 6,76%. A considerable number bearing that many cases are underdiagnosed

As described in a review article published in Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology, untreated ADHD can affect relationships, work efficiency, and the prospect of being hired. Plus, it increases the susceptibility to addictions, anxiety, and depression with a higher propensity to car accidents and suicide.

Fortunately, most ADHD can be successfully treated. Favorable outcomes rely on effective diagnosis and management. Done ADHD provides a telehealth alternative for those in need of affordable and efficient treatments from the comfort of your home

With a brand ambassador like NFL player JT Thomas III and a sturdy lineup of medical professionals, this Done ADHD review found the company provided a trustworthy experience. Done also has an impressive and well-curated social media following. Added bonus: this company has a lot of positive reviews online.

If you’re looking for a contemporary and professional approach to medical care, Done ADHD might just be it! In this Done ADHD review I’ll explore what benefits and support they offer, how they stand up to their competition, what the pros and cons of the service are, and of course, if this service is worthy of your loyalty (and your dollars).

Overview of Done ADHD

Done ADHD Review

Done ADHD serves as an online, subscription-based treatment program focussing on ADHD diagnosis and continuing support. Based in the San Francisco area, the company operates with a diverse team who offer expertise in various specializations, and are scattered throughout the USA.

Done ADHD’s mission statement is, simply put, empowerment. They are driven to diagnose, treat, and support those who struggle with ADHD, and feel that people who deal with its symptoms are underrepresented in society, and more specifically, inside the workplace.

A recently published study by researchers at the University of Groningen explored the impact of ADHD in the workplace. 134 adults diagnosed with ADHD participated in the study. Results showed that 20-23% had been fired, had attendance problems, and performed poorly in job evaluations. In addition, 55-69% reported not being able to efficiently complete their assignments and not being able to work at their potential. The authors concluded that targeted screening for ADHD symptoms at the workplace could detect and provide support to those who struggle with this condition.

Of course, this Done ADHD review wouldn’t be complete without an outline of some of the highlights of what the service has to offer, and what sets it apart from other companies. And so, here they are:


  • Generally cheaper compared to competitors
  • Costs fit inside the monthly fee, so no surprising additional charges
  • Uses telehealth delivery so all of their communication, sessions, and services are conducted online
  • Prescription delivery service is provided in some states
  • 2-day free shipping
  • Profile set up and diagnosis is quick and easy
  • Requesting prescription refills is accessible and straight-forward
  • Booking appointments is efficient with a scheduling platform that is said to get you a consultation within the week

Done ADHD Review

Done ADHD Review

Let’s now go into a little more detail to give an overall Done ADHD review, with a look at their services, pricing, availability, and distinctions from other similar services. Although Done ADHD doesn’t have a variety of subscription types available, they do have many optional offerings included within the subscription, which we will go over.

First, let’s talk about the convenience and appeal of Done ADHD’s services. These days, online services are among the most sought after and highly demanded, so the fact that Done ADHD is online by nature is a big win. This provides flexibility with the needs and schedules of subscribers, and allows for each person to decide their own level of demand for the service.

A literature review published in the Journal of Attention Disorders analyzed the available data regarding the efficacy of telemedicine in the treatment of ADHD. The authors concluded that telemedicine is well-accepted by users and practitioners and provides positive outcomes while being cost-efficient. However, most studies were conducted on pediatric patients with ADHD. Studies in adults are warranted. 

The appointments and treatments that Done ADHD offers are hassle-free and quick, which can best be compared to alternative sources of treatment, like psychiatry and psychotherapy. As a subscriber, you can choose to have regular appointments, or none at all. Depending on your diagnosis and health practitioner, you’ll have treatment options as well.

With an accessible, straight-forward website and an approachable array of offerings, Done ADHD keeps the process simple. From the moment you initiate a diagnosis request and the selection of healthcare professionals at your disposal, to the follow-up appointments you can keep up with regularly, this company makes the experience as smooth as possible.

Done ADHD Review

This may sound fine and dandy to most, but this quick-and-easy process may not be for everyone. If patients suffer from more extreme symptoms, or need regular urgent care, they’re likely better off with an in-person doctor and a more intimate support system, since Done ADHD can only guarantee a response within 24hours of a request or question.

Okay, now let’s talk prices. Bear with me here, the cost breakdown might seem complicated at first, but from what I can tell, it’s only like that when you subscribe. Once you’re all signed up and have initiated your first appointment, it’s a simple monthly payment plan.

After you’ve completed your questionnaire, and the medical doctors on staff think your ADHD diagnosis is likely, your job is to book an initial appointment. The cost of this appointment might seem kind of steep at $199. However, this is a one-time fee. After the first appointment, you’ll be required to pay a monthly $79, cancellable at any time.

A few other costs include their non-refundable $20 deposit upon booking your first appointment, which is deducted from the initial $199. If you’re going to cancel, make sure you do it with more than 48 hours notice beforehand, or you won’t get it back. Also note that treatment costs are not included in the subscription and range from $40-$80 per month.

One more glaring thing you should take away from this Done ADHD review is that they don’t accept insurance for appointments or memberships. However, depending on your insurance coverage, medication for treatments may be covered, just requiring the copay you would regularly pay at a pharmacy.

How Does Done ADHD Work?

Done ADHD Review

Done ADHD has one bottom line, and it’s to help those who struggle with ADHD manage their symptoms through support and treatment. The first step to getting a diagnosis is taking the 1-minute, 6-question assessment provided on their website. If they recognize a diagnosis, they’ll prompt you to book an appointment online with one of their licensed healthcare practitioners.

Done ADHD reviews your information and, if diagnosed, moves onto the subscription sign-up process. They ask for a non-refundable sign-up fee, which is deducted from the initial one-time membership fee. Once you book an appointment, you won’t be charged the remaining fee until 48 hours beforehand. With less than 48 hours cancellation notice, this fee is non-refundable.

Done equates their services to psychiatry, but with less cost and commitment. In essence, their appointments are 25 minutes long, where one of their specialists will curate a treatment plan, create a schedule, and help you set future goals. While you are required to have the initial appointment, it’s not mandatory to schedule a monthly meeting to get prescription refills.

After the initial start-up fee, Done ADHD charges a monthly fee, which doesn’t include the treatment cost, which typically lands in the form of a prescription. The subscription provides access to a 24/7 care team, an online prescription refill service, free treatment delivery, and a detailed health dashboard to stay up-to-date with your progress.

Who Is Done ADHD For?

Done ADHD Review

Done ADHD is for adults who find themselves overburdened with ADHD symptoms. While their reach is not limited to one market, Done channels its promotional energy towards working professionals, speaking to the difficulties some might have when trying to focus in the workplace.

This includes, but is not limited to, trouble that might arise between ADHD patients and their coworkers through misunderstanding and disconnection due to undiagnosed ADHD. Done also touches on working professionals being misunderstood, and possibly even fired, for having an undiagnosed ADHD condition.

Done ADHD Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Done ADHD Review

Done ADHD’s online presence is fairly widespread, with a lot of comments and feedback regarding their services and consistency. Next in this Done ADHD review, you will find a handful of customer reviews so that you don’t have to go digging around yourself!

TrustPilot had plenty of Done ADHD reviews, with 68% positive, 5-star feedback. Their negative results on this website all seemed to come down to their communication being limited and oversold. However, the good reviews all pertain to Done’s simple, easy, and non-judgemental approach.

One positive review noted: ““Easy service, saves so much time. Worth it! My experience with Done has been great. I live in Socal and have been with them since around April. My ADHD provider is great, a lot better than the one I tried through Kaiser.

The reviewer added: “I had some trouble getting my prescription at first (stock issues) but I tried different pharmacies and finally found a good Walgreens after reading Yelp reviews. The support team was helpful through email and usually got back to me within a day or two. Have some patience.

Done ADHD Review

All of the feedback found on the website has great ratings, with an average of 4.8/5 stars, and a 97% recommendation rate. The positive feedback mainly pertains to the swift appointment and prescription-renewal process, and the general aftercare support. It’s great to see such consistency and positivity with the feedback here.

One reviewer wrote: “I’ve been a patient with Done for about six months now, and my experience has been overwhelmingly positive. With the exception of a couple minor hiccups (none of which delayed or impacted my care in any way), it’s been smooth sailing for me personally.

They went on to say, “My prescription has been renewed on time each month, and I’ve never run out of my meds. My first provider was difficult to reach, but the doctor I’ve had for the past five months or so has been fantastic. I really appreciate that I can see my provider from home; it’s so much easier to just step away from my work computer for 15 minutes.

They summed up their review positively: I’m so much more focused and organized at work, and my life as a new parent has been so much more productive! Telemedicine is one good thing to really blossom during this pandemic, and I’m so glad I found Done.

Done ADHD Review

Another evaluation platform,, has a collection of Done ADHD reviews that range from bad to average to great. This website certainly has the most conflicting encounters with Done’s services, with a lot of individual reasoning for the variety of experiences, such as personal conflicts with specific care providers.

One positive review reads: “I’ve been using Done for about 8 months now. I am very content with this service! The support team responded quickly and was committed to helping me with my request for an accommodation letter for my job.

This reviewer noted some drawbacks: “It’s easy to request refills, but you can only request a refill within 7 days of running out of meds and sometimes the request takes 3 days to process. The other drawback is there are too few appointments with providers available. I have to remember to schedule a month or more in advance (which is hard for an ADHD brain to do).

Overall, the good Done ADHD reviews certainly outweigh the bad. The information gathered shows that most disgruntled subscribers expect more out of this service. However, given Done’s low cost, their availability seems to meet their value. Those who are happy with the service seem supportive of their delivery, simplicity, and no-frills approach.

Is Done ADHD Worth It?

Done ADHD Review

Overall, after perusing Done ADHD reviews and cataloging their services, it’s certain that Done is a fairly simple, entry-level membership commitment. Given the cost, it stands up to its value. While there are a handful of reviews out there that take their services down a few pegs, this might be expected of any program that has as few frills as Done ADHD does.

If you want a more detailed and heavily monitored program, Done ADHD might not be for you. Having seen what’s out there, it seems there’s an online-based service that meets every level of demand. Done ADHD keeps it real by using an uncomplicated, low-demand process with convenient results and consistent follow-up. Those qualities alone make them valuable.

Done ADHD Promotions & Discounts 

Done ADHD Review

From the information provided regarding this Done ADHD review, it appears their only promotion currently offered is that their initial start-up cost is less than their competitors.

Perhaps in the future this company might get on board with loyalty discounts for folks who have been with them a long time, or who use them more frequently than others.

Where to Buy Done ADHD

Done ADHD Review

Since Done ADHD is a medical service that collects your personal information and provides a consultation process directly from their website, the only way to sign up, register, or subscribe to Done is on their website.


Done ADHD Review

Who owns Done ADHD?

Unfortunately, the answer to who owns Done ADHD is not entirely clear, nor is the answer to who founded the company. We do know that Done was originally founded in 2019 by a team of former Stanford University, Kaiser Permanente, and Facebook employees.

Their large team of clinicians includes a few key contributors highlighted on the website:

  • Dr. Les Tsang, MD
  • Harman Randhawa, PMHNP
  • Sussan Nwogwugwu, PMHNP

Which states does Done ADHD support?

It appears that, because of the diversity in individual states and what they offer for medical services and health care, Done ADHD is currently available in 30 states, which include:

  1. California
  2. Washington D.C.
  3. Florida
  4. Hawaii
  5. Illinois
  6. Michigan
  7. New York
  8. Ohio
  9. Pennsylvania
  10. Texas

Consult the full list here to check if Done operates within your state.

What is Done ADHD’s Privacy Policy?

Done ADHD’s privacy policy is mainly focused on their delivery of medical advice and medication – they outline the risks and benefits of telehealth services and technology. They also clarify that their services do not extend to minors, they request consent for controlled medication distribution, and summarize their policy on sharing the personal information of patients.

What is Done ADHD’s Refund Policy?

Done ADHD asks for an initial start-up deposit that is non-refundable. However, as long as you cancel your appointment 48 hours ahead of time, you may request a refund.

The monthly subscription can be canceled at any time. Once charged the monthly rate, that fee is also non-refundable, but they appear to make the cancellation process pretty easy and straightforward once you initiate cancellation.

How to Contact Done ADHD

On Done ADHD’s website, you can fill out their contact form. Otherwise, you can contact them via email at [email protected].

Keep in mind that based on their response reviews, they are not top-rated, so it’s hard to say how quickly they’ll get back to you, even if it’s of an urgent nature.

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