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Thuma Review

The best sleep comes easily. Leaving behind the chaos that the market can cause, Thuma launched with a plan to bring ease to comfort with minimalistic beds that give you the luxury of good sleep. 

Selling their strikingly simple beds, covers, nightstands, and frames, this brand provides serenity to any room that desperately needs it, selling their customers not only a comfortable bed but a calming experience.

Coverage from Forbes, New York Magazine, and Business Insider all speak to this leading platform bed frame and accessories. Their over 90k followers on Instagram shows just how loyal a fanbase they have. 

To those looking for a sleek and stunning bed set, this may be the place for you. Our Thuma bed review will cover the background, products, customer testimonials, and other important details about the company to help determine whether or not their reputation checks out and gets that coveted “worth the buy.”

Overview of Thuma

Thuma Review

Officially on the market since 2018, Thuma worked for years prior to perfect their perfect bedding set, putting full focus into the creation of the Thuma bed frame. 

Crafted around Japanese-style builds, this company’s goal from day one has been to match function and form to provide customers a bed that not only supports them but also looks great.

According to Thuma, the bed frame took over two years of prototyping before reaching the final design deemed good enough for the market. 

Designed in their San Francisco headquarters, this brand has since expanded their line to include other bedroom accessories as well as “gift shop” items for further comfort.

Their recent gift shop line contains the simplicity of their Thuma Japanese bed frame, sticking with simple and minimalistic fashions for all pieces. 

Looking for a home accessory not listed online? This company openly calls for customers to send in ideas for new products to add to their growing collection.

This company sounds great so far⁠—but we’ve laid out some pros and cons in this Thuma bed review to help see just how good this brand gets:


  • Offers their popular bed, frame, and accessories, in addition to a growing number of home décor pieces designed for simple comfort
  • Sustainably sourced with a focus on upcycled resources
  • Durable builds made to last
  • Recyclable packaging on all products
  • Trees donated and planted with every purchase made
  • Greenguard-certified products
  • Small-batch production to reduce emissions
  • Affirm payment options available


  • Difficult to move beds once built
  • Can be considered expensive

This Thuma bed review has provided some solid pros and cons, but it’s time to check out the products to get a closer look at the builds, styles, and prices of the pieces that are what this business is known for.

Thuma Review

This brand’s recent expansion of their product line beyond their popular Thuma Platform Bed has led to a larger list of favorites to show off in our article. 

Thuma products are sustainably made and VOC certified, meaning they offer any home better air quality. Save the environment and any room’s style with these high-rated products.

Thuma Bed Review

Thuma Bed Review
Thuma Bed

Starting strong with the Thuma Bed, this platform piece is made for extra support in all the right places. Thuma beds take any room to a new level – physically and metaphorically – as these platform beds are made for a heightened sleep experience.

Crafted with Japanese modeling practices, the Thuma platform bed frame contains no metal to remove any squeaks and creeks from your nightly routine. Designed to rest solely on wooden slats, this bed spreads the weight evenly to give any sleeper more support from their mattress.

No matter the size purchased (with Twin to Cali King sizes offered), The Bed comes with a Thuma PillowBoard in addition to the standard slats and frame for a complete and comforting experience. 

Color options for wood and PillowBoard are available to customize, allowing the appearance of the bed to best suit the room.

Prices depend on size, naturally. For reference of a standard size, the Thuma bed frame queen size costs $1,095.

Thuma Nightstand Review

Thuma Nightstand Review
Thuma Nightstand

Pair any comfortable bed with a solid partner like the Thuma Nightstand to complete the room. Designed to echo the simplicity and elegance of the brand’s iconic Bed, this piece draws inspiration from Japanese and modern styles to create an easy addition to any room.

Available in walnut and natural tones, The Nightstand is made entirely from upcycled wood with sustainable manufacturing processes used to craft each piece. 

Standing 20” high, this elegant nightstand comes with soft cork bottoms to protect both the piece and any flooring it’s placed on. 

Designed for a sleek and sustainable fashion, The Nightstand perfectly pairs with any bed, though we do recommend the Thuma frame startup for a synchronous style.

The Thuma Nightstand is available for $445.

Thuma PillowBoard Cover Review

Thuma PillowBoard Cover Review
Thuma PillowBoard Cover

Headboards are so often underrated in importance when it comes to bedding. The Thuma PillowBoard Cover allows a change of pace to a typically standard bedroom piece.

Crafted to perfectly fit the PillowBoards included in their bed frames, these covers easily zip on and off for quick cleaning or simple redecoration. 

With four neutral colors to choose from, this easy design keeps any bedroom style fresh both hygienically and fashionably. Available from Full to Cali King sizes, these $75 PillowBoard covers will warm up any room in tone and provide a clean place to rest your head while reading.

Thuma Bolster Review

Thuma Bolster Review
Thuma Bolster

Elevate the experience of the ever-cozy PillowBoard with the Thuma Bolsters. These simple pieces were created to add a bit of height to any lounging experience.

One previous complaint about PillowBoards regarded how low the pieces sat against the wall. Thuma heard the problem and delivered an easy solution with The Bolster

Made of lightweight material, this pair of pieces easily slides under the PillowBoard to add either 4” or 6” of additional height to the headboard. Get extra comfort and support by adjusting it to suit your needs.

Available in dark charcoal or light linen, these pieces are new to the market and are already sold out. Thuma offers an email notification list for when they’re available to keep customers up to date on this fun new addition.

Thuma Sleeve Review

Thuma Sleeve Review
Thuma Sleeve

Keep books within reach through the addition of the Thuma Sleeve. This simple fabric sleeve hangs from the bed frame to provide space for electronics and reading materials that you prefer to keep nearby.

A favorite of this Thuma bed review, this piece is crafted from 100% wool to maintain the soft and sustainable sourcing of the rest of this brand’s inventory. 

Whether it’s holding a phone, book, or laptop, this pouch provides the perfect spot to store things at a reasonable height. No one likes reaching out of the comfort of the bed to grab what they need.

Simple to install, this $125 sleeve just sits below the slats, letting the weight of the mattress and slats hold it in place. Items will hang above ground and take no space to store. It’s the perfect solution for a cluttered nightstand.

Thuma Favorite Hoodie Blanket Review 

Thuma Favorite Hoodie Blanket Review
Thuma Favorite Hoodie Blanket

Spend the day lounging and comfy with the Thuma Favorite Hoodie Blanket. Despite the name, this piece is all blanket and no hood, but that doesn’t mean it’s not just as comfy to snuggle into.

Made from upcycled cotton, this homey blanket is perfectly weighted to provide the cozy feeling we all love without being too heavy to lug around the house. 

At 78” x 56”, this blanket will easily suit any movie night or rainy reading day. Simple in design with all focus on the feel rather than the style, the $125 Thuma Favorite Hoodie Blanket was made for pure comfort.

Thuma Lounge & Leisure Socks Review

Thuma Lounge & Leisure Socks Review
Thuma Lounge & Leisure Socks

As a new addition to the store, we’ve included the Thuma Lounge & Leisure Socks in this Thuma bed review for their deviation from the rest of the typical stock of this company. 

Still based solely on comfort, these socks are cozy wherever you go, bringing comfort out of the home and into the rest of the world with every step.

Doesn’t matter if the day is spent lounging in sweats and socks or out doing chores, the Lounge & Leisure Socks were designed to hold their soft texture and shape through every wash. 

Crafted from recycled cotton, these socks come in white or heather grey to match your style, no matter the color palette you’re dressing in. Light and breathable, these one-size socks make every minute cozy. Add them to your cozy collection for $25.

Thuma Do Not Disturb Candle Review

Thuma Do Not Disturb Candle Review
Thuma Do Not Disturb Candle

To end our Thuma bed review product section on an interesting note, we’re showing off the Thuma Do Not Disturb Candle. Much like the tranquility of any spa, this candle was made to stop the stress and allow everyone to just breathe in the moment.

Crafted from essential oils of bergamot, sandalwood, and lavender, this light and earthy fragrance will easily transform any room into a den of peace and sensation. Available in two sizes, these pleasures for the senses will keep burning bright, lighting up every room. 

No one will dare disturb the peace created by these soothing scents when you light them up for a bit of a break. These 7 and 10-oz candles are available for $35 and $45 respectively.

What Is The Weight Limit On A Thuma Bed? 

Thuma Review

Get ready to be impressed in this Thuma bed review – this popular piece holds 1,500 lbs with ease. 

There’s no reason to worry about kids jumping on the bed causing strain, as these slats are made to stand strong. Just enjoy the time lounging in bed and know that this bed is made to last.

Who Is Thuma For? 

Thuma Review

Thuma products are made for those who appreciate a minimalist style. While not all customers will be pleased with simplistic designs, those who appreciate an easy design made sustainably and built to last will likely enjoy this brand and happily add their furniture to the household.

Made with natural colors and materials, Thuma adds a peaceful element of the outdoors to any indoor space and is designed to hold up against the test of time. The variety of sizes available speak to the diverse audience that these beds were crafted for.

Whether you’re shopping for a single bed or a California King, this company stands strong with their builds to assure you get a quality sleep.

Comparison: Thuma vs. Silk & Snow

Thuma Review

The bedding market isn’t a new one and with growing attention to the importance of posture and sleeping positions, companies selling these products have greatly expanded over the past ten years alone. 

One company that launched a year before Thuma was Silk & Snow, a Canadian bedding company based on the same sustainable mission of providing quality support through better resources.

Though both brands have their own following, which one should those seeking beds lean towards? This Thuma bed review has laid out a few points to consider while shopping:

  • Products ­– Both brands are known for their bedding, but Silk & Snow expands beyond simple frames and accessories to include specialized mattresses and blankets as well. 

This company’s weighted blankets and foam mattresses are bestsellers, with numerous customers praising the comfort and support of their products. 

When it comes to frames, the companies both use a slat method for building to even out the weight distribution of the bed itself.

  • Prices – Silk & Snow takes this one with ease. Their frames are easily half the cost of the Thuma products available, with simple platform beds being a third of the cost of Thuma’s Bed frame.
  • Materials – Thuma stays natural with all furniture products made from sustainable woods and other accessories crafted from cottons and wools. Silk & Snow works with similar materials but chooses to cover up the wooden aspects of their frames with polyester coverings. 

This doesn’t make a huge difference build-wise, but aesthetically it does create a different style for the room making it a personal preference.

  • Practices – Both brands proudly work with sustainable materials and practices to make their companies as eco-friendly as possible in the current market. 

When it comes to the frame, Silk & Snow is definitely the cheaper way to go. That said, their frames offer very different aesthetics with Silk & Snow sticking to soft fabrics and Thuma staying traditional with natural wooden frames. 

You can’t go wrong with either option as both use the same slat method to maintain a sturdy frame that will support an incredible amount of weight.

Thuma Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Thuma Review

Before buying, we all turn to ratings to ensure the product holds up to its appearance and description. 

Thuma bed reviews are easily found on the brand’s website with over 7,000 verified customer ratings. Customers on the company website rate all products with 4+ stars and high satisfaction. 

Commonly found in the reviews are comments regarding the build and design of larger pieces like bed frames. 

One review stated, “Really easy to put together. Very sturdy and looks great. Pillow board is a little smaller than expected but I really like the cushion feel and flexibility to move it when needed.

The detached PillowBoard seems to be a debatable topic as some love the ability to freely move the piece to their will while others would prefer an attached option. 

The PillowBoard’s lower height has also been a frequently-raised point, but the company has since confronted that issue with the creation of The Bolsters to raise the headboard to two different levels of elevation.

The bed frame constructs easily, making it a favorite amongst customers. One 5-star reviewer gushed about how easy it was to put together: 

Wow! Such a beautifully constructed bed. I put together a California king by myself. It was so easy, I didn’t even read the instructions. The only thing I don’t love is how the headboard pad isn’t secure in any way, but it’s not a dealbreaker… go for the buy. You won’t regret it!

As their frames are sold through the brand’s website, it’s difficult to find reviews on external sources. 

This company’s products have been discussed thoroughly on Reddit and many commenters on the online platform agree that the bed is well designed for a silent and peaceful experience.

One Redditor commented, “It’s silent during all bed time activities and has been super supportive compared to old metal framed platform beds I had. Definitely worth the cost.

The simple and understated design is well-loved alongside the durable crafting of the frame. Silent, sturdy, and easy to assemble, this piece has found a loyal fan base to build its brand.

One issue brought up with the build regards the difficulty involved in moving the frame once it has been pieced together. 

With that being said, adding pads to the bottom of the legs allows for an easier slide of the furniture and, let’s face it, most people prefer their beds not to move around too easily.

Is Thuma Worth It?

Thuma Review

Based on the research done in this Thuma bed review, we can safely say this brand is one to check out for any bedroom.

Built sustainably to last, these designs pull from multiple architectural elements to provide a quiet and steady frame that won’t disappoint. The numerous sizes available perfectly fit any room and the natural wooden style of their products add warmth wherever they’re placed.

If you have the money to afford it, this brand is an easy buy.

Thuma Promotions & Discounts 

Thuma Review

Thuma isn’t big on deals, but will occasionally offer holiday sales during Black Friday, Boxing Day, and other widely recognized sales dates. 

A constant promotion comes through their recommendations program which gifts $45 off to those you recommend and rewards an equal amount after purchase to those who first referred. 

Send off as many recommendations as possible to build up that discount and help others invest in a solid new bed frame.

Where to Buy Thuma

Thuma Review

Thuma stays solitary when it comes to sales. Their products are only offered on thuma.co without any direct retail partners to buy from. If you’re looking to buy this brand, their website is the place to go.


Thuma Review

Where is Thuma made? 

Thuma products are made in Vietnam. All designs are created at their San Francisco headquarters.

What is Thuma’s Shipping Policy?

Shipping is a quick and painless process with most deliveries completed in a span of 1 to 5 business days

This company currently only ships to locations within the US (not including Hawaii and Alaska – sorry!), but they hope to expand internationally in the coming years. Keep an eye out for any updates regarding this expansion.

Larger items like bed frames are shipped in three separate boxes to ensure pieces don’t become damaged during delivery. Night stands, however, come preassembled in a single box to make life that much easier.

Shipping times are able to be scheduled through contacting customer service with the subject line Schedule Shipping and the inclusion of your order number. Find the time that suits you best and easily arrange it with a few quick clicks.

What is Thuma’s Return Policy?

Need to schedule a return on a product? Thuma offers a return policy of 100-days risk-free for a full refund on larger pieces like bed frames and nightstands. PillowBoard covers come with a 14-day return policy and other accessories are all listed as final sale.

Whether it’s a bed, nightstand, or smaller accessory, returns are simple and only take a few steps:

  1. Email customer service within the 100-day limit
  2. Repackage the item in its original packaging
  3. Add on the prepaid shipping labels (you’ll be sent them through customer service)
  4. Ship them off

Once the item has been received, a full refund will be placed in the account linked to the purchase.

How to Contact Thuma

Thuma unfortunately doesn’t offer many ways to get in touch, but their email is always active and ready to answer inquiries. Just send a quick note to [email protected] and a customer service representative will be sure to get in touch as soon as possible.

It is always good to check out your options before buying. Here are some other mattress brands to consider in your search:

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