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Ferm Living Review

Furnishing your home can be overwhelming when there are so many companies marketing to you with different styles, practices, products, prices, and designs. 

When shopping around, it’s important to consider ethical production and materials, which is where Ferm Living comes firmly into picture. This home living brand was founded on creating wallpaper and has since grown to include furniture, décor, and home accessories for all ages.

Ferm Living has an impressive presence online with 984k followers on their official Instagram and a further 189k followers on their newer Ferm Living KIDS account based entirely on their new kids’ line.

This Ferm Living review will scour the internet to get you all the details on this brand. From reviews and ratings to products and prices, we’ll help you determine whether or not this is a brand to buy.

Overview of Ferm Living

Ferm Living Review

Ferm Living was born in 2006 from the founder’s need for some fun and functional wallpaper. While styling their house, Trine Andersen discovered nothing suited the style she was looking for so, rather than settling, she made her own. 

Beginning with limited cash and resources, Andersen marketed her 10 Ferm Living tapet (wallpaper in Danish) patterns in Denmark and over the past 14 years has taken storm with her creative, subtle, and striking home décor designs.

Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, this brand has since expanded to work with global artisans and small-batch manufacturers to get the best products for the best prices. The company works through sustainable sourcing, ensuring all items are certified eco-friendly.

Though it all sounds great when you read their story, how exactly do the products and services hold up in real life? We’ve searched around and laid out some of the biggest pros and cons for your consideration:


  • A wide variety of sustainably sourced and crafted items for furniture and décor
  • Sleek styles and designs
  • Sustainable materials
  • Certified ethical practices
  • Partnered with small-business artisans worldwide


  • Limited Ferm Living reviews
  • High prices compared to competitors
  • Delivery doesn’t carry items inside, only doing curbside drop off
Ferm Living Review

Pros and cons in this Ferm Living review come out fairly even, so let’s turn this article to some of their sustainably certified and stylish products.

Ferm Living Review

Feel at ease with your home décor through the simplistic styles of Ferm Living. Covering a variety of products, search through their site by room or product category. 

We’ve added some bestsellers to this Ferm Living review to give you an overview of some of their most popular products.

Ferm Living Pond Mirror Review

Make a splash with the addition of this stylish Ferm Living Pond Mirror to your living space. Open up the room with this organically shaped piece, crafted to appear as fluid as freshwater ponds.

Designed from mirror glass and a simple white metal frame, this piece’s design draws all attention as it balances form and function. Easily hung vertically and horizontally, this piece is easy to fit into your current décor. 

Furnish your space in a natural style and subtle color palette, bringing the beauty of natural shapes to the harsh corners of the indoors.

Easy to hang and care for, just use a soft cloth to clean off any dirt or smudges as they appear. This mirror will quickly grab the attention of any visitor, inspiring flowing conversation and envious glances.

Grab this stunning piece for $415.

Ferm Living Shelf Review

Mount your own Hanging Gardens of Babylon (or just some books and knick-knacks) with the Ferm Living Shelf. Avoid awkward corners or bulky bookshelves and let the natural beauty of these floating shelves enhance the room.

Crafted from three types of oak wood – smoked, oiled, or black – these shelves are quick to install and easy to move should you ever need to switch homes. 

Mix and match your oak options to create the shelf of your dreams and smoothly secure them in place with the included brackets. You do pay per board, so make sure you’re planning ahead or with room to grow when you buy your first shelf.

Build up your storage space with this stunning shelf for $95.

Ferm Living Plant Box Review

Keep the critters and little kids away from the garden with the Ferm Living Plant Box. Standing at just over 2 feet high, this box elevates your storage space giving you room to grow or store whatever you please.

This Ferm Living planter stands sturdy on four seemingly delicate legs, slimming the overall appearance of the piece. Forged from steel, this box perfectly slots into any corner or against any wall. Place it under a window to get your indoor garden growing year-round.

This piece is available in seven different colors, letting you match your room or accent. Go with a more standard black or white option if you don’t want it to stand out against the crowd. 

No matter what you choose, this piece will stand tall and firm, helping your garden (or storage space) grow in style.

Grab this for your home for $279.

Ferm Living Mustard Thin Striped Tent Review 

Fresh from their new KIDS section, the Ferm Living Mustard Thin Striped Tent is designed to be the perfect fort for any kids looking for an escape. 

Whether they want a reading room, a games den, or just a spot to hold their super-secret kids-only club, this tent offers the perfect space for fun and games.

Sitting at just over 3 feet tall, this easily assembled tent is quick to set up and just as simple to fold up for storage. Give your kid a space to relax and call their own with additional roll-down blinds over the front and back for extra privacy. It’s no adults allowed for a reason.

When playtime is over, simply fold it up and lean it against a wall until the next meeting convenes. The wooden frame is secure while the soft cotton fabric sidings keep the inside a cool temperature at all times. 

If your child is looking for a bit of sun, simply roll up the shade to expose the windows located on both sides. Mustard stripes not your style? This tent also comes in olive green and natural cream options.

Give your kids an imaginative play place for $169.

Ferm Living Chambray Shower Curtain Review

Leave behind the traditional cheap plastic curtains and add some class to your bathroom with The Ferm Living Chambray Shower Curtains. Available in six different colors, find a tone that matches your bathroom while providing more solid privacy for bathing times.

Made from a light chambray material, these Ferm Living shower curtains are back-coated with a water-resistant material to prevent water from spilling onto the floor as you’re splashing around. 

Lose all previous concerns about shower curtains sticking together and leaving gaps that let water through – with this brand’s curtains you and your bathroom are covered.

Solid colors provide privacy and a clean-cut style to the room, blocking the bath from view in one quick sweep of the curtain.

Add this Ferm Living shower curtain to your bathroom for $129.

Ferm Living Toilet Paper Holder Review

It’s a simple fact – pretty much everyone uses toilet paper. Why not display it in a simple fashion with the Ferm Living Toilet Paper Holder? Available in black, brass, or chrome options, find a style that suits your bathroom and make replacing the roll easier than ever.

Made with both form and function in mind, this piece offers elegance and grace with its slim triangular shape. 

The bottom side of the triangle opens up, simplifying the process of changing rolls when you run out. Just slide it open, put a new roll on, and close it up.

Hung by a simple wooden hook, the triangle easily moves on a 180-degree vertical axis, meaning it won’t break if someone tries to pull it up too far. Stunningly simple in fashion, this piece perfectly balances beauty and business.

Grace your bathroom with this helpful, new piece for $35.

Ferm Living Wire Basket Review 

We all have a use for baskets, so why not add some style to the storage container and make it one of the Ferm Living Wire Baskets? Whether you’re looking to store blankets, pillows, toys, or more, these baskets are made to stand strong and look stylish.

The Ferm Living baskets are crafted from iron wire, strengthening the pieces to hold even heavy wood for the fire. Add a bag to the inside and make it your newest trash basket or toss the dirty laundry in to make trips to the washer all that easier. 

No matter what’s thrown inside, this basket will keep its fashionable appearance and hold its steady form. Add it to your living room, bedroom, or anywhere else for $75.

Ferm Living Ripple Glass (Set of 4) Review

Transform an ordinary dinner into a dapper evening with the ever-classy Ferm Living Ripple Glasses. Sold in a set of four glasses, you’ll be set for family dinner or drinks with friends when you’re looking to impress with your chic home styles.

Mouth-blown, these molded glasses are one of this brand’s most popular pieces. The Ferm Living ripple style blew up on social media over the past few years with its unique geometric design

Strong in appearance and material, these glasses easily stack up for storage and will pair well with any meal or event. Doesn’t matter if you’re serving orange juice or gin, these glasses will elevate your drinks to a new level of luxury.

Available in smoke gray or clear options, these glasses are dishwasher safe to make clean up that much easier. Grab the style that suits your home and add some sophistication to every meal.

Get this 4-piece set for $55.

Is Ferm Living Sustainable? 

Ferm Living Review

Since their launch in 2006, Ferm Living is dedicated to working sustainably in all aspects of their company, be it materials, production, quality, and transport. All products are designed to be recycled upon the end of their life, with easy disassembly and reuse for pieces. 

Organic fibers, recycled materials, ethical forestry, and more are all tested and certified prior to manufacturing.

Who Is Ferm Living For? 

Ferm Living Review

This brand is for anyone looking to decorate or furnish their home with ethically sourced and sustainable pieces. From some comfy Ferm Living bedding to their new KIDS section, this company covers styles and designs fitting of any age.

The overall color palette does fall to more neutral and warm tones rather than bright pops of color. If you’re looking for vibrant neon pieces, then you’re better off looking around. 

For those seeking subtle and soothing styles that still have fun design elements to them, Ferm Living is the shop for you.

Comparison: Ferm Living vs. Wayfair  

Ferm Living Review

The furniture and décor business is booming, especially as people seek to restyle their homes during the pandemic. Just glancing over this Ferm Living review reveals how many possibilities are available for redecorating. 

However, this brand is far from the only company to offer home furniture and accessories – so let’s take a look at one of their biggest competitors, Wayfair.

Wayfair is one of the largest eCommerce markets for furniture and home décor. First launched in 2002, this company steadily grew and combined hundreds of their standalone sites into a one-stop shop in 2011 to become the largest destination for online home furnishings and décor. 

Built around convenience and supply, Wayfair has been one to watch through their constant expansion in stock and marketing.

We’ve focused on a few key points for you to help you best compare these two brands:

  • Products – Wayfair’s supply far out-does Ferm Living, there’s no competition here. Wayfair’s inventory is continually growing with categories in furniture, outdoor, babies, kids, renovation, appliances, pets, and more.
  • Materials – we’re giving this one to Ferm Living for their sustainably sourced materials and practices. Products are certified on numerous grounds and sustainability is key to their manufacturing process. Pieces are built to last and minimize damage to the Earth all in one.
  • Price – Wayfair wins this round through incredibly cheaper deals and promotions. What will cost $120 on Ferm Living is available through Wayfair for $35. A lot of it comes down to materials used during the production
  • Durability – While Wayfair is no slouch, we’re passing this title over to Ferm Living. Their products cost more, but they hold up well and are sustainably sourced. It’s no contest for this category.

Wayfair is the go-to for more stock at a cheaper price. Varieties in materials, colors, styles, and more are endless through this brand. If you’re looking for something more eco-friendly that was crafted from artisans with care, Ferm Living gets our vote every time.

They may not have quite the supply of Wayfair, but as evident through their new Ferm Living KIDS section, their stock is expanding as the company grows.  

Want to learn more? Then check out our full Wayfair Furniture Review and see how they stack up.

Ferm Living Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Ferm Living Review

Despite launching in 2006, Ferm Living reviews are quite difficult to find. The brand seems to slip under the radar when it comes to home décor, which is a shame considering the quality of the pieces available.

Standard rating site TrustPilot has this company listed under two names, both Ferm Living and fermliving.com, with both pages rated at 2.8/5 stars based on under 20 ratings per page. 

While the rating doesn’t look great, we can’t hold the score against them too strongly as the pool of reviewers is so limited.

While most reviews are in a variety of languages, the English reviews seem to be positive for the most part. One reviewer enthusiastically sang the company’s praises: 

Benchmark for home decor designs. I made purchases online back in the days in the States and all was good. Price could be relatively higher than competitors but designs cost!

The style of Ferm Living’s product line seems to be the main contender for this brand’s sales. Their ripple glasses flooded images on Facebook and Instagram, making them a popular purchase over the past few years. 

Their sleek Scandinavian designs attract all crowds with a simple, minimalistic style that works in any room.

On the Scandinavian Interior channel of Reddit, one Redditor commented, “I adore Ferm Living…. not gonna lie, literally drives me to work hard so I can actually afford their things.

Price is a fickle point, with many acknowledging that this company’s prices are higher than other competitors. That being said, their fun and fresh takes on Scandinavian designs make the cost worth it to most buyers.

Of all sources, Facebook lists the most Ferm Living reviews in one location, but even then, their 5/5 star rating comes from only 65 customers. 

Ratings from such a limited population make it difficult to get an accurate picture of the brand. Despite their high rating, many comments on the Facebook page don’t recommend purchasing from this business.

Not all negative reviews can be taken as clear signs against the company, with some not properly selecting the color they’d wished for or items breaking due to kids’ roughhousing (but blaming the company for not making them kid-proof).

While there are some clear issues with certain aspects of this company, not all reviews can be taken to heart. We’ve definitely seen the remarks of many a happy customer when it comes to their Ferm Living purchase.

Is Ferm Living Worth It?

Ferm Living Review

Based on this Ferm Living review, we have to give this company a yes when it comes to recommending them. 

The products, practices, and quality look amazing, but the limited number of reviews after over ten years in business makes us a little hesitant.

Here’s our advice, if you find a piece you love and you’re okay with the price (because they can be expensive!) then give it a shot and order it. Keep in mind larger furniture items will be delivered curbside so you’ll have to manage getting it into your home or apartment on your own. 

Smaller pieces seem to be safer to order on the first go, but if you find a big item you feel is worth buying, go for it.

Ferm Living Promotions & Discounts 

Ferm Living Review

Unfortunately, Ferm Living doesn’t offer many deals or promotions. Registering your email for the newsletter will provide you information on the latest products and any upcoming deals.

Where to Buy Ferm Living

Ferm Living Review

Convinced by this Ferm Living review to buy? You can order online from fermliving.us to receive your items in a matter of days. If you’re looking for other purchasing options, check out their retail partners for alternative prices on products and shipping:

  • The Modern Shop
  • Finnish Design Shop
  • Amara
  • Nordic Nest
  • Vancouver Special
  • Horne


Ferm Living Review

Where is Ferm Living based?

Ferm Living is a European company. Their headquarters are based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Where is Ferm Living made? 

Many Ferm Living products are made in their home base, Copenhagen. The brand does partner with artisans all over the world to celebrate small businesses and small-batch manufacturers alongside their pledge of sustainability.

What is Ferm Living’s Shipping Policy?

Wondering how your Ferm Living blanket is going to make its way to you? 

Shipping fees are always the ones that get us with those last-minute, unexpected fees. This company clearly states that costs can alter depending on your location, number of items, and volume of your order. 

If you’re getting something simple like one of the Ferm Living pillows, the costs should be less than if you were buying something like bulky bedding.

This brand does offer international shipping to a number of countries, but when it comes to the US, costs are separated into three zones. 

Zones 1 and 2 separate the majority of the US states, with Zone 3 being Hawaii and Alaska. Check online to find out what zone your state fits into.

As for costs and delivery timing, we’ve listed the standard fees below:

Zone 1

  • Standard Delivery Time, 1-3 business days
  • Priority Delivery Time, 1 business day
  • 48 Hour Delivery Time, 2 business days
  • Standard Costs from $20
  • Free shipping over $160

Zone 2

  • Standard Delivery Time, 2-5 business days
  • Priority Delivery Time, 1 business day
  • 48 Hour Delivery Time, 2 business days
  • Standard Costs from $25
  • Free shipping over $160

Zone 3

  • Standard Delivery Time, 1-3 business days
  • Priority Delivery Time, 1 business day
  • 48 Hour Delivery Time, 2 business days
  • Standard Costs from $30

No free shipping is offered in Zone 3 and shipping costs are calculated depending on the items ordered. Go to checkout with your items and input your delivery address to see your full fees.

Tracking numbers will be sent to your registered email once the package has shipped. Follow the link to follow your order. Simple as that.

If you spent your money on a larger order such as a Ferm Living rug or a piece of furniture, your order will be sent via a special courier. 

You’ll be contacted prior to delivery to ensure someone will be available to accept the order. Orders will be dropped off curbside due to Covid and you will be responsible for the furniture once it has left the delivery truck.

What is Ferm Living’s Return Policy?

Aside from anything made-to-order or any final sale items, you’re good to ship back any item within 30 days of delivery

Whether you ordered some Ferm Living wallpaper or just a blanket that didn’t quite suit the room as planned, you’re eligible to cancel your order for your money back.

If you’re unhappy with an order and want to ship it back, just follow these few simple steps:

  1. Contact customer service through email or phone (contact details found below)
  2. From the date of contacting customer service about your intent, you have 30 days to ship back the order
  3. Repackage your goods carefully (any shipping damage gets paid by you)
  4. Send your return to:

Ferm LIVING Inc.

c/o Leman

1860 Renaissance Blvd

Sturtevant, WI 53177


It’s recommended that you ship with a tracking service to ensure your package arrives safely and within the specified time span. Any shipping costs are paid by the customer. Prices are usually $30-60 but can vary depending on the carrier.

Full refunds will be issued upon receiving and processing the return. Shipping fees for standard shipping (not return) will be included in your reimbursement.

How to Contact Ferm Living

If this Ferm Living review has left you with any questions, make sure you get some answers by reaching out to customer service for a quick response with all the info you need. 

Please note if you’re trying to phone, customer service is located in Denmark. Make sure to account for the time difference when making your call.

  • Phone
    • +45 7022 7523
    • Monday – Thursday: 8.30 AM – 4 PM (CET)
      Friday: 8.30 AM – 3 PM (CET)
      Saturday – Sunday: CLOSED 
  • Email

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