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Flybird Fitness Review

Have you ever wanted to be so big that bears mistake you for their own kin? How about wanting to be so peeled that you would fit in with a banana factory?

Whether you’re looking to drop a few pounds off of your frame, add a few pounds to your biceps, or even add a few pounds to your bench press then drop said pounds on the ground after a vicious superset, Flybird Fitness should have the tools for you. 

They’ve been a powerhouse in the home fitness world since 2016, earning over 13k reviews on Amazon and shipping products to over 700k homes.

However, is your home the perfect spot for their essentials? Find out by reading our Flybird Fitness review where we’ll cover the brand’s history, their offerings, their customer reviews, and more. 

Overview of Flybird Fitness

Flybird Fitness Review

How did cavemen get big in the stone age? Why are farm boys usually so strong despite never setting foot in a fitness center? Why did so many of the world’s greatest professional wrestlers come from a grimy basement in Calgary, Canada?

These questions point to Flybird’s necessity. You don’t need a gym to get in shape. With that being said, it certainly helps to have access to the proper equipment. That’s the problem Flybird Fitness founder Shane Draw solved for himself. 

He suffered from allergic reactions to the smells in public gyms, prompting him to begin developing workout equipment he could use from the safety of his home. 

Draw took this idea and turned it into a full-fledged company in 2016. Flybird Fitness operates under the idea that fitness should be accessible for everyone, meaning they work to keep their products versatile, their prices affordable, and their mission clear. 

Flybird Fitness believes that bodybuilding is one of the best ways people can improve their health both physically and mentally. That’s why most of their products replicate the options that commercial gyms provide. 

With that, let’s look at some of the best things that the brand provides in the form of the highest of lights: 


  • Offers a list of multi-functional fitness apparatuses
  • Items are designed to be convenient for all living spaces
  • Free 30-day return policy
  • 1-year warranty on all products
  • Financing payment options are available 
Flybird Fitness Review

Though we won’t go in-depth on every product in this Flybird Fitness review, we will mention all their product categories. On the Flybird Fitness website you’ll find the following product options:

  • Weight benches
  • Dumbbells
  • Doorway pull-up bars

Flybird Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench Review

Here, we’ll provide an overview on one of the most foundational pieces in any home gym, the bench. These Flybird Fitness adjustable weight benches are some of the company’s most popular products.

A bench can be implemented for much more than just standard pressing movements. If you don’t believe us then just try working out on the floor and tell us how those dust bunnies taste.

Flybird Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench with Waist Pad Review

Much like a teenage boy’s heart, the lower back is surprisingly sensitive for the heavy loads it carries. A bad bench can impede progress. Worse even, it may further injure your lower back. 

It doesn’t look like the Flybird Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench with Waist Pad will harm your progress in any way. It has a 2” thick foam cushion for additional lower back support. This bench can support you from many angles since you can adjust it from a flat surface all the way to a seated position.

You can also adjust the foot positioning on this bench which opens up more exercise options. And when you’re not in the mood for exercising you can fold this bench up and store it away.

Its frame is made out of tough-as-a-two-dollar-steak steel. It can support up to 500lbs, which should be enough for you and the weights you’re lifting.

Complete your home gym with the Flybird Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench with Waist Pad for $196, though if you buy it now you can get it for a steal at $140

Flybird Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench FB139 Review

You can’t expect results if you’re relying on a foundation made out of lofty promises. The Flybird Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench FB139 doesn’t make promises it can’t keep; it only delivers results. 

This bench is great for hitting most muscle groups from an array of angles. You can target your abs, biceps, chest, shoulders, rear delts, front delts, side delts (are there any delts left?), and more thanks to the Flybird Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench FB139’s adjustable back and seating positions.

The other element worth mentioning about this bench is that it has a non-stick surface. Its tight leather coating can help you hold your position during your heaviest lift. 

Its steel piping framework can support up to 600lbs and be easily stored when not in use. We think you’re going to want to put this bad boy to good use if you want to see results.

See how juiced you can get by grabbing the Flybird Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench FB139 for $185. Act quickly enough and you may be able to buy it for the discounted price of $130.

Flybird Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench FB299 Review

Comfort and workout aren’t two words you often see in the same sentence, but our Flybird Fitness review writers like breaking the rules. Here’s our hot take: the Flybird Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench FB299 looks more comfortable than a reclining chair.

It is made of top-quality PU leather and has 2” of padding. Maybe that’s why it looks like the type of bench you can easily relax in. 

However, relaxing isn’t the name of the game here. This item can take you straight to gainsville with its 8 back angling options and 3 seat positions. That makes it a great canvas upon which you can paint your ideal full-body workout.

The Flybird Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench FB299 can hold up to 700lbs and can accommodate users both tall and short. That versatility alone leads our Flybird Fitness review writers to herald this bench as a great addition to your home gym.

Try it out for yourself for $220.

Flybird Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells Review

You can buy the world’s best squat rack, acquire the nicest weightlifting shoes available, and adorn your home gym (which you likely call the “dungeon”) with a dozen Bolt Thrower posters, but you’re not getting anywhere until you start actually lifting some weights.

That’s why this section of our Flybird Fitness review will cover the company’s adjustable dumbbells. Each of the products listed below features the same advantages.

The Flybird Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells contain a closet’s worth of weights in one dumbbell. These dumbbells can be adjusted via a dial system. That means that you only need one (or two, unless you want to be asymmetrical) dumbbell to cover a variety of weights. 

These dumbbells provide a visual indicator as to their current weight. You can increase them in 5-pound increments, promoting long-term progressive overload. 

They save a ton of space too. Why fill your house with 20 different dumbbells of different weights when the Flybird Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells can give you all the weight options you need?

They also come with a tray so that they won’t electric slide all over your floor. And they have a non-slip grip technology so you won’t put any holes into your living room.

Flybird Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell 25 LBS Review

The Flybird Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell 25 LBS is the best choice for beginners. They have a lower limit than other Flybird Fitness adjustable dumbbells but can still be a great tool to optimize your fitness.

These dumbbells can go from 5lbs to 25lbs. That’s a great range for anyone that’s just starting to get into fitness.

One Flybird Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell 25 LBS costs $138 regularly, but it’s currently on sale for $96. Likewise, a two dumbbell set costs $276 most of the time but its discounted price is $190.

Flybird Fitness 55lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Review

The Flybird Fitness 55lbs Adjustable Dumbbell is a more substantial offering than its 25lbs counterpart. This dumbbell starts at 11lbs but can be adjusted all the way up to 55lbs

That makes this dumbbell a better option for more advanced trainees who need heavier weights to get results. You can grab one Flybird Fitness 55lbs Adjustable Dumbbell for $260 though it’s currently on sale for $190.

Flybird Fitness 55lbs Adjustable Dumbbells (pair) Review

Our Flybird Fitness review writers and r/weightroom brethren recommend this product for people who are serious about making gains. This dumbbell pair has all the pros of the previously discussed products but having two of them means you can perform unilateral and bilateral movements.

The Flybird Fitness 55lbs Adjustable Dumbbells (pair) is available for $520, but people with fast enough fingers can grab them before the Flybird Fitness sale ends for $380.

Who Is Flybird Fitness For? 

Flybird Fitness Review

Flybird Fitness is for people who want to cultivate mass or work their cheeks off without entering a gym. The brand proves that you don’t need to access a state-of-the-art fitness center to improve your body. All you need is the right tools at your disposal. 

Flybird Fitness Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Flybird Fitness Review

Our Flybird Fitness review writers have our own opinions about this company, but we know the voices that really matter are those of the customers. That’s why we’ll be looking into what buyers think about the brand in this section.

Here are some of the product scores we gathered from the Flybird Fitness website:

  • Flybird Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell 25 LBS: 4.9/5 stars from more than 400 ratings
  • Flybird Fitness 55lbs Adjustable Dumbbells: 4.9/5 stars from close to 50 ratings
  • Flybird Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench FB299: 4.9/5 stars from nearly 40 ratings
  • Flybird Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench FB139: 4.8/5 stars from more than 500 ratings
  • Flybird Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench with Waist Pad: 4.8/5 stars from more than 270 ratings

Well, it looks like customers rated Flybird’s products quite highly! Many reviewers touched upon how versatile the brand’s products were. This 5/5 stars customer review touched upon how great the brand’s dumbbells were for their price: “Smoothly does everything I need it to and at a better price point than other companies.

Another happy review said that the Flybird Fitness 55lbs Adjustable Dumbbells were fantastic. They wrote, “I love the ease of the products’ usability! Not a lot of complex parts and assembly. Easy to use immediately out of the box. Convenient storage too!

Flybird’s convenience was another point that customers loved. They sang to the fitness gods about how nice it was to be able to stow away Flybird Fitness benches and dumbbells after they were finished working out. 

In fact, here’s what one fan said about the Flybird Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench FB299:

I use this product for weight lifting – sitting and laying down. Great for ab workouts. Much better than laying on the ground. The product is lightweight but is pretty sturdy. It packs up super small so that If you need to move it, it isn’t a difficult task. It is well made and overall, good quality, especially for the price point.

Customers said good things about Flybird Fitness on other websites as well. Flybird Fitness holds a strong 3.8/5 stars average from 4 customer reviews on TrustPilot.

Their products have garnered impressive scores on Amazon too. The Flybird Fitness Adjustable Bench has an average score of 4.4/5 stars from more than 13,000 customer reviews, while the Flybird Fitness Flat Weight Bench Exercise Bench Foldable for Strength Training has a resounding 4.6/5 stars average from over 100 customer reviews.

It’s safe to say that customers were happy with how Flybird Fitness helped them attain their peak physiques. 

These are the most common points of praise based on the testimonials our Flybird Fitness review team read:

  • Agreeable prices
  • Convenient in terms of storage and usability
  • Phenomenal versatility

Is Flybird Fitness Legit?

Flybird Fitness Review

The only issue our Flybird Fitness review writers could see coming up is for people who live outside of the lower 48 United States. That’s because the company cannot ship outside of those areas.

Otherwise, there doesn’t seem to be anything shady or distrustful about this company. They’re not operating under false pretenses like the guy in the gym locker room who keeps pushing you to “try his new pre workout.”

Is Flybird Fitness Worth It?

Flybird Fitness Review

There are three alternatives to the products we covered in this article if you’re looking to lift weights. They are as follows:

  1. Signing up for a commercial gym
  2. Buying rusty, used, and tattered weights from online auction places
  3. Finding the biggest rocks in your neighborhood and lifting them up 

Personally, we think that Flybird Fitness is a better option than all three of those. You can’t beat the company’s combination of convenience, price, and functionality.

Flybird Fitness Promotions & Discounts 

Flybird Fitness Review

You’re in luck if you’re looking to save on Flybird’s products. The company is currently in the midst of their holiday sale. Many of their products are available for up to 36% off of their original price.

You can save even more by using the code FLYBIRD when you check out. How much will you save? How does 10% sound to you, cowboy?

Another great way to save money when shopping with Flybird Fitness is by bundling together their products. A home gym requires more than just a single piece of equipment so you’ll likely need to buy more products anyways. 

You can save up to 35% by buying products like the Flybird Fitness Weight Bench FB149 and a pair of Flybird Fitness 55lbs Adjustable Dumbbells together.

Where to Buy Flybird Fitness

Flybird Fitness Review

Flybird products can be purchased directly from their website at


Flybird Fitness Review

Who owns Flybird Fitness?

Flybird’s owner is Shane Draw, the man who took his allergies and turned them into fitness and entrepreneurial success.

Does Flybird Fitness ship internationally?

Sadly, we discovered that the company does not ship internationally. 

What is Flybird’s Shipping Policy?

We have a bit of good news for our American Flybird Fitness review readers. The company offers free standard shipping to all 48 contiguous states. 

The company gets each order out of their warehouse within 2 to 3 business days. Then, it should take the package 5 to 10 days to reach its destination (i.e. your hands).

What is Flybird’s Return Policy?

You’ll have 30 days to return any Flybird Fitness product that is still in its original packaging and has yet to be used. Not included in this refund will be the original shipping charge.

How to Contact Flybird Fitness

The final piece of information in this Flybird Fitness review will be all the ways you can contact the company. You can email them at  [email protected] or text them at 253-733-1752. Their customer service lines are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PST Mondays through Fridays.

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