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DYU Ebike Review

DYU’s design concept, “intelligence in standard, design comes first” is telling of their innovative approach. Their ebikes are no doubt packed with smart features, but they pay serious attention to the little things that make them really stand out.

Features like a lightweight, foldable design were critical for the folks at DYU, as was a smooth riding experience. These two things are harder to achieve than you might think. But because the brand’s founder Leven Lee has been studying and designing ebikes for 10+ years, he has the design down pat.

Today, DYU is sold in over 60 countries and has more than 100 patents. In fact, they’ve sold 1M smart ebikes globally. No wonder the brand has been featured by the Global Times and RTL, or that in 2020 it landed on China’s Top 10 Li-ion eBikes list.

Whether you’re a city commuter or an off-trail adventurer, this brand has quite an impressive collection of ebikes for all. I’ll give you the scoop on their best-sellers here in this DYU ebike review, along with feedback, discounts, FAQs, and more. Let’s get things rolling with the highlights:


  • For city commuting or outdoor adventures
  • Innovative, smart design
  • Foldable & lightweight
  • 14-day free trial (no return shipping fees)
  • One-year warranty

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DYU Ebike Review

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DYU Ebike Review

DYU has a great collection of ebikes. Some are ideal for city commuting while others are for the adventurous at heart. Up next in this DYU Ebikes review, I’ll walk you through the details of their newest bike releases. Order now and you could save some serious cash. 

DYU T1 Review

City commuting can be hectic—especially when you’re on a bike. Potholes, traffic, and quick dashes can leave you feeling sweaty, stressed, and scared by the time you get to the office. 

The DYU T1 Ebike makes your daily commute much classier, creating a smooth, carefree ride that’s actually enjoyable. Made with a magnesium alloy, foldable frame, it’s easy to get from the street up to your cubicle and stores out of the way. 

While riding, the T1’s torque sensor technology provides a more intuitive ride. That means you’ll feel more stable across uneven surfaces, while the front and rear mechanical disc brakes ensure you arrive safely. 

My favorite part of the T1 might just be its removable 18650 Lithium-ion battery. Some ebikes don’t have this feature, but it comes in handy for in-office charging. 

Normally $1,499, when you use early bird code T1, you can get it for just $899.

DYU V8 Review

We all have different riding styles, but the V8 provides an incredibly personalized experience, using a dual shock absorbing system for comfort on the trail. 

Reaching 27.96mph, this is one of DYU’s fastest models and with a battery capacity of 48V 36Ah ELITOP, it has a 52-mile range in pedal assist mode too. 

Swap between easy riding and strong power modes to find the perfect level of assistance. The SHIMANO 7-speed cassette changes gears with ease. 

Other perks of the V8 include a multi-function LCD display that displays a warning light in case of error, battery life, speed, mode, and mileage. 

Right now, you can get the V8 for $1,499 (it’s normally $2,099) when you use code V8 at checkout.

DYU King 750 Review

Looking for an ebike that can keep up with your adventures? That’s the King 750, a powerful, durable bike with a 26” fat tire. Fatter tires mean that bikes can take on uneven terrain, so don’t be afraid to go off-trail with this one. 

Speeding up to 28mph with a 48V 20Ah LG Battery, you’ll get a whopping 80 miles off a single charge on the King 750. Designed with dual hydraulic disc brakes, it will stop on a dime while multiple shock absorption keeps you cool and collected on rocky roads. 

As for hills and steep terrain, the 750W motor with 75N/M torque takes them on with ease. Get the King 750 for $1,599. This design is normally $2,199.

DYU FF500 Review

Last but not least in this DYU Ebike review, the FF500. This classy bike is a comfort queen, rolling you through the city streets and through casual park rides. It’s packed with safety features such as front and rear disc brakes, and with three riding speeds, you can choose your pace. 

The 500W motor is more than capable of handling tricky roads, and you’ll have 43.5 miles of range to reach your office and back. When you arrive at your destination, simply folks the FF500 and bring it inside. 

The high-efficiency 18650 lithium battery has improved range, but if you’re worried about making it, just check the multi-functional LED display. 

Enjoy this comfortable classic ebike for $1,299, it’s usually $1,899.

Who Is DYU Ebike For?

DYU Ebike Review

DYU Ebikes are for many types of people. Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, save on gas, or get some assisted exercise, this sustainable and convenient mode of transportation is ideal for teens and adults. 

DYU Ebike Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

DYU Ebike Review

Since feedback is a critical part of any DYU Ebike review, I couldn’t very well leave it out of mine. We’ll look into what’s available on the brand’s site first then venture off-site for more.

On, the V8 ebike has a 5/5 star rating among 4 reviews. One read, “The V8 has been a great way to get around town. The electric assist makes it so much easier to tackle hills and headwinds.” 

Another DYU Ebike review simply read, “What a powerful motor inside!” 

On, the T1 has a 5/5 star rating with 4 reviews as well. “I love the compact design of the DYU bike. It’s so easy to store and carry around, making it perfect for city living,” wrote a customer.

In a DYU Ebike review on Easy Ebiking, the author said, “The fundamental aspects that exceed our expectations include the top-notch riding range with a decent motor that pairs well with the assisted pedaling feature. The fact that the majority are foldable is another plus.

Customers love the brand’s smaller ebike models such as the D3F which appears to be their best-selling bike. Foldable designs come in handy for small apartments and when cycling to work, but models like the FF500 included in this DYU ebike review are foldable too.

Is DYU Ebike Legit?

DYU Ebike Review

In my research for this DYU Ebike review, I didn’t come across any red flags about the brand. Its ebikes are sold in reputable stores and overall, it looks to deliver excellent products customers love.

Is DYU Ebike Worth It?

DYU Ebike Review

DYU puts a lot of work into the designs of their ebikes. I love how different each of their models is, offering something for every kind of rider. Their prices are awesome too—especially during the world debut of the four models included in this DYU Ebike review. 

DYU Ebike Promotions & Discounts

DYU Ebike Review

You probably noticed some really awesome prices in this DYU Ebike review. The brand is offering these four ebikes for an excellent discount as part of their world debut—some up to 40% off.

While writing this DYU Ebike review, I noticed the brand has a Refer a Friend program and a Rewards Program. You can give and get $30 when a friend purchases from DYU, and if you’re a frequent shopper, rack up points to use for discounts later. On top of that, all orders ship for free.

Where To Buy DYU Ebike

DYU Ebike Review

You can find DYU ebikes at Walmart and Amazon. To shop directly with the brand, go to


DYU Ebike Review

Who owns DYU Ebike?

DYU is a part of Hongkong DYU Technology Limited. Its parent company has sold over 1M ebikes around the globe since 2016.

How fast does the DYU Ebike go?

Many of DYU ebikes reach up to 28mph in speed. Some top out at 15.5mph.

What is the range of the DYU D3F?

The D3F has a 30-37 mile range per charge on pedal assist mode. If you take it off of this mode and rely on the motor alone, it won’t go as far.

What is DYU Ebike’s Shipping Policy?

DYU ships their ebikes to the USA excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico in 2-7 business days. They do, however, ship parts to most locations around the world. 

Shipping is always free. The only time you will be charged a shipping fee is in the following situations:

  • If you change your address after a tracking number has been created $20
  • If you refuse the package or your order is shipped to the wrong address $150

What is DYU Ebike’s Returns Policy?

DYU offers a 14-day return policy without return fees. To return anything that isn’t damaged or defective, be sure to get in touch with the brand within 14 days from the date your order arrived. Here’s everything you should know about the policy:

  1. The ebike must have less than 10 miles on the odometer
  2. It must be free from signs of wear and tear, dust, dirt, fragrance, and the like
  3. You must send it back in its original packaging
  4. You must send back all items delivered with your order

When your return is authorized, DYU will send you a prepaid return shipping label that you will attach to the outside of the box.

How To Contact DYU Ebike 

DYU Ebike Review

If you need any other information that wasn’t in this DYU Ebike review, email [email protected] or use the contact form. One of the brand’s customer service agents will get back to you as soon as possible.

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